The Art of a Hard Spanking…the Carpet Beater

Yes, that’s exactly what I said. Does anyone know what a carpet beater actually is? Well, for those of us who have floor rugs, not wall-to-wall carpet, we might just know. Traditionally they are used to beat the dust and dirt out of a rug. Imagine taking your oriental carpet outside and hanging it on a line. To get the finer particles of dust out, you take the rattan-based implement and literally beat the surface. You can probably imagine the sound the implement makes as its twapping against the Carpet Beaterdense material. And yes, twapping is a word.

As you can imagine, not all of us have a handy dandy carpet beater hanging around. While I’ve never had one used on me, I do understand that if used with a solid strike, the effects can be extremely painful and even damaging to the skin. I’m certainly not suggesting that you race out today to your local oriental rug store, purchase one and say “hey honey, bend over” but I do know some couples use this for more egregious bouts of rule breaking. As with every new implement you use, be careful and try the strikes out on inanimate objects first. The object isn’t to hurt your partner but to discipline them.

This brought me to a conversation I had just the other day with a spanking couple. It’s Saturday and much cooler weather here in lovely Virginia and a lot of couples enjoy getting out and going to yard sales. For some God forsaken reason they are terribly popular in this part of the world. So are HUGE flea markets and there are two expansive locations in my town where you can find anything from toys to vintage games, antique furniture to hairbrushes. Mmm… You see where I’m going with this, right? You can also find some of the best spanking implements during these ventures, items much more creative than searching on the Internet. Imagine securing the perfect silver handled hairbrush, one from well over fifty years ago. Or imagine the soft and extremely supple leather belt purchased for a mere dollar, one just like your grandpappy used to wear. And probably spanked your grandma with too.

If you are of a very creative mind, you can find all kinds of very special implements. From leather straps to paddles used for ping pong and rulers that were last seen in some small schoolhouse, there is such a delicious plethora of finds. In talking with the couple, they actually showed me pictures of implements they’ve purchased and told me the ways in which they were used. I can only imagine coming home one Saturday afternoon, walking inside my house only to be told it’s time for my maintenance Vintage b wspanking. What if your duty for the day was to find the implement as your are shopping, suggest one in particular to your husband, knowing full good and well your bottom is going to sting later that day.

Boy oh boy I have the tingles. What about you? I can guess that especially at estate sales you can probably find a very well-used rattan carpet beater. Imagine eyeing the piece and picking it up. Perhaps the very nice older woman lets you know it’s been used on some of the finest rugs and you feel the heat rise in your face. What if her eyes open wide and a sly smile crosses her face? What if…

Jamie eyed the table across the aisle. She’d been picking through old books and hats, some appliances meant for the dump and had found one hairbrush that might have worked. Sadly the handle was cracked. It looked like today she wasn’t going to find what Don wanted. No, what he was requiring. She giggled as she turned to watch him shop. He was merely looking for old tools, his pastime. She was on a mission – finding the next perfect spanking implement.

They had plenty of them as a couple. Oh boy they did. And Don was very creative in his methods of spanking, but he was bored with used the paddles and belts, the leather strap from the flea market jaunt from months ago. He wanted something solid in his hand. She snorted as she walked toward the table. There were some interesting items on top, things she wasn’t certain what they were used for. Scanning the top of the table, her eyes honed in on what appeared to be some sort of spatula, huge one at that. Upon closer examination, she realized the piece was made of some sort of wood, almost like birch. Tentatively touching the handle, the wood felt smooth. “Hmmm… Interesting.”

“That is one of my finest that I have.”

The woman’s voice was soft. Jamie looked up at the older well-dressed and smiled. “I hate to say this, but I have no idea what it is.”

“It’s a carpet beater. I have several in my collection but this one issues the hardest twack of the ones I have.” The woman’s eyes shimmered.

Laughing, the older woman nodded and handed the piece to Jamie. “Yes, something between a hard strike and a whack. I call it a twack. You’d be amazed at the amount of dust and dirt that flies when I use this.”

“Hmmm…” Jamie still was unsure of what in the world it was used for. As she held the surprisingly heavy piece in her hand, visions of lying across the bed, being Kneeling on the bedspanked with the implement played over and over again in her mind.

“Do you have any rugs?”

“Rugs?” The question caught Jamie off guard and she choked.

“Yes, as in area rugs? That’s what this is traditionally used for.”

Did the woman’s voice suddenly have an odd reflection in it? “No, I… I mean I don’t really and…”

“Try it out. Go ahead. It’s perfectly fine with me.”

Now Jamie knew the woman was alluding to something. “As in…”

The woman leaned over. “Take a hard swing, see how the air crackles around you.”

Jamie gave her a hard stare before raising the beater and slicing it down in the air.


“The effect is tremendously powerful.”

Nodding, Jamie had a shiver trickle down her spine. This would be the perfect addition to the collection. “Yes. Very, um…nice. How much?”

“Five dollars.”

“Sold.” Jamie handed her a five dollar bill, feeling very giddy at her find. She studied the woven wood, fingering the details and sweat beaded on the back of her neck. Her legs were shaking just thinking about how painful this was going to be. And she deserved a hard spanking after the mouth she’d had on her lately. Whew.

“I think you’ll enjoy the effects very much.”

“Effects?” There was no doubt the words were said with a solid chirpy clip. Studying the woman’s eyes, she knew instantly this implement had been used on her bottom before. Holy crap.

The woman smiled and raised a single eyebrow. “My husband’s favorite. He used to say spanking me with a carpet beater was the only way to keep me in line. My guess is your husband will say that as well. I hope you enjoy and we’re always here so please come back. I am certain you will find other implements to add to your collection.”

What do you think? Could it happen just this way? I have no doubt in my mind. I think shopping together on a Saturday for something perfect would be delicious. What do you think? If you’ve had experiences with the carpet beater I’d love to know.

Kisses and spanks and enjoy your day of shopping…



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