Heated Desire

I am feeling very hungry today. There are times when I write that all I can think about is a sinful act, a moment of sharing more than just a kiss. Some say my desire is off the charts. Purr-haps it is. I am a woman full of desire, the need to be with a man and please him. I think that’s why I so enjoy writing about submission. The level of yearning is off the charts. Now, I will as this question. What is desire to you and do you allow a special lust filled moment into your life? Is it about passion? Sex? Or As your mastermaybe a longing in your loins that drives you almost crazy when you even think about the other person? A need so strong that you can’t breathe at times and know how much you MUST be with the sexy hunk? Or is it simply a moment when you can share something intimate together and even a simple gesture like a kiss, holding hands or taking a walk along a beautiful shoreline? Well of course the answer is all of the above. I don’t think there’s a human alive who doesn’t long to feel strong arms around them or hope they can cry into shoulder, being cared for and comforted and not made fun of. If you look further its about being completely uninhibited with another person and sharing all your fears and joys easily and very much together.

For many, burning desire is more savage or perhaps a guttural instinct. I thought I would take you down a look deep into the heart of desire. As an author I write about desire every day. I want my readers to truly understand the nature of passion – not just kinky sex. Of course I write about sex in a rather frank and open manner. I don’t hold anything back from my reader including aspects that involve BDSM, whipping, same sex, bondage, voyeurism, ménage, kink clubs and some would say a partridge in a pear tree. BUT… the main aspect of every moment I try and bring the Just stay like thatreader is a story around the why the man or woman is craving something so wild or simplistic or comfortable or so out there you shy away from the act itself.

Of course that means I’m telling you a story. Passion and desire is about the inner being of a person who finds themselves looking wistfully at a magazine cover or an actor on television, literally panting as tingles race down their body. Desire is also about having your partner coming home from a long day and kissing them gently as you remind them they are loved and wanted. Desire can be all consuming and it can be breath taking and for a few of us desire can mean losing yourself to another person – even for a moment or a night.

When I pen a new story I like to get into the minds of my characters and try to imagine what they are thinking when they hunger for someone. Is this a new person and what kinds of things would they do to try and get ready for a date even? You might be surprised in that it doesn’t seem to matter how old we are, we all want to look dynamite for our partners – right? Well, it seems the art of seduction has gone out the window with the way of marriage and children, soccer games and family barbeques. I have been told by a lot of people that I’m more than larger than life in my persona and of course for those of you who know me I call myself a wicked girl. jacob sones 2But here’s the funny aspect – I am but I’m not. I love passion and I love sex – don’t get me wrong, but I also love the gentle and very intimate moments of kissing. Kissing is an art to me and even brushing your hand across another’s face as you gaze into their eyes – beautiful.

We all have two sides or more to us. Humans are complex individuals  – especially with regards to lust and passion. And as such we long for a sinful tryst in the middle of the afternoon and a second where eyes lock and a knowing about what WILL be shared is there. Whether we choose to act on our raging libido or not sometimes doesn’t matter. We want. We need. And the little bit of going outside of your comfort zone, even to try and seduce another person with our mind is powerful indeed. Have you ever wanted someone so much you fantasize at night about the what if’s? We all have.

There is nothing wrong with desire. Desire is one of the most inner beautiful aspects of what makes us human. This goes beyond the physical understanding completely. Desire is sometimes what reminds us that life isn’t drudgery. It’s beautiful and special and if you can find even one person to share a minute or more of your life with then the actuality of your cravings is taken up a heated notch or ten. I honestly get tired of hearing people talk about the fact they have no time to have a scorching moment with their partner or they are already too set in their ways. WHAT?  Are you flippin’ out of your mind? Get out of your comfort zone for God’s sake.

Men and women alike are drawn to each other for a million reasons. Opposites attract and while I am now realizing that keeping a relationship together man with snakeover the years if you have NOTHING in common is tough at best, at times it may work. Maybe you need to find something together you enjoy or maybe you need to drag your lover to a tropical island. Maybe you simply need to buy bubble bath and ship the kids off to grandmommie’s house. Whatever it takes – you need to do it.

My readers live passion through my books. They learn about kink through my books. Or at least I like to hope they do. They find out about Hedonism through my books. Now I challenge you – why is that? Why can’t you find the desire you lost or perhaps never had? For me all I have to do is go to bed in a slinky negligee and imagine a moment, then snuggle into the pillows and dream. For me words on a facebook message get me all hot and bothered and a simple text that says nothing more than I want you or I’m hungry for you. Hmm… Getting warm yet? I do hope I’ve given you a few little thoughts.

Desire is special in our lives but you have to grasp onto it and take a chance. I call it a leap of faith and you know what happens if you do? You allow perhaps the one person into your life who should have always been there – for real and for always. Imagine…

I hope you’ve enjoyed.

Kisses   xxx


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Cassandre Dayne is the pseudo for the best selling author of romantic suspense and thrillers
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