The Art of a Hard Spanking…the Perfect Position

Spanking. Isn’t the single word truly delicious? The two syllables roll off your tongue. Mmmm… Are you involved in the spanking world? Does your husband or your wife spank your ass for all the wrong doings and lies you tell? If not then you’re missing out on something fantastic. It seems that the concept of spanking is increasing in popularity – at least with regard to adults. Now, I heard another ridiculous story this week about a father who fortunately had a felony charged reduced to a misdemeanor after spanking his brat at home mind you, but forMy Inner Child misbehaving in school. Really? I mean REALLY? You know me. I would have told the judge to go to hell and prayed to God the little snot didn’t end up back in his courtroom. My idea of solving this issue is for all parents who have kids who misbehave have to be flogged or whipped in public. Just imagine. I bet your kid would be good as gold.

Yeah, again, another story and one I just might write some day. But in truth spanking is indeed becoming much more popular in the world of sexy sin and passion as well as for true corporal punishment and discipline within marriages. As a society we tend to be terrified to talk about the fact we want to move into a domestic discipline situation with regard to our relationships. But the desire is there as evidenced by the popularity in spanking blogs and books, domestic discipline camps and information. We are being allowed into what was once considered taboo and fortunately for those of us writers who enjoy penning domestic discipline pieces, we’re thriving on the need. Take a look at my Amazon page and guess which two books are up front and center? Yep, my domestic discipline ones. Now the books are a true love story about a man and a woman who are headed for divorce big time. They have zero options in their mind but to try something different. And so they embark on a difficult and thrilling journey, one filled with strife. The change isn’t easy for anyone so don’t come away from this blog thinking oh I’ll just purchase a paddle today, tell my spouse she’s getting spanked on a regular basis and our relationship will be much stronger. Doesn’t work that way. In fact, the biggest obstacle you have to go through initially is just talking about the desire, the need to change what you two are sharing.

You’ve heard me say I truly believe the man should be in charge of the home life. Ladies – don’t get your ass over your head and think I have ANY concept that women are second class citizens. Nope. I think women need to be in charge in the Boardroom, the Courtroom and even the White House, but I don’t think they should be in charge of the home and family. Men were born and bred to be the one in charge. Now after hard over the kneetalking and you’ve decided to try the lifestyle you have all kinds of questions about what to do and how to do it. Living in a DD relationship of course isn’t all about spankings. They can, and notice I say can, be a part of the discipline process. If you’ve broken the rules you may receive a spanking. Some couples practice maintenance spankings where they happen on a regular basis whether an infraction occurred or not. To each their own.

We’ve talked a lot about implements to use from the hand and hairbrush to the belt and paddle. What about positions? There are many. I thought I’d explore just two today. The first, and most common, is over the knee. The OTK as it’s referred to is, in my personal opinion, the most intimate. Whether you’re naked and stretched over his lap or simply being pulled over, the direct contact is so strong. He pulls out a chair and has you stand in front of him. Holding and rubbing your arms he tells you in no uncertain terms he’s disappointed and will not take the behavior. Of course your knees are knocking because you know you’ve risked the wonderful improvements you’ve both shared. You also know the spanking is going to hurt and you also realize you deserve every slap of his hand.

He pulls you over his lap, eases up your dress and pulls down your panties. After telling you how many spanks you’re going to receive, he begins. You wiggle. You grind your stomach into his legs. You whimper and whine but to now avail as the palm of his hand slaps your bare ass. This is a very personal way and some way the most humiliating and lesson teaching. Perhaps that’s because when spankings WERE allowed for a child’s behavior, often times they happened this way. You haven’t been a good little girl so you’re receiving a spanking just like a child would.

Of course he could use a hairbrush or even s belt folded over, but generally I think a lot of men enjoy the more physical contact. Then there’s the other favored way – the pillow under the tummy on the bed. Oh yes, try and imagine the look on his face as he points to the stairs and tells you what to do.

“I can’t believe you lied to me again,” Bart said evenly. He glared at her and pointed toward the stairs.

Casey followed his gaze and his long finger, swallowing hard. He was going to use the belt this time. Why had she been so stupid?

“Up the stairs and undress. I want the pillow under your stomach and my favorite belt laid out on the bed. Do you hear me?”

“Yes sir.” Casey trudged upstairs and slowly removed her clothes. She was trembling all over, fear and guilt riding every inch of her body. The spanking was going to hurt but the disappointment was much worse. She grabbed the plumpest pillow and slowly lowered it to the bed, pushing the material down twice. Her legs were heavy as she Pillow under tummywalked toward the dresser drawer, pulling out his favorite well-worn leather belt, the one he wore to work every once in awhile. Gulping, she brushed her fingers over the tip and moved back toward the bed. Everything was ready. And she was nervous as hell.

Tears sprung to her eyes as she crawled on top of the bed, positioning herself over the pillow. Her stomach was in knots and she pressed her face into the comforter in an effort to keep from balling.

A full minute passed by, then five or more. Casey knew he was waiting on purpose, also calming his anger. He never hit her in anger, only after he was able to control his actions. And given the amount of time he’d been downstairs she knew the spanking was going to be severe. When she finally head his footsteps she licked tears from her lips and braced herself.

“Good. I see you obeyed me,” Bart whispered as he walked closer. Brushing his fingers across her lower back he sighed. “I want you to learn and I hate having to spank you, but I don’t know any other way to get through to you. Do you understand that what you did was very wrong?”

“Yes, sir.” Her voice was muffled.

“All right. Good. We’ll talk about this later. After I’ve finished I want you to stand in the corner for thirty minutes thinking about what you did. Clear?”

“Yes, sir and I’m sorry sir.” Casey heard him picking up the belt, knew he was folding the strap in half. Clenching her eyes shut she tried not to move.

“Thirty strikes today.”


Whew, well I can only imagine the pain, but the truth is, for those involved in the lifestyle, the disappointment is much worse than any punishment. This is a position often used and I think one that helps the spankee realize just how bad she or he has been. What do you think? Tell me about your favorite position.

Kisses and spanks…



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