The Art of a Hard Spanking…Forgiveness and Obedience

As you well know, I’ve been talking a lot about spanking lately. I think we all know my desires with regard to the practice. I think erotic spankings are hot. They add spice to any vanilla relationship. They also bring couples closer together in a manner they can share just a taste of kink without fearing they are well…too kinky. Now this is just my opinion of course, but I think every couple should have a spanking session at least once a month. When spanking is used as a form of discipline, Undoing His Beltcouples move into an entirely different category.

I received my sexy cover for the third in the domestic discipline collection and a hopeful release date of December third. I love the couple in the piece as they struggle to find balance in their life, work, love and the day-to-day bullshit we all have to go through. Life is sometimes harrowing, a lot of times far too busy, and usually we forget to take time for ourselves. Let alone spending quality time with our partner is more like two ships passing in the night. Isn’t it? When was the last time you and your significant other went on a date or planned a romantic night in front of the fire? When was the last time you went out to dinner, and Micky D’s doesn’t count? My guess is you’re rolling your eyes about this point wondering why I’m bothering. I am because only you can change that.

When couples don’t communicate in methods other than snarking or discuss nothing more than bills and have “how was your day, honey” conversations, they begin to break down. You lose sight of why you are together in the first place. The bickering increases to full blown fighting. Then you’re in trouble. Domestic discipline can help this, but it’s not an easy change to make. I know many a couple who fight to achieve this rather lofty goal and struggle every day. They continue in their old methods of dealing with life and almost forgo the entire concept. Don’t. For those who practice and have significant changes occur in their love/passion/sex/harmony, they will tell you they are much happier.

They will also tell you the process is a journey. The concept of obedience might sound a little more like BDSM, but think about it. In any situation you have to obey rules. Rules of the city/state/country, rules of your job. So why not rules of the house? Mmm… Less arguing. More talking. More enjoyment. I think I see the picture. If after the spankyou’ve made the decision to move into DD then there are going to be rules and if you break them, what happens? You need to be disciplined. There are many methods that can be used that I haven’t touched on from privileges being taken away to corner time, but it seems the good old fashioned spanking is by far the most widely practiced. We’ve talked about all sorts of implement that can be used, places you might or might not be comfortable giving a spanking, and about the emotional aspect of giving and receiving a spanking.

The HOH (Head of Household) is trying to help you as a woman grow, control your emotions and yes, obey him. You both most likely created the rules. Now he wants you to follow them. They vary for each couple, but rules are rules. Break them and be punished.

What happens after the punishment? For a woman who is being spanked, she knows she did something wrong. She’s well aware that her actions created this particular consequence. She understands and loathes the fact she disappointed her husband. But she’s not looking forward to the spanking. Still, she’s resigned to taking the punishment and learning from the experience. And she’s looking for forgiveness and comfort. Just as I’ve mentioned before this can draw couples closer, both parties have to be in tune with each other. From the conversation you have before the spanking to the actual act, then the moments of comfort afterwards, both the man and the woman have to truly open up and talk about their feelings, their fears. For those who can, DD works beautifully.

Sally whimpered softly, tears falling to the floor. She watched the beads pool together on the hardwood and bit her lower lip. The spanking was over. Her ass tingled. Her heart was racing. She was a mess. She’d received the harshest spanking in months and she knew she deserved it. She was going to have difficulty sitting for a few days. She’d disappointed Bruce several times over the last week and there was nothing she could say about her behavior.

Sighing, Bruce rubbed the small of her back and leaned over. “You did very well. I’m proud of you. I think you’re going to really give lying to me a serious thought from now on. Don’t you?”

“Yes, sir.”

“I love you and know you don’t like this. I don’t like having to resort to spanking either.” Gathering her into his arms, he pulled her trembling body against his chest. “You’re such a stubborn woman. God, you’re stubborn, but I love you with all my heart.”

Taking comfort in his arms, Sally nuzzled into his chest, inhaling the sweet scent of him. She’d begged not to be spanked, promised she’d never do it again, but she knew better. She was still having some difficulty with the change, with having to obey him. But they’d made the right choice. They were on the road to recovery. They were… Tears continued to fall. “I’m so sorry. I’m so very sorry.”

Bruce kissed the top of her head and brushed way the damp hair from her face. TiltingDiscipline_Cover-small her head back, he smiled. “I know you are. I truly believe you don’t want to disobey me. That makes me very happy. I forgive you.”

Seeing the joy, the love in his eyes, Sally had never felt so loved in her life. They’d made the right choice.

The simple words can make all the difference in how a punishment is received. Never forget the goal as a couple of what you are trying to do. You want a stronger relationship, not a well-spanked woman. Some things to think about – yes?

Enjoy your day.

Kisses and spanks…



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