Riding a Wild Bull…or is that a HOT Man?

How is everyone on this wicked and wild day? I’m still highlighting pieces that are coming down from being in print on October 31st. Kind of a fitting day – all spooky and wild. You know? Well this one bridged two of my pseudos and took you into a world of Lucifer’s Lair. Several of my pieces are highlighted here and this time it’s all about romantic comedy. The two lead characters of my Pinked Series by Dakotah Black finally get it on in a very ummm…interesting way. Oh and there’s also a bull ride, a bad county inspector, a whole cast of crazy characters and a love triangle. What’s not to enjoy?Abram with Tire

Take a taste of…


“Why the long face, lovely lady?” Leaning over the bar, Froggy gave her a saucy grin, his eyes twinkling. “I think you need a good fuck and I have the perfect guy in mind.”

Nicky sighed as she shook her head. While she should be shocked as his brazen comment, he was dead on. She hadn’t had sex in over a year and she was as horny as she had ever been. “Don’t say his name to me, Froggy. After the day I’ve had, I don’t want any additional shit.”  It had been a wretched day complete with three full-blown arguments with homeowners and one massive water leak in her townhouse. “If you must know, I hate my job.” She eyed the handsome bartender who had become a good friend over the past few months and swirled her drink as she thought about her career. Nicky French, Community Association Manager of the very prestigious gated community association, Leopard’s Pointe, was nothing but a punching bag for a group of bedraggled owners who truly believed they were better than everyone else.

Froggy chuckled and grabbed the bottle of merlot, filling her glass to the rim. “Here, sunshine, I think you need another. I haven’t seen you this antsy in a month. I think I know exactly what you need to get you out of your mood.”

Grabbing the glass, she raised her eyebrow before taking a large gulp. “Why don’t you tell me then.” It seemed that every other night she was stopping by the Flamingo Rustler restaurant and bar for a nightcap. Alcohol definitely helped fight the nutcases that disguised themselves as upstanding citizens.

Slowly he turned his head toward the kitchen door, grinning mischievously. “Why don’t you take the boss up on his offer pretty lady? Think about it, one night of uninhibited raunchy sex is just what the doctor ordered. I think if you ask him right now, he’ll be happy to ride you like a wild pony.”

Coughing, Nicky couldn’t help but turn her gaze toward the hottest male she had ever seen in her life. Mick St. Simons was all beefy brawn at six foot five with sun-kissed shoulder length hair and the most dashing cerulean blue eyes she had ever seen. It was his all male swagger and delicious Aussie accent that sent a series of tremors deep into her pussy every time the man opened his mouth. Shivering, she blinked furiously as she watched him glide through the crowd of adoring patrons, greeting the long time customers with a sensuous flair. “Whew.”

“Uh huh, you are drooling love,” Froggy murmured as he wiped a single bead of bad boywine from her chin. “You two adore the hell out of each other. Why don’t you go fuck like bunnies and get it over with?”

“That’s an interesting way to put it. Why don’t you announce that over the loud speaker system so the entire restaurant can hear your shameless thoughts.” But damn if she didn’t hunger for the rough-hewn man like no other. The thump, thump, thump of her heart matched her scattered breaths as he inched closer. Squeezing her cunt muscles, Nicky knew damn good and well she craved the man that had toyed with her for six long months. Gulping another large taste of wine, she closed her eyes and tried to control her ridiculous reactions.

Froggy leaned close and sent a pulse of hot breath dancing across her skin. “Yep, you are hooked and horny. Mick!”

Her eyes flew open and she grabbed his wrist. “Stop it! You know Mick and I wouldn’t be good together.”

He shook his head, wrenched his arm away from her and eased back from the bar. “Quite the contrary. I think the two of you will be sinfully tasty together.” Tipping his head, he sauntered down toward the end of the bar swaying his hips back and forth to taunt her.

Nicky growled and stole another lust-filled gaze at Mick. Goddamn he looked hot as shit. Whew baby!  The skin-tight black jeans showed every curve of his delicious round butt and the giant bulge in between his legs. Dear God, Mother Nature had given the man more than his share of testosterone. Feeling the nervous tick on the corner of her mouth, she grabbed the glass of wine and consumed half before setting it down onto the bar with a distinct thud. Why the hell was she so nervous around him?

“Hello luv.”

The low timbre of his husky voice sent chills dancing down her spine. Licking her lips, Nicky fought the quivers that threatened to expose her raging naughty minx desire and turned slowly to face him. “Hey Mick, good crowd tonight.”

Mick tossed his hair back and eyed the dining room. “Sadly business is off. Got to do something to kick up the heat.” Grinning, he took her hand and slowly brought it to his mouth, kissing her palm and then darting his tongue out to trace a long line down from her wrist to the end of her middle finger. As he took just the tip inside, suckling while he flashed his eyes down to her breasts, he growled.

Dear God, this was what they meant by full court press. Nicky fought the hungry beast that lived within her and one that wanted to throw him over one of the pool tables in the back room, meant for men only. They wouldn’t be making love. They would be fucking rough and rowdy style. Stop it! Chastising her ridiculous thoughts, she pulled her hand away and caught Froggy’s impious grin from the other side of the bar. “Well, I am sure you will think of something to drum up business.”

“Mick, can Veronica and I have a word with you?” The stunning blond swayed back and forth, her grin laced with a naughty glint. “Hey Nicky girl, nice to see you. Mick’s been asking about you.” Her smile was laced with mischief.

“Hey, Candy.” Nicky smiled and eyed Mick. Since the first day Nicky had ventured into the neon swathed restaurant, she and Candy had been friends. Had he really been asking about her?

“Sorry luv, the restaurant queen calls. Be right back,” Mick said quietly as he Ride-the-Wild-Pony-smalllowered his head and brushed his lips across Nicky’s cheek.

Nicky realized she was holding her breath, her nerves on edge and as he walked away, she honed in on his chiseled butt. “Oh…my.”

“Yep, you two are going to have to fuck soon or the restaurant can’t take it.” Froggy refilled her glass.

“I do have to drive home.”

He grinned. “It’s early.”

Nicky tried to ignore Mick as he stood with Candy, the waitress that brought in the majority of clients. Gorgeous and brilliant, she was paying her way through medical school. She and Nicky had shared many a conversation about Mick. She eyed the second girl that approached and watched, growing curious, as their conversation became animated. “What’s Veronica and Candy talking to Mick about?”


What lengths would you go to help a friend?

Nicky French had the hots for one sexy man, Mick St. Simons, the owner of the Flamingo Rustler. Between his six foot five inch body, his sultry Australian accent and his long golden locks, she was hooked. Too bad she could never trust another man after her ex had driven her into hell and Mick was nothing but a playboy. However when the bar was in financial straights, she agreed to work with her best friend, Veronica, in developing an event unlike any that the snazzy joint had ever seen. Ride the Wild Pony was scheduled and it was up to Nicky to convince Mick it was a good idea. She did so with one sensual moment in a secluded storeroom and then guilt set in.

Veronica had a secret and one that could destroy her friendship with Mick. She knew the only way to save face was to convince Mick and Nicky that they belonged together before the truth was revealed. Unfortunately her secret kept Nicky from trusting Mick. Then there was the issue with the county threatening to shut down the bar. Veronica had more than one sneaky plan up her sleeve and it took the help of her two lovers and one delicious event for charity to turn up the heat.

Mmm – I think I would ride the Aussie Man – what do you think?

Kisses and spanks…




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