When Love Gets a Second Chance

Love is am amazing animal and I do call it that. We love then hate, fight then make up and all in all hunger for the perfect relationship. We do everything in our power to look sexy and hot, try and say the right things and slip into something that the other person will love. And when we fail in love we are devastated. Do you have someone in your life you wish you would have said YOU are the one? Do you wish you could go back and try again? Do you wish love had that second chance, a little bit of a reprise? Hmmm… We all do. Mine is someone who will forever be in my heart.sex kitten

I was honored to be asked to be a part of this incredible anthology collection all devoted to a second chance at love – and this one for women who crave and love other women. I have loved one in my life and well… You know the drill. Love is love to me no matter what sex, color or creed and this was a joy to write.  Thank you ladies for making this rock – Anastasia Vitsky, Olivia Starke, Lucy Felthouse and Kate Richards – you ladies wow me every day. Please take a moment to enjoy and visit the lovely ladies in this collection. You will find them delicious, hot and extremely talented. Now time for a taste of my little piece. I love music – hence part of the name. Enjoy and I hope you purchase many copies!!


“And you will be mine!” Throwing her arm behind her head, Ginger Parsons arched her back as the heady guitar licks floated toward the screaming audience. She held the stance, her feet planted apart, flaming red hair highlighted by the flashing lights crisscrossing the stage. This was the moment adrenaline kicked her ass, reminding her how very much alive and in her element she was. She only felt comfortable in this place.

“More. More. More!”

The chant was always the same, the audience hungry. Smiling, she took a step toward the edge of the stage, giving her bass player a practiced look, one dripping of sex appeal, and the crowd went wild. Very much in control of the moment, her band members waited for her cue, one that always came. This was a show and the audience expected a wild child. Dropping her arm, the lights went completely dark and a collective gasp roared through the coliseum. She counted off bars.


The lights swirled in fuchsia and emerald green, lighting up the stage as well as the first few rows, fireworks booming from every corner. Ginger jumped into the air and the moment she came down she strummed the first chord for their number one selling single. Driven Wild was the hottest alternative rock band in the United States and making headway in Europe and beyond. Their CDs always rocketed to number one. Purring, Ginger raced back and forth across the stage, making eye contact with everyone sitting in the first row as the band kicked the song into high gear. The gritty ballad was by far their most emotive, one she was extremely proud of. After all, she’d lived the ugliness of the song. How pathetic.

Ginger pranced as she bellowed out the haunting words, anger fueling every chord, every verse. She was a woman on fire and the audience loved every second. By the time the band hit the second chorus, the crowd screamed out its name. She took several long strides back toward the cage she’d burst onto the stage in, gripping the bars like a slave. As the last verse came to an end, she blew a kiss to her drummer before easing behind the cold steel and chuckled. This was nothing more than art imitating life. The moment she played the last guitar riff she issued a keening scream. The concert finally ended.

RedLowering her head, Ginger blinked several times as tears formed in her eyes. Every time the band played this song she felt hollow inside. She leaned against the bars and concentrated on the sound the mechanism made as it pivoted the cage behind a curtain. Roadies waited with bottled water, towels, and hands to grab the band’s gear.

“Great show!” one said as he grabbed her guitar, his youthful face beaming.

“Lively crowd tonight,” Ginger said as she moved past, waving to the rest of the crew. They knew her moods, knew to just let her alone after a show. She moved toward the dressing room, yanking off her stilettos as she walked. By the time she got to the last door down a long hallway she was barefoot and ready to rip off the leather skirt that stuck to her skin. Sometimes looking the part was a pain in the ass. After closing the door she polished off the bottle of water before walking toward the small bar immediately. A glass of wine she needed tonight, maybe two or five.

Ginger chastised herself for the weakness, but the after-party, one hosted by the very demanding Draeven Montgomery, would no doubt grate her nerves. He was always looking for a good time, usually at her expense. Draeven was considered a movie star and Hollywood’s number one male sex symbol. Every party he threw was on the ‘A-list’, no matter the theme of the event. And the catered soiree was always lavish. Tonight he hosted one in Ginger’s honor. She snorted as she poured a glass of cabernet, then studied the glass and added more. Yes, the man of everyone’s dreams not only honored the end of Driven Wild’s sellout tour, but also her birthday. Rat-ass bastard.

Even thinking the words made her feel better. She gulped her wine and cringed. Wasn’t her husband supposed to honor such a festive event? Too bad she had no doubt he was merely showing off for the ‘in’ crowd. Of course photographers would sequester in every corner, just waiting for the perfect shot of the loving couple.

Hearing a knock on the door, she shook her head and glanced over her shoulder. “Yes?”

The young woman popped her head in, her big brown eyes doe-like. “I’m sorry miss…I mean Mrs. Montgomery, but the car is here for you.”

“Jody, we’ve been over this. You can call me Ginger, and tell the driver I’ll be there in five minutes. I would like to change.” The car. Just another method to remind her of their supposed status.

“Yes ma’am. I mean yes, Ginger.” The words were over-pronounced. Jody nodded several times before slamming the door.

Mrs. Montgomery. What a crock. Ginger took another sip of wine then two more before moving toward the change of clothing she’d brought. Fingering the dress, she smiled. Scarlet would be perfect for the night and for her mood, especially since it was Draeven’s least favorite color on her. The last time she’d dare worn the provocative hue he’d called her a harlot in front of their friends.

She laughed as she peeled out of her clothes and moved into the shower. Some scathing wench she was. At least her glorified rock star persona got it on with every man in Hollywood. As she lathered her body, scrubbing away the stage glitter and grime, all she could think about was who would be on the guest list. Certainly no one she knew or cared about. Draeven never allowed her to get that close to anyone.

Barely two minutes later, she dried off and slipped into the slinky material, sliding her hands down from her waist to her hips. Body-hugging, the dress suited her hourglass figure perfectly. Ginger glanced at her reflection and shook her head. Where had the bright-eyed young woman from horse country gone? The fresh-faced girl with a lust for like had slipped into the darkness, just like her dreams—broken. Shuddering, she bit back a moan and challenged herself to get through the party. It was her birthday that kissafter all.

She had no time to lament. Draeven didn’t like to be kept waiting and had a particular way of reminding her of that very fact. Refreshing her makeup, she decided her wild mane would have to suffice. Before leaving the dressing room she gulped the rest of her wine. Courage. Yeah, that’s what she needed. Or maybe a lobotomy.




“Well, well. The birthday girl finally arrives, albeit late as usual.”

Ginger heard the icy tone in Draeven’s voice and so did everyone else in the room. The party was in full swing and many of their guests were already three sheets to the wind, something she planned on being by the end of the night. “Well darling, I was the lead singer at a major concert in LA so my guess is our guests will understand why I’m a bit late. Don’t you? Or did you forget I actually work for a living, not parade around in front of scantily-clad women?” Giving him a hard look, she moved through the group of women draped all over him. Their half-naked bodies suggested exactly what they’d offer the movie star for a single night of passion. She heard him hiss and smiled as she walked toward the bank of French doors, grabbing a glass of wine from an extremely sexy waiter holding a tray of delights.

She threw open the door and walked outside, inhaling the night air, and couldn’t help but wonder why she thought living in a town of extreme wealth as well as horrendous poverty would suit her. Ginger gripped the iron railing, gazing down at the shimmering lights in the pool, savoring the way the waterfall sounded. The tropical space was her favorite, allowing her peaceful moments of quiet time. Draeven hated the water, loathed sun, and certainly pushed hard against nature. He was nothing more than a prissy man. No dirt would ever slip under his fingernails.

“You’re such a bitch. You know that?” Draeven said from behind her, the tone of his voice full of arrogance.

“You used to say the quality was cute,” Ginger scoffed. Several seconds passed by. She could tell he was debating what to say, how to react. But she knew he was turned on. Such was their life and marriage, always sparring. They were good in bed. “You used to hunger for the woman who showed no weakness.”

“Well, I must admit your willful side does entice me. And I always hunger. You know that.” Easing behind her, he wrapped his hands around the railing as he pushed his groin against her ass and nuzzled into her neck. The whisper was husky, filled with a promise of seduction. “I’m going to tie you and whip you tonight to help you Love's-Reprise-coverremember that you belong to me and no other man. Do you understand?”

As much as she wanted to hate him and loathed the control he had over her, she simply couldn’t resist the intensity of their desire, the way he made her body come alive with need. “Yyyyeeesss…”



As the lead singer of Driven Wild, the hottest alternative rock band in the States, Ginger Parsons seemed to have the dream life. A darling of the media and fans alike, the fact she was married to Draeven Montgomery, a movie star and recent recipient of the “Sexiest Man Alive”, allowed everyone to believe her life was perfect. Little did anyone know about the dark and ugly secrets she kept sequestered deep inside. Her marriage was nothing but lies. After one wretched event, she escaped to her hometown, determined to pick up the pieces.

Samantha Mason, Sammy to all who knew the tom girl, was everybody’s friend. A well respected veterinarian, she lived her life caring for animals – the only creatures she could trust. A chance meeting with her childhood friend, the very woman she’d given her heart to almost fifteen years before, was a reminder that love had no boundaries. A nasty argument and a difficult decision to live a vanilla life had pushed them apart. As a new friendship was formed, the fires that burned within were re-kindled and they explored the dark cravings they both hungered for. But a looming decision faced them both. Could she convince the gorgeous rock star that second chances really could exist?

I so hope you’ve enjoyed…




Kate Richards – http://katerichards.wordpress.com

Anastasia Vitsky – http://governingana.wordpress.com

Olivia Starke – http://romancingthepentoday.blogspot.com

Lucy Felthouse – http://www.lucyfelthouse.co.uk



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