Her Control…

Mmm – I write mostly about woman enjoy being a bit more submissive to the man, but I think sometimes she just has to take charge. Let’s face it, when we’re together as a couple, our relationships can get really boring. Right? And birthdays and other holidays are just run of the mill. What do you get a man who can purchase any little toy his sets his heart on? And how do you keep him interested in the bedroom? Mmm… You have to play hard ball ladies – no pun intended but trust me, the after effects will be delicious. I have a sexy little piece about just this – oh anddropping lingere with a kick at the end that just might well…turn you on. Oh, and my bet is give you some ideas. Enjoy a taste of something wicked.


David Miller knew how to turn up the heat, but could she throw all her inhibitions aside? Brittany opened her eyes as he moaned slightly and traced just of the tip of her finger down over David’s muscular chest past the edge of his carved hipbones until she found the most heavenly looking shaft she’d ever tasted. With lazy movements, she circled the blood engorged cockhead seconds before she darted her tongue out for a taste. Tempting. As she savored David’s cock, Brittany knew the answer. Now she just had to put the mouth-watering pieces together without him finding out.

“Lord woman, you always drive me insane,” David breathed as he opened his eyes and tugged at her long locks.

“That’s what I love to hear.” Brittany raised her head and gazed at his shivering form. There was no doubt what David enjoyed and how often she wanted him and Brittany was more than happy to oblige. She darted her tongue out again and chuckled as he gave her a wolfish look as shimmering beads of perspiration trickled down his chiseled face; not just from the sinful little action she was performing, but also from the sizzling heat of the blaze barely inches away. She smiled and moved his massive thighs further apart, dipping her head to lick a long line down his throbbing shaft.

There was nothing better than suckling his hefty erection on a bearskin rug as the winds howled and the snow fell outside in soft crystals. Wintertime could be heavenly in front of a crackling fire. It was their very private playtime and the woodsy scent of the freshly cut logs and the sight of David lying naked in front of her was the most heavenly aphrodisiac. Brittany had nowhere to go and nothing to do but enjoy his scrumptious treat meant just for her alone. With her tongue, she traced a circle around his blood-engorged tip. Once. Twice. “Mmmm.” Brittany pulled back to stare up at the gorgeous hunk that had been her lover for barely three months. David was sexy, muscular and harbored a dangerous side that fueled every one of her fantasies.

“Jesus baby, why are you torturing me here?” David’s ragged pants caused him to lick his lips. He opened his smoky baby blue eyes and caressed her cheek with the edge of his thumb before gripping her chin, encouraging her to continue her feast.

doctor's orders“I was just thinking.” Giggling, Brittany pushed his hands aside.

“Don’t think baby, just suck me before I explode.”

“Now, now greedy boy.” Brittany bent and brushed her lips across his belly button, nipping at the tender carved flesh below. God, she loved how his body responded to hers, raw, uninhibited. “It’ll be your birthday soon, baby man. March will be here before you know it.” She grinned and feathered her tongue out to tickle his belly as her long fingers grasped his pulsing erection, caressing gently while she kept her eyes blazing into his.

“Uh huh.”

She nuzzled into the soft hairs just below the chiseled “v” of his hips and lowered her head to allow the heat of her breath to float over his shaft. “Tell me exactly what it is that you want for your treat.” She danced a tiny swipe of her tongue across his delicate slit, the luscious pearl beads of his pre-cum reminding her of a bowl of butter pecan ice cream, nutty and candy-coated. She lapped the succulent goodness, hungry for him. She could never get enough of his sensuous exotic flavor, musky and sugary sweet all at the same time. Brittany tipped her head and gave him a sultry gaze, relishing in his soft mutters and the tiny groans that bubbled from deep within. Of course she was torturing him and she enjoyed every moment. The game was always to see who could tease the other into coming first. Tonight Brittany was determined to win.

“What I want? Birthday and me?” David groaned as he squirmed. “I, hell, I don’t know. Whew baby.”

“Mmmm, yes, birthday boy. You have to want something.”

“Oh, more of you I suppose.”

She cupped his balls and squeezed with just enough pressure that his ass came off the soft pelt. “More of me how?” She took his entire head into her mouth using her strong jaw muscles to clench and caress as her fingers feathered down to the base of his cock. One hand squeezed his swollen sacs while the other teased and stroked. Her mouth worked in perfect orchestration with her tongue, tracing circles and laving with wild abandon. She drew him out completely and the tiny pop crackled along with the hiss of the shifting log.

“If you keep torturing me woman, I will punish you.”

She repeated the effort, taking more of his pulsing shaft into her hot mouth, suckling and milking as her fingers swept across his thighs. She purred as she pulled his throbbing muscle out of her mouth so that the tip barely touched her lips. “What do you want lover?”

menageDavid opened his eyes and his look grew feral, hungry. “You know what I want. I want to show off that voluptuous body of yours.”

“Show me off, eh?” Brittany drew him in again, going down further as her hands worked their magic, driving him into a near frenzy. Cooing, she eased his shaft up slowly as her eyes watched his expression. “Tasty.” As she opened her mouth wider, Brittany took David in further. Deeper. She’d decided. He was not getting off that easily. Up again, her tongue darted tiny licks and then she eased his rigid shaft completely past her already swollen lips. She held him gingerly, but stopped moving. “Tell me more. How?”

“Brittany, I love what you’re doing.” He sighed. “Jesus. Surprise me.”


What could you give a man for his birthday that had everything? That was Brittany Cox’s daunting task. David Miller, her secret lover, had every expensive toy money could buy. On one snowy winter night after a wicked round of sex, he admitted that he wanted his friends to watch their passion. Unfettered, an idea was brewing. When he presented her to her neighbor, forcing a sinful round of domination in the hot lights of her picture window, she developed a naughty plan of her own. Unfortunately on the night of his birthday, she had to work. As the stretch limo took David and three of his close friends to their secret destination, he was shocked – as well as disappointed.

The strip club was not his idea of the best place to be without her. As the guest of UnbridledPassionHerSinful_Cover-smallhonor, he was given front row seats to the show. The masked vixen hired began her dance of seduction. When she attempted her version of a lap dance, he broke the rules and touched. Shoved into a darkened room, he was undressed and tied to a chair. The dance not yet over, the mysterious woman teased and tasted, enlisting help from his shocked friends in an audience full of hungry voyeurs. Horrified, David refused to enjoy the stunning woman and he knew that Brittany could never forgive him for such betrayal. A little magic, a sprinkle of sin, and the birthday boy had yet one…last…surprise…

What do you think? Any ideas what she might do?

Kisses and spanks




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Cassandre Dayne is the pseudo for the best selling author of romantic suspense and thrillers
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