Domestic Discipline and Spanking…Same Sex Couples

I have a fabulous new piece out in an anthology collection about women writing for women in a f/f relationship. I have written f/f before and this one does include a bit of domestic discipline. Why would the situation be any different? Relationships are just that – relationships and we all have the same good and bad woman controlleddays, trials and tribulations and the need to have stronger bonds. When I was putting together my piece I knew I wanted to have spanking as a part of it. In this piece, the women had been involved in a relationship and for reasons you’ll have to learn reading the story, they were given a second chance.

I’ve talked with many same sex couples who practice domestic discipline and they realized very early into their relationship they needed rules encompassing their life together. You might ask, how do they decide who is the Head of Household? This question of course is based on the fact that in the majority of DD couples the man is traditionally in charge. In this case it seems to be based on the natural leader, and there almost always is one. Don’t stereotype here. The concept has nothing to do with the more masculine of the two at all. There is a natural synergy in almost every relationship where one leader emerges. Usually this is the person who creates rules without a formal structure anyway. Couples who practice DD just take obedience further.

Now intense spanking is something that is simply sexy and often doesn’t bridge the distance to a full blown domestic discipline relationship. But boy oh boy the events can be intense and sensational. Writing about f/f relationships has been an interesting journey for me and in truth I hope to bring you more – bridging what seems to be a gap in writing genres. DD in same sex isn’t heard of as often. I have a short m/m version in a short collection I wrote in Dark, Dangerous, Delicious – Control. They are wonderful to write and very emotional for me.

Is there any difference? I don’t know. You tell me…


Ginger opened her mouth, a slight cry slipping past her lips. She arched her back deeper.

“So good. So hot. Don’t cum. Be a good girl for me.” Sammy added a second and third finger and the moment she thrust the entire length of all three inside Ginger’s asshole, Ginger climaxed.

“Oooohhhhh!” Her entire body shaking, she tossed back and forth on the chair, her legs shaking violently.

Sammy held her mouth over her pussy, drinking up every drop of sweet honey, and held her tightly as the single climax turned into a wave. When Ginger stopped trembling she licked up and down the inside of one thigh then the other. She eased back and gave Ginger an admonishing look. “You disobeyed.”

Ginger’s eyelids fluttered open. “I…Yes, Mistress, I did.”

“Very bad girl and we’ve just started a new journey together.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

Sammy rose to her feet and moved toward the couch. While she didn’t want to push Ginger, she was well aware of what they both wanted and what Ginger craved in a partner: discipline and training. They’d had many conversations as they’d explored their sexuality together. She sat down and studied Ginger, who sat up slowly, a nervous tick appearing in the corner of her mouth. “You disappointed me.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

Sammy patted her lap. “Come. I’ll help you re-learn the training you’ve so obviously been missing.”

RedNodding, Ginger slipped onto the floor and crawled toward her, her eyes never leaving Ginger’s. “I’m sorry.”

“It’s all right.” She patted her lap again, and when Ginger was close she wrapped her hand around the girl’s arm and gingerly guided Ginger over her knees. The second Ginger was in place, Sammy exhaled slowly and thanked God for such a wonderful second chance. Whatever happened tomorrow or the next day they’d face, but tonight they had each other. She loved the feel of Ginger’s weight and caressed her ass, tapping her creamy skin. “Just because it’s been a while since we’ve been together doesn’t mean the rules aren’t to be followed. Do you understand?”

Ginger shivered as she lowered her head. “Yes, Mistress. I’m sorry. I just…lost my place.”

She slid one arm across Ginger’s back, holding her in place. “We all make mistakes and we hopefully learn from them.” Her heart was racing. How many times had she thought about this, about sharing this very special moment together, never believing she’d have the chance again.

Crack! Slap!

“Ooohhh!” Ginger jerked up, her body quivering. She involuntarily thrust her hand behind her, trying to cover her backside.

Sammy grabbed her arm and pushed it down. “Be a good girl for me.”

Pop! Whoosh! Crack!


Sammy issued a series of hard whacks, spanking her on first one cheek and then moving to the other. “You’re going to have to be disciplined on a regular basis in order to get you back on track.”

“Yes, ma’ am!” Ginger whimpered, her body flailing.

Sammy maneuvered and wrapped her hand around Ginger’s wrist, holding it tightly against Ginger’s back. “If you continue to struggle there’s going to be a lot more spanks. Do you understand?”



“Yes, ma’ am!” Ginger sobbed, her legs kicking out. She lowered her head down and moaned.

To Ginger’s credit, she was able to hold the stance as Sammy continued spanking her until Ginger’s ass cheeks were bright red. “That’s enough for now.” Rubbing the lightly bruised skin, she sighed and whispered, “You did very well. I’m very proud of you.” She heard Ginger’s open and very ragged sobs and was afraid she’d truly hurt the girl. “It’s all right.”

“No. No, it’s not!”

Sammy gathered her into her arms and cradled her in her lap, wrapping her arms around Ginger protectively. She knew the tears had nothing to do with the spanking. Ginger’s tears were merely a release of all the pain and frustration she’d endured. And Sammy wanted nothing more than to ruin the asshole that had hurt her girl, her baby,Love's-Reprise-cover the woman she loved.


As the lead singer of Driven Wild, the hottest alternative rock band in the States, Ginger Parsons seemed to have the dream life. A darling of the media and fans alike, the fact she was married to Draeven Montgomery, a movie star and recent recipient of the “Sexiest Man Alive”, allowed everyone to believe her life was perfect. Little did anyone know about the dark and ugly secrets she kept sequestered deep inside. Her marriage was nothing but lies. After one wretched event, she escaped to her hometown, determined to pick up the pieces.

Samantha Mason, Sammy to all who knew the tom girl, was everybody’s friend. A well respected veterinarian, she lived her life caring for animals – the only creatures she could trust. A chance meeting with her childhood friend, the very woman she’d given her heart to almost fifteen years before, was a reminder that love had no boundaries. A nasty argument and a difficult decision to live a vanilla life had pushed them apart. As a new friendship was formed, the fires that burned within were re-kindled and they explored the dark cravings they both hungered for. But a looming decision faced them both. Could she convince the gorgeous rock star that second chances really could exist?

What do you think? Pretty steamy?

Kisses and spanks…




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