Rich and Creamy Flavors

Close your eyes for me just for a second and answer a couple of questions. If you could have the ONE night – the perfect night of passion, what would that glorious event entail? And if you could go completely outside your comfort zone, what would you allow yourself to do? Daunting or exciting? For me the concept is freeing. You know me well enough to know I enjoy so many things that are full of passion and kink. I’m a woman who thrives on writing about intimacy and lust, levels david-gandy-mariano-vivanco-1of longing that leave us breathless into the night. I purchase sexy lingerie in an effort to remind myself at times I’m a sexy woman – let alone attract one or more HOT men. We all do it. I wrote a blog the other day about letting go – indulging and admitting our deep and dark desires and the words seemed to resonate with so many women. I think men too – who long to let go, be the creatures inside. And you know what makes that very concept even more delicious? Flavors. For those of us who can enjoy every flavor of the rainbow I say – mmm….

I continue to hear far too often that I must have a far too kinky streak in me. I hear that perhaps I’m not a very good girl (or maybe too much of a very good one) to live in mainstream society. REALLY? You have to be kidding me. There isn’t one of us who doesn’t desire for something other than what we have. I mention it tonight because I have to do kind of an ugly thing this week in my professional life. I have to remind a few men I’m really NOT all that and a bag of kinky chips. No matter what they think but… Then again I smiled today realizing how lucky I am that I can enjoy all creeds, colors, sex, etc. I say love is love with no boundaries – you know I do – so hear me conservative world. I mean it. And I oh so hunger…

What do I fantasize about at night? Flavors. I love all flavors of men. Well, in black man in ropestruth I simply love men in general. I can’t help myself. I end up writing a lot or interracial romances but they don’t simply include black or mocha men but American Indians as well. I also like to place intercultural romances into my books. For us American girls it’s all about the sexy accent. And it’s all about setting the tone and the scene. You know the term you can’t judge a book by its cover? That’s where hopefully you’re wrong. While E-books have people downloading to kindles and nooks and onto our home computers, do you honestly not think that people do purchase for the cover alone? Some select for what catches their eye first and then the blurb or those two hundred words meant to grab your attention as a reader. Covers can only give you a piece of the puzzle though. Publishers tend to try and display what’s inside – whether you do have an interracial romance or a BDSM encounter. Unfortunately you can’t hear the character. When I pen a piece, I do take into consideration aspects of all sense from taste to sounds and how I want them included.

How do flavors come into play? For one thing I write about all colors and cultures of men and women. As a woman I think we appreciate every color of eyes, hair and skin. There is nothing as beautiful to me as a sun kissed God with golden hair or a chocolate-coated hunk with long legs and midnight eyes. As much as my characters matter and getting them right, every aspect of the scene is just as important. You have to find the right setting or the story will not be believable. Do you think that any reader is going to believe a passionate scene in frigid raging waters? Not this girl nor would I suggest you try it for real. But if our lovers found a hidden cover behind a waterfall in the Caribbean Sea, that you wouldn’t mind reading about and enjoying, another harley hottiewould you? You can see our lovers making love in the gentle waves.

As a reader, aren’t you drawn into a book where you can almost smell the stale smoke filled dimly lit room and hear the sultry jazz singer as she reminds you of days gone by with her sultry rendition of Unforgettable? Wouldn’t you be more drawn to the singer is she’s wearing a sexy crimson dress, hugging every curve God gave her, her long blond hair flowing down to the small of her back versus if she were standing in overalls and pigtails? That might be a little bit of a stretch but I plan out every character from what they wear to how they sound and what they drink. I make sure my dangerous men drive something that would fit him like a big 4 x 4 truck or a Harley and my ladies have to fit what they’re doing including the careers they’ve chosen to the friends they keep around them.

The same goes for selecting a location in my books. The internet is a wonderful tool allowing us to virtually visit so many places but I think there are some limitations. I don’t know the heart of Germany very well so like I won’t place my characters there unless I plan on doing a lot of research. Some research is just that – boring hours spent on the computer. BUT… Yes, ladies and gents. I have done my share of kissing and tasting, licking and touching, musing and playing and… Mmm… You get the drill. My needs are certainly not just about being the best author I can be, but also about finding what I need sensually and sexually. I’m on a journey of my own in many ways rob wilson - scott hoover 5and my writing allows me to taste – flavors – rich and creamy ones. If I can show you anything at all in my works, it’s that what we think we know or want isn’t necessarily always what we crave inside. Open your mind and your soul and you might just find the passion of a lifetime.

Mmm… Imagine

Kisses and spanks


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Cassandre Dayne is the pseudo for the best selling author of romantic suspense and thrillers
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