A Sensuous Man

I’m writing about a sensuous man tonight, not just a dominating one. He’s the kind of man who is just a bit unsure in his self, one so ready to please a woman in every way. He’s the man who refuses to accept what society has to say yet can’t quite slide his finger across the pulse of what a woman needs. This man, this quiet man of passion and verve, often admires sometimes from afar. There is nothing more than this man hungers for than finding the right woman who will allow him to be himself. He’ll taste and touch, kiss in a manner she knows every sinful and delicious aspect ofhottie with eyes what he’s thinking and will have more to give. If only she’ll allow him to… Lost in the heated moment as you look into his dazzling blue eyes, what do you see? Can you tell the man hiding behind the mask? And I do say mask. So many men who have no desire to control or dominate, sometimes they only want to please and nothing else, they hide behind their actions. They’re afraid to be themselves. Why? Come on ladies. You know why.

We personify men by their bravado and strength. Yes, I have said many a time I think men need to be in charge. They are supposed to be the head of household. They are supposed to be in control in all aspects of our lives. There are many men who want nothing else than to be the ‘he-man’ and totally in charge. And we love them for taking us to a place where equality seemed to have left off in the 1950’s.

Hmmm – but all men aren’t created equal. Right? Men who aren’t necessarily into the D/s lifestyle and have been caught off guard by the whole Fifty Shades bit feel lost. They are now so TERRIFIED to tell their lady they just have no desire to control in the bedroom and definitely nowhere else, they just cringe and move deeper into their dark moods. No guys. We don’t all need men who are Conan with a sharp sword and a KerryDegman7mighty ax. Life isn’t about the cover models with big brawny muscles or BBC (big black cock for those of you who don’t know). Men we cherish as women are often about something else entirely.

I asked my darling friends on Facebook to tell me and one very poignant thought by a fellow writer friend of mine simply said – ‘for him to hold us when we’re hurting’. Yes, and the one who can guide you back to safety. Thank you Wendy Smith for your poignant words. You’re very right. We need a man who is all things – a master of grilling, a hunter and gatherer and a man who can cry at chick flicks without fearing his buddies’ reactions. Hmmm… He’s the guy who knows how to pick out a perfect bottle of merlot, the right teddy from Victoria’s Secret and will indulge you when you HAVE to tell him about the last book you read. He’s also the man who will chop wood for the perfect fire and at the same time actually enjoy Kenny G on the CD player.

I have to ask – does such a man exist? You bet they do. They are those guys who hide in the shadows sometimes, not necessarily making waves but always there when you need them. They certainly know how to change a flat tire and are the ones who fix the leaking faucet or climb up on the ladder to replace the decorative flag of choice. You can count on them to drag the trashcan to the street then turn around and pick up a gallon of milk. They know they make a mess and yet continue to do so. They leave clothes on the floor and look at you with doe eyes when you chastise them. They honestly have no clue that emptying out their pockets on the kitchen counter can truly PISS you off. And time in the bathroom? And they make the best fathers. They care so much they sculpt their lives around their children. Hmmm…

I know of a few men so much like this, men who remind us of their gentle sides in almost every action. But trust me ladies, they are all men – gorgeous and very masculine men. They are sometimes the quiet men, usually reflective and almost always so intelligent they catch you off guard. I have found myself so very attracted to men who are so very sensual, giving to a fault. As you all know I talk to a lot of men. Yes, they gravitate to me for various reasons. While I think they realize I’m also one very passionate woman, one who has no trouble sharing with them some aspects that sexy with torn jeansmight drag them out of their comfort zone, I think they get me completely. They know I appreciate the sensitivity and the manner in which they present their needs.

I find myself talking with more men who would love to indulge in their own fantasies but have no idea how to ask for them. You see we women are harsh on men. We expect so much but are not willing to give very often. Come on – fess up. You know you demand of men yet give little. Yeah, I know they are messy. I now they don’t do laundry. I got it they fart and snore, forget birthdays and presents you asked them to pick up for an in-law you DO NOT KNOW. They do all these things but… They also adore you and say the littlest things to make you feel special and ladies, I know I don’t acknowledge. I know for a fact I don’t get that they are trying so hard but just can’t put the Hallmark card together in their love, their wishes. You do have to be a mind reader.

And when things start to go awry in a relationship they shut down. That is a man’s nature. They hate confrontation so they just avoid it like the freaking plague. You’ve seen it and yet you follow them like a honeybee demanding they argue. You confront them and snark, make fun then huff and stomp your feet. Guess what ladies? They don’t want this bullshit any more than you do. They are lovers. They are men who just want a moment of peace as well as your kisses, your fingers brushing across their heated skin and a few words that tell them you love them AND that you still want them. Did you forget that? Did you forget they are not just men but humans? Did you forget you fell in love with them, wanted them, fantasized about them? Did you? They merely want your touch and your love, your soft kisses and your wet teases. They want…

Ladies, I’m often hungered for as a fantasy woman. No bragging here as I am just a chick who desires men in many ways. But I can tell you something – men need to feel wanted. They need YOU to want them, need them. They want nothing more than to please and play, savor and kiss. They want… They want exactly what you want. Close your eyes and remember what it was like the first few months between you. Special? Amazing? Passionate? Kinky? Hmmm… A sensuous man awaits your answer. I will always love men and I feel blessed to love in every color, every size, every shape and every kind they want. Imagine if you closed your eyes and indulged.




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