Sin…Sensual & Delicious.

Ready to be truly wicked today? 

I just thought I’d give you that thought this morning. I write a lot of sizzle and of course there has been this debate lately about what is porn versus serious writing. I’m honestly sick of the debate. I know what I write and I’m very proud of all the kinky things I learn in order to be able to write them well. Now, here’s the thing, people are reading seriously kinky stuff – things they would probably never do in real life. But they’re living vicariously through one of my books. They enjoy the spicier side of life through my eyes. And I do write spicy. But do you think what I write is sinful? Then again, what’s wrong with a little sin in our rather mundane lives? We work very hard to make ends meet, take the kids to practice and help them with school work, clean the house. Doesn’t life seem to be nothing but drudgery lately? I thought I’d give you a few ideas of spicing things up – you remember, like you used to allow yourself the pleasure of in your old life. There are many things to do that doesn’t cost a lot of money or take but so much time. Let’s start with an easy one – and these can be fun alone, BUT dear peeps, they are much better when you can share with someone particularly sexy.


There is nothing for me like finding the right sexy slinky from Victoria’s Secret. As a woman, I love the feel of silk and lace next to my skin. It’s alluring and sensual and the moment I have the little hot pink and red bag in my hand I feel wicked. I purchase a lot of slinky items including dresses and there isn’t anything that makes me feel more special. I can tell you that men LOVE to see a woman in something provocative. VS red teddyGranted, they prefer to be able to peel open the prize, but getting him all revved isn’t such a bad thing. Try making sure the kids are staying with grandma and slip into something sexy before he gets home from work. Tease him relentlessly for a couple of hours then ask him to move into the bedroom or into the kitchen. Mmm… Purchase these for you but by all means show them off.


Again, best served behind closed doors or when the kids are away, but something as simple as purchasing some bubble bath, running hot water and lighting some candles can truly be relaxing and very sensual. Better yet, pour a bath for him, make certain he has his favorite magazine and a tall frosty beverage on the side, slowly remove his clothes and give him a little time for himself. Yes ladies, men deserve to be pampered too. If drinking wine in sudsyou’re a submissive, you know how sensational this can be as well. Now for me, I would make certain later I came into the bathroom, wearing nothing but a scarlet thong and a lacy matching bra and ease my hand into the water, stroking him until he gets very hard. Then I’d invite him out of the water, rubbing him dry with a soft towel before taking him by the hand into the bedroom. Guide him onto his stomach first and give his entire body a massage. When you finish with his back and legs, turn him over. Then you can use a sinful combination of your hands, fingers, mouth and tongue to achieve a fabulous ending. Doesn’t it sound tasty ladies – and I do mean tasty. Ending with oral sex is well – perfect.


Yep – one of my favorite things to do. And I don’t always purchase them from an Internet site. I laugh sometimes when I openly talk about a flogger or a whip, even a hot pink vibrator because so many women still giggle like kids. As if purchasing something to pleasure either ourselves or each other is somehow wrong. Come on kids. Stimulating and vibrating is simply tasty. Have you ever been in a bath with a vibrator designed for this purpose only? This is pure sin and extremely hot too. I’ve selected many toys simply to figure out how to write about them. You have to know what nipple clamps feel like in order to describe the slice of pain as well as the raw ecstasy achieved. They are simply amazing when used by your lover. Pain and pleasure go hand in hand and there are many toys designed for this purpose. I gave a girlfriend a flogger recently and for some reason she was absolutely thrilled. I do know for a fact she’s used it with a tasty man of hers. And he was shocked she had one? Why in the world in this day and age would you be shocked? If you’re nervous about others Pink Rabbit Vibratorfinding out you have a kinky best, an erotic hunger, do indeed go to one of the dozens of sites that sell and ship securely in plan brown packages every kind of sex toy you can buy. From butt plugs and anal beads to paddles and handcuffs, you can find something to delight you and your partner. And when you do this together – imagine. I have a sexy store here in town in the better part of the city too that caters to couples. Why not make an evening of it? A slinky teddy, a hot dress, a nice dinner out and sex toy shopping. What in the world do you think this will lead to? Mmm…


Of course I had to mention this. You know I love the thought. But you don’t to be in the lifestyle to give or receive a hard spanking. For couples who just want to spice up their life, taste a moment of what some call pure sin, take her by the had, drag out a kitchen chair and pull her over your knees. Pull up that sexy dress and lower her panties. Rub her ass cheeks a few times and tell her she’s a very bad girl. Then proceed to give her the spanking of her life. Make certain you smack her on her sit spot so that sitting later will be difficult. You remind her during the spanking she might get another one later for her horrendous behavior. And ladies, you know we all have done something we need a spanking for so he will find something to punish you for. You’ll wiggle in his lap and beg for forgiveness. After the spanking he’ll soothe you, wipe Vintage b waway your tears and tell you that he knows you can be a good girl IF you try. After the spanking he’ll tell you to go stand in the corner and think about all the bag things you’ve done, the mouth you have on you. Perhaps later he’ll give you another spanking before taking you doggy style. Doesn’t this sound like the perfect way to end a date? Providing discipline every once in a while is truly seductive.


You might not consider yourself a submissive, preferring to be completely equal in your relationship, but can you submit for one night? Can you give your man an evening he’ll never forget? Don’t even make this a birthday or another special day. Simply decide that on this Friday you’re going to take off from work early to prepare. Go to the sex store and purchase handcuffs. Buy some special from Lowes (yes Lowes girls), get out his favorite belt and a wooden hairbrush. Make sure and ship the kids off for the night. Slide into something very naughty – even roles playing like a plaid skirt and a little white shirt. Put your hair in a ponytail and make his favorite drink. Text him to be on time, then be on your knees when he comes through the door. Now you DO know what you do on your knees don’t you ladies? Come on you must. Giving your man a blowjob when he comes home will get him hot and bothered. Then offering him every inch of you for the night, every pleasure will give him the “ride” of his life.

Have I given you any HOT ideas? I just told someone I was going to burn in hell for writing about sin, but I love being a bad girl. Now I just need to find a man who can handle me in the appropriate manner.

Kisses and spanks


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Cassandre Dayne is the pseudo for the best selling author of romantic suspense and thrillers
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