Uninhibited and Unbridled…Sexting


What is it about sexy email and texting or as we all know the sexy words to be – sexting – that is so hot, leaving you breathless? Don’t try and tell me you haven’t done something so wicked in your life, whether with your significant other or perhaps a co-worker. Do you remember when cell phones were just for making a phone call? Do you actually remember seeing antennas on cars? God, the cost was prohibitive at first and if you had that sexy black antenna on your vehicle then you were considered a man or woman of substance. Times have changed. Now kids as young as four and five have their own groovy looking cell phone. Or they have an iPadAllow me to whisperwith Internet capabilities.

Today phones are smaller, faster and hold more data. I heard recently just how often we all check out the notifications coming to our cell phones and it’s astonishing. I know I do it at times. I have all my email accounts, Facebook, Fetlife, Linked In, Twitter and probably a partridge in a pear tree attached. We won’t talk about the actual use of the phone like phone calls. We can call internationally and post pictures on our sites. We can even read books. Then there’s texting. Between the emails and the people who text or leave other messages, I have different dings and sounds set up. Even at work I hear the various sounds and will inadvertently check to see just who might want or need me now. Since I’m an author you can imagine the myriad of different people trying to leave me some sort of message.

I’ve seen many a delicious email or text during the last few years from author friends, other friends and yes, men who would really like to get to know me. There are honestly some days where I’m surprised just how far they will go in telling me exactly what they want. No one seems to hold back any longer thoughts about desires or hungers – including me. You bet I have some scarlet letter or another plastered on my chest permanently. I’m a bad girl. That I can admit as well. I think many men and women have gotten themselves into a whole lot of trouble do texting. The texting Manacledmight innocently enough contain a few innocuous comments that were misconstrued. Then perhaps they get a little bit sexier and before you know it you’re looking forward to his or her text. You’re even egging him on just a little bit.

Come on ladies, you might be blushing but you know what I mean. Men might think with their dicks at times, but I can tell you this, a woman can easily have a man hard and horny in a flash. We have a tremendous amount of power when it comes to flirtation. I write about sex and passion, kink and being on the edge. I love to augment my stories with hot rounds of sexting. I think there’s nothing more delicious that sending your spouse a sexy email telling them in no uncertain terms what you’re going to do to them when you get home. Or even better, when he texts and tells you that you’ve been a very bad girl and to get home on time for a sizzling spanking. Aren’t you just tingling thinking about it?

There’s nothing wrong with kicking up the heat in your relationship. What I can tell you is that sexting, naughty emailing and instant messages on social media sites are really creating a brand new series of “relationships” unlike any we’ve had before in society. We are now in friendships with people across the world, or even consider ourselves embroiled in a heated tryst. Whether there is distance between you or not, there doesn’t seem to be a span of anything between men and women who crave lust and love. You’ve heard the old adage that people are much different behind a computer screen than they are in person – and I’m not just talking stalker here.

We are very sexual creatures and as such we allow ourselves to be very uninhibited when we know no one can touch us, see us or expose the very secretive longings we have. We’re a society who is terrified of being found out. What a shame. We can’t seem to allow ourselves to taste or experience something out of our comfort zone so we hide behind a screen name and are hot to trot. How many times have you seen these there little, er BIG letters?  BBC  MMmm – does it make your mouth water, ladies?

I’ve seen this so many times on one particular social media site I honestly just grin. As if all black men have them. Some do and they’re happy to flaunt it too. When they find out I appreciate men of all color they are interested and I’m flattered. Then the instant messaging begins. And you know what? I love it. I eat it up like we all do, enjoying flattery. I spur them on with sexy things like purring and licking – but the truth is that is part of the real woman who is allowed to live vicariously through her writing. I was always a little out there but the writing has enabled me to let go. Is that a good thing?Red on Red Well, the very notion has a double edged sword.

Men and women so desire to be cared for and loved that we stretch ourselves to try and find the perfect mate. Are we someone we’re not behind a blank screen? Maybe but I like to think we’re finally able to show our true selves.

What I also know is that many people who are sexting and sending extremely provocative pictures in situations they probably haven’t put too much thought into. I think you know what I mean. Can RL relationships be ruined because of such a practice? You bet. I’ve talked with many a man in rather benign conversations that I know hide me. Part of the reason is the woman I portray – definitely. But I think part of the reason is an attraction that they know is wrong. And then there is more… We are all looking to be admired and wanted, desired in such a way there is no doubt what you’re thinking. There is also a bit of the danger zone that settles into the lust as well as the decisions we make. Is what we are feeling real life? Well, for us at the time you bet. Can the delicious intensity remain? Mmmm – that’s the question. Be careful what you ask for and what you’re trying to achieve. Sex is a powerful tool – in words as well. How do I know? Because I write erotic romance…

Be romantic with your partner. Sext and text and email and be passionate. In other words don’t forget about what you have.

Kisses   xxx


About Cassandre Dayne

Cassandre Dayne is the pseudo for the best selling author of romantic suspense and thrillers
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