A Ravaging Darkness

There are creatures of the night. There are others who walk among us, whether in the light of day or the depth of night, who live with a different creed. They no longer are human yet sometimes they appear so. They hunger and feed on sex as well as blood in an effort to simply stay alive. They are considered immortal, yet are followed by a curse so powerful they fear the unknown just like we as humans do. They also touch our lives in methods that leave us breathless with wonder, desperate with a desire so deep-seeded we can’t fight the powerful draw. Their darkness is a powerful aphrodisiac to all who come across their path. Can we survive, our humanity remain in tact once we take a taste? That’s the question.

As many of you know, I had several books pulled recently. Some because of stupidity –White-tiger-small i.e. Kobo – and some because of sales. So I’ve decided to revamp them, give the stories a new twist. That is absolutely what has happened with this piece. So far it’s doubled in size. The story is terrifying in a way you might not suspect. Coming soon – brand spanking new cover – see what you think. Oh and be very, very afraid.


In the shadow of darkness there remains a curse, one aimed at destroying those considered immortal. The Red Moon was a time of death or a new beginning. For those embroiled in the mystery, there could be nothing left.


He stood in the shadows as the car pulled, watching as she struggled to climb out of driver’s side. His cock stirred as she wrinkled her nose, a look of clear disdain on her face. She was beautiful in a way he’d rarely seen, a flower for some. Food for others. The thought forced a growl from his mouth. Sniffing, the scent of her perfume was a sinful reminder of things he shouldn’t have. The scent of blood was in the air. Someone had been hunting.

From where he stood he could see just how beautiful her skin was, a stunning porcelain complexion. He could also sense her fear. She had no clue what she was getting herself into. Shifting forward, he allowed himself to get closer, knowing she wasn’t going to detect his presence. He was as hungry as he’d been, but this time the need was for her sex, not her blood. Besides, there was an odd connection, something he hoped others wouldn’t figure out.

The closer he came the more a series of electric jolts trickled though his system. This wasn’t supposed to happen. No, this couldn’t happen. He closed his eyes and pressed his clenched fists against his temples. Pain tore trough his head sending waves of nausea into his stomach. He bit back bile and almost stumbled to the ground. “Scarlet.” The strangled whisper left his mouth before he realized, the wind taking the scattered sound across the expansive field.

Cringing, he moved further against the trees, fearful she’d know she was being watched. When Scarlet turned her head in the direction of the sound, he sat back on his haunches. He could feel his beast slipping to the surface, a heightened level of desire causing the near transformation. Soon he would be unable to control his urges, his dark longing. Too soon she would be in danger, a prophecy fulfilled. As he heard a rustle in the trees, a silent passage of others of his kind, he knew the upcoming full moon was going to mean life or death. Sadly, he wasn’t certain he could protect her. She was after all, one of them.  A heavy burden enveloping his oversized heart, he allowed the change, embracing his needs for the early evening. He was going to have to feed.

As the ground rumbled beneath his feet, a crack of lightning drove Scarlet closer to the house. “Stay safe, my Queen. Soon we will be together. Soon.” He dropped to the ground on all fours, his bones crunching, his muscles stretching to the point he was wrapped in agony. Rearing his head back he opened his mouth issuing a silent roar and raised his arm. The sight of fur covered his arm, his hand turning into a padded claw, gave him a wash of peace. This was the only time he felt like himself.

Even through the haze of his vision, he could tell she knew there was someone red moonwatching her, desiring her. Scarlet seemed mesmerized until a clap of thunder forced her up the stairs of the house. The transformation complete, he moved to the outskirts of the forest and licked his chops.

“Who are you?”

He could hear her words. He knew what she was thinking. How he wanted to tell her the truth. Tipping his head to the sky he allowed a single growl. One day she would be his.


Death. You’re already dead.

The words had remained in Scarlet’s mind since the horrific nightmare. The ugly images of torture and dismemberment she hadn’t been able to get out of her mind. Scarlet Dumane was drawn to the edge of the forest, could swear she’d heard a hoarse whisper. Swallowing hard she could tell a wicked storm was kicking into high gear. Current unlike anything she’d ever felt hung thick in the air, humidity off the charts. She squinted and scanned the tree lines. The hair stood up on the back of her neck. There was no doubt she was being watched. “Who are you?”

She could have sworn she heard a single growl coming from the shadows. Refusing to be terrified, she lifted her chin in defiance then heard the clattering of the house phone just inside the door. Who in the world could be calling her now? Everyone in town knew her grandmother had died and her work would only use her cell phone number. Had to be a sales call. Well she was ready for their asses.

Panting, she glared at the ringing phone and hissed. This day was turning out to be a pain in the ass. Her lack of decent sleep wasn’t helping her mood or her motivation. “Damn it.” She managed to drop the wet bag of groceries onto the small hall table and grab the phone on the forth ring. “Scarlet Dumane.” A loud clap of thunder forced a screech to erupt from her mouth. “Shit! Hello?” Through the crackling of the phone lines she could swear she could hear someone breathing. “Hello?”

“If ya know what’s good for ya you’ll get out before ya end up dead,” the dark male voice reverberated through the phone.

She was used to her share of innocuous threats given her profession as a crime reporter in the bowels of Chicago but there was something about his ominous tone that rattled her. Maybe the dream was making her anxious. Either way, she refused to succumb to bullshit or fear. “Excuse me you asshole? Who the fuck do you think you are?” Hang up. But she didn’t. Instead, she egged him on. “Who the hell are you, you freak?” If there was one thing she hated it was an asshole hiding behind phone or Internet lines.

“You heard me. We don’t want your kind here.”

“My kind? Just what kind is that?” Okay this wasn’t going to be accepted.

Exhaling slowly, he dropped the level of his voice. The tone that remained was guttural and very threatening. “You heard me. If you don’t leave, you’ll end up like the rest of them. We don’t want  you here.”

“Is that a threat buddy, you cock…shit!” Realizing he’d hung up, she slammed down the receiver resisting the urge to rip the phone out of the wall. God knows she had no idea if her cell phone would work all the way out in the boondocks. The ancient push button phone was stained and worn and she wanted to rip the plastic piece out of the wall but was afraid she’d actually need it one day.

Another sharp clap of thunder followed by a too close sizzle of lightening reminded scarlet-darkness-60-percenther that she needed to get the rest of the groceries in before the raging storm hit. “Ah!” Crap. Crap. Crap.


In the shadow of darkness there remains a curse, one aimed at destroying those considered immortal.

Scarlet Dumane didn’t believe in the ways of voodoo and magic or in creatures of the night. When she was called to the Bayou to settle her grandmother’s estate, she was faced with the possibility that were-tigers existed. A series of brutal murders indicated a monster lurked in the forest, preying on innocent men and women. Terror had ripped the town apart. Immediately she began receiving calls from the townsfolk that didn’t like her kind. When a mysterious stranger and former handyman of her grandmother’s appeared at her door, she was curious to find out more. Larken Myers was sexy, rough-hewn and instantly their combined chemistry indicated something more between them than just attraction.

Finding an ancient book telling a tall fairytale of were-tigers who would rule the world, a required mating and a mysterious red moon, Scarlet scoffed at the information. Until the threats became real. There was an ancient curse enveloping the town and few humans would survive. She quickly became aware that Larken was more than he seemed. A calling was consuming his every night – a hunger unlike anything he’d ever experienced, forcing his beast to the surface. The murders weren’t what they appeared to be. Larken enlisted the help of his two best friends to protect the woman he adored as well as the secret life he shared with others deep in the woods. As the crimson hued full moon approached, the town was determined to hunt her down. Could the three tigers protect her or would their entire existence be wiped out?

What do you think? Purring yet?

Kisses and spanks…


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Cassandre Dayne is the pseudo for the best selling author of romantic suspense and thrillers
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