Do You Believe in Ghosts?

It’s that spooky time of year and we all I think ask ourselves whether or not we believe in ghosts. From the haunted forests and other theme parks that crop up this time of year trying to terrify us to death, we love to wonder if there is more than just living beings. We also long to be able to touch those we’ve lost. Imagine if we could talk to the dead, have them remain with us suspended in animation forever? Would you want that? Well, my other persona, DH Black, has a new piece coming on on November 3rd exploring just that very question. What if… Please enjoy a taste of…


And in the words of those willing, those who understand the dark hungers, you…will…succumb.” The lights slowly lowered, allowing only the shimmers of rich, blue LED ghost scenestrings positioned perfectly throughout the staging area to remain on. Ryan grinned he heard the thunderous applause. He tousled the hair of the actor kneeling at his feet and fought the bubbling laughter as Ty stroked his cock, the move meant as a blatant tease. “You’re so going to get it later,” he said just loudly enough for the sexy hunk to hear. He did so love playing in and out of bed with the man.

“I hope the hell so. Christ,” Ty said with a mischievous flair.

Ryan breathed in as the lights slowly rose. They were the last performers of the night and in truth he was thankful. He was exhausted from the rather intense screaming battle that had ensued between Mr. Montana and his wayward son. Even the police had been called in an effort to keep the violence somewhat at bay. Not that the cops seemed to care. Mr. Montana had influence over them as well. He winced as he smiled, realizing he wasn’t going to have make up in the morning to hide the shiner he was destined to have. The kid had one mean right hook. As several members of the audience came forward, looks mirroring shock and awe, he nodded. “Thank you so much for coming.”

“Amazing show. Just amazing.”

“I am shocked how beautiful it was actually,” the older woman cooed as she held out her hand.

Ryan stayed behind the mask as he took her well-manicured hand, lowering his head and pressing his lips across her wrinkled skin. No woman could recognize him. After all, he’d taken great pains to make certain his identity would be masked. He’d tied up his long blond hair and the mask barely showed any skin. He was a Dom after all and had to look the part. The entire audience was expecting no less. The woman was well dressed and the purse she was carrying alone was more than a week’s pay. “Thank you very much. I do hope you’ll listen to the radio show we have early next week.”

“Oh, I never miss your shows. I love how you talk about everything kinky,” the woman cooed.

He couldn’t help but smile. Darting a glance at Ty, they’d both talked about how much both the floorshow as well as the blog talk radio show seemed to strike so many sensuous nerves with both men and women. They wanted to be uninhibited so they lived vicariously through their frank discussions and muted yet highly erotic acts performed on stage. “I’m so glad to hear it.

“You are a talented man,” she whispered.

two men making love“Thank you again, but I can’t take all the credit. My cast members are the true brilliant players in our world of pure sin.” Pure sin. Yes, that’s exactly what they were portraying. The Edge gave complete permission to indulge in every fantasy. He patted her hand before taking a step back, allowing the other four men and two women to come into the limelight. He’d hand selected the group of actors and actresses and they were all well known in their day jobs. The masks were used to hide more than just their sexual needs.


Grinning, Ryan took his usual authoritative stance as several more people eased forward, offering words of satisfaction. To think the entire space was filled to capacity almost every night. In the early days he was lucky to see the front row sparsely seated.

“Our spectacular director and authors, Ryan the Daring.” Ty started clapping as he circled around Ryan, allowing his boss and lover to take a ceremonial bow.

They used their first names but none was the wiser given the acts they performed on stage. No one would believe they’d come so close to actual fucking as they did. Now flogging was a different story. The whipping and other acts of kink, while tempered for the masses, was very real.

“Thank you again everyone for coming out tonight. Next week be prepared for something truly wild.” Ryan grinned. It was going to be right around Halloween after all.

Ty inched closer, sighing as he waved to the crowd. He leaned closer, his whisper filling with a sensuous husk. “So glad we created such a delicious feast for them.”

“You mean for us?” Ryan waved to the crowd. “Something you’ll never believe could happen,” he said as he egged Ty on. The chocolate delight was certainly easy on the eye as well as damn good in bed. Sex. At least he had an incredible sex life.

The crowd roared against before beginning to disperse.

“That too. How’d you guess?” Ty asked as he took a step away.

“Because it’s been almost two weeks since we fucked.” The word was a little too loud and at least two of the women caught what he was saying. The tallest woman, a true MILF and one who was extremely beautiful, grinned then winked. Ryan could somehow see her hubby getting ridden like a wild animal tonight. How he loved to be inspiring to couples.

“Yes, it has.”

Ty’s smile waned as he turned and studied the customers, fiddling with his mask.

“Hold on. Wait until they leave,” Ryan commanded as he moved in front of him. “Anonymity is our friend.”

“Not sure I care any longer. Besides, where I’m going I won’t have to worry about whether the upper echelon of Key West society knows I fuck on stage for a living.”

The crude words weren’t normal for Ty. “What does that mean?”

Ty shrugged and walked toward the back of the stage.

Ryan huffed and moved toward him, stopped twice by customers giving him praise. When he was finally able to make it to the small dressing room, Ty had already donned his street clothes. “What does that mean? You act like you’re leaving town.”

Ty darted a look then grabbed a bottle of water from a small refrigerator. “I am.”

“What, vacation? A business trip?” Although since Ty worked for a family operation selling big yachts to all the men and women who could still afford even the gas, he doubted there was this kind of change.

“Transfer. I’m taking over a new location in San Diego. The offer is just too good to pass up.”

The information sunk in and for a few seconds Ryan considered laughing. “You’re HisLastConversation_Cover-smallserious.”

“I am.”

“Wait a minute,” Ryan snorted through clenched teeth. “What about The Edge?”

“What about it? This isn’t my career. You know that.”

Narrowing his eyes, Ryan studied the look on Ty’s face. There was more to this than just the transfer. “No, I guess not. What about the radio show? That was all your idea.”

“Ryan, this has been your baby all along and you know it. I’ve just been along for the ride. You enjoy the darker side of eroticism even more than I do. You seem driven to do this, not even taking a breather. I can barely keep up with you. Sometimes I think you have a driving force that’s not of this world,” Ty chortled as he darted his eyes back and forth. “No matter what you think, this isn’t real life. I have bills to pay and some day I want a family. Can you understand that?”


When Blaine Michaels watched his lover of six years run down by a drunk driver, he almost lost his mind. Every night dreams of their last conversation dragged him into his own private hell. Burying himself into his work, two years go by and on the eve of the damning anniversary he received a package from a ghost. Ripped apart by the stunning prose written as a gesture of love, Blaine is determined to find out where the journal has been. In an uncharacteristic move he abandoned his home for an extended stay in the Keys armed with nothing more than a single clue and a continuous voice encouraging his journey of self-discovery.

Ryan Drummand is an accountant by day but at night creates a masterful literary world on stage performing pieces for a select audience of the upper echelon who indulge in a darker side of eroticism. A chance meeting with Blaine brings Ryan close to the man he’s come to admire from afar and he’s determined to heal Blaine’s tortured soul. Little does Blaine know of the truth behind Ryan’s adoration and of his powerful psychic abilities. As both enter into a passionate romance, a series of secrets and haunted whispers threaten them both until the two men are forced to confront all they believe to be the truth about the power of the afterlife.

Mmm – do you believe?

Kiss and BOO


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Cassandre Dayne is the pseudo for the best selling author of romantic suspense and thrillers
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