A Taste of Sin

It’s Monday – not my favorite day but I do have a sexy little piece for you today. I’m almost done with the second in the Sin City Collection – this one is called Secrets. Now City is all about one HOT m/m club in you guessed it, Las Vegas where the venue is designed to make every fantasy come true. The main characters will stay BUT each story is a thrilled of course. You know me – I can’t help myself. This one is all about he Russian mob and one daredevil fireman, who loves illegal street racing – just in his pastime. Now what happens when secrets force two rough-hewn men together in a dangerous battle? Hmm… Enjoy and coming soon.


Aleksandyr Vatone stood in the shadows, watching the man as he finished undressing. There was something about the Senator that he had to admit he enjoyed, even though the smaller man was an arrogant son of a bitch. John Simpson was in need and he was here to fulfill the man’s every fantasy – for a hefty price. “I told you to remove everything. Do as you’re told or the punishment will be much more severe.”SinCitySecrets_Cover-small

“Yes… I mean yes, sir.” Groaning, John fumbled to take off his boxers, his face brimming in crimson.

He knew the man was taking a risk, not only because they were engaging in carnal activity. The fact the good Senator was having kinky relations with a man was certainly not on the public’s radar. If the sinful tryst were to be found out, John’s re-election campaign would be in the toiler. Aleksandyr moved closer, sliding the leather tarse through his fingers. John was a man who craved discipline as well as a hard fuck in the ass. He’d been coming to Sin City, a club where every fantasy was fulfilled, no matter how kinky, for well over six months. Working in the coveted and very exclusive club allowed him several opportunities, as well as the paycheck was kick ass. “You’re going to be punished tonight for your indiscretions. You’ve been one…very…bad…boy.”


The snapping sound was enough to make John jump, a look of pure ecstasy riding the man’s face.

Aleksandyr always wondered what drove a man to finally accepting his true inner self. At least he was paid well for being a Dom, taking full control over his clients. He gave them every desire, fulfilling dark secrets and allowing them the anonymity and trust they craved. And the heady kink. “I suggest you get into position. You know what you need.”

“Yes sir. I do and…” Laughing, John darted a glance at the oversized mahogany door.

They all craved the same thing. Danger. Aleksandyr advanced, cracking the flogger against the side of his leg. The sting was a decent reminder he was in control. Chuckling darkly, he waited as John positioned himself over his massive desk. The man so very much in control every day was nothing more than a submissive hungry to be used at night. Tonight was no exception. John had begged to be fucked in his office, a request the illustrious owner of Sin City generally denied. He closed the distance and studied the man lying across the smooth wood. He had to wonder whether John’s wife and kids knew where he was at this moment. Did he give the excuse of having a business meeting, perhaps meeting with important members of state? The thought gave him a smile.

John wrenched his neck to see Aleksandyr, a haunted but very sensuous look in his eyes. “I’m such a bad boy. I need to be whipped.”

“Yes, you do.” Grabbing a handful of John’s hair, he yanked back John’s head with out force a breath was pushed from his mouth. “You have to learn to obey.”

“I know. I know sir. I just…” Groaning, he slapped his hands on top of his desk before closing his eyes. “Please teach me. Please help me be a better man.”

Kissing stomachWhen they shivered in his hands Aleksandyr had to admit he was turned on as hell. His cock was aching, pushing against his leather pants to the point he snarled. The outfit he’d selected was befitting the situation. John needed nothing more than the dark and dangerous persona, one that would pull him out of his funk. Aleksandyr kept up with the current trend of the local politicians in Vegas. This man was in dire straights, his approval rating tanking in the last few months. The men and women paid a hefty salary to guide John in his career had said his inspiration was gone. This was Aleksandyr’s sole goal – to help John regain his drive. “That I can do, John.”

John shivered uncontrollably as Aleksandyr leaned over and bit down on his neck. “Oh…God…I…”

There would be a mark left for the man to see, more as a reminder of John’s place. There was no doubt he would come back to Sin City time and time again to obtain what he so desperately needed. Rearing back, he issued a low and husky growl as he raked his nails down John’s naked back. “You will learn to obey.”

Crack! Pop!

“Oooohhh!” John reared up from the desk, his nails digging into the cool wood.

Aleksandyr took a step back, admiring the instant stripes crisscrossing John’s torso. He eased a finger between the crack of John’s ass, wiggling the tip until he hit John’s dark hole. “And after the discipline you so need I’m going to fuck you and fuck you hard.”

“Yes…fuck yes.” John gripped the edge of the desk and opened his legs wide. The concept was nothing more than an offering.

Pop! Crack! Pop!

Issuing a series of hard strikes, Aleksandyr positioned the whips from one sit spot to the other, then down to John’s upper thighs. He was impressed the Senator was able to take the punishment with little pushback. The majority of his clients hungered for a harsh whipping but could barely tolerate anything that might be considered true discipline. “You’re being a very good boy.”

“Sir. I…I try.”

“You need more.”

“Yes. Oh yes I do.”

“Good boy.” Pressing his hand on the small of John’s back, Aleksandyr pushed down and slid a single finger inside his asshole. The opening was tight and hot. Smiling, he licked his lips in anticipation of being inside John’s dark hole. There was little more that he liked than fucking a man in the ass. “Very good boy.” He ground his hips back and forth, enjoying the friction created between them. He whipped John’s ass until both cheeks were cherry red. Admiring his work, he issued a few more across his legs, including the backs of his knees.

“Shit! Shit!” Jumping, John’s body flailed with each strike of the tarse, his breathing becoming labored.

SIN CITY – The Collection 

What sins of the flesh do you hunger for and exactly what would you offer in order for a taste? 

For entrepreneur Taynen Salinger, Sin City meant more than simply paying homage to the sizzling desert town. The highly respected and equally selective firm, catering to men who lived vicariously every day, had made him a millionaire. A tough taskmaster, anonymity was the name of the game in a town where mistakes could prove to be deadly. Providing everything from well-coiffed escorts for premier events to the Fireman bikerkinkiest of fantasies, only the amount of monies spent held any inhibition. His employees were hand picked and specially trained in the areas of art and music, politics and finance, fine dining and wine – as well as the black arts of BDSM.

For the men of distinction, protecting a town ridden with questionable politics, crime-ridden streets and difficult financial times, Sin City was more than just a respite. Only Taynan’s carefully selected men seemed to soothe the savage beasts dwelling inside his clients. For some of his customers, understanding the ramifications of certain decisions made had proven to be costly, yet the men came back for more. However, in a town where everything is on the menu for a loaded price, what happens within the hallowed city limits must stay locked inside Pandora’s Box. Or else…


Zeke Hammond was a man’s man and in the world of firefighting, he was revered. His record was perfect, having never lost a victim, and many said he was on the fast track to becoming Captain. Unfortunately his own personal demons kept him from the possibility of being happy. Keeping secrets was a damning concept. Having found his last lover in the arms of another man, he was in no mood to try dating again. But he was ready for pure sin. After a chance meeting at a local pub with a rugged hunk, who was more than just stimulating his mind, Zeke was given a personal invitation. Sin City seemed to be the perfect solution for all his needs.

For Russian born, Aleksandyr Vatone, working for Taynen Salinger was perfect, allowing him to pursue his other “interests” during his off time. After meeting Zeke, handsome and yet so very tortured, he set out to provide a perfect sizzling fantasy. Little did he know the rugged man would be able to get under his skin so easily. As they embarked on a caustic tryst, he began to reveal his most private secrets. Unfortunately a mystery blackmailer from Aleksandyr’s past threatened to reveal the man behind in the mask. As a cloak and dagger game hit too close to home, an explosive event occurred, forcing Zeke to make a series of difficult choices. One in particular placed both their lives on a dangerous precipice and the fires of hell threatened to consume Zeke’s very soul. Only Aleksandryr could possibly save him but was he already lost to the burn?

I so hope you enjoyed

Kisses and spanks


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