When Only Discipline Will Do

Mmmm – discipline. I love the thought. I need the control placed over me. I long to have a man who knows the inner girl. Tell me, how is your relationship? Do you sometimes argue too much? Do you feel as if he or she isn’t quite in tune with your needs? Do you wish at times you could let go and have he or she handle the head of household for at least a little while? I think we all do. What if you had the guts – and I hard over the kneedo mean guts to enter into a completely different type of relationship, one in which one of you had full control over what happens in your relationship as well as the discipline that you might need? Would you accept readily? Would you be able to handle the significant change? Hmmm…

In penning my Domestic Discipline trilogy, I didn’t realize how much it would resonate with both women and men who honestly think the lifestyle might be a wonderful alternative for them – a change in the days of arguments and push backs. The closeness shared by couples who move to this kind of relationship to me is amazing. And so my readers tell me they love the series. I am working on the third and final in David and Shannon’s relationship. But… I love this genre and I want to give you more of these amazing moments so we shall see where I take this. Enjoy a first taste…


Respect. Somehow they’d lost respect for each other as of late. Maybe going away together was a last ditch effort, but certainly one they owed each other. As she controlled her breathing she knew tonight was needed for both of them. Each one of them were hurt, both felt betrayed as well. They were both to blame, but she’d taken a vow to David. Yep. She’d just about lost her mind arguing when him the way she had. Time to pay the price for her insolence. This was right. Yes. This was a must.

A few minutes passed by and she craned her neck to hear any noise. There was no way of telling what he was doing but she suspected making her wait on purpose. Shannon couldn’t blame him. The anticipation was worse than the actual punishment. Sort of. Groaning, she resisted turning around. Count to ten. Count to one hundred. One, two, three, four…

After a few minutes of standing in the same position she became antsy, wishing he’d finally manage to walk into the room. Come on. Let’s do this. My God, she found herself thinking he needed to get this over with so she could make dinner. Perhaps this was the problem. She’d place being spanked in the same realm as making food, doing laundry and taking out the trash. An audible groan escaped her lips and she bit down hard on her tongue, strangling the sound.

He didn’t need to hear her kvetching, nor was she supposed to be opening her mouth. At this point Shannon needed to figure out why she continued to push his buttons. The concept was deep seeded. She resigned herself to breathing and relaxing, feeling abhorrent with her behavior. Yes, time to repent.

Another full ten minutes passed by and she was just about at the end of her patience. Shannon had never been good at taking anything into stride and right now she was not in the mood to pretend to focus. She just couldn’t. No, she was not going to take this. The very second she started to turn around, she heard him enter the room.


when he arrivesShe swallowed several times and kept her eyes pinned to the wall. “Sir.” The rustling behind her gave her a series of shivers. He was removing his belt. The sound was David pulling the leather through his belt loops. Every part of her was quaking, not from the fact David was angry with her. His methods were always controlled, always within reason. She was terrified and pissed at herself. Right now she was ready to beg for punishment, to release the inner demons. Right now she was…

“Come here,” David commanded, yet he kept the tone of his voice soft.

“Yes sir.” Shannon turned to face him and the tick in the corner of her mouth was much more pronounced than normal. Every time she was about ready to receive a spanking of any type the nervous action appeared. That was a clear indication to her she’d been in the wrong.

David nodded and sat down on the edge of the bed, his eyes never leaving her. He placed the belt on the bed and nodded toward the floor. “We need to talk about this.”

As she moved closer she noticed what appeared to be a new implement, one made of leather as well. For a full three seconds she stopped short, taken off guard by the ominous looking piece. The handle couldn’t have been more than four inches, the length of the whip itself maybe eight or ten, but the width was unnerving. Maybe an inch, maybe, she could almost feel the effects of the strap on her backside and thighs. Shannon blinked several times, trying to focus. “Talk?”

“Of course. Come here. This is important for both of us.”

When she finally managed to get her feet to work, she closed the distance and could tell he wanted her on her knees in front of him. For some reason she felt more naked than normal tonight, as if this conversation was going to unmask her very soul. She eased onto her knees and gazed up into his eyes. Even during fits of anger, the look on David’s face was always one of love. “I’m sorry, sir. I honestly didn’t mean to say what I did this morning. I was wrong, terribly wrong. I just don’t know what got into me and…”

David placed a single finger across her mouth. “You need to listen to me.” He cocked his head until she nodded. “I want you to hear me very clearly tonight. Yes?”

She issued a single nod, tears swimming to her eyes. These tears had nothing to do with any amount of pain. They were simply based in shame.

“Good.” David removed his finger and cupped her chin. “I love you. You do know that. Right?”

“I…” Did she? Tears threatened to slip past her eyelashes.

As your master“Shannon. If you don’t know how much I love you then we aren’t going to be able to get through any of this. We’ve both made mistakes.”

“I know that.”

“And I’m sorry,” David said quietly. “I never meant to hurt you.”

“And I never meant to hurt you,” Shannon whispered, hearing the rawness of her voice. There wasn’t another man alive who had anything better, not another she could trust. David was sexy and honest, giving and loving and… “I’m so sorry. I’m just lost right now.”

“I know you are and I think going away is going to help us.”

She heard the confidence in his voice and she wanted nothing more than to have the camp work. “The Endless Journey. The name alone is almost….”

“Terrifying?” David asked as he brushed his thumb across her mouth.

The touch was electrifying. “Yes. I just don’t know what to think. I mean I know I thought of the idea and going. I just hope this matters.”

“We’ll talk about the aspects as well as what we might be able to expect later. Right now I need to know two things.”

His imploring eyes made her tingle. “Yes, sir?”

“Do you love me and do you know I love you?”

The questions settled into the back of her mind, ones she’d been wrangling with for several weeks. Seeing the shimmer in his eyes, the way he was looking at her reminded her of their first meeting. And the first time they’d made love. “Yes. I do.”

Relief flooded his eyes. “Good. Yes, good. Then we have a basis to try and fix whatever is broken, both of us. Do you agree?”

“Yes, I just…” Shannon looked away.

“It’ll take time and learning to trust even more. Maybe the camp will help but first things first. You surprised me with your words and your behavior. You do understand that I can’t tolerate such insolence, such clear disobedience. Correct?”

“Yes, sir. I know that and I honestly didn’t mean to shout at you. I didn’t.” Her words seemed muddled along with her thoughts. “I deserve punishment.”

“Yes, you do. What you said and the way you spoke to me isn’t acceptable at all. Period. I’m not going to tolerate any variance on this ever again. I’m in charge of this household, we both agreed. You also agreed to follow certain rules. You do remember those, don’t you?”

Of course she did. “Very much so sir. Fondly.” She could feel the heat of Discipline_Cover-smallembarrassment cross her face.


Respect and Redemption. The two words haunted Shannon Parker, guilt all encompassing. But she wasn’t the only one experiencing shame. David, her husband and Head of Household held a lion’s share. Their marriage in ruins, they’d tried every traditional method in order to avoid divorce, yet the anger and bitterness remained. Nothing worked – until a friend suggested Domestic Discipline. The intense change was amazing as well as fraught with self-doubt, an unveiling of inner fears. As old behaviors returned, both nearly succumbed to the arms of another. On the road to recovery, they realized they had one last chance as regaining their love.

The Endless Journey, an educational get away catering to couples embroiled in a DD relationship, seemed the perfect choice. Unconventional, the all encompassing classes and one-on-one training ripped away their masks, forcing both David and Shannon to face their inner fears. The sessions were powerful, draining and both were left raw from a level of honesty they’d never shared before. This was the beginning to the rest of their lives — until a moment of weakness shattered any concept of the future. Hurt and confused, David and Shannon were faced with the toughest period of their lives. Secrets from the past finally revealed, could they learn to trust again, or would their passion be lost forever?

Mmm – what do you think? I am giving you the links if you would like to begin their journey. By far these two are my best sellers. Discipline will be out after the first of the year. I hope you enjoy.

Kisses and spanks





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