Santa Comes in All Sizes…

Especially big hunky men who share passion yet hunger for a third… Now imagine if you found not one but two hot men under your tree? Also imagine if one was your boss and you literally loathed him and all he stood for? Well, of course sparks fly as well as the fact there might be a dirty little secret. Don’t you think? Take a taste of the redone St. Nick’s Night os Xcstasy – now with brand new material.


“I am going to kiss you now.” Nick’s husky voice stated clearly. It wasn’t a question, but a command.

Sabrina nodded. She was completely unable to focus. They were hovering in the dark the-dilemma-cover-correctedconfines of the bar, her arms wrapped around his neck as he leaned his head down. The second their lips touched, she moaned. The moment he crushed her mouth with his, she whimpered. The instant his hand slid under her silk dress, cupping her ass cheeks, she lost all control around the man she’d hungered for so long. She could barely think, barely move.

Taking complete control, he pushed her hard against the back wall, tipping her head and forcing his tongue down her throat. Nick’s hands had a mind of their own as they explored her body from the backs of her thighs to the front, coming dangerously close to nirvana as her legs shook.

She shivered and wanted to fight him, but the far reaches of her inner mind and soul longed to drag him into the heat of her body. Desperate to fuck him, every part of her became famished to have him lick her pussy until she came into his mouth, bucking wildly until she was left breathless and exhausted.

Nick gripped her leg, dragging her calf over his hip and allowing him secret access to her slickened cunt. Pressing a single finger past the tight confines of her panties, he thrust in and out of her hard as she moaned and squirmed. He broke the kiss, nipping her bottom lip and taking the tender flesh of her swollen lips between his teeth, biting down until she whimpered. “Do you want more? Are you ready for me to take complete control of your body?”

Squirming, she felt the sinful feeling of his throbbing cock, slicing against her belly. She longed to drop to her knees and take him there in front of all God and man and everyone in the upscale and uptight restaurant. Yes.

Nick thrust a second and a third finger inside of her, driving in harder and faster as he kissed her mouth passionately, pressing his tongue inside to taste. Licking down to the underside of her chin and further to her neck, he growled savagely and kicked her legs out, allowing him deeper access.

Tiny sparks of light settled in around her vision, driving her to the point of incredible ecstasy.

In and out he plunged, three fingers becoming four until he found the perfect rhythm, sexy santa 5the one that caught her breath, forcing her leg to tighten around his hip. I know all your most lascivious hungers that burn deep within you and now we begin your foray into ecstasy.

Mesmerized by his power, she wanted nothing more than to succumb to the man who held the key to her inner most secrets.

“When I tell you to, I want you to cum.”

“What?” Sabrina could no longer focus, no longer breathe as her hands clamped around his arms, clawing him through the crisp starched white shirt.

“You will obey my every command.”

She tried to speak as the ravaging feelings of being taken so forcefully sent an electric current of shock dancing down the length of her spine. Fire tore through her as every part of her blood sizzled from the anticipation of cumming and from his dangerous command. “Oh…”

“Are you ready?”

Sabrina laughed and tipped her head back, unable to say anything as he continued his savage moves, driving into the very core of her When he opened his fingers she moaned out loud. She could hear the tiny suckling sounds the slick heat of her pussy made as her muscles gripped the scintillating invasion, drawing his fingers in deeper until she fought screaming.


The command would be obeyed. As the intense orgasm swept through every part of her body, she quivered. The climax sent white-hot currents of dancing flames into her very core.

Nick captured her mouth seconds before a scream filtered into the kiss.

As one orgasm became a second then a third, the wave completely taking her to new heights of ecstasy, she fell into the kiss until there was nothing left. No light. No sound. The only aspects of her thoughts, her needs was because of the man she craved desperately.

“You look like you are going to pass out,” Tyler whispered as she gripped Sabrina’s arm.

As the light came back into Sabrina’s peripheral vision and she could hear the echo of Tyler’s voice, she remembered. She turned her gaze toward Nick as her mouth fell open. The moment had happened. She pressed the back of her hand over her lips, biting the flesh, trying to rationalize what she knew she had done. “Oh fuck.”

“What it is? My God, are you feeling okay?”

Sabrina slowly nodded her head and looked down again at the envelope, her hand shaking.

“Let me see what you got girl!” Tyler giggled. “Do you know what Santa gave me?” Swaying back and forth, she held out a box and grinned. “You won’t believe it.”

“Well, Santa boy does have good taste,” Shannon said as she studied Nick. He seemed to be in his element. How odd. However the gift was magical. The mac computer was nestled inside a sea foam green bed of luminescent fake grass, the swirling colors gleaming in the candlelit window.

“Doesn’t he though? Okay, so open it up. My God!”

Collecting what was left of her sanity, Sabrina eyed Nick and caught him steeling glances in her direction. What did the man have up his sleeve? She fingered the envelope until the temptation became too great. The card was scarlet red foil, embossed with gold, the calligraphy a dazzling pearlescent shimmer. The single word on the outside sent a trickle of fear dancing down her spine. Explore…  As she opened the card, a small plain envelope fell out. Grabbing the slip of paper before it fell to the ground, she fumbled as the piano player began keying a jazzy Christmas tune. At least that drew everyone’s attention away from her. She fiddled clumsily until she finally opened the small envelope. Instantly she could see it was a check. Her eyes opened wide as she saw the amount.

“Come on, out with it!” Tyler peered over her shoulder.


Do you believe in Santa? Do you believe that one man can change the course of those around him? Or is that man merely a Scrooge in disguise? Hmmm…

Sabrina Spencer hated her job as a PR Executive for Troubled Waters, a ruthless laced in purpleacquisitions firm that took over companies on the verge of bankruptcy. It didn’t matter that her boss, sexy Nick St. Peter, was her dark fantasy. She considered him the enemy and the ultimate scrooge. After all, he enjoyed taking down companies, ruining the lives of men and women who worked hard for a living. Responsible for her mother’s caretaking, Sabrina had no other employment options. Forced to have dinner with the boss one snowy evening, she couldn’t remember any of the details the next day except that after too many drinks, she was terrified she’d told him about her kinky desires to be dominated. Mortified, she could barely face him the night of the holiday party.

Nick St. Peter was a ruthless man, one who forced company executives to their knees. His method? Using their dark secrets against them, something he was well acquainted with. No one knew that Nick and the corporation’s attorney, Cord Jenson, were involved in a one heated romance. They had everything in life that money could buy yet neither man was happy. They craved a third, the woman of their dreams – one very sexy and willful Sabrina. Both were determined to win her heart as well as entice her into total submission. On the night of the company party, a man in a Santa suit gave out scores of presents to the employees and a secret invitation to a scandalous erotic club to the woman Cord and Nick adored. Finally succumbing, Sabrina enjoyed a night of passion and complete domination at the hands of two men while secrets in every dark corner threatened to nearly destroy them. Shaken, Sabrina was unsure she could completely submit. After all – she knew certain truths about the man she was falling in love with.

Nick had a dilemma, one that could destroy what he’d worked so hard to achieve. Would the magic of one special night remind him love could conquer all?

Perfect kind of Christmas in my naughty worlds!

Kisses and spanks



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