Santa’s Naughty Reindeer

You know how I like all things naughty – right? How about a reindeer, one of Santa’s reindeer to be exact? I had the good fortune of being asked to write a story about one of Santa’s special creatures with a group of fabulous authors. Who do you think I picked? Why Blitzen of course. He’s more than just a bit bad, being that he’s heavily into BDSM. When he gets a little time off, where do you think he goes for some action? Why one of my most favorite spots on earth – Key West. Come take a taste of….


Blitzen turned the corner onto Duvall Street and as he stopped at the first traffic light, the sight of scantily clad men wearing loincloths with tassels managed to turn him the hell on. There was no doubt he was in the right place to soothe the savage beast remaining just below the surface. Lust was sometimes not his friend.

Driving slowly, he admired the masculine eye candy and couldn’t get the vision of beingbeing owned bound and naked on a bed out of his mind. He could almost feel the burn of the whip as his Dom struck the leather against his back and ass cheeks. The delicious thought made him shiver from head to toe. Sweet Jesus, he needed a man to control him, dominate him, and fuck the hell out of him. The very thought was something he’d been craving, night after night alone in his cold bed.

Swallowing hard, he could see the gorgeous red and blue sign for The End of the World Bar glowing as a heady backdrop against the moon. There was nothing more spectacular than seeing the string of dancing light flickering over the ocean to fill his soul with an intense longing. The nearer he came to the bar of his dreams, the more he hungered. As he pulled into what appeared to be the last parking space in the back of the bar, the moment he turned off the engine the sound of the thumping music made him a smile.

Brushing his hands through his windblown hair, Blitzen eyed his glowing eyes in the rear view mirror and tamped back the creature within. Tonight he needed to be completely human. More than ready for the adventure of a lifetime, he climbed out of the car, and headed in the direction of the entrance.

The set of double doors was flanked by what he could only describe as wannabe wrestlers on the circuit dressed in something out of a futuristic movie. Nodding, he waited as they checked him out before Brute Number One leaned over and sniffed.

“Not from around here. Are ya, boy?” His accent was southern drawl meets tough guy, his pearly whites marred by a single gold tooth gleaming in the shining moonlight.

“Just in for a good time and heard this was the go-to place,” Blitzen stated, attempting to look bored while sneaking a glimpse inside. The bar was dark but he used his keen eyesight to scan the entire area, drinking in the atmosphere, as the door opened and closed. The myriad of scents was intriguing and he could tell there were mostly males inside—judging by the heightened level of testosterone and the scent of sex.

“Good time, eh?” Brute One punched Brute Two in the arm and darkly chuckled. “You’ve come to the right place. That’ll be twenty bucks for the entrance fee and sexy santa 5remember, what happens here, stays here. No fighting. No drugs. But the rest is all up to you. Sex and sin is on the menu. You got that, my man?” he said pointing to a small sign posted near the door that stated the entry fee and the rules.

“Crystal.” Handing the guy a twenty, Blitzen was certainly glad he’d been schooled in all things American. When he was handed the golden ticket by way of a hand stamp resembling devil horns, he couldn’t help but grin. This was going to be one hell of a couple of nights.

In his three hundred plus years of living, Blitzen had never seen such insane levels of promiscuity in his life. From the swinging bars hanging from the ceiling holding what appeared to be caged humans dancing to disco music, to the stage, which held a spotlight on what he considered a desirable stainless steel “x” cross, to the crowd of people dressed to the nines. This was the place to be. He allowed his senses to get used to the increased activity before scoping out what had to be the bar. He was damn thirsty.

As he made his way through the crowd of heated bodies, he was groped more than once, and the titillating sensations came damn close to bringing a shift. He could just imagine the terrified faces if a deer appeared out of nowhere. Suddenly he wasn’t entirely certain this was a good idea. But as he honed in on the dark skinned bartender wearing a skimpy outfit and long dread locks the thought of doing something kinky peaked his interest. Yes, this was the perfect location to finally indulge in everything he’d ever wanted. Wasn’t it? Mmm… Giving himself an inner pep talk, he made his decision. Blitzen was intent on going through with fulfilling every fantasy he’d pushed aside for almost a full century. After all, he only lived once, and Santa might very well kick his ass upon his return. Crowding into the bar, he waited his turn as patiently as his growing desire would allow while he people-watched.

There was no shortage of Doms or subs in the club, along with people dressed in the wackiest attire. Most of the over-heated customers left little to the imagination in the clothing they’d selected for the night of fun and frivolity. Humans were more than fascinating. Sometimes he longed to be nothing more than human, living a regular life. Then he usually slapped himself in the forehead as a reminder of the very good fortune bestowed on him at birth.

“What’ll it be?” the bartender’s voice was dark and sultry, laced with an instant invitation.

Blitzen had to fight not to drag the sexy man across the bar and drop to his knees to suck his cock.

“Bourbon, neat.”

“Comin’ right up.” Giving Blitzen the once—and then twice over—he moved into the shadows.

And, Blitzen realized, he’d been sucking in his breath.

“Whew.” As he settled onto the bar stool, he suddenly heard what he knew to be a Christmas carol. While he knew it was considered to be the week of Christmas, the odd strains with a Hawaiian bent were almost enough to drive him out of the bar. He was sick of wrapping and bows, tinsel and holiday cheer; and God knew if he was forced to drink another cup of disgusting eggnog or eat another carrot in front of children he was going to retch golf balls. Grousing, he didn’t realize he was cursing under his breath ????????????????????????????until a deep chuckle came from his left. Lifting his head, he stared into the most sensual pair of chocolate brown eyes he’d ever seen and every part of him tingled with desire.

“We take Jimmy Buffett very seriously around here, boy. You best not say anything about the man who singlehandedly put Key West back on the map, lest you find yourself strung up in the alley. I believe they call it hogtied.”

While he could clearly see a twinkle in the large man’s eyes, he was so turned on by the look of him he couldn’t utter a freaking word. What the hell was wrong with him? He’d never been tongue-tied in his life. Granted, there was something about the hunk that stood well over six foot somethin’, and then some. As casually as Blitzen tried to gaze down the length of the man’s muscular body—wrapped in a tight t-shirt and dark jeans—he could easily tell the guy noticed he was checking him out.

“Kinda just over the holiday music. Nothing against the man.”

“Yeah, well, just be careful who you bitch to.” Leaning over, the hulking mass breathed a swath of hot air across Blitzen’s neck as he lowered his voice. “Between you and me, I’m sick of the shit too. Need some hot dance music to get me into gear.”

He could barely take his eyes off the guy. Whew, it’s getting hot in here. The way the man’s legs accidently grazed across his thigh, and the sensation of his dreadlocks sweeping across his naked arm, was enough to light a fire smoldering deep within him.

“You come here often?” Crap! Didn’t that sound like the worst pick up line in history?

“Sometimes. Only place I can be the real me and explore everything I’m hungry for. This place caters to the dark and dangerous side of sex.”

“I can see.” Why was he sweating so profusely?

“Mmmm… I’m Riley and you’re obviously not from here.” Holding out his hand, his grin was infectious.


Blitzen Garcia had it with snow, men, Christmas and Santa Claus. In truth all he wanted was a warm beach and two or five frisky creatures to play with. Craving sun and sand beneath his toes, he garnered a tasty idea. So it was against the rules – so what? Somehow his secret held hostage by his best buddy’s girlfriend wasn’t the best way to start, but her terms he couldn’t resist. After all, he was a badass rule breaker. Driving down to Key West in his spanking new convertible, he headed straight for the End of the World Bar. The smoke-filled saloon was the perfect way to start his vacation.

Settling into the seedy joint he was prepared for a night of people watching until two sun-kissed Gods walked in wearing a dangerous look and Blitzen was more than intrigued. As they engaged in casual conversation over several drinks the hunks suggested getting a little kinky and Blitzen knew he was going to get very lucky. Unfortunately the boys had something else in mind entirely and he was lured into performing in front of the customers. A steamy night filled with BDSM and a ménage ensued. Sated, Blitzen knew he’d found a slice of heaven – until the blackmail notes arrived.

Mmm – ready for Christmas now? I sure am…

Kisses and spanks



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