I Have This Thing For Bad Santa

And I don’t mean that ridiculous movie. I like my personal bad Santa thank you. You know the guy I mean – all hot and hard and ready to take you in the middle of your office? That guy. I think we’ve all either wanted to do a man from our office or perhaps a vendor or have indulged in an illicit affair. I know I’ve tasted a few times. Yeah, I’m telling stories on myself but somehow I don’t think Santa is going to give me coal in my stocking. I might be wrong, but…

Ladies – you know you’ve dressed up all sexy and hot and wanted and waited and… The right perfume, the perfect jewelry. You are ready and waiting for a single look from him.  Hey, I went out today and purchased a snazzy red dress. Yeah, I have like a A Sub Needs to Feeldozen that I think are all hot and will make one or ten pant – but you never know LOL. That’s part of the holiday fun – being naughty. Right? So I’m going to get all dolled up and NO, before you ask, not a man at this party I hunger for but a girl can dream.

I do a lot of stories about dreaming of fantasies at the holidays. There is no better time. From Victoria’s Secret to taking a long hot bath and dragging him in or perhaps creating a fantasy around your day job – say like a Dirty Little Lunch. You’ve had one of those I’m sure.  If you haven’t, imagine all the naughty things you can do around this holiday. From being a present under the tree to giving him a basket full of toys – and I don’t mean saws and drills ladies – well kinda… LOL. 

I think you can see what I’m saying. I developed a series of what I think are pretty darn HOT HOT HOT shorts – all designed around taking that two hour lunch, the kind where you’re left sweating and panting and hungry and… So I thought I’d bring you one of my favorites – since the holidays are also about handcuffs. What? You think I’m kidding? HA. Perfect season to be locked away.


“Ms. Miller? I need to see you in my office.”

“The sound of Devon Thompson’s deep and very sensual voice alone was enough to drive Shila into a moment of electrified heat. He was also more than capable of making her weak in her knees and only partially because she wanted to rip off his clothes and ride him like a wild stallion. He was not only her boss, but perhaps the sexiest man on the planet. At least according to the one hundred or so women in his employ. “Yes, sir. Be right there, sir.”

Nodding, Devon glanced around the perimeter of the open space and flashed his steel blue eyes. “Thank you.”

The second he closed the door to his office at least thirty women exhaled deeply and moaned.

Shila wanted to give every one of them the finger, high up and wild style. After all, all six foot four of his hulking mass belonged to her and her alone. In your dreams only baby. Oh yeah, there was that. Grousing to herself, she grabbed her pen and pad and headed for his office, avoiding the harsh looks from every woman who hated her for some reason. Maybe they all thought she was doing him in the after hours, in the elevator now and again and some cock sucking under his desk. Sadly, she didn’t even think Devon knew she existed. Still, a girl could dream, fantasize until the wee hours of the morning, wet and hot. And lordy she did every night complete with a spanking purple Rabbit vibrator in tow.

In the back of her mind she realized the most eligible bachelor in the city was never going to give her the time of day. He’d been married to some blond bombshell pageant Queen for God’s sake. The divorce papers barely signed, he was already on the prowl. He had to be. No man this damn good looking would stay without a romantic partner for very long. But he wasn’t hooking up with her. There was no way the owner of Thompson, Tyler and Poole, only the hottest advertising firm in all of Atlanta, was going to get a frumpy woman like herself a second look. No matter. As she stood outside his door she unfastened a button on her shirt, brushed her hand through her hair and smoothed down her skirt. When she heard snickers from behind her, she snapped her head and gave the nasty women a dazzling smile. She was a lady after all.

Knocking on the door, Shila could tell he was on the phone. He was always on his phone. She opened the door and walked right in and even his incredible reflection in the fortieth story window was enough to make her want to drop to her knees, crawl toward him and suck his cock. Whew. It was definitely getting hot in here.

“I understand and we’re almost ready. As a matter of fact we’re having a party this Bonding SayingSaturday for the entire crew. Yes, your invitation was sent last week. You should have already received it, John.” His voice snarky, Devon turned to glare at her, his eyes imploring.

And she knew exactly what he was asking. Nodding, she wrote quickly on her pad and held up the note so he could read her instructions.

“John, both you and the lovely Marjorie were invited. I understand her sister is in town so please feel free to bring her with you. No, we’re catering the party here. Fabulous, John. I look forward to seeing you.” After hanging up the phone he groaned and then smiled. “What in the world would I do without you? You seem to be able to read my mind.”

“Fail miserably, sir,” she said as she strutted forward. He needed her because she’d been placed solely in charge of the celebration and one that was certain to draw the media. They’d secured a high dollar client and her oh-so-over-the-top boss had invited several select guests to celebrate their good fortune. Cost wasn’t an option.

“Damn good point. Remind me after this weekend is over to give you a huge raise.”

“I will. Trust me.”

Shaking his head, Devon walked from behind the desk and folded his arms. “I so love the brassy side to you. I wished you’d show this more often. I can certainly use more spunk and intelligence around here.”

“Be careful what you ask for because I tend to follow orders, sir.” While the words slipped out of her mouth before she’d even realized what she’d said, Shila couldn’t help but grin inwardly. There was nothing more than she’d like to show him but all of her – every square inch. She’d even purchased one too many sexy teddies with his naked body in mind. Fanning her face with the notepad, she attempted to look nonchalant but could only envision herself on all fours, chained to iron bedposts while he drove his thick shaft deep into her pussy. Then after he’d spank her ass until she couldn’t sit down for a week. Tingling, Shila nibbled on her bottom lip nervously. If only her boss knew what she was thinking about him.

“Are you all right? You’re looking a little flushed.”

“Fine! Just fine.” Said too quickly, she cringed seeing the odd way he was looking at her, as if he knew she had him wielding a flogger. Licking her lips, Shila managed to wipe the bead of perspiration before the damn thing trickled into her eyes, ruining her make up. “Would you like to go over the menu one last time and make certain I have everything listed that you’d like?”

Tilting his head, Devon looked all the way down the length of her body and back up. “Absolutely, but you must know not everything we hunger for is on a menu. The majority of the best things in life are found in the places you least likely look for them DLL_CaviarCuffs-smalland when you find exactly what you’re looking for you refuse to be denied any longer. Don’t you find that to be the case, Shila?”

Was he undressing her with his eyes? No, he was simply telling he how ridiculous her behavior was. What the hell? She was in a very naughty mood today. Perhaps because the last blind date had ended with her slamming the door in the jerkoff’s face. “Why yes, sir. I’m a girl who realizes some things wrapped in a pretty little package are simply boring. You have to find multi-layered flavors in order to truly be sated in life and in passion.”


Shila Miller was always hungry, for her sexy boss that is. There was something about Devon Thompson’s long, dark hair and steel blue eyes that simply drove her into madness. Sadly, touching wasn’t allowed on the menu at Thompson, Tyler and Poole – the poshest advertising firm in all of Atlanta. Then again, how could he love a frumpy girl like herself? But oh she could fantasize… Tasked with developing a sizzling catering event for a select few clients, she designed not only what she thought was the perfect selection, but one that could also entice her divorcee boss. If only he noticed her.

Devon was a ladies man and while he knew it, he was tired of sitting on the hot seat. The woman he had the hots for didn’t seem to notice his directness. Or care. Then again, Shila was all woman and the most accomplished assistant he’d ever worked with. He simply had to have her and the one chance he might have would involve a dirty little lunch in the making. In truth, he had to question his rather sinful motives and whether she’d consider becoming more than just his employee. After all, he wanted to own more than just her heart. He required her complete submission.

What do you think – gonna be naughty at your holiday party this year? Purr babies





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