What a Wild Year…

I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting lately – some good and some bad in truth. I think we all do that as we get close to the end of the year, thinking about things we should or shouldn’t have done. For me, I think about all that I wanted to accomplish with regards to my professional life – both of them. I’ve been working full time again for a full year and let me tell you, it’s had its share of trials and tribulations. I’ve spent more time in the truck than I ever would have wanted to with horrific drives on an interstate that well – PEOPLE CANNOT DRIVE. On top of that TIABPW_CoverNEW-smallI’ve tried to maintain the amount of writing that I had while I was only working part time. Not possible, but it took me almost a year of pure exhaustion to figure that out.

The candle at both ends has almost gotten the better of me. On top of the work schedule, it’s been a tumultuous year for my writing. I am so grateful for the many fans I have. You guys tell me all the time how much you love my writing and I’m thrilled. The industry is changing again. From the very concept that Paypal, Amazon and now Kobo felt like they just had to be big brother to the fact that there needs to be better editors in the world, tough time to be a writer. I’ve been one of those authors to have several books banned on a couple of sites and it’s not anything about the fact I write “daddy porn”. However I’m associated with those kind of authors because I write erotica of any kind. That burns me more than I can tell you. I personally don’t believe in any censorship and of course those of you who know me realize I’ll always fight the good fight.

This blog isn’t about all the bad things in the wonderful world of publishing. It’s about celebrating what is going to be a new chapter in my life. I’m a much better writer than I used to be. Every time I pick up an old piece I cringe. If I say the word “wicked” any more I’m going to vomit. In my early days of writing I wanted everyone to read about sex and sensuality and realize passion and kink isn’t weird. Hungering to have sex of any kind pretty much in any manner is absolutely beautiful. I had so many people tell me that my portrayal helped them get over the fear of asking to try something new with their partner. To that end I love my old pieces. Somehow I’ve changed. I started morphing into wanting to show all types of couples and their regular every day yet wonderful lives.

And so I started penning interracial and same sex pieces. My tag line turned into love is love with no boundaries. I appreciate so many of you who have embraced my personal as well as writing views. For those of you who condemn, shame on you. There is no perfect relationship, no right or wrong with sex. We all have bills to pay, families to tend to, children to feed and clothe. We have careers and sadness, joys with friends and health issues. In other words we are all human beings. I think my works began to show off man and woman in a different manner and I’m thrilled my writing evolved again.

A third round of changes was bringing my joy of writing paranormal and the darker side of sex and violence into the picture. I love writing true horror as much I do about romanticizing vampires. I was lucky enough to find the best writing partner in SPANKDOWN-final-smallChristian Jensen. We have three powerful books out together. We have a forth in the works but sadly our respective real lives have put our works together on the back burner. What I can tell you about Toxic Leash, our first and a book that will haunt you forever, is that I was blown away by working with the man. His talent is off the chain. He stretched my limits as an author and he will always be called a wonderful friend. If you have snatched up our works, you should. You’ll never be able to sleep with the lights off again.

Now I can see another change coming. Not going to let you in on all my secrets but it started with the release of almost thirty of my books. They weren’t selling and I have the opportunity to make them shine, add material, have a fabulous new cover and take full control of their destiny. While the project continues to be daunting, I’m embracing the joy of this amazing opportunity. I’m also going to be doing a line called “Rescue Me”. This one is sensual, not erotic, about animals who make a difference in the lives of humans and the love the builds between couples who protect them. Just who is rescuing whom? I may try mainstream publishing and I will be working on more screenplays. You see 2014 is going to be my year – one way or the other. (Don’t you like my confidence?) I’ve worked really hard over the last three years to put out now over 160 books with three pseudonyms and the production rate is slower, but the quality is going to continue to improve. In other words you haven’t seen what this chick can do. But more changes are going to have to come in order for me to grow. Time will tell.

Along the way I’ve met some wonderful people in the sometimes cyber world of writing. It’s a harsh business, one filled with jealousy and nastiness and let me tell you I’ve experienced my share, but I’m not complaining. For all the idiots out there, I am able to meet and befriend many more. So I wanted to take the opportunity to say some HUGE thank yous as we close out this year.

First and foremost Rebel Ink Press – for without them I would not be here. They took a chance on a fledgling author who had been turned down by just about everyone.

Naughty Nights Press – they allowed my inner dark side to grow and you’re going to see more grit, more kind and more darkness in 2014.

Toxic-Leash-coverTina Brunelle – Talking Two Lips Diva – without her kick in the pants, I wouldn’t appreciate how important reviewers are.

Carl J. Franklin – one of the best cover artists in the business.

Shane Willis – we miss your art, your creativity and your love my friend

Toby Sullivan – all I can say is thank God I found you and your fantastic cover art. You’re going to take my works into the next phase

Shon Jason Medley – as an editor you rock, my friend. You are the best and thank you for bringing my pieces with Christian alive.

Now for some friends and I can’t there isn’t enough space to thank and love on all of you so…

Suzzana C. Ryan – my BFF. I haven’t met you yet but when we get together girl… Thank you for listening to my tears. Great writer and a great friend

Stephen Zimmer – a huge thank you for pushing me to all those wonderful con’s. I have had a blast

Christian Jensen – you know how I feel about you.

Mark Davis – an amazing poet and great friend

The folks I can count on to boost me up or kick me in the ass when I need it – Margie SinbyDesign-smallChurch, Remmy Duchene, Sharita Lira, Mary Sue Wehr, Marsha Casper Cook, Michel Prince, Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy, Tonya Kinzer, Kay Evans, Jade Baiser, Jade Mira, Marabelle Blue and there are so many more.

Off the sappy soap box – except to say – to all my loyal readers – you are the best. I’m going to be doing some more giveaways, some lowers prices and other treats during the next year. Get ready for an intense ride.

Have a wonderful and safe holiday season.

Kisses, spanks and lots of love



About Cassandre Dayne

Cassandre Dayne is the pseudo for the best selling author of romantic suspense and thrillers
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4 Responses to What a Wild Year…

  1. Chris Jensen says:

    I’m also very grateful for having worked with you. You pushed me like no other author could. Dare I say that 2014 will be a fantastic year for our success? I would certainly like to think so. You are a great friend and there is no better co-author.


  2. Shon Jason Medley says:

    You and Christian are magic! Together, you spin tales that provoke escape, vicarious fantasy, and prick the seldom realized emotions, concepts, and realities (and unrealities) that readers crave. It is my pleasure editing for you, although it is a challenge to simply do my job of proofing rather than to fall into the ebb and flow of a captivated reader. I wish you both grand success in the New Year and know that I love and respect you both more than my mere words can measure!


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