Passion…the Lost Art of Touching

I used the simple words today for effect. Passion is something we all crave. I know I do and quite frankly I don’t get enough of it. I don’t think I’m unlike anyone else who longs for the days when we were younger, when every kiss meant something so exciting we were left tingling for hours, dreaming about more. Do you remember when you were a teenager and all you wanted to do was French kiss that girl or that guy? Come on – you all do. Then you moved on to wanting more, petting and caressing, licking and tasting. Of course the ultimate was having intercourse. Notice I bedtimeuse that kinda ugly word here? Do you still enjoy sex just for sex like we used to? Did you ever have a one night stand. I’m going to admit I had more than one. I loved them too. The danger and excitement of not knowing the person and all the delicious mysteries around them were quite frankly a moment of bliss.

I loved trying to figure out what to wear then the look in his eyes when he saw me in a slinky little something. Boy oh boy the entire experience was tinted with dreamy sensations. When I mixed that moment of not knowing the guy with a hint of danger, the concept of being caught in a rather public place – whew baby. I was asked recently if I’d ever done it in a car and I was like – well duh. Lots of times, including recently. I’ve also been in a park and on a park bench. You know, I wasn’t wearing panties and we just happen to snuggle together. It was truly sinful and mmmm tasty good.

What I realized as I got older though was that knowing the person added to the excitement and the sheer joy of knowing the man I was going to be kissing – in other words the experience brought on much more passion. Kissing is such a lost art. Don’t you think? The first boyfriend I had wasn’t very good at kissing but not for the lack of trying. What I can tell you is that as men get older they get so much better at kissing and touching. In truth men love to be caressed, kissed, hugged – simply touched. Ever realize this, ladies? They of course love to get closer, to feel the heat of your body, swirl their finger around your clit as they bite your neck, finally sliding their cock deep inside. Yes, they still “want to get into your pant” BUT, and it’s a huge but here, they love the kissing and touching part more. They crave being held, whispered to. And they love being validated. Isn’t that a word you haven’t thought about in a LONG time? Don’t you long to be told you look HOT HOT HOT, baby? Course you do.

good morningI wanted to pay homage to the thought of merely touching your guy as we start off the new year. I’ve been so lucky to get to talk to men, who generally love some of my work including my poems and my blogs, about how their relationship is going. They are very open with me about their love life or lack there of. Now, I think as we all continue into the same relationship we tend to allow comfort, the business of our lives and in truth flat out boredom to weigh us down. You take a normal day of work, driving, hitting deer (pun intended here), paying the bills, doing laundry and other housework and finally settling down to maybe have dinner together around say eight at night in front of the television doesn’t bode well for any intimacy. Imagine slipping your hand across his lap and feeling crumbs. Boring right?

Well, I get it. We’ve all fallen into the trap and that’s one reason marriages and other long term relationships fall apart. There is no real date night – no time or what do you do with the kinds. Even when the kids are out of the house we find excuses NOT to do anything that takes us out of our comfort zone, including touching our partner. Men as they age constantly tell me what they are missing the most is a kiss. They love to kiss. They want to sit in front of a roaring fire and kiss for hours. They long to be held and caressed, given a full body massage and yes, will the moment likely lead to some hot, wild and wicked sex? You bet. But ladies, stop with the – “he only wants sex” routine. And if you don’t want sex – I will sit here today and tell you there is something wrong with YOU – not your guy. You need to find you again. Women use far too many excuses of time and boredom, the guy just sticks it in then rolls over, and I’m not in the mood cause I have a headache. Really? Ask yourself this, would you have said that crap twenty years ago? I doubt it.

Now, men can cease to be sexy in that they stop trying. They don’t wear cologne and perhaps buy a little slinky or two for you, but two play at this. Two are taking the hit here. We have emasculated our men and then we wonder why we don’t seek them out sexually. My bet is you have a favorite star or two you drool over as you sit in front of the television eating a burrito. Right? Get up off your asses, go to Victoria’s Secret or Fredericks of Hollywood or Macy’s for God’s sake and buy a slinky. Plan a night where all you are doing is kissing and touching. The lost art – touching. Who knew?holding hands

Make a date night and go to a movie you have no real desire to see and hold hands. Kiss until the people next to you look at you like you’re acting childish. Go eat ice cream afterwards and feed each other. Go do something outside the box…

Heard that expression before I bet. Lick jelly off his stomach. Eat a strawberry together. And yes, sex is mighty fine here ladies. Mighty fine in my book. I’m considered a fantasy for some men and you know why? It’s not because I’m some gorgeous chick. It’s because I give good fantasy. Why can’t you? Why can’t you remind your guy he IS all that and a bag of chips too? Why? Think about it. I write about passion all the time. You read about it, desperately hungry for more…more…MORE! And you probably have everything you need and then some right there in your house. Hmmm…

As we go into the new year, make a real promise and resolution to YOU and your partner. TRY one more time, then another and another and… See what passion can be kicked up in your house. Oh and Victoria’s Secret is calling – it’s on the Internet…

Kisses and spanks…


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