Cougar Heat

What is it about a cougar type relationship that we so crave reading about, longing to be the woman who is hunted by such a gorgeous creature? So I have to divulge, I would now be considered a cougar. Yep. I have to admit it whether I like it or not. The good news is that I really do have some young, very hot guys, who seem to enjoy and prefer older women. Not only do they seek me out, whispering sweet nothings on various social media sites, but they make certain I know exactly what they’d like to do to me. So at least there is some sexy attention involved – even more than when I was in my twenties. I think sometimes older women exude a level of sexuality based on their confidence level they didn’t have shower kisswhen they were younger. And of course for older women, we absolutely adore the concept of a young stud. You know the type, the fantasy ladies – a hot guy with shoulder length blond hair or perhaps the dark skinned God with the sultry eyes. We hunger for them just as much as they do for us.

We don’t mind one bit enjoying a taste of eye candy. Have you found yourself making eye contact with the hottie in your office, or perhaps one you’ve seen in your local bar or restaurant? Have you gone as far as to give him “that” look, the only that says very clearly how much you enjoy looking at his studly body? My guess is he’s been doing the same thing to you, undressing you with his eyes. He’s licked his lips more than once to let you know he’d enjoy indulging in taking you to the bathroom and engaging in a little playtime.

This kind of flirting is sexy as hell. What if you got his number? Don’t you think kicking up the heat with some sultry texts, a little teasing about kissing and touching would be a sinful moment in the afternoon? Imagine perhaps planning a meet somewhere so you could learn much more about each other? There is something so exciting about waiting for the text message to come in, maybe a picture send on the sly. The cougar relationship is truly delicious.

What if there was even more than teasing? What if you couldn’t resist each other and the entire experience got in the way of your work? Hmm… Well I put together a sexy little collection of five HOT older women, all very professional and well respected in their respective environments. They’ve been through love and divorce, difficult relationships and grew complacent with their lives. That is until they started one HOT erotic book club. Together they began to explore the kind of kink that would make their mothers blush. They weren’t just turned on and unleashed, wanting to be completely uninhibited. They were all determined to seduce someone special. They just happened to pick younger men.

Join the Piranha Girls Books club, where women live out their ultimate fantasy, the perfect heated experience and all for a prize. Who will be the best, securing the first younger man? The question is, can these women let go once they hunt and find their prey? Come find out as the first book hits the streets…


Shawna gazed at her reflection before heading out to the restaurant. Somehow inspired by the insane pact, she easily determined the sinful dessert she was going to make. A hot fondue with spicy white chocolate and the dip inside the warm goo would be passion fruit, strawberries and kiwi, the combination a sensational change in the usual thick cakes and berry pies. While the dessert was a touch simplistic, the fondue was also wildly romantic. And the thought of using ancho peppers, the finest Lindt white chocolate along with crisp brut champagne was somehow scintillating.

The weather warm, sunny and humid, her tight emerald sheath was a little more form fitting than her usual attire. However the recently purchased piece suited her mood, ready to let go of the mask she’d been hiding behind. The material clingy in all the right places, the spaghetti straps added to the allure of her need, brazen and ready for corset pictureaction. Grinning, she grabbed her purse, sunglasses and keys and headed out. Turning on the satellite radio in her Mustang, she flipped to an eighties station as memories of wild days of lurid dancing and drinking in neon lit clubs fueled her. Singing along to a sultry Bon Jovi song, she drove a little too fast down the highway and relished in the warm breezes flowing through the open windows.

Could she follow through with the very shameless deal? Perhaps the question was, where in the hell was she going to find a young stud worthy of her claw marks? The thought alone gave her giggles.

As she pulled into the parking lot of Sauce and Spice, a loaded Ford F-350 decked out with a camper shell and ladders braced on top caught her attention. Somehow she’d forgotten she was supposed to meet a crew to repair the wind damaged rear door. Growl, there were too many things on her plate. Climbing out of the car, she eyed the tall man who stood with his arms folded and for a moment, her breath caught in the back of her throat. His steel blue tee shirt hugged his torso and even from where she stood, Shawna could make out every muscle rippling against the thin material. The form fitting jeans accentuated the bulge between his legs and she stood still, simply enjoying the titillating view. The hunk was calendar worthy hot. Whew.

Long, carved legs, shaggy midnight hair that crested just to his shoulders and a dark tan was almost too much for her libido to bear. Her pussy quivering, she inched forward and smiled. What the hell is his name? She was never at a loss. Never. She darted a quick glance and could see what had to be a mischievous smirk on his face. With every step the electricity sparking between them went into super hyper-drive. “Austin Tomlin?”

He tipped his head and nodded. “Ms. Dupres?”

Holy fuck! His deep baritone voice alone sent a series of quivers deep inside her cunt. “Shawna.” Hiding behind his dark shades, she could still see the way he was gazing down the length of her body. Or maybe she was just praying he was. Her nipples hardened as he slowly dipped his head and as her tight buds scraped against the thin material, she fought the whimper bubbling to the surface. Inhaling deeply, the light breeze dragged his sensuous cologne to her, wafting across her nose. The mixture of exotic spice and woodsy male assaulted her senses and for the first time in years, she fought racing toward the man and dropping to her knees.

Only he was more of a boy. Even behind the Raybans, she could easily tell he couldn’t be more than twenty-eight or so. While his features were rugged, his body carved, it was the lilt in his voice and smooth skin that gave away his age. Perhaps for all the wrong reasons she hungered for him in a way she couldn’t explain.  No, this couldn’t happen in any way, shape or form. She was an adult. But what about the contest?SpicyWhiteChoc-small Hmmm… “Sorry I’m late. I apologize.”

“No problem, I just got here. I believe the ticket said you have some storm damage?” Lifting his shades, he grinned and blazed a long trail down the length of her body, licking his lips.

“Yes,” she breathed, trying her best not to giggle like a schoolgirl. When had any man garnered a lust filled moment so quickly? She stood still, trying to collect her thoughts and force the raging tiger back into her harness. “Um…sorry. It’s around back.”

Austin grabbed his tool bag and nodded. “Lead the way.”

Steadying her nerves, Shawna removed her sunglasses as she sauntered around the side of the building. The Spanish style adobo was nestled against a bank of trees, hiding the majority of the perimeter from prying eyes. And as she stood in the rear completely alone with the God like hunk, she realized anything and everything wicked could happen without anyone seeing much. The sinful thought gave her another series of trickles sweeping into her cunt and there was no doubt by her musky scent that her panties were damp. “Here you go. That terrible rainstorm a couple weeks ago almost ripped the door off the hinges. I should have done something earlier.”

“Doesn’t look too bad. I’m sure I can knock it out quickly.”

“I’m…sure you can.” And I’m sure you can fuck me in the walk-in hard like a wild animal too.

“Are you all right? You seem flushed.” Crowding her space, he pressed a stray lock of hair from her lips, his eyes twinkling. Twirling the strand around his finger, a smile curled across his lips.

“Fine!” Said a little too quickly, she swallowed hard, nodded and resisted gazing at the thick bulge between his legs. Had he somehow swollen in the time since they’d met? Damn, if his husky voice didn’t send an entire series of tremors dancing down her spine. The man took hot and sultry to an entirely new level. Dangerous was the word. She fanned her face and ignored the beads of perspiration trickling down both sides of her face. “I’m sorry, it’s just the heat. I have some things to do inside, but you’re welcome to come in anytime you need to cool off.” Turning slowly, she smiled and walked toward the end of the building, making sure she put one foot in front of the other. There was no way she was going to slide past his body without stroking his cock so going in the back door was out, damaged or not. Lord girl, you’re going to burn in hell.

“What if I prefer a little raging heat?”

“What?” Did Austin just proposition her? No…there was no way. “I’m sorry?”

“I’ll let you know when I’m done.” Austin grinned and raised a single eyebrow.

And every part of her body shivered. “Thanks.” Shawna gave him a sideways glance before heading around the front. As she unlocked the entrance door, she was suddenly grateful she’d have at least a solid two hours before anyone else arrived for work. She glanced at the stereo system and flipped the on button, switching back and forth between genres until she found a sizzling Latin station. Donning an apron, she gathered the items for the white chocolate treat and went to work washing and cutting fruit.

While the fondue itself wasn’t time consuming to make, she was in no hurry. Besides from where she stood in the kitchen, she could just make out Austin as he came and went fixing the back door. The heavenly eye candy made her breathless and barely able to concentrate.  As the gorgeous man turned and moved, his hard body pressed against the tight confines of his clothing and she imagined his sexy body naked in all his glory standing under a cascading waterfall. Nibbling on her bottom lip, she finally forced herself to finish her task and ignore him.

Yet the mere thought of kissing him remained hovered in the back of her mind calling to the naughty vixen inside like a wanton beacon of lust. As she began singing the Enrique Iglasias song in the few words of Spanish she knew, she concentrated on preparing the rich chocolate treat. Opening the can of anchos, she set them aside. They’d go in last. The chef and the rest of the evening staff would be in soon enough and she wanted to make sure of her recipe before she became busy with the business end of her day.

“You have a beautiful voice.”

Startled, Shawna jumped and knocked the pan of warming chocolate off the burner. As it skittered toward the edge of the counter, they both moved toward the steel pan as if in slow motion. “Fuck!” Almost able to jerk the handle back, instead, she managed to knock the stainless steel further off the edge and straight into Austin’s pants. “Shit!” Sucking in her breath, she watched in horror as the strings of white goo oozed down his dense jeans as she threw her hand over her mouth, fighting bubbling laughter. “Oh…my…God!”

I so hope you enjoyed the sexy little taste… Releasing today
Kisses and  Licks


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