When He Needs…Explicit Detail

As you know, I’m trying to get a whole bunch of books back up on the market. They have a new “branding” with hot new covers and I’m re-editing and adding some additional passages. This one I think is just a fun and hot short, BUT there is a very hidden little secret that will catch you off guard. I hope you enjoy and tell me what you think about the cover.


“Yo, partner. Are you awake or daydreaming about some hot blond?”

Bryan Black swam up from the darkness he was in, blinking furiously. “What?”ExplicitDetail_LargeResCover-small

“Jesus Christ you’ve been out of it a hell of a lot lately.”

He glared at his best buddy and shook the cobwebs from his hear. “Fuck you, Joel.”

“There you go. He’s waking up. Not sure I am.”

“And you too, Wylie.” Bryan wiped the sweat from his brow. “Going to get a Coke. Anyone want anything?” He jerked up from the table. Hearing a clanging noise he huffed. Why in the hell did the powers that be require all the employees go through his bullshit seminar? “I need a cold one and we should be talking a cold beer.”

“If you can find a bottle of whiskey, bring it,” Joel said as he laughed.

“Will do.” Brain sauntered to the drink machine and nodded to several employees as they walked by. One by one the men and women of the company were going to have to sit through corporate bullshit. Their group just happened to be the guinea pigs. Jerking change from his pocket, he shoved quarters and dimes into the machine as he thought about the last phone call. Terse and unexpected, Bryan had lost his cool and the truth way, he was damn glad he had. The harsh words had come easily. How sad, given he’d had high hopes.

He popped the top on the bright red can and took a gulp. Taking a quick glance at his watch, he growled realizing it was time to go in, get settled and get prepared to be ‘dazzled’ as the propaganda had told him. Nothing dazzled him any longer. Period. Bryan debated all the things he could do with a full seven hours to himself and snarled. Right now life sucked.

two men by poolHe turned to go back into the room and the very intoxicating side the hot and very sexy man confronted him. His cock twitched and he was only seeing the guy’s profile. The instructor had driven him crazy for days. They’d seen him come and go, having trained the entire week with one expert in the field or another. But this man, this hunk, they were going to be in front of for an entire day. Whew…

His entire body lurched and he realized he was sweating like a pig. Laughing, he chastised himself for thinking like a boy in heat. Bryan took a gulp and brushed his hand through his hair as he walked back toward the conference room, darting a quick look at his watch once again. How the hell had ten minutes gone by? What the hell?

Skulking into the room, Bryan slid into his seat and caught a wrathful look from the instructor.

“Come in,” the man said, a look of sheer annoyance crossing his face. “Join us or do you have something more important to do, perhaps wax your car?”

Nervous laughter swept through the room

Bryan narrowed his eyes and resisted the urge to lash out. “Asshole,” he said under his breath.

“He’s gunning for you. Did you piss in his Wheaties this morning?” Wylie snarked.

“Where the hell have you been?” Joel whispered harshly.

“Getting a drink,” Bryan countered.

“In Brazil?” Joel snorted.

Bryan opened his mouth to retort and could sense the instructor was glaring at him. “Fuck you,” he said under his breath.

“Let’s keep this rolling. We have a lot of information to cover today. And don’t forget that when you put out any of the formatting make sure it’s in explicit detail. That’s going to really help in your presentations.” The instructor’s voice was smooth like velvet.

Bryan shook his head. “What is this guy’s name again?”

“Julez Mendez,” Joel said as he sniffed. “You’ve heard his name before. Kinda rolls off your tongue, doesn’t it?”

“Yeah, boring if you ask me.” Bryan couldn’t help be steal looks. Julez was all business, never locking eyes with anyone.

“I think he’s interested if you ask me,” Wylie added, a grin covering his face.

“No doubt in my mind,” Joel added. “Time to finally fuck again?”

The words managed to be just a bit too loud and everyone in the room turned in their direction. Mortified, Bryan was ready to punch his buddies. “Just concentrate on the living end shower scenedamn seminar. Will ya?”


Can opposites attract, even when a secret may keep them apart?

There’s nothing like having to sit through a series of educational corporate seminars and stay awake but in explicit detail the company men were given no choice. For Bryan Black, the educational class meant taking him away from selling, the one thing he knew he could do well, and he resented the intrusion. He was slowly rebuilding a life that held nothing but despair and he needed to concentrate in order to keep from falling into an abyss of depression. No one had been able to break him out of the wretched cloud hanging over his head. When he set his eyes on the trainer, he knew some kind of arrow slammed into his system. Julez Mendez was savvy, sexy and one smart guy. As he stood in front of the class of twenty men Julez became a tough taskmaster, refusing to allow any one of the crew to slack off. He also declined to socialize.

Intrigued, Bryan decided to crack Julez’s hard shell, only to find the kind of man he could fall in love with. Terror wrenched his soul.  Against his better judgment, they indulged in an uninhibited night of passion. Unfortunately the instructor held a secret close to his heart and one that threatened the very concept of sharing anything but a round of hot sex. On the morning after Bryan was incensed and bent on making his teacher pay, but a ghostly whisper reminded him  – what if looks could be deceiving? Perhaps a snowy night could soothe two men who craved much more than they understood how to give.

Mmm – I hope you enjoyed

Kisses and spanks



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