Submitting to a Spanking…Before the Barbecue

You know, I’ve been reading some blogs written by several couples who actually live the domestic discipline lifestyle. This isn’t new for me. I’ve been finding and reading them for about three years. I love how honest and frank they are. They tell their stories of the difficulties they have as a couple and the journey the shift has been entering into something completely different. Some couples even post pictures after her spanking and the implements they’ve picked up together. Their honesty is touching and the way they describe their relationship truly impresses me. I read several blogs today from a couple in England. They had a traditional vanilla relationship for years, much as we all do, and they have children. They were in a rut, arguing all the time and they realized they were completely unhappy.Submitting propped over pillows

Through several discussions and open very open communication they began to explore domestic discipline. In reading a blog written by the husband, I was touched how honest and poignant he was, admitting that men have trouble entering into the lifestyle. Men seem to worry about everything from hurting their wives physically and emotionally to destroying the already tedious relationship they have. Men generally find the first few times they discipline their wives they are much more gentle, the concern remaining fresh in their minds. As they both grow with the concept, the discipline becomes easier for him to administer.

I was fascinated by the one blog I read today because the discipline regimen is WOW strict and what some would consider harsh. I sat back and thought about how often she was getting a spanking and the severity and thought about myself. I have often said I’m willful and will need a strong man (in the sense of his mind and will over me) and a very regimented pattern of discipline. Often couples practice maintenance spankings and there are comments and thoughts both for and against.

On the pro side the regular spankings help keep her centered. Stress relief is evident by how often she is spanked and from everything I’ve read, while the wife doesn’t look forward to them, she knows in her heart how much she needs to be taken in hand. Often she is required to ask for a spanking, explaining why she should have one.

In the case of the couple I read about, they often revert back to a very controlling period of time. The husband works out of the house and after she takes the kids to school, she’s required to come home and remove her clothes. She lies down on the bed reflecting until he arrives where he gives her a spanking with his hand as a warm up – usually 50 strikes, then uses a belt with quick spanks. Sometimes they make love after that, which will lead to a follow up spanking after she has orgasmed. At lunchtime she’s required to remove her clothes and come into his office, asking him for a spanking. Usually he’ll take her over his knee first then over his desk, at least two implements used. Then before they go to bed she receives another round and often well over a hundred spanks received. With each spanking she is required to stand in the corner reflecting on her behavior.

After the two weeks they go back to her receiving two spankings a week and punishment discipline as needed. They call this a jumpstart and for both of them this works. She’s much happier and centered, stress reduced. You can tell in her blogs and the words of love she writes how happy she is. The one blog she wrote resonated with me and I think will with readers. Spanking of course can involve aspects of humiliation. I’ve written about this. So while some prefer only to spank in the privacy of their own home, other HOH’s feel that they must stay in control at all times.

Let’s face it. Women are damn good at pushing men. We are experts at needling and prodding. You know exactly what I’m talking about. I know I push to see what I can get away with and I don’t live in the lifestyle. Why do you think a wife living in a DD relationship would be any different? With the couple I’ve talked about – the husband is always prepared for any infraction. While he is usually good about finding hiding Submitting reflectionplaces or spanking her in the car, there are times he has to improvise and as he told her – he’d spank her in the middle of the street in front of hundreds of people if he thought she’d learn her lesson.

I loved the support I received from my earlier spanking piece written in several days of flash fiction, so I’m doing it again. Also, I realized I’d almost written an entire short story so I’m going to finish the earlier one and begin a collection called Submitting to a Spanking. You’ll see a few coming your way soon. This one is all about truly being spanked purposely and about a heightened level of control. Let’s see how our couple handles this…


Jade Sheffield rolled over and stretched. Instantly the crisp cotton sheets rubbed against her naked ass and she moaned. Her butt was sore from the serious session of discipline the night before. She eased her hand down from the small of her back to her well spanked ass. Her skin was still on fire. Whew.

Opening her eyes, she winced seeing the stream of sunlight filtering through the blinds. “Shit!” Jerking up she snapped her head toward the clock. Dear God she was already late getting up. She had about a bazillion things to do today before the barbeque and she’d overslept by a full hour. No. No. NO!  She panted, a myriad of thoughts about what she had to do, the grocery store and the liquor store and cleaning the house and preparing the pool and… There was no fucking way she was going to get done. She slapped her hand across her mouth for even thinking a cuss word. Her husband absolutely hated when she said anything vulgar, had threatened to wash her mouth out with soap if she said another expletive. She sat quietly for a full minute, trying to calm her nerves. You can do this. You can… On top of everything her head was pounding, her mouth dry. This wasn’t good at all.

A quick look to her right told her that Steve was already up and preparing for the party, their party, the one that was going to be held in their house in less than seven hours. Holy crap she wasn’t going to make it. She struggled with the sheets in her rush to get out of bed. Finally freeing herself she rushed toward the bathroom.

Dear God Steve had to be pissed at her. He’d given her the time lecture just the night before and only minutes before he’d spanked her ass with a hairbrush. Hard. Lots of spanks too. She slapped on the light and turned to study her ass cheeks. They were indeed red. She was going to have difficulty sitting down today. Not that she deserved any comfort. She’d been mouthy and agitated for days, maybe weeks. The party was supposed to be fun and here she was ignoring the alarm clock, i.e. the rules. And where was he? She hadn’t smelled coffee and didn’t hear any noise. Maybe he was out and didn’t know she’d overslept. Maybe he was purchasing some fun games for the party and in a very good mood. Maybe he’d allow this infraction to go.

Groaning, Jade turned on the water. There were far too many maybe’s and she knew, given her husband never forgot a thing, he wasn’t going to allow any second of disobeying him to go by the wayside. Not now. Not ever.

She quickly took a shower, washing and towel drying her hair before reaching for her Submitting Over his Kneeclothes. “Shit. Shit. Shit!” Hearing her voice echo she groaned. She was so off her game. “God damn it!” Her clothes were still on the small chair in the corner. Hissing, she grabbed a robe and jerked the heavy terry cloth around her body. Yanking open the door she flew out, prepared to hurriedly dress and make haste. “Shit!” The sight of Steve standing by the window, one hand palming the glass, the other on his hip, gave her a series of shivers. “I didn’t hear you come in.”

He exhaled slowly. “Obviously not given the volley of curse words you spewed off.”

“I’m sorry. I’m just running late and I have a lot to do and I wasn’t thinking.”

“Obviously you weren’t paying any attention at all given the time.” He glanced at his watch, turned to give her a harsh look then shook his head. “I’m very disappointed in your behavior.”

“I’m sorry. I just overslept. That’s all,” Jade said as her face flushed with embarrassment. Of course this was about so much more than one day and oversleeping.

“And why did you oversleep, Jade?”


“Yes, tell me why you didn’t wake up like you always do before the alarm.”

How the hell did he know? She thought about the phone call and bit her lower lip. After her spanking they’d gone to bed and Steve had fallen asleep quickly. For some reason, and very much against her better judgment, she’d wanted to ‘play’. So she’d gotten up, grabbed a glass of wine that had turned into two, then a third and called her best girlfriend. Before she’d realized it she’d been talking for over two hours. Bed at almost two thirty in the morning when she had to get up at seven wasn’t acceptable. And she had a hangover.

“Jade. If I have to ask you again your punishment is going to be worse.”

Instantly she twitched. “I drank too much wine and called a girlfriend. I stayed up too late, Sir. I’m sorry.”

“And why did you disobey me?”

“I didn’t think I was.”

Steve turned around to face her, taking several steps forward. “Really? Are you certain of that?”

“Um…” How was she supposed to answer this? “I know I should have come to bed but I thought being Friday night I could have some fun.”

“I want and encourage you to have fun. That’s not the issue here. The fact you drank Submitting over the lapuntil you obviously have a hangover this morning and that this ‘fun’ prevented you from getting up on time, when we’re already in a time crunch is simply not acceptable.”

“Yes, sir.” Jade lowered her head. She hated disappointing him.

“Then I hear you cussing up a blue streak. How do you think that makes me feel?” Steve asked quietly as he slipped his hands into his pockets.

“Disrespected, sir.” Darting a glance at his face, his very stern face, she cringed. She was so going to be punished and the worst part was, she knew she needed to be.

“Exactly.” He kept his eyes pinned on her.

How she wanted to crawl under the bed. “I’m really sorry sir. I promise it won’t happen again.”

“Sadly, I think this behavior is getting worse, not better. I love you so much. This utterly pains me.” He walked closer.

“I know you do and I know this does.”

“Which is why having to punish you pains me so much, but you and I both know you thrive when I use a firm hand and I haven’t been very good with that lately.”

She certainly wasn’t going to argue with him. “Again, I’m sorry sir. Very sorry.”

Steve closed the distance and cupped her chin, giving her a passionate kiss. When he eased back he nodded toward the corner. “I want you to remove your robe and stand in the corner, reflecting why you are pushing me so hard. I’m going to punish you severely for lying, cussing, and disobeying me. Then we’re going to prepare for our party together. Our guests can’t be inconvenienced because of your childish behavior. Is that understood?”

Her lower lip quivering, she nodded, a single tear slipping past her lashes. “Yes, sir.”

“Good girl.”

The moment he left the room she bit back a yelp. Jade was going to face her punishment like an adult. Her hands shaking, she unfastened her belt and eased the material off her shoulders, carefully placing the robe on the foot of the bed. As she walked to the corner, she moaned. The hard spanking she very much needed.

What do you think? A spanking or two a day perhaps to correct bad behavior? Part 2 coming soon…

Kisses and spanks


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  1. My husband would give me a severe spinning and then I’d get daily reminder spankings until he thought I was in my submissive role again.


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