Submitting to a Spanking…a Warm Up Discipline

Okay so I heard a couple say that fifty spanks or so was too much. Well, perhaps but I think it’s all in how long you’ve been spanking and the technique used. Granted, I haven’t been spanked in years so if my guy was issuing fifty or so I might think differently. I did garner a lot of positive thoughts and two in depth conversations about spankings and how men do indeed want to be in charge of the household. They simply can’t figure out how to broach the subject with their ladies. I think men feel like if they say anything about taking more control (including discipline) they’re going to labeled at best, horrible and at worst, an abuser. But theyMy Inner Child know that they could be better husbands if they were allowed to be real men.

Another conversation and he agreed with the male’s perspective with regards to the couple I was talking about in yesterday’s blog. He totally believes that the man has to be in control at all times, making certain the love of his life understands there is nothing he won’t do to provide leadership, patience and understanding for her. He has to set an example with her, providing nurturing and honesty along with knowing when she needs strict but very fair discipline.

There is a difference between domestic discipline and a D/s relationship and I heard an interesting explanation today. DD is a relationship in which there is no intent on stepping outside the marriage. The love and intimacy shared with the use of methods of discipline is meant to bring the two closer together, creating harmony. In D/s there is certainly love and trust but also the couple may indulge in aspects of kink as well as possibly sharing. Now of course there is no cookie cutter anything here. Every alternative lifestyle is just as different as every vanilla lifestyle. You can’t try and infuse just about anything from one couple to another. That’s the beauty of opening up, being completely honest with each other. And you have to be honest.

I’ve heard from so many men how much they’d love to be completely open with their wives or significant others, but worry they’ll be chastised. Women who hunger for this king of lifestyle fear they’ll be labeled as kinky or weird. Aren’t we a sad society that we can’t even talk openly to the supposed loves of our lives about what we hunger for? I’ve realized over the years that I’ve completely changed as a woman with my needs and desires. I yearn for something a bit darker and certainly kinkier. There’s nothing wrong with admitting your needs. You merely have to have the courage. Let’s get back to our couple and see how they both handle the infraction – a pretty big one if you ask me.

Jade realized she was holding her breath until Steve walked out the door. The hard thud as he pulled the dense wood closed gave her a jumpstart. “Whew,” she whispered under her breath. Clenching her fists by her side she closed her eyes as her right leg began to quiver. Boy oh boy he was angry. No he was furious with her. She couldn’t blame him. Everything about her behavior as of late was borderline ridiculous.

Submitting reconciliationAs she wrinkled her nose and moved as close to the corner as she could, she tried to figure out what she’d been acting so childish lately. There really wasn’t any reason. Work was going well, they were planning on buying new living room furniture over the July 4th holiday and they’d been spending a lot more time together – very intimately too. She shivered and resisted shoving several fingers inside her wet pussy. Steve would definitely be pissed as hell them. She wasn’t allowed to play without his permission.

Squirming, she attempted not to fidget, another thing he hated with a passion. She realized she was mimicking his words of chastisement for a full twenty seconds before she stopped herself. This wasn’t like her at all. She loved the fact they’d grown closer and the sex off the charts. She craved him now more than she had when they were fist married. She adored the way he cared for her, always placing his hand on the small of her back when they were out, making certain she got home and was safe every day. Steve was an incredible husband, loving and giving to her in so many ways.

Then why are you disrespecting him every day? Jade groaned. This was the huge question, one she couldn’t answer easily. She had to resist beating her head against the all as she thought about all the things she had to do today before the party, one she’d insisted on having. Now she was going to show her ass perhaps literally to their friends, the ones who had no idea they had changed their entire relationship, adopting a domestic discipline lifestyle. Well, they just might get an earful today. Sniffing, she darted a glance toward the closed door. How the hell long had it been? Didn’t he always tell her that no more than five minutes was needed to reflect on her horrendous behavior?

Stamping her feet she thought about an entire series of curse words, vile curse words, then laughter bubbled to the surface and she was unable to keep from snorting. The laughter continued until she was forced to slap her hand over her mouth.

“What’s so funny, Jade?”

The sound of his husky voice, the one she knew so well just before he issued a severe punishment, filtered into the room.
“Nothing!” As if the admittance she hadn’t issued in the single word, said just before she choked. “I mean nothing sir.”

“Hhhmmm.” Steve moved behind her, touching her shoulder.

She tingled from his touch, her thoughts rushing to spend a day in bed with him, languishing over several rounds of heated sex. Here he was getting ready to punish her and all she could think about was fucking him. Great.

“Have you reflected on why I’m going to punish you?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Then why?” His hand caressed her arm, moved down to the small of her back.

“Because I disobeyed you, disrespected you and I did some thing I shouldn’t have, sir.”

Steve exhaled slowly. “Yes, all of those are true. But there’s something else.”

“Something else?” she asked in a whispered tone. A full minute ticked by as he rubbed up and down her spine.

Kissing the back of her neck he moved away from her. “Yes. I’m very disappointed in you. The thought alone hurts me deeply.”

For some reason the words hit her hard. He’d never said them to her before, even with all the willful things she’d done, the nasty words spewed in the heat of an argument. Never. “I’m sorry sir. I really am.”

“I believe you. That’s why we’re going to work on your behavior and attitude together. What you did last night can’t be repeated. Do you understand?”

leather on ass“Yes, sir.”

“Do you?”

Jade shifted, every part of her body tingling. “I do. I’m so, so sorry.”

“Good girl.”

She heard rustling behind her and knew he was preparing for her spanking. Dear God she hoped he wasn’t going to use his belt. Don’t look. Don’t turn around. Obey him. Why was this so different than all the other times of being disciplined? Because you deserve nothing but a harsh punishment.

“Come here.”

His voice was even and so smooth like a blanket of velvet. Gulping air she turned around, making certain she kept her hands by her side. Just as she suspected, both pillows were plumped in the middle of the bed. Darting a look in his direction she groaned. “Sir?” When he sat down on the bed and patted his lap, she wanted to scream. This was worse than she suspected because he was going to give her a warm up spanking.

“Come here. Take my hand,” Steve said as he smiled.

Jade inched forward. Her feet were just as heavy as her heart. “Yes, sir.”

He took both of her hands into his, rubbing his thumbs across her palms. “You’re an incredible woman and you know I love you. We simply need to work on your behavior. I think after this morning you’ll have several things to think about as we prepare for an incredible day. Right?”

A single tear slipped down her cheek. She didn’t want to cry, especially not now. He hadn’t even spanked her yet. “Yes, sir.”

“Come on.” Gripping her chin gently he tilted her head down. “You wanted to have this party.”

“Yes, sir.” Of course she did. As a matter of fact she’d cajoled him into the entire event. Steve preferred smaller parties, quiet gatherings with their friends. She’d pushed the party on him.

“Then let’s get ready for exactly what you want.” His eyes twinkled and he patted his lap again.

All Jade could do was nod. As he eased her over his lap, she realized she’d never felt so naked in her entire life. He had a way of humbling her that was unparalleled and she was so remorseful. She dangled off his legs, her feet barely hitting the floor given the high platform of the bed. Sucking in her breath she clenched her eyes closed.

“Twenty as a warm up.”

Twenty? Holy crap.

“Count for me,” Steve commanded.

“One!” Jade jerked up instantly as his hand hit her naked ass. Shit. Shit!Submitting brat

Pop! Crack!
“Two, three.”

Slap! Crack! Crack! Pop!

“Four, five six and um…”

“Jade. Count or we start over.” Steve’s voice was soothing.

She panted and slapped her hand against the bed. “Seven!”

“Good girl.”

He issued a quick series of hard spanks, fast volleys from one to the other ass cheek and somewhere around sixteen she lost count, tears brimming her eyes. And the think they were only just beginning.
“Do I need to start again?” Steve asked quietly.

“No!” The screech sounded harsh even to her ears. “No, sir.”

“Good. Four more then we begin again.”


Crack! Pop! Pop! Slap!

She moaned as she counted and allowed the tears to flow freely. Her tears weren’t as much because of the pain as the humiliation and the disappointment in both of them. Jade knew she had a lot to learn.

Well, what do you think? Would you punish her for the infraction? I’d be curious to know what your thoughts are.

Kisses and spanks


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7 Responses to Submitting to a Spanking…a Warm Up Discipline

  1. I look forward to reading your stories everyday, so much of this resonates with me and my “new” relationship with my husband of 23 years.


  2. Redtrooper says:

    Me and my dom are new to this lifestyle. I am a very strong willed woman but have taken a very sub position with him and like it. The issue I’m having is that he is new to the dom position. He wants to control everything I do and in a non attractive way. He doesn’t reward me for good behavior and I feel he just orders me around. I do believe the girl in this story deserves the spanking she gets but it’s known to her that she’ll get it And he explains why. How do I get my dom to do this?


    • behalle says:

      Thank you for commenting! BTW new to the lifestyle as well and so is my Dom. I am extremely strong willed and he is a gentle man but he is also very dominating in many ways. My best advice – and I’m going to see if my Dom will pipe in – is that you have to talk together. Share your worries and concerns and truly allow both you and he time to understand and move further into the lifestyle. Perhaps set up a regular maintenance spanking schedule to allow him to get more comfortable with his position. Honestly he’s going to garner more and more authority and the need for control the longer you’re together. You also have to truly think, believe in, love yourself and be very honest with both you and your Dom about your needs as well as your fears. When the trust builds over time, more of this will come naturally. I hope this helps just a little bit.


  3. Hisfirmhand says:

    Hello Redtrooper. I am Cassandre’s Dom and can offer my perspective as someone new to the lifestyle as well. Like a vanilla relationship, D/s is built on a foundation of trust, but to an even greater degree because if the depth of emotions you not are dealing with. And that trust is built through communication. Cannot stress this enough! And it needs to go both ways. You both need to be as open and honest as possible all the time. Remember that there is no manual for this and we all have to find what our own relationships become. As you are learning to submit, your Dom is learning too. He’s trying to find his way as well and do things right and there is pressure. He just needs to relax, let in come from within and learn lessons as he goes along. He will not be perfect. He will fail occasionally and if he’s serious about it, will recognize it and not repeat. Now, there is a chance that what he is doing now is his style. If that doesn’t work for you, you need to talk about it and let it be known that certain aspects are not working for you. If his refuses to change, you may have to make a change and find another. But you both have to talk about it and try and work through it. You have a voice in this and it’s an important one. Makes certain he realizes where you stand and what needs to be modified.


  4. Josephine says:

    I loved that first picture, the spanked wife being comforted while sat on her husband’s knee!
    Oh the shock of that first time!


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