Submitting to a Spanking…She’s Pushing Hard

Have you ever been just so very frustrated because of (insert situation here) that you can’t keep your mouth shut? Or you snark at everyone and everything around you and really there’s no reason? Have you found yourself either cussing then screeching breaking things or otherwise throwing other temper tantrums? Yep, I’ve seen some doozies in my day and you bet I’m been a borderline brat myself. Okay don’t roll your eyes. So I’m been a mouthy bitch more than a few times. I’ve broken things, thrown objects against the wall and smashed everything from glasses to pitching CD cases across the room. Not necessarily the perfect behavior. Right? This is certainly not the type of behavior that should be displayed to Bonding Sayingyou Dom, Master, Head of Household or pretty much any partner you’re with in a relationship. This kind of behavior simply isn’t tolerated. Imagine cussing up a blue streak on top of this. What do you think your Sir would be thinking?

We all are under stress from everyday life, our careers, the kids, the tough schedules. For me this week it’s been about weather and I’ve been more than a bit cranky. When we’ve talked about maintenance spankings before we’ve delved into the aspect that for so many women (and men too, but this is about a more traditional m/f dynamic. We’ve already heard that stress relievers are beneficial for everyone. When I am extremely stressed I tend to cry. The reaction is totally involuntary and simply my mind and body’s way of coping with whatever is bothering, angering or frightening me. Crying during and after a spanking simply has to be very powerful. The release has to be intense.

Dom’s or HOH’s use such patience and love when they administer a hard spanking. After having been with her for a period of time and talking about fears as well as stressers, he knows what she needs more than she does. However, when out of the blue she acts up like a very bad girl, you can imagine he might be stymied. He allows her to mouth off some, blowing off steam. Then out of the blue everything begins to escalate. She just might find herself in hot water. This is where the husband/Dom has to have restraint as well as patience. He has to take back control, knowing there is a small part of her actually testing him, as well as his abilities. It’s innate within all of us to do this. How he handles the situation will set the tone – at least for the night, perhaps longer. For the man, the situation can be daunting. Also for those who are in a strictly vanilla relationship, they don’t realize how much passion there can be before and after a spanking. Cuddling and aftercare is required and there is something very intimate and enticing about a man in control for so many women. They let themselves go after a hard whipping. Let’s take a look at our couple.

Jade shivered, tears continuing to slip down her already wet cheeks. She’d buried her face in the pillow for the last few whips, sobbing uncontrollably, yet her tears had little to do with the pain. She was out of sorts even after the spanking.

“We’re finished,” Steve said quietly.

spanking in the kitchenShe heard him dropping the belt and the moment his hand brushed across the small of her back her pussy clenched. “Ooohhhh…”

“I love you,” he whispered as his hand continued to caress her heated skin. Very gently he rubbed both ass cheeks, then his fingers moved down to her legs, gently rubbing the area where he’d whipped the back of her thighs. “I want you.”

She shifted, sliding her arms up over her head. Her nipples hardened as the caresses became more intimate. Every time he touched after discipline her she could orgasm. There was something about the intimacy with Steve that was unlike any she’d ever experienced before. “You do?”

“You know I do. You know how I love to fuck you, like the whore you are.”

Biting back a moan, she absolutely loved the dirty talk. He might hate her to cuss in their vanilla life, but he loved for her to be his slut behind closed doors. This was their playtime, their closeness and in a way her absolution from her bad girl moments.  “Fuck me sir. Please fuck me hard.” Shifting, she arched her back, the offer blatant. Jade wanted nothing more than for him to thrust his cock deep into her ass. Anal sex was her favorite and God how he loved to fuck her in her most forbidden hole.

“I plan on it,” Steve growled.

She heard the sound of his zipper and smiled as she closed her eyes, gripping the sheets in her hands.

Steve reached down and rubbed his open hands down from her neck and along her spine to her ass. “I’m going to fuck you hard.”

She could tell he was dropping to his knees. When he pulled her ass cheeks apart and swirled his tongue around her asshole she moaned.

“Bad girls get fucked in the ass.”

Now Jade wanted to beg. Fuck me hard. Lick me. She pushed her hands on the bed, the move thrusting her ass higher.

He gripped both ass cheeks with his hands, pulling her wide open and thrusting his tongue deep inside. Grunting, he licked her, wiggling his tongue.

“Oh God. Oh…” Jade shivered as he licked and her pussy was positively dripping. Every part of her body was alive, current sweeping through her muscles, electrifying her nerve endings. She was panting with every passing seconds and she knew the best was yet to come.

Steve eased back finally and swatted her ass before rising to a standing position. “My little slut is hot and wet today.”
“Yes, sir.” Hot and wet didn’t begin to describe the way she was feeling.

“Good. I want you needing more.” He ground his groin back and forth across her ass as he growled.

Jade wanted to reach back, to encourage him to drive his dick deep inside, but she buried her face into the sheets instead. After all, he was her Sir and she needed to learn patience.

Steve slid his cock up and down the crack of her ass, then pushed the tip to her dark hole. “God I love to shove my dick inside you.” Impaling her in one hard thrust, he tipped his head back and moaned.


Jade rubbed her ass for what had to be the tenth time and smiled through the pain. Submitting Pulling her pantiesThe memory of their lovemaking was so special. She loved how close they could be, how much the heat in their marriage had kicked up. Then there were the bouts of punishment. “Shit.” Saying the single cuss word made her cringe at first then laugh nervously. Thank God he’d gone outside to work on the yard.

The cotton dress she’d selected to wear did little in the way of providing comfort. Every time she moved the thin material scraped against her bruised ass and with every movement she grew more agitated. Steve hadn’t just given her twenty strikes of the leather strap. He’d added another five onto the allotted punishment. Granted, she’d slapped at his hand a few times, said a good five or six cuss words and continued to wiggle when he’d asked her to stop. So she did indeed deserve the extra five. Now her ass remained hot and every time she sat down she wanted to scream. So she was in a pissy mood despite the hot sex.

“Did you go to the grocery store yet?” Steve asked as he walked in from the outside, heading straight for the refrigerator. He opened the door and pulled out a beer, popping the top.

“Did I go to the grocery store?” Well, duh given we had no beer before. Biting back the edgy comment she brushed her hand through her damp hair. The last of the barbecue preparations was complete, salads made and everything needed for the grill secured in plastic. She’d been slaving away since the moment she’d gotten dressed, after the hard spanking, and what had her husband done? Cleaned the pool, placed a few chairs out and moved his truck into the garage. Whoopedy do.

He took a long pull on his beer, his eyes remaining locked on her. He drained nearly half the bottle before he set the bottle down on the counter and wiped his mouth.

Great, the silent treatment. Biting her lower lip she knew her face was flushing. Her nerves remained on edge. “Yes, I went to the store, picked up your shirts from the dry cleaners and even went to the liquor store. I opened a nice bottle of merlot.” As she fingered the base of her half empty wine glass, she realized she’d drawn his attention. The look on his face was one of discord.

“Are you planning on drinking a lot today?”

“No!” Jade sucked in her breath. The question was innocent enough. “I mean, some sir.”
Steve sighed. “Jade, I want you to be able to enjoy. Today is about having a good time. Just don’t over indulge. You’ve been under a lot of stress lately.”

If she heard the lecture one more time she was going to throw up. “I won’t. I’m feeling good. Everything is ready other than selecting the music and freshening up. Are you going to ice down the beers outside in the coolers?”

“I asked you to clean them in preparation, remember?”

“I rinsed them out,” she said through gritted teeth.

“Jade, they’re filthy so I…”

“I told you I cleaned them!” The interruption managed to echo even in the open kitchen. Perhaps because her voice had risen several decibels. When he said nothing, she shook her head. “I’ll go and scrub them. I have time.”

Steve polished off his beer and walked toward the sink, opening and depositing the empty bottle into the trash. He gripped the counter and looked out the window. “Don’t worry. I’ve already taken care of them. They’ll be ready in a few minutes. I’ll stock the coolers. Did you remember the ice?”

A bead of sweat trickled down the side of her face. Of all the things to forget. He was so going to be pissed at her. “I’m sorry. I did forget. I had my hands full and I meant to. I just got everything in the car and then I was going to pull up closer so they wouldn’t melt and I…” Rambling wasn’t her style but here she was doing a damn good Trophy wife 2job of sounding like an impetuous child. “Anyway, I’ll go out and get it now. Shouldn’t take me very long.” The look he gave her was one of disappointment as well as annoyance. And there was more than a hint of him losing his patience. Steve never lost his patience. Jade gulped and looked down.

“Jade, our guests could be arriving in just about fifteen minutes. Why don’t you go and relax, get yourself presentable, perhaps take some quiet time for yourself and I’ll go and get the ice. Make sense?”

This wasn’t a simple question and they both knew it. He was ceremoniously giving her a time out so she could reflect and gather her wits. He was telling her to stop acting like a child. Damn, the man was good. “Yes, sir. Is there anything I can do for you while you’re gone?” One, two, maybe five minutes passed by. Her skin was itching, her ass aching and she tried to push away her own anger. Why was she angry? Why? Because he’s not perfect. Because he’s been pushing you hard lately. That was true enough. Steve wanted her to be a better woman. Ha. Better.

“I’m disappointed.”

“Of course you are!” This time she slapped her hand across her mouth. When she spoke again she softened her voice. “I know you’re disappointed and and I hate that. I just forgot. I didn’t mean to. I was trying to make certain we had everything and I just…I just forgot. You forget things at times.” Another two minutes had to have passed by.

Steve moved toward her and by the time he stood in front of her he was smiling. He took her hands into his, kissing both of hers before lowering his head and kissing the top of her forehead. “This isn’t about the ice and you know it. This is about your behavior and what’s really going on inside. I adore you. I love every part of you. Relax, enjoy your glass of wine and I’ll be back in a few minutes.”

She watched him grab his keys and move toward the garage door without looking back and she knew. Today was going to be a very long day.

What do you think? Is she pushing too hard? Hmmm…

Kisses and spanks


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