Submitting to a Spanking…When She Pants

A friend of mine emailed me showing all the implements he’d purchased from Ebay and I couldn’t help but giggle like a kid, or as he calls it I’m being a girl. Of course we’re talking about spanking implements. Thinking about purchasing items to spank a woman’s ass along with say a prized antique or a selection of exotic woods is something. Isn’t it? The power of modern day shopping. With one click you can purchase a mighty wooden paddle, one with perfectly placed drilled holes, and with another you can buy a household item. Geez. We’ve come a long way in society, haven’t we? Along with a selection of paddles he purchased a corner timereally awesome looking cane. I can’t help but think…whoa baby. Then again, I was walking through Target innocently enough today and happened by the hairbrushes, all fifty or so hanging on a wall full of items dedicated to women’s hair. I had to stop, go down the aisle not only admiring the various size and shapes, but also imagining just what a wooden brush versus a plastic one would feel like slapping against my skin.

I think as couples begin their journey into having some form of discipline being a part of their relationship, they question what implements are going to be used, especially during the first occurrences of spankings. Let’s face it, for those who have no clue what a belt versus a cane can do, trying to figure out what should be used has to be daunting. Some couples read to get an idea of the types of implements they might add to their collection. Still others get a bit creative. I’ve read many a story in which a slipper was used. Now, I personally am not sure how to react to the notion, but I’ve heard the simple shoe is highly effective.

I’ve written about the different types of disciplinarian tools before and a belt certainly creates a different effect than a paddle or a cane. Then there’s the concept of a switch. Remember we’ve talked about aspects of humiliation. A switch… Hmmm…

Imagine having your wife go out back in your hard and required to select a handful of sticks – very particular woods are best – to bring in for a choice. You go over the various twigs and after gripping the end, snapping your wrist, you make the best determination. Then you required her to pluck off the leaves then use your pocketknife to slice off the bark. The green fiber behind the outer coating is perfect for a spanking. Yes, when I was a kid a switch was used on a regular basis. I have to admit, the nasty implement is highly effective.

For couples who are learning about what to use and when, they need to understand there is a skill level, a technique that does come with practice. I will always caution and remind those interested to learn this craft like they do any other. I’ve talked to many in the DD lifestyle and everyone seems to have a favorite, but I can tell you, many always come back to the use of the belt – the well worn leather he’s been wearing around his waist. Hmmm…. Now back to our couple. Tonya is certainly reticent about her behavior and about what she and Greg have decided to enter into. This isn’t to be taken lightly.


Tonya stared at the phone, remaining unblinking for what had to be a full minute, maybe longer. A nervous tick appeared in the corner of her mouth and for a few seconds she couldn’t breathe very well. She was excited, apprehensive, accepting and freaking terrified all at the same time. How could she not be? Greg was furious. She’d known that when he’d left the house this very morning. The look on his face was full of fury, even doubt about their relationship. They were the King and Queen of arguing lately. Nothing was behind kicking up the heat and screaming about. Hell, they could fight about what cheese to use in the enchiladas and turn the simple discussion into a raging battle.

She’d grown as weary of the battle scars as Greg had. Talking about, learning about and accepting the realization that switching to a domestic discipline lifestyle might be their only recourse, was in itself frightening. Groaning, she glanced at the text Submitting propped over pillowsmessage again, then at her watch. She had so much work to finish before she could even consider leaving the office, yet she knew she had to be home on time. She’d agreed to the rules and she had to accept that her life had already changed. Now Greg was in charge.

Shivering, she fingered the keyboard and causally gazed at the computer file. Her rather unscrupulous client was a pain in her ass. Tonya raised her eyebrow and resisted laughing. At least she’d admitted the grease-ball of a man was trouble with a capital ‘T’. The asshole could wait. She moved from behind her desk and walked toward her office door. If the owners of the company only garnered that she was going to be a well-spanked woman. They would be shocked, no doubt. Given her use of control, her ballsy attitude, pretty much no one in her office would ever gather she’d been coming apart at the seams over the last couple of years. Both she and Greg knew she’d shifted, becoming more caustic. Her staff thought her diligent and hard-edged. Little did they know she longed for a controlling man, one who would put her in her place when she needed, guide her into a level of peace.

She opened her door, casually walked out as she brushed her hand through her damp hair. Thinking about a spanking always had her wet and hot – all over. Today was no exception. Plastering a smile on her face she made her way to her assistant’s cubicle, trying her best to calm her breathing. The vivacious girl wasn’t there. For some reason she had the thought that everyone knew she was going to get a solid spanking tonight. A giggle pushed to her lips. Right. As if anyone could tell. What if they could? A cold shiver trickled down her spine.

Tonya found Betsy at the copy machine. “Betsy, I need you to push back the four thirty meeting with Mr. Ricardo.”

Startled, Betsy turned her eyes opening wide. “You mean the one that took me as solid two weeks to set up?”

“The very one.”

“Okay. Why?”

Tonya shrugged then folded her arms. “Because I need some additional time to put the case together.”

“Time. You? Ms. Shark in the Water?” Betsy grinned at first then snuffed. “Anything you say. I just know the guy is due to leave the country in like two weeks.”

“Leave the country?” Tonya groaned. “He’s under court orders he can’t. Please help Mr. Ricardo understand that he needs to follow the rules. Will ya? And I’m free anytime after next Thursday.” She gave Betsy a bright smile before walking away.
“And what if he won’t listen to me?” Betsy asked.

Tonya could hear the teasing tone in her assistant’s voice. She stopped short, turned around and made certain the timbre of her voice was all commanding. “Then you tell him I’ll hunt him down and cut his balls off.” She knew the words as well as the tone filtered into the cubicles around her – as it should. She was, after all, known as a balls to the walls kind of attorney. No need to complicate matters with anyone knowing she was going to become controlled, owned by her husband.

“Yes, boss! I love it when you talk tough.”

She secretly smiled as she walked back into her office, closed the door and leaned against the thick mahogany. Then she began to shake all over.


Three hours later and Tonya was having trouble concentrating. She’d looked at her watch a solid ten, maybe thirty times. She was going to have to leave in less than twenty minutes and all she could do was fidget with her skirt, the pile of work in front of her and the leather chair she was sitting on. Right now she could chew through the arm of her office chair in an effort to try and calm her nerves. Sweat trickled down her back, her pussy was wet and clenching and she was breathless. This was an interesting moment in their relationship. God she loved Greg for taking the time to get closer toSubmitting hard her, learning about her fears as well as her desires as a woman. She’d never imagined the man who’d been so equal in how he handled every aspect of their life together would so want to be in charge – totally.

But Greg fit the need perfectly.  He was so amazing in the way he’d become the leader, the passionate and very strong shoulder. She’d started to totally let go with him, allowing him to see all the dark fears and the cravings she’d had since she was a child. Tonya had trusted no one in her entire life as much as she did Greg. His kind nurturing had certainly helped more than she could express. Now tonight was going to be important as well as freeing and she knew he needed her to submit without question. God, the thought was… Chuckling, she pressed her hand against her mouth and bit back a moan. Even her nipples were hard, needing to be plucked. She closed her eyes and imagined the after care. Would he kiss her passionately? Would he rub her and tell her she was beautiful? Would he fuck her hard? So many wonderful questions,

After daydreaming and thinking about how to react, she stole another glance at her watch. Shock settled in realizing she might be late. Oh fuck no there was no way she was going to be late, lest her ass be on fire for days. Grabbing her purse, she shut the lid to her laptop and bolted, praying she was going to make it on time.

Twenty minutes and not one left to spare, she arrived at home. Tonya jerked the car to a stop in the garage and rushed out, literally running into the house. A quick glance at the kitchen clock told her she had a cool ten minutes to do exactly what he asked. Her heart was racing as she jerked her shoes off, tossed her briefcase onto the kitchen chair, and raced into the living too. Suddenly the realization her husband was going to take her over his knees and whip her like a bad girl slammed into her system. She nearly crumpled from the thought. With heavy feet she moved into the bedroom.

Every nerve standing on end she tugged off her suit coat and jerked her blouse from her skirt as she attempted to unfasten her skirt. Someone in what couldn’t have been more than forty-five seconds she stood naked, shivering from the apprehension. She tried to remember the directions on the text and knew Greg wanted a choice of implements but what the hell had he said? Her phone shoved inside her purse, which seemed like miles away now, she did the next best thing to checking. She grabbed two belts, her two hairbrushes, managed to find a solid wood ruler, jerked the bath brush from the tub and two wooden spoons from the kitchen drawer.

Dumping the entire lot on top of the kitchen island, she managed to make Greg his favorite drink and slide into the required corner just as the front door opened. And for some reason she could only think about a single line – ‘Oh honey I’m home’.

Ooohhhh…. Imagine her angst as she tries to hold her emotions together. We’ll see how this works out.

Kisses and spanks…


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