Submitting to a Spanking…The Moment When…

Let me ask you a question – for those of you who have never had an adult spanking. What do you think the moment his hand, a belt or a paddle slapped across your naked ass would feel like? Would you be terrified, jump involuntarily or have braced yourself by clenching the sheet aor digging your nails into the floor? For those who have occasional spankings, what are the differences in the implements that are used? Do you know when a cane is brought out the punishment is going to be worse or perhaps only the belt is saved for those times when infractions are really pushed to the limits? Do you quiver more when you see On Submittingone versus the other?

For a lot of women who’ve never had a spanking, they imagine probably the worst in the experience. Or, can they even begin to grasp the concept of the power exchange? Honestly, for first timers I’m not certain there is any adequate way to describe the rolling emotions or the anticipation, the dry mouth and the agitation that occurs. There is also no way to know how you’re going to react. Some women can’t lie still no matter how hard they attempt to obey. Others are screamers from spank number one. Others can take the initial pain, biting back tears. There is no way to predict.

What many women will tell you is that the release is tremendous, something they’d never honestly believe could be so powerful for them. Sometimes they may not react at all during the actual spanking, yet when they are held afterwards, loved and cared for, they ball like a baby. And for the man? He is no doubt going through a myriad of fears and worries, concerns and self-doubting. He’s looking inside himself to question whether he’s weird, or perhaps even sick to want this. I’ve hold men I trust, those who are in or long for a DD or D/s lifestyle, that I wondered if I was odd for wanting a strict disciplinarian. At least a full fifty percent of the time they counter with asking me whether I thought they were strange in their desires to control and inflict pain.

Ah, there’s so much more mentally and emotionally to the very notion of one controlling another and the control includes true discipline.  The power exchange is an amazing moment for both the submissive and the Dominant. Yet, there is angst on both sides. But my personal view is – the entire process is amazing. And now our couple is facing the very moment when he takes full control over their household. He’s embracing and accepting being the Head of Household. And she’s just learning how to obey…

Greg stopped before going inside, his hand on the doorknob. He blinked a few times and wasn’t even certain how long he’d been standing silently, his heart thumping in his chest. Not just one but several beads of sweat were trickling down his neck and back and what seemed like regular intervals, as if his body was releasing concern and trepidation one drop at a time. Why was his mouth so dry? Why was he having difficulty breathing? Because you have no clue what the hell you’re doing.

He groaned and stared at the garage floor, the surface freshly coated with epoxy paint. The color wasn’t what he’d anticipated but not bad – for an unfinished garage anyway. A quick beep of a car on his street dragged his attention back to the moment. He had a job to do.  No, not do. He was accepting responsibility for the care, leadership and discipline of a woman he loved dearly. And yes, Tonya needed a strict regimen in order to thrive. She needed his patience and nurturing. He groaned and shook his head. Was he ready? A quick glance at his watch and he sniffed. He was already late.

Greg opened the door slowly, unsure of what to expect. Normally when Tonya arrived home first, she’d turn on music loud enough he grimaced when he walked in. Today was different. The house was quiet. Too quiet. He stood still for a minute before easing his briefcase onto the washing machine, laughing since he normally walked right into the kitchen, plopping his things on top of his limited counter space. He stood in the small room, controlling his breathing. After what had to be a full minute he snarled and shored his nerves.

Mouth on beltWhen he walked into the kitchen he wasn’t entirely certain what he was supposed to expect. The moment Greg walked into the room he tilted his head, his heart racing as his blood pressure began to rise. All the years of marriage to the gorgeous and playful woman he thought he’d seen just about every side of her. She was mischievous, opinionated, ballsy and at times bitchy as hell. She’d driven him crazy with her attitudes, the way she handled people she stated in no uncertain terms she loathed, and the way she nagged him about the most ridiculous aspects of his behavior.

As he stood gazing at the woman who was humbled into trusting him enough to embark on a new journey, he was taken aback. They were initiating a heightened level of trust with each other, being so uninhibited, so caring. Was he capable of being the man she needed – strong and wise? His beloved wife, the one he’d promised to protect and love though thick and thin, was standing completely naked, her nose pressed against a wall. His eyes drifted to the things on the island, the grouping of implements laid out for his perusal. His choice. Shivers trickled down his spine. She had to have known he entered given her breathing pattern had changed. She remained quiet, her breathing ragged, and he realized he loved her more today than he had in his entire life with her.

He rubbed his eyes at the thought and lowered his head. Counting to five he shored his nerves, wiping away the sweat. Moving forward, he wrapped his hand around the crystal tumbler. “Tonya. Thank you for the drink, the preparations.”

“Yes, sir.” She darted a single look toward him.

Her voice was so tiny, so meager and very unlike the strong woman who could control an entire courtroom without breaking a sweat. He took a sip of his drink and realized his hand was shaking. What is wrong with you? You need to calm down, remember this is your wife and she needs you to be strong. Somehow the words meant little. But she did need him. Taking another full mouthful he eyed the selection of tools and tried to decide on which one would be the best to use tonight. This was the first time. This was…the most important time.

She remained silent, unmoving, yet her chest rose and fell.

Greg was tired of stalling. Pushing his drink across the counter he moved closer to her, admiring her beauty, the way her hair crested on her shoulders. “Do you understand that I love you?” Whew the words seemed so jilted.

“Yes, I… Yes, sir.” The question seemed to surprise her.

“Good. And you know that I don’t want to see you hurting in any way. Correct?” He sucked in his breath and inched closer to the implements, brushing his hand across the wooden brush then the wooden spoon.

“Of course sir.”

More control seemed to settle into his system. “I’m glad to hear you say that.” Moving his hand across to a belt that was well worn, the leather almost stretched, he smiled. Where in the world has he found the old thing?

“May I ask a question, sir?”

“Of course.” As he picked up the brush he fingered the bristles. This might be the perfect choice for tonight. The thudding pain would be a very good remainder. Yes, he’d use this first and if she really needed punishment he’d make certain she understood he’d graduate up to a harsher piece.

“Do I still please you?”

The words didn’t reverberate immediately into his befuddled mind but when they did he was taken completely aback. He seemed to be in slow motion as he looked in her direction. Greg licked his lips and for a few seconds was unable to feel his legs. “Do you please me?” Had she really asked this question?

“Yes. I know we argue and I wonder sometimes if you hate me.”I am dominant

Jesus Christ. Did she really ask the question? “There is no way I could hate you.  None. I love you. I want so much for us. I just…” How in the hell could he finish the words? What was he supposed to say? “I want us to become closer, to know each other even better than we do. I want you to trust me with everything that you’re thinking and feeling. I just need to be the man you can count on.”

This time she turned her head and remained unblinking. As if the realization she was to be the complete submissive entered her mind, she jerked her head away. “I do count on you more than you know. Your love and understanding is amazing. I just want more.”

More. Her words, as well as her voice were strong, full of conviction. She was more than ready to accept the change in their relationship. “Excellent.” He fingered the paddle, the one they’d purchased together recently, then moved his hand back to the brush. The decision made, he walked toward the kitchen table and pulled a chair from underneath. The sound of the legs scraping against the tile floor was enough to draw a harsh breath. She could tell she was affected as well, her shoulders rising.

Greg rolled up his sleeves and continued to study her stance, the way she was shaking her head slightly. Perhaps they were both unbelieving that this was going to happen. Never would they have thought his years before. “I think you understand that we’re going to go through a process.” Yes?”

“Of course.”

“Good, but so you know by the fact I’m contemplating still how to formulate this change doesn’t in any way means I don’t want this or that I am not ready to become the leader you need.”

“I know that, sir.” Tonya shifted from foot to foot.

“Good girl.”

He wrapped his hand around the brush and eased down into the chair. “Come and kneel.”

She turned tentatively and nodded.

Greg couldn’t help but see her in such a joyous light. As she walked closer his strength increased, his need and he pointed to the floor. “This is just the beginning.”

Aren’t those words something special? When a man loves a woman so much to guide them both through such an amazing journey, you have to tingle all over. I hope you enjoyed and more of their love story coming.

Kisses and spanks…


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