Spanking…the Intimacy of His Belt

Do you think a belt used as an implement of discipline can be intimate? Perhaps even passionate? For some people they might say a resounding no. For me I not only appreciate the concept of having his well-worn belt being whipped across my naked ass, but in my heart there’s a difference than if he uses any other myriad of choices. Why? Because for me, the concept of being told to drop to my knees in front of him, crawling forward and awaiting instructions is powerful. Then when he folds his arms and instructs me to unbuckle his belt, the very one he’s worn to work for a long time, is stilling. When you’ve finished the task he steps back and slowly pulledUndoing His Belt the strap from his belt loops. There is a distinct sound the small action makes but one you’ll never forget. Now think about the concept again. This is a simple piece of attire, one purchased without a second thought from any store like Macy’s or Target. This piece of leather, maybe selected for its particular width as well as color to suit his wardrobe, is merely a normal part of a man’s every day dress code. Right? My guess is one he’s never really looked at the belt as anything other than the method of purchase intended – to hold up his pants.

Hmmm…. For centuries a leather belt or strap has been used to spank, punish, whip, flog (pick your term) a person’s ass. Sometimes the belt was merely an implement hanging in a closet with the express intent of spankings. Other times the belt was pulled out in frustration after the wife or the kids disobeyed the rules. Take a deep whiff. Can you just imagine the rich fragrance of aged leather, supple and very pliable from the sweat of fingers fastening and unfastening? I love the scent of leather, the way leather feels against my naked skin, the concept of where it came from. There is nothing sexier to me and I’ve worn many a dress made of the incredible material.

Blond whipBut we’re talking something entirely different. In talking with John Patrick, we were discussing various methods of discipline. He’s also new to this concept but I can tell you ladies, he has a very interesting stock of items he’s picked up from Ebay and assorted stores. I was joking with him about the snap of his wrist in using the flogger. He teased me after purchasing a collection of paddles and when he received them he called them kid’s toys. Really? I think this guy is serious about learning methods of discipline. Don’t you? I know we’ve all read about or considered certain implements as our favorites, whether just in stories (spanking stories are all the rage and I love writing them) or memories of what our fathers used on us after a horrible temper tantrum. Is that fair to say? Now if you actually practice spankings including domestic discipline, you know even more about what I’m talking about. Many a couple shop for the right belt or paddle or brush together. Mmm… Honey, let’s go shopping today for the perfect leather strap. Doesn’t that just send chills down your back? Do you have a favorite implement that’s going to blister your hide? Let’s look at some of them husbands can use and do often to spank their wives.

Hairbrush – wooden or plastic

Wooden Spoon – not just for cooking any longer

Switch – cut from their own yard

Paddle – holed or unholed and exotic woods are the best

Slipper – right out of your closet

Ruler – metal or wood

Bath brush – yes, never thought of this one did ya?

Cane – yes there are many kinds and materials

Flogger – I like the three tailed one myself

Tarse – what the English call the perfect implement

Rope – when you have nothing else

Hose – I know that’ll hurt, right?

Cat Tail – the perfect one to use on other body parts

Whip – you have to be skilled and not for the faint of heart

Submittign the strapHand – the preferred method

Spatula – another thought as you move around in Target

Belt – mmm… Just right

Oh there are others but I these seem to hit the top of the lists. For me there is truly nothing more intimate than his personal belt. We’ve talked about spankings on many levels several times and you realize I’m a firm believer wives/girlfriends need to be spanked. They simply need the centering a firm hand gives them. We all succumb to the tenseness of the outside words and the fact we do as women doesn’t make us weak for God’s sake. Men experience this too. What I do know is that being grounded by a husband who takes the time and the care to know his wife needs to have a release is powerful.

For many couples they only use the belt when an infraction is severe. For other couples the belt is a staple. I’ve been spanked with a paddle, a leather strip, and a flogger but a belt – not since I was a kid. I laughed at first in talking with John Patrick and was almost shy in saying I thought if a man either had be undo his belt or he made me watch in preparation for a fairly tough spanking I would be fearful. I would cringe. I would know I had completely disobeyed him. What I was surprised at hearing him say is that for him, spanking a woman with his personal belt would also be very stilling. Why stilling? He would think about the fact he would be wearing the belt the next day. As he said, wearing leather again would take on an entirely new meaning. Hmmm…

Spankings are very intimate or they should be for a couple. They should be a defining moment shared, one that they talk about and understand, come to terms with during conversations. This isn’t about him just whacking her ass for general purposes. This is about nurturing and loving care, giving of himself as he disciplines her. This is about joining together in a quest to be stronger as a couple. This is about togetherness.I warned you Tenderness. Yes, a spanking should hurt. You bet. But… The lesson should be taught, not forced.

Just my random thoughts today as I finish yet another little spanking story. I love doing them because my readers actually tell me they put themselves in the position of a misbehaving wife and laugh. You know what’s interesting? The majority admit that they could use one hard spanking. What an interesting concept. I hope you enjoyed.

Kisses and spanks…


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