Submitting to a Spanking…Honoring His Belt

Love and honor. We can find love in many ways, can’t we? Honor can mean many things in our lives. On this special romantic period of time, one meant for lovers, love does indeed come in many forms. You can share with family and friends, a very special man who may or may not be a husband/Dom/Master/Boyfriend. I hope that you are indulging in all the romantic aspects. For me? There’s nothing more romantic than allowing myself to submit, respect and honor. Uh-huh. You heard me say it. I don’t enjoy the traditional and very romantic gifts all the time. Yes, I love silk and sterling silver, white roses and my favorite perfume, but not for Valentine’s Day. IA lot more than appreciate more… So this blog may not seem romantic to you, however…the story between my couple I think is sinful as well as scintillating. And yes, very much outside the box.

I’ve been in an interesting shift with my writing as of late, not only because I have to refresh and re-publish about a bazillion books, but also because work has been – well a pain. And I’ve been sick and off my game as well. I hate being off kilter, not totally in control of my little writing destiny. However, that being said, there is a portion of my life that I have found utter joy in – and yes writing does remain a huge part of this. What I found is the joy of releasing the real girl inside. For any of you who have read my blogs over the last few years, you realize I can be a bit one sided. The odd aspect is that I write about so many things – but every one of my books has a moment where the main character experiences a cathartic moment. He or she finally has an awe struck situation happen to them, one they’ve been searching for. After that, the rest of their life can’t be the same without achieving over and over again what they managed to snag from this great big universe. We all have “that” single thing in our life that’s a true wow concept.

Sometimes we know in our soul that’s exactly what that is and sometimes experiences or meeting people finally bring the delicious hidden secret out in the open. Yes, there are times it’s a kicking and screaming situation, but nevertheless there the shining situation is. For me I have been lucky enough to embrace two. One I knew about since I was a child – I wanted to be a writer. I am. Not certain every day what that does or will mean, but I refuse to give up on this dream. The other? Well, I’m amazed how freeing accepting the inner submissive side is. I know you might question what in the world either I’m talking about or why I would find the gripping concept remotely special. To each their own of course but I think my blogs and stories show the joy I’m experiencing in allowing you inside a submissive side of a woman. And as you realize, I’m merely one of thousands.

I garner what I call sinspiration from so many places. Reading other books, laughing with friends and of course talking with people I trust. John Patrick has been a staple as far as a confidant and I love bouncing off thoughts. We can tease as he get to know each other and he enjoys reading my work. What I gathered today is how much I value being able to share with him this side of me. As open of a woman as I am, being allowed to share the highs and lows, the worries and fears as I continue this path is enlightening for me. You all know I write several pieces at one time and lately, given this odd illness, I’ve had a tough time concentrating. The flashes here help center me. Funny too, I told John Patrick that the discipline was so centering and it was. I can only imagine what would happen if I experienced the joy of receiving a concentrated spanking a couple times a week. I have a few thoughts racing through what John calls this big ole brain of mine but I’m going to hold back right now. I tend to get little too girlie like when I think about this fascinating journey. And yes, I hate girlie LOL. Back to the story. Oh and for all of my fabulous readers, I have a special Sir's Corsetdiscount of 50% on the very beginning journey with On Becoming His and On Becoming His – Lessons Learned through this glorious weekend. That’s my gift to you and I do very much think it’s an extremely romantic couple of books – soon to be three and more. I heard that I’ll be receiving a gift from John Patrick and I can only imagine what they’ll be… Can you? I daresay not your traditional box of candy.


John wrapped his hand around the slip of material nestled between her ass cheeks, ripping the thin lace from her body. As her panties fluttered to the floor he sniffed, a raw series of emotions capturing every heated cell in his body.

Her body jerked from the action and she panted then pursed her lips. A clipped moan could be heard.

Even from where he stood he could see the quiver of her lower lip, the tears that were pooling on top of his desk. He thought about the comment she’d made at lunch a few days before. She needed to be able to release and cry, the whipping taking her to another level. For Briana the freeing was holding her back. Today, he’d accomplished her need.

A single sob erupted from her lips and she groaned as she titled her head, the look on her face one of complete submission.

He took a step back and crinkled the leather in his hand. The way the strap was wrapped around his fingers gave him absolute control. There was nothing so powerful, so stilling for him as a man as well as a Dom. Her Dom to be exact. “Five more.”

“Yes, sir.”

Tugging on the strap he held the piece up to his face, breathing in the supple leather. For some reason a cold chill shifted down his back. “You’re a very good girl.” He rubbed down the right side of her spine to the small of her back. She whimpered the entire time and he was touched by her cat-like sounds, a quiet reminder how he needed to take her discipline seriously, as well as with reverence. “Breathe for me.”

“Yes, sir.”

He patted her ass and moved his hand up to the back of her neck. Raising his other arm he closed his eyes as he snapped his wrist.

Crack! Pop! Whoosh! Crack! Crack!


His blood sizzled, sending a rush of blood straight into his cock. His shaft pushed hard against his fly, making him cringe. He sucked in his breath as his fingers flexed, the tips kneading the tender skin of her lithe neck. Disciplining her in the office was extremely powerful, much more so than any other time in his recollection. He fingered the belt as he used pressure to keep her head down, her face pressed into the cool wood.

Briana moaned, her back heaving up and down as she breathed heavily. White knuckled. she was clinging to the edge of the desk.

John couldn’t help but admire the welts crisscrossing her ass, the small of her back Jessieand the tops of her thighs. Leaning over he breathed across the back of her neck before darting his tongue out, licking the beads of sweat from her glistening skin. The taste of her was sweet, a simple reminder of the incredible girl behind the mask worn by such an amazing woman. “Perfect.” Biting down on her neck, he savored the was her body reacted every time he touched her, goose bumps popping along every inch of her skin.

Briana shifted and stretched out her arms, a series of moans pushing past her lips. “Sir…”

He knew she had a question by the inflection of her voice, the single word saying so many things. This he refused to rush, no matter what appointment might be on his calendar or which client needed his immediate attention. Opening his fingers he allowed the belt to slip to the floor and with both hands rubbed her tender ass. Blood had formed around a mole, one he’d hit several times. She hadn’t flinched or cried out. Her tears were the only indication this round of discipline was indeed harsher.

Wiggling, she opened her legs and pressed the palms of her hands on top of the desk. Pushing up she shivered when her back shifted against his chest. “Sir, I…”

“What is it?” He continued rubbing her skin, his cock throbbing as he touched her. A desire unlike anything he’d experienced with her fueled his actions, sending echoes of his raggedly beating heart into his ears. He was going to fuck her, take her savagely and he was tingling all over with the thought of such intrinsic authority alone. Why the hell did he want her this badly right here and right now? “What is it?” His voice was guttural, almost unrecognizable.

“Please fuck me.” She managed to push back hard, one arm completely straight.

The angle allowed him to see the tears streaming down her lovely face. For a few seconds he remained in awe of her, the woman who truly held a portion of his heart in her hand as well as in her soul. Submitting to him was the gift he’d longed for his entire life and only this woman had unlocked the man inside, the one he’d pushed away since he could remember. Her words were humbling and given their talks he knew she was honoring the belt, as well as her commitment to submission. He was the one truly humbled.


The strong woman was allowing him to take over, be the only man in control of her life, her body. John took a step back and pressed both hands through his hair. He stood still for a full minute before unfastening his pants, pulling his zipper down slowly. Remaining unblinking he wrapped his hand around the base of his cock, squeezing until the hint of pain reminded him how much he cared for her, adored her. She’d questioned whether he was attracted to her sexually and he’d been stunned, shocked in fact. And a part of him felt as if he’d failed her. As he admired the strong woman lying in wait, wanting him and him alone, he realized how much he craved everything about her. How could such an amazing woman think he didn’t want her?

She seemed to sense what he was about to do and smiled, offering him a single ‘come hither’ look.

Her teasing was one of the reasons he adored her. John rubbed the tip of his cock up and down the crack of her ass, breathing out when she moaned. “You’re going to bruise.”

“I know,” she whispered and pushed back again, arching her back.

The offering was blatant and one he wasn’t going to ignore. Placing both hands on her bruised ass he opened both cheeks, his hunger increasing. Her beautiful pink pussy lips were swollen from need and he was unable to resist. Impaling her cunt with one hard drive, he grunted as the sound of her legs being shoved into the desk was a powerful aphrodisiac.


Every part of his body electrified from the entire experience, he dropped his head and My slave 2panted as he pulled out his shaft until just the tip was inside. Shoving the entire length deep into her wet pussy he tossed his head back and fought the roar burning in the pit of his stomach. She’d never felt so fulfilling, her cunt muscles squeezing around him, drawing him in deeper.

“Yes, sir. Fuck me. Please just fuck me hard. I’m your bitch, your whore.” Her words tumbled out, the tone a deep husk.

“Talk dirty to me, baby. Talk dirty.” John pumped in and out as his fingers dug into her skin. He wanted to bite her, taste her sweet essence. He wanted nothing more than to fuck her savagely, taking her over and over again. He needed to fill her with his cum, telling her in no uncertain terms she did belong to him. There would be no sharing.

“Fuck my cunt. Shove your cock in me. Fuck my ass. Please, fuck my ass.”

Harder and faster he fucked her as the words gave him a smile. He could hold back his climax for hours if necessary but today, he was going to fill her with his cream. Spreading her cheeks wider he pulled out his cock and pressed the tip to her asshole. He leaned over and issued a single word, “Mine.” The moment he thrust the entire length of his dick into her ass, he could no longer hold back his needs. “Fuck!”

Her breath sounds were those of agony quickly washing into bliss. “Sir. God. Sir. I…” Her voice was laced with pants as well as purrs. She shoved hard against the desk as he drilled into her, taking her ass.

Sweat beaded across his forehead, dripping down onto her back. As the drops cascaded down, slipping along the base of neck he growled. Harder and faster he drove his cock into her tight hole. There wasn’t a part of him that wasn’t alive, jazzed by the sweeping current rushing between them. As his vision seemed to cloud, his eyes having trouble focusing, he fucked this woman, his sexy submissive. And nothing had ever been this damn good.

Whew I can tell you I’m hot and wet all over. Just imagining being taken in the middle of his office so hard, so completely without reservation is – well breathtaking.

Happy Valentine’s Day…



On Becoming His

On Becoming His – Lessons Learned

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2 Responses to Submitting to a Spanking…Honoring His Belt

  1. CrazyKinkyMommy says:

    I really enjoy reading your writing. Your words make it so easy to put myself in her place. You definitely have a gift with what you do.


    • behalle says:

      Thank you so much for your kind words. I very much appreciate your support. I must admit I so enjoy writing these little flashes. I feel centered somehow if that makes sense. 🙂


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