Submitting to a Spanking…Sharing the Darkness

I know the title is a bit ‘dark’ eh?  Well, I do see a darker side to kink as well as spankings. I’ve said before that there is no difference in the fact that D/s couples have various aspects of their relationships just like vanilla couples do. We are all different. First of all men and women are dissimilar. Then you mix in our desires and needs as well as whatever our family values are, then plunk in what society deems as required, and boy oh boy it’s a wonder couples exist. I think when you also mix in a taste of a little kink then you add yet another element, there has to be a huge amount of trust Bad Thingsand communication – tough for men and women to do.

D/s and BDSM don’t have to go together at all and certainly couples that practice domestic discipline, they may never talk about the concept of BDSM or kink clubs or anything that some consider “the dark side” of the lifestyle. I can see the differences but at times they do mesh together, whether simply for an experience or for a beginning of a new chapter within what is being shared. I’ve written about and talked to so many people who do intertwine the concept of D/s with BDSM – at least at certain levels. In other words they enjoy the aspect of play time.

So I called this blog sharing the darkness and here’s why. I’ve had many a conversation with couples who share D/s and point blankly asked them whether going to a kink club was a part of their life together. For some they’d never gone and didn’t care to, for others they regularly went and others only every once in awhile. So here we go again, every relationship is different. I asked John Patrick, since he is just truly embracing being a Dom, whether or not he wanted to go to a protected and well established kink club for any reason. He didn’t hesitate for a second, admitting that he did. However, he was quick to tell me he didn’t want to “play” with anyone or “hook up” as so many people might think about the clubs.

His desire was to take a special person to a club and enjoy the surroundings or people watch. Maybe some day he’d feel comfortable enough with that someone special to play, but that would take time. What do you think about when you imagine a kink club? Do you see in your mind people writing on the floor fucking or perhaps being beaten in every dark corner? Well, you might think I jest but many people think this way, unaware of the reality. They see kink clubs as places of pain and torture. You couldn’t be more wrong. Kink clubs, at least the reputable ones, are secure and take the members they might allow inside very seriously. IF and I do say IF there is sex its consensual and safe and no one EVER touches another for any reason without permission.

I have never been to one of these clubs and yes, I do indeed want to go at some point, but you bet with someone I trust. John Patrick and I have talked about the concept in that he’d merely want to people watch, much like I do. But… He wouldn’t mind allowing others to see I belonged to him, perhaps collared and leashed more for show and tell. The concept is delicious. Isn’t it? Anyway, I had a sultry dream about a club and realized, getting a spanking can be unexpected, a surprise at times. For all of us, we can be very bad girls… So one final flash fiction story in this incredible vein of spanking before I put together what I think you’ll enjoy in five HOT spanking stories. I hope you enjoy…

“Are you sure you want to go inside? Are you certain you’re ready to be seen as the woman I own, the woman I fuck and the woman I discipline?”

The sound of his voice alone sent shivers dancing down her spine. Camille Reynolds had wanted nothing more than to let herself go in a kink club, one devoted to all things BDSM, for years. Being owned was merely an added bonus. She was more than proud to be collared and leashed by a man who knew her so well, understood her Another collarfoibles and her continued inhibitions. Now, as she stood in front of the non-descript door under a full moon at nearly midnight on a weekday, she was no longer sure of her decision. Let alone her sanity. A single and very slight moan – dear God I hope no one can hear me – escaped her lips. She tugged the flaming red wrap around her naked arms and felt more like Little Red Riding Hood than anything in the hooded cape. “I’m very sure. I’m just…”

Easing his hands down her arms, Damon pressed kisses on the side of her neck as he issued a husky whisper. “You don’t need to be afraid. I’m not going to allow anything to happen to you. You are my submissive. No one is going to touch you unless I allow. Do you understand?”

“Yes sir.”

“Do you?” His fingers brushed back and forth across her naked skin.

She could hear the hesitation in his voice and closed her eyes, her nipples aching from the clamps he’d used on them only hours before. The metal implements had been a cold reminder after her ridiculous behavior that she belonged to him and only him. “I know, sir without a doubt. I belong to you and only you.” The feel of his strong hands, the way his groin pushed against her ass was indeed comforting.

“Good. Tonight is nothing more than about observation. If I decide to indulge in any aspect we’ll talk. Understood?”

“Yes, sir.” Gazing at the entrance she took a moment to drink in the atmosphere. The door was thick, the ancient brick formidable, but she could still hear the sound of music thumping in a distinct tribal vibe. Club Darkness was well known on certain circuits and very exclusive. Many times she’d heard stories but choose to believe few. The club had been featured in countless movies and many celebrities frequented the establishment when in town. And somehow Damon had obtained membership. Her entire body was tingling with anticipation. They’d never been to any type of kink club and every one of her senses was on edge, unsure of her reaction.

Damon sighed and kissed the top of her head before tugging his wrist. “You’ll stay attached to me.”

She darted a quick glance at the short chain tethering their wrists together, the thick leather cuff encasing her wrist in a way that made her feel safe and cherished. “Yes, sir. Of course I will.”

“Good girl. Let’s go. I’m going to be extremely proud of showing you off tonight. You look sexy and beautiful.” His growl screamed of ownership.

A slight smile curled in in the corner of her mouth. Camille bit her lower lip nervously as she rubbed the flat of her hand down the velveteen cloak. She was a tall woman, standing nearly six feet and more in her stiletto heels, the ones he required her to wear. Not that she minded. She loved being tall for her Dom, her sir. Damon was formidable, standing a solid six foot five inches, and she loved the fact he still towered over her, even in tall shoes. “I am yours, sir.”

“Yes, you are.” Patting her ass he knocked on the door and stood quietly.

Her sir was impressive by any standards but tonight, dressed in all black he was powerful indeed. Camille adored the way everyone took notice of him, of them. They were a couple to be noticed. She bit back a laugh as the door was opened slowly, the ridiculous creaking sound reminding her of some terrible horror movie. Granted, they weren’t in the best part of town but the notion of some haunted experience was…

“And you are?” The man opening the door had a booming voice, one that reverberated into the night.

“I think you’ll find me on the list. Damon Sheffield.” Damon’s voice didn’t waver.

a taste before the partyThe burly man gave him a once over before glancing down the length of her. Grabbing an iPad he moved his finger over the screen, a slight grunt pushing from his mouth. “Yes, you are indeed on the list. First time. No bullshit. No bothering the guests and you force no one or you’ll be tossed. Clear enough?”

Damon snorted. “Crystal.”

His authoritative voice was something that gave her a thrill every time she heard the inflection alone. Tonight he was her Dom, her owner and would make certain others could see. That much he’d told her in the subtle ways he’d talked about this experience, once she was still unsure about. She hadn’t realized her hand floated over her mouth and chin until Damon captured her hand, drawing her arm down to her waist. She wanted to laugh, make any sound, but she knew this was as much of a test for her as the club itself.

“And we’re in,” Damon whispered as the door was opened and the bouncer allowed them inside.

The music alone, the heady disco vibe that seemed to be coming from every corner of the expansive room, drew her in. Camille was enticed by the flashing neon lights and the pulsing music, a dark and dangerous ambiance that comingled with jives being emitted from the dance floor perfectly. She found herself moving into the crowd, determined to find her way amongst a sea of sin. Damon’s grip on her shoulder was a quick reminder she wasn’t here for her own needs.

“Wait,” Damon said casually as he nuzzled his face into her hair.

There was nothing truly subtle about Damon’s moves, or his hunger. She bit her bottom lip when he hand slipped under her dress, cupping her ass, slipping the tip of his index finger between her crease. She didn’t register the move to anyone close, but the way his fingers began to dig into her skin created a line of sweat along her brow.

“Imagine what this club can offer,” he whispered.

“Meaning sir?” Camille dared.

He laughed. “The unknown of course. A taste of raw pain, pure bliss. But only for good girls who obey their Masters.”

The way he said the words created a lingering effect in her body, a telling in the back of her mind. He was testing her. Of course he was. He wasn’t entirely certain if and when she’d give in to him, his needs and his requirements. She parted her legs as his finger found its way to her dark hole, rimming only twice. Her mind wandered to the way he fucked her here, the feel of his hard cock buried deep inside. There was nothing like the way he fucked her, raw and savage. “Oohhh…”

“I will take you here tonight, my submissive. I will take you hard and fast.” He tugged on the chain as he inched forward into the darkness of the crowd.

God, she was tingling all over. She kept her head down, doing her best not to look anyone in the eye, but she was so curious as to the patrons. Even from her stance she could see various states of dress from slinky dresses to chains and leather. All walks of life seemed to be represented.

“I think this will do nicely,” Damon said casually as he pulled her to a small bar top table. Turning to face her he cupped her cheek and lowered his head, capturing her mouth for a soft French kiss.

He could be so romantic, so passionate with her and her body responded in kind, her pussy wet and quivering.

Easing back he unfastened the satin tie holding the velvet cape and pulled the wrap from her shoulders. “My beautiful girl.” A slight smile crossing his face, he toyed with the lock on her collar, his finger encircling the encrusted ruby, before placing his finger under her chin. “Tonight we begin a new chapter, one that I hope you will enjoy. Pleasure and pain, my dearest. Tonight you’ll learn from others what its like truly being owned.”

“Yes, sir.” Nodding, she darted her eyes up to gaze into his. The man was on fire, his eyes twinkling in the dim lighting. This was his element and she was thrilled to be sharing the night with him.

He moved to the barstool, sitting down slowly and pulling her between his legs. “Watch, my Cherie as others partake. Watch and learn.”

When he wrapped his hand around her throat, squeezing with calculated pressure shered ties moaned and scanned the perimeter, her heart racing. Her eyes drawn to a rugged looking man, she couldn’t help but notice how roughly he was handling a beautiful but terrified looking blond, one who clung to the Dom as if she had no idea what she was doing. Did she appear this way, so unsure and afraid of everything? Or did she convey confidence because of her tethering? When the man grabbed the girl and jerked her over his lap, exposing her naked ass she jumped.

“Yes, a bout of discipline,” Damon breathed as his grip became tighter.

Crack! Slap!

Even through the heady music she could hear the sound of the hard strikes, the whimpers coming from the girl’s mouth. “Oh.”

“Would you like for me to discipline you in front of others?” Damon whispered.

“I…” Would she? Blinking several times she stood in awe as the girl was severely punished, almost no one paying any attention to the extreme action. Here they were, voyeurs in the midst, watching and… Hungering.

Slap! Crack! Whoosh!

The man’s growl was laced with fury, something she’d never heard from Damon. He refused to discipline her when he was angry, a trait she admired as well as instilling so much trust.

“Would you enjoy others seeing the strikes of my belt across her porcelain skin?” Sliding his hand down her back to her ass, he moved his hand under her thin skirt, cupping her ass cheek.

Camille licked her lips and knew the answer. Of course she did. Panting, she gripped his knee. “Yes, sir. Oh, yes sir.”

Mmm… A simple little walk into a darkened club. What do you think? More to the story later…

Kisses and spanks


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