Submitting to a Spanking…Understanding the Darkness

I titled this blog with the word ‘understanding’ on purpose. I think for anyone who indulges in or shares a D/s lifestyle with another, they have to first understand their needs as well as those of their partner. Understanding is similar to gathering information from each other, a prelude to building trust. But understanding can be a helpful learning tool for every couple as they move from phase to phase. What do I mean? Well, I had a long talk with John Patrick today. He’d read the blog A Sub's initiativeand mentioned he really enjoyed the way the story was going. We discussed how Camille is embracing her submissive side, while still maintaining a portion of herself that might just be difficult for Damon to control.

That led to a conversation about rules. John Patrick has an interesting take on implementing rules. He told me he’s seen a lot of rules, those many Dom’s require their submissives to follow, and he stated flat out to me that he isn’t interested. His reasoning ended up being more profound than I would have surmised initially. He said every rule imposed has to make sense to him or he won’t consider. Okay. Makes good common sense. I pushed further. He went into the concept that for him a rule has to be important to him, something that touches the very man and Dom inside, for him to be able to articulate the concept to his sub. He’s completely aware they can be different given for each submissive. John Patrick doesn’t believe there should be some huge list of rules, but the ones that are to be followed are to the letter. I can accept and certainly understand where he’s coming from.

He asked me an integral question. Do I feel I need more rules? I answered a question with a question, something he finally pointed out I tend to do. I was very direct and told him that saying the word ‘Sir’ isn’t something I can do on a regular basis and I wondered if that concept would disrespect him or if he wasn’t certain how to deal with the fact a submissive couldn’t. He laughed and said that he would never require something like saying Sir after each sentence, especially in writing and definitely not on the phone in text. He loathes the fact there is no emotion in texts and words can be misconstrued. In other words, he thinks a submissive can be very snarky over texts – including me.

He’s right. I push him as a Dom and as a friend so saying the word ‘Sir’ after the fact could be considered a smart answer. Right? My answer to him was yes, I need more but certainly I believed they would come as the journey unfolded. For me as a woman, I know I need the ‘centering’ as he calls the need for me to be spanked as well as some structure with rules. BUT…the but is different than I ever thought it would be – but I need those that truly matter, not a basic list that some other Dom written down for the world to see. The closeness of being with a Dom like John Patrick truly draws out the submissive woman who wants to obey. Obeying is a sweet moment of affirmation between a Dom and his sub. Obeying is also a level of devotion – something I will have one day. Hmmm… Back to the story.

“Sir, can I ask you a favor?” Camille asked quietly.

Damon sighed then kissed the top of her head. He eyed the stranger, who seemed determined to invade the joyous moment of release. There was something in the gentleman’s eyes that quite frankly pissed him off, yet there was no reason to ruin the incredible evening by allowing a confrontation. He turned his attention back to his lovely submissive while issuing a solid glare toward the man. “You can ask me anything. You should know that by now.”

“I do,” she muttered then hesitated.

Jessie devotedThe stranger locked eyes with Damon, tilting his head back as if challenging Damon’s authority.  Son of a bitch. Damon was incensed but refused to allow anyone to see him ruffled, especially a supposed Dom who was breaking basic BDSM club ethics. That much he was well aware of even if he hadn’t spent much time in kinky establishments. There were unstated rules shared and respected. The sophisticated man was showing more than just interest in Camille. He eased his finger under Camille’s chin, lifting her head. Why allow such abhorrent behavior to bother him? After all, he owned the gorgeous woman lying in his arms. “You know I adore you.”

“I know.” Her smile was laced with her own heightened level of adoration. “And you know how I feel as well.” As if unable to resist, she wiggled her lower body creating friction across his groin.

“Minx. That’s what you are.”

“Yes, sir,” she stated defiantly, a look of raw satisfaction crossing her face.

Dear God his cock was aching. Right now he could impale her tight asshole with the entire length of his dick without hesitation. Perhaps he’d do just that, audience or no audience. He exhaled slowly, enjoying the way she felt in his arms, and lowered his head. The taste of her as their lips met, their tongues entwined, was the needed reminder that she belonged to him. He had no fear she’d want another. There was simply something far too passionate about their connection, a captured moment between two people that almost never happened. This was a special relationship and damn be the idiot stranger.

She moaned as she fell into the kiss, her hand pushing absently against his chest.

Damon could sense she was moving into another level of raw emotion, the one he so loved about her. When she let go completely, allowing a girlie side into her being, he embraced her, providing such a protective stance. This side she hated but accepted that he wanted her to be nothing else but the woman inside, the one she masked for just about everyone else.

“Mmm…” Camille’s hand moved up and down his chest and her legs were trembling.

He suddenly wanted her more than he had recently. The only reason he could determine was her vulnerability at this very moment. She didn’t want this other man, had no interest in the guy’s obvious intentions, yet she needed to make certain her Dom would protect her.

Her fingers worked absently on his shirt, one leg shaking as she nuzzled even closer.

Breaking the kiss Damon used the tip of his index finger to draw a circle around her mouth cognizant of the fact the Master was still watching. “So ask my dearest.” He nodded toward the stranger and narrowed his eyes. Evidently the subtle gestures were enough to let the guy know in no uncertain terms that if he try and fuck with this, he wasn’t going to win. Sharing with a forward jerk off wasn’t an option.

Camille shifted and gave a small laugh. “Sometimes I think I disrespect you. I don’t ever want to do that. I’m not playing at being your submissive. Not even a little bit. If you ever think I’m trying to… Well…” Sighing, she brushed her hand across her mouth.

Him taking control“Go on.” Damon rubbed her arm. “There is nothing you can’t tell me.”

“If I ever do, will you please call me on it? Reprimand me?”

The question was surprising and he wasn’t certain why. Her concern, the objectivity in which she made the comment, was so her. The fact they could share anything in their moments of direct communication without reservation was utterly amazing. “I can promise you this. If for any reason I feel you’ve disrespected me I’ll let you know. I haven’t up until now, albeit you’ve pushed me. You’ve certainly pushed me,” he said and brushed his hand down her face.

“I know and you know I mean to at times.”

“Yes, of course I do. However, if I honestly believe you’re trying to disrespect me, you will know exactly the way I feel.” She understood his authoritative inflections as well as the few words. He’d beat her ass until she couldn’t sit down for a week if she truly slighted him.

“Good. I mean as crazy as that sounds I want you to punish me harshly if I do.” Her laughter was subtle yet charming.

Damon laughed with her. This woman was powerful in her own right. “Trust me, my dearest. I will blister your ass.” He reached behind her, lifting her just off his lap and tapped her reddened ass cheek.


“Now let’s get you up. We have much more of our evening ahead.” When he’d guided her to her feet and pulled her skirt from the floor, he scanned the perimeter of the room. The stranger had disappeared. He secured her wrist to the chain dangling from the leather cuff, and tugged her toward him possessively. “You were very good, but there will be additional punishment later.” Intertwining their fingers he led her back to their table, easing her onto his lap. Out of the corner of his eye he noticed a small stage, the floor and outer limits shimmering with flickering red lights. On the platform a gleaming steel cross was the center of attention. “How interesting. A show.”

“Were you aware?” Camille asked as she rose onto her tiptoes, craning her neck to see.


“Always the tease.”

“Always the tease, sir.”

She gave him a slight smile. “Sir.”

As two men led a tall blond toward the stage he inhaled. Both men dressed in skintight leather pants, each held an implement of discipline in their hand. Emerald silk wrapped her body, the thin material hugging her voluptuous curves. “I do believe the young woman is in need of a hard flogging.”

“Said with far too much glee in your voice.”

Wrapping his hand around her neck he squeezed, using just enough pressure she moaned. He rubbed his crotch back and forth, his hunger increasing. “Do we need to work on your centering again, make certain you’re aware who is in charge?”

Arching her back she trembled. “No sir.”

The lights began to pulse as a stream of melodic music whooshed from the speakers. Every moment a practiced ceremony, the men removed her robe, exposing her naked body. He’d certainly read about the acts on their website and was intrigued just how far they would go. “You know, I’ve heard at least one player is a member of the audience, one chosen from those entering a contest to win the right to be disciplined or fucked, flogged or clamped. Fascinating. Don’t you think?” Damon was eager to see her reaction.

Camille sniffed then eased forward on his lap. “Yes, I can see volunteering.”I warned you

“Could you really?” As the girl was led to the cross, several members of the audience advancing toward the stage, he slid his hands around her hips. “Could you see yourself on the cross, your sensuous body on display?”

“Yes, I could,” she whispered, her body swaying back and forth to the music.

Damon tugged as the zipper on her bustier with one had as he inched his other down the front of her thigh. “Could you imagine being cuffed to the cold steel, knowing your entire body was going to be whipped?”

Camille seemed to be concentrating as the girl’s ankles were shackled.

She was turned on, hungry to experience the very scene the girl was. He continued tugging the zipper down until he was able to slide his hand inside. Cupping and squeezing her breast, he growled the moment she whimpered, her legs beginning to buckle just slightly. “Can you?”

“Yes…yes.” One hand moved back, touching the side of his leg. She tilted her head back, blinking rapidly.

Pinching her nipple between his fingers he twisted the tender flesh until she issued a guttural groan. “I think you’d enjoy having strangers flog you.”

“Yes, sir. I…”

He inhaled the scent of her sex, her raging desire as he pulled the leather up her thighs. The thought of fucking her, taking her hard and deep burned within him. For a few seconds he turned his attention to the stage, savoring the way the girl was flexing her hands, the sound of the chains holding her clanging against the metal. The two masked men flanked her side, studying their handy work. The crowd cheered them on. He could very much envision Camille as the woman being disciplined. But he would be the man in charge. Hunger swept through him until he was unable to breathe. Camille would have her every desire. “Soon, my love, soon.”

Mmmm… The story is just heating up. Don’t you think? I have a very creative ending coming but we’ll have to see where Damon’s mind takes us. I hope you enjoyed.

Kisses and spanks


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