Submitting to a Spanking…the Essence of Control

Following the rules. That’s a tougher concept than people realize. I’ve been struggling with the single idea since I realized I’m a submissive at heart. I just don’t follow certain rules very well. Now don’t get me wrong. I play by the laws of the commonwealth of Virginia, the government, basic humanity etc. I’ve always been a very black and white person when it comes to right and wrong. BUT… When you add my personality that’s so damn assertive bordering on aggressive with the realization I can ‘play’ by other rules – forget about it. I was challenged with this very notion all Turn your backover again today. The way might be subtle but the basic of learning to obey typically begins with a few rules. Then the buildup goes from there.

If you remember what I said about John Patrick, he isn’t going to create a rule just to do so. He’s not going to snag a list of them from another Dom and impose them on any sub, including me. He prefers to build them as needed and he feels he’ll know when they are important and should be followed. As he’s told me more than once, when he does develop a mandate he expects it to be followed to the letter. He’s made few with me – very few. Today I broke a cardinal one. Flat out I did. I hadn’t thought about doing so or planned on snubbing him in any manner, but I broke a rule and told on myself accidentally. What was this wretched infraction? He likes to know his girl is safe so he simply asks me to text him when I’m leaving to go somewhere and when I arrive safely back at my original destination. Sounds simple enough. Right? Well, today there was snow outside on top of everything and I left the office without saying a word or thinking about letting him know about my itinerary. I ventured out, met with the contractor I had a scheduled meeting with, and was on my way back when I happened to say something about being out. I could hear the collective sigh all the way from where his office was to my truck.

So as texting goes, I asked him whether he was really angry with me. After advising me that I’d broken the rule and repeating, asking very distinctly if I understood and was clear, and I said yes, he said we’d deal with my disobedience later. Then the situation was going to be a closed issue. Meaning, I will be punished severely for ignoring the basics and a safety rule to boot. Well, let me tell you I continue to feel horrible. Yes, what he asked me to do is simple but the aspect here that’s so amazing, so utterly beautiful is the caring he has for me, the level of heightened protection. Pretty powerful stuff if you ask me. I think many a submissive who has embraced a lifestyle of D/s learns quickly that following rules isn’t exactly as easy as one might think. Yes, I disappointed him. Hmmm… Our heroine in this story seems a bit like me – bossy and brazen and one who continues to struggle with following the rules. Let’s see how she handles losing all her sex toys.

“Fuck. Fuck. Fuck!” Cursing a blue streak, Sage glared at the heavy line of traffic in front of her. The cars simply weren’t moving. She was barely two miles from the house and she hadn’t gone two blocks in fifteen minutes. Hissing, she looked at the digital clock on the dashboard and slapped her hand on the steering wheel. Just one more freaking call she had to take. She should have known better. The traffic was horrific any time of year but on Fridays? Shit. Her naked backside was cooked if the line of cars didn’t break soon.

A lot more thanTurning up the radio she tried to hum to the vivacious beat, but she had no clue what the song was and certainly wasn’t in the mood to learn. So she flipped the radio back and forth form country to rap, grumbling. Finally moving a few feet she smiled, hope filling her. Then she was forced to slam on her brakes. A barrage of horns sounded from every angle and she was damn lucky she didn’t smash the car in front of her. The sun was just moving down the line of horizon to the point she was basically blinded. There had to be an ugly wreck up ahead from idiots determined to get to their party destination fast. Here she was going to a whipping. The thought made her shiver. Another minute passed by and nothing was moving. NOTHING.

Fury raced through her as several beads of perspiration trickled down the back of her neck. Randy had texted one more time dur9ing the afternoon, a tiny reminder of her fate. Now she snorted. Her fate had been one of her own choosing. Sage growled and wiggled in her seat. There was no doubt she wasn’t going to be able to do so comfortably tomorrow. Not that she should be allowed to.

She lowered her head to the steering wheel, her apprehension growing. When a screeching horn sounded from behind her she jerked up, instantly raising her hand and giving the asshole driver her middle finger. Her mood was rapidly deteriorating. Thank God it seemed the road had opened up. While she was still crawling as far as she was concerned, she finally arrived at the turn off to her street in about five minutes. When she pulled into the driveway she checked her watch. She had a cool one minute to spare. Her nerves were all over the place, her breath coming in short pants as she raced out of the car and toward the house, dragging her briefcase and purse with her. She almost tripped on the tilted sidewalk light and cursed, a flood of thoughts about Randy not having fixed the damn thing racing into her mind.

By the time she made it into the house she was out of breath and as anxious as a schoolgirl. Dropping everything into the kitchen she ran into the bedroom, jerking off her suit jacket and tossing the damn thing onto the floor. Her shoes were next followed by her blouse and by the time she was in the doorway of the bathroom she stole a quick look back and groaned. She’d made a mess. What the hell? She’d be the one to have to clean it all up. The thought making her grumble, she turned on the bathroom light and proceeded to remove her skirt and stockings. Randy always wanted her in her underwear to start the evening’s discipline.

As she gazed at her reflection, studying the line of perspiration above her lip, she realized she felt so vulnerable, so naughty. Yes, she was a bad girl and deserved to be punished. Sage pointed her finger at the woman and wrinkled her nose. Why did she have to be such a bad girl all the damn time? Why? Why couldn’t she simply follow Submitting reflectionthe simple rules Randy asked her to obey? They weren’t tough by any means. They were simple rules based around security and safety, caring and protection. Yeah, okay so a few were to control her mood swings, but she deserved those too. No matter, she’d broken a few of them more than once.

After freshening up she moved back into the bedroom, listening for any telltale signs he was home. Nope. Randy was as punctual as they came. And he was late. Hmmm… That fact couldn’t and shouldn’t matter. She was required to follow this particular set of rules and by God she was going to obey him. Moving silently through the house she peeked out the front window. There was no car in sight. Maybe she could sneak a small glass of wine, just one. After deciding to take the chance she poured a half glass, then before she could place the bottle back down she poured more.

The first sip was heavenly, calming her nerves. Three more and she was ready to face the punishment. A quick glance at the clock surprised her. He was now a solid ten minutes late. Traffic. Of course traffic was a bitch. She held the glass out and sighed. Then she chugged the entire contents. An accidental burp made her burst into laughter. Time to get in position.

His office seemed bleak and cold tonight. She turned on his usual desk lamp and snarled at the box of toys, her toys, as she went by. Why was he keeping her prized collection? Her feet heavy, she moved into the corner to await his arrival. A myriad of thoughts rushed through her and she was just about as apprehensive as the very first time he’d even spanked her. How long ago? The corner seemed dark and foreboding this time but she pressed her nose into the crack and waited. Patience wasn’t her virtue, something Steve knew all too well.

Sage was resigned and ready.

She was still ready the ten minutes later when she finally couldn’t take it any longer and looked at his desk clock. Why the hell was he this late? Was he trying to teach her another less? Now she was fidgeting, growing weary of the entire situation. And she was growing angrier by the minute. This wasn’t good. Not at all. Another three or four minutes and she basically couldn’t take it any longer. Maybe something was wrong. She certainly hadn’t brought her phone with her. Worry filled every pore until she was suddenly terrified. Turning, she was ready to move out of the room when the box snagged her attention. He would have called on the house phone if something was wrong. Of course he would have. She knew that about him. He always found a way to her.

For some reason she couldn’t take her eyes off the box. She moved closer until she was just about a foot from his desk and able to reach out, touching the closest flap. A nervous chuckle bubbled from her lips. This was like touching fire but she couldn’t help herself. So she moved closer and tugged at the flap. A trickle of desire as well as a hint of fear oozed through her. Biting her lower lip she rose onto her tiptoes in an effort to take just a quick peek inside. The sight of the black cord for her little bullet vibrator, the remote control right on top for her to see, was enough to remind her how much she enjoyed pleasuring herself. Another short step and she had the delicious silver piece in her hand, cradling the smooth metal as if a log of gold. A tilt Misbehavin'of her head to listen and a sharp glance over her shoulder told her Randy wasn’t even close. Whatever was keeping him from getting home on time was his loss.

Unable to resist giggling, she flipped the switch to low, enjoying the hum and the way a series of sensations swept through her hand and up the length of her arm. “God yes.” A shift of her finger and the fabulous sex toy was pushed to its limits.

Cooing, she pressed the tip of the bullet into her hand and couldn’t help but close her eyes. The incredible vibrations were even better than she remembered. For a few seconds she grazed the side up and down her neck before moving down to the swell of her breasts. Several jolts of current rushed into her body, grappling every muscle, every nerve ending. She licked her lips and swayed back and forth, rubbing the wonderful toy across her skin. Her pussy clenched and she was ready to explode from need after a few seconds.

Sage smiled as she closed her eyes and slipped her fingers under the thin elastic of her thong, the vibrator following behind. The moment the pulsing end touched her clit she yelped and fell back against the desk. “Oh God. Yes. Yes. Yes!”

“Interesting. Is this a bit like when the cat’s away the mice will be very bad girls?”

Hearing Randy’s voice, his amused yet ultra authoritative voice, Sage shivered. When she opened her eyes and looked at his face she moaned, realizing her ass was going to be bruised for a solid week. “Shit.”

Can you imagine being caught, having your Dom find you completely disobeying the rules? I do so wonder what IS going to happen…

Kisses and spanks


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