Yes, that’s a word in my worlds. What – you’ve never heard of it before? Come on. Take inspiration in the way of pictures or words, poetry or television, music or movies – then move them toward the sensual bent and you take inspiration up a notch or five. As an author I need sinspiration quite often. Now perhaps that’s because I’m also a very wicked and wild woman, one who thrives on words about passion, visions about sex, and music that evokes the most haunting memories. Yes. All of that is true. The five senses take a very naughty ride when it comes to my needs as well as my tastes. For a reader, I do believe the best books are the ones we can Lowes Ropetaste and feel, indulge in and hunger for, merely from words on a page. You have to remember the last book that absolutely drove you crazy because of the level of violence or sex, intensity of the mystery or simply the way the author described the very first time the hero or heroine walked on a pearlescent beach. Stunning, don’t you think?

I love music and have to have an iPod blaring when I write certain scenes. Sex and BDSM require certain hardcore music for me. Songs inspire me to write and create, savor the characters and the thoughts they are having, the raging cravings that almost overwhelm every aspect of what they do. I love to imagine the way the kiss tastes between the man and woman, or the two women who are hot for each other. I savor and lick my lips just imagining wrapping my hand around the rugged man’s cock, bringing the tip to my lips. I can barely breathe the moment I know my characters are going to engage in the most primitive methods of debauchery, BDSM and D/s, fire cupping and spanking. Who wouldn’t? Hmmm…

Are you breathless yet?

I’ve been asked several times where I garner certain sinspirations for aspects of BDSM and D/s. While many of them come from the rather ‘big brain’ as John Patrick A touch of Redlikes to call my noggin, others come from observations of people as well as a delicious mixture of conversations. John Patrick is a HUGE, and I do say huge given the man’s height, sinspiration. Why? He also has this amazing brain that thinks and reminds me every day to look beyond any box I might even remotely believe myself to be in. So we were having a basic conversation about our day – how was work? How was your day? You know the drill. He mentioned he was going into a particular store to look for some mechanical items for a car repair he was working on.

Then he said something to the effect that after being unable to find what he was looking for, he was inspired to go shopping for kinky aspects to determine if the store was worth shopping for other intense items he might use. Of course I laughed at first then had to take the conversation to another bent. Yep – that wicked girl coming out. I started talking about rope and chains and the conversation went all the way down to shopping at Lowes or Home Depot on a Saturday morning – you know when there are HORDS of shoppers looking for the perfect plant, the right ceiling fan, a lightbulb or just browsing for whatever.

Immediately John Patrick knew where I was going with this. I had to comment about admiring ropes and comparing one versus the other. He chimed in something about getting the woman’s perspective and the conversation totally reverted to being very completely uninhibited and voyeuristic. Yeah, what if he asked the cute sales guy to test out either rope or a chain for strength, perhaps tossing a metal strand over one of the shelving units and wrapping the ends around my wrist, hoisting me up? Can you just imagine the dirty looks, the intense gasps from men and women who were instantly terrified of the freaks?

Yes, we laughed for quite a while over this one. Still, the delicious little daydream made me realize that I do indeed look for new “tools of the trade” per say for myA little appe for you books in the craziest and most unconventional places. I think about hairbrushes when I go into Target or truly scope the rope market at Lowes. I gravitate toward clamping systems and pinch and release clothespins and other methods of clamping down on human flesh. (You’d be surprised all the creative ideas you can come up with if you allow your mind to wander.) I imagine the way foam would feel or the slice of a strap of leather across naked skin – not a premade flogger either.

In talking with John Patrick, I realized we have this same kinky vibe. You can make just about anything kinky or hot, wild or wet, IF you can completely let go, become uninhibited. I know – few people look at metal bars and hoists the way I do and that’s just fine. I’m lucky enough to write about all things intense and confining in my books.

What I realized as we were talking today is that I really don’t take for granted anywhere I go for work or play. I look and observe. I imagine and listen to conversations. I indulge in being a fly on the wall and part of their lives if even for a moment. I reflect on the man as he’s studying a woman or the music they are both gushing over. There is sinspiration in everything around us – IF we just open our eyes.

In all the conversations with John Patrick, pretty much every day he adds a picture or five to an email. He is so visual in his methods of allowing me to see inside his very dominating personality. There is something about the selection of pictures, the way he breathes life into them that stills me every time. Then he adds his words almost like a caption to the vivid images and I whisper… “Gotta remember this for a story”. He laughed at me today and stated – not asked because he is a Dom – that I need to give him credit for all the ideas for stories and blogs he’s given me. He’s right. So John Patrick I raise my glass – mmmm…. See, I do find sinspiration in so many methods. What’s your favorite?

Keep dreaming and fantasizing.

Kisses and spanks


About Cassandre Dayne

Cassandre Dayne is the pseudo for the best selling author of romantic suspense and thrillers
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