Submitting to a Spanking…His Comforting Power

Comfort. I think we all need to feel comfort in our lives, especially when we’re not feeling the best about life. There isn’t a single one of us who doesn’t feel “blue” or suffer from a bout of depression, at least every once in awhile. I’m no exception. The end of 2013 was a bit of a bear and there were many reasons including my RL job, writing, and some basic crap that we all have to deal with. Seemed that for whatever reason karma followed me into 2014 and after truck issues, nasty weather bigstock-Young-Woman-Posing-In-Erotic-S-641899and just some basic you know what happening, I woke up blue today, unsure of what the hell I was doing or why. You know the feeling when you challenge everything about yourself.

Now, what I can tell you is that being able to share an aspect of my life that few people know with someone I trust implicitly – fabulous. That alone is a happy place in my world. John Patrick always manages to give me a smile. He gives me comfort in the way he knows I need, very gentle during certain moments, direct and firm in others. He’s learned about me very well, offering me exactly what I need. Often times I need a heavier hand, a strict reminder that I still have to follow the rules, no matter how I might be feeling. In other words, he’ll still spank me when I need to be disciplined. Lately I’m beginning to think all the time. LOL. I am very willful remember. I have no doubt my pushback gets old for him. When I feel worse, my vanilla personality tends to come out more often – and that’s not always a good thing.

Still, today he knew I was blue, hates when I am, and tried to bring a smile to my face. I laughed when I suggested very openly that perhaps a spanking was the only way to drag me out of my doldrums. Don’t you laugh. Women (yes guys you do too so don’t shoot me here) suffer from the vast myriad of emotions, the ones that at times can not only tank our moods but can also drag our attitude, our nature, our words, our actions and thoughts, and pretty much every single interaction straight into Hell – bitchy Hell no less. Yep, some men call it the ugly PMS syndrome, but that’s not what was going on with me today. I was and remain right now just…down.

For many domestic discipline couples, they practice maintenance spankings. That simply means that a particular time for a spanking – not for punishment purposes – is pre-selected by the Head of Household. Some choose to give disciplinary sessions, for example, every Monday and Thursday while others decide on the spur of the moment. Punishment spankings are handled when the infraction occurs of course. The practice has folks on both sides.

I was really thinking today about asking John Patrick for a hard spanking, and I do mean hard. We’ve experimented enough that for me the belt remains the most personal and the one that honestly humbles me into a complete realization of why I’ve being spanked. The only reason I can figure out is that the belt he wears every day. This is his personal attire and when he removes the leather strap to whip me he’s handling the discipline out of caring, adoration, and the knowledge that I truly need the punishment for many reasons. He teases me (and it’s not really a tease) that I need to be refocused at times. You know what? He’s right. I worry and frustrate like pretty much every other woman. When I have to concentrate on the quiet and loving words he’s telling me about why I’m being punished, then to literally have nothing else in my mind but the anticipation of the whipping – WHEW. Powerful. Yes, the event does “refocus” everything in my mind.

Perhaps having a regular spanking two or three times a week would help my mind settle, release tension and anger that ebbs and flows from time to time. Perhaps… I will say this, for powerful and strong women, we really do thrive on a stronger man, one who has the courage as well as the love to take us in hand. Hmm… Back to the story and this one will be the last for our rather interesting couple. I’ll put this one into a full story as well but I hope you enjoy the aftermath of a very public spanking.

Echoes bounced in Meadow’s ears and she’d never been so immobilized in her life. She could hear the snickers, the titillating laughter that was all around them. There was no way to shove away the ugliness. They were all watching her get a hard spanking, encouraging Jefferson. They were all seeing her naked ass getting whipped. They all knew she was a bad girl, one who couldn’t figure out right from wrong. The worst part was that she wasn’t struggling or wiggling in the least. She lay over The clock is tickingJefferson’s lap taking his hard strikes and sniveling.

This wasn’t like her at all. She didn’t allow anyone to take control of her. At least not since… She sniffed back tears and clenched her eyes shut. This was absolutely ridiculous. Jefferson spanking her. How fucking dare he!

“You’re going to learn you can’t talk to me that way and you’re no longer going to curse. Do you understand me?’ Jefferson asked, the tone in his voice controlling yet calm.

She jerked her hand up from the floor and wiped her eyes.

Slap! Crack!

“When I ask you a question you’re going to answer. Do you understand me, Meadow?’
“She deserves it.”

“Spank her some more, the mouthy bitch.”

The words from somewhere in the darkness only made another tear swim to the surface. She moaned softly, refusing to allow anyone else to know how upset she was. “Yes, sir. I do.” Where in the world had that come from?

“Better,” Jefferson said quietly.

Whap! Crack! Pop!

“And we’re going to continue this after I take you home,” he continued as he spanked each ass cheek in a very methodical manner. “You need a firm hand and a very pointed set of rules.”

“Keep spanking her.”

“She hasn’t learned yet.”

“I hope you spank her all the time. The woman needs harsh discipline.”

This time she heard Jefferson cursing under his breath after the nasty comments were issued. Rules? Shit. Shit. Shit. Maybe he was getting tired of being on display. She couldn’t believe the spanking had gone on this long. Or was time just completely out of her realm right now? She swallowed as he managed to hit her sit spot just so, anguish exploding into every cell in her body. Now she squirmed. Now she fought, throwing her hand back. “Please!”

Jefferson sighed and rubbed her ass. He leaned over and pulled the hair away from her neck. When he spoke his words were very gentle, extremely comforting. “I know what you need. Don’t forget that. You can feel safe with me. I’ll always take care of you. Let me in and we can do this together.”

Together? Did he say the words? Lately she’d balked at everything he’d said, in or out of the courtroom. Today the words were very relaxing, almost peaceful and a wonderful reminder of what they’d shared. That is before he…the man…her lover and… The old rage rushed into her system. She jerked and arched her back, tossing both hands back to cover her ass. “Stop. You can’t do this here. You don’t own me.” But she wanted to say the single word ‘yet’. Where in the hell had this come from?

He sighed and gripped the back of her neck with one hand, grappling to secure both of her wrists in the other. When she was forced into submission he leaned over, his whisper husky. “You’re going to learn tonight that I’m in charge. You won’t fight me and we’re going to spend all night if we have to talking. Now you can be a very good girl and hold your head high when I release you or we can do this the hard way. I don’t think you want that. Do you?”

“No!” I mean no sir.” ‘Sir’. There were too many sirs all the way around. Meadow wrinkled her nose and really tried to concentrate on what he was saying. Did he really To kneelthink he was going to control her now or any time? He had another fucking thing coming and…


“Fuck!” she hissed, her body jumping involuntarily.

“No more cussing. We’re not finished with your discipline tonight but when I let you go, you’re going to stand up, pull up your panties and smooth down your dress, and wait as I pay the bill, remaining very quiet. I don’t want to hear a peep out of you. Do you understand me?”

She wanted to respond, had every syllable, every nasty word picked out, but she could tell the entire club was holding court. They were waiting to see what she was going to say, if she was going to continue being bratty. She knew what he was saying, what he was requiring and she was going to obey.


Meadow knew the hard slap on her upper hip was a mere reminder. Jefferson was in charge.

“Again, when I ask you a question, you are going to answer me. Later tonight, when you’re standing in the corner and reflecting on all the infractions you’ve shown me tonight alone, you can think about why you’re misbehaving this way.”

Blinking several times she tried to focus, attempted to rationalize what was happening between them. She’d often told him during their relationship he needed to be more controlling, but he’d struggled, his difficulties becoming an issue between them. Was she actually buying into the bullshit and the fact he was finally taking charge? Was she actually succumbing to the single man who she knew could handle her willful ways? For a few seconds she was mesmerized, almost intoxicated by the sound of his voice, the way the inflections enveloped the smooth husk like a sheepskin blanket. Whew. This was amazing. This was fabulous. This was… Wait a fucking minute. Was she actually buying into the bullshit?

Jefferson squeezed her neck. “That’s a good girl. Now I’m going to let you up and I’ll take you home. We’re going to be spending a lot of time together.”

“Yes, sir.” Dear God. She was buying into the bullshit and the hype and the way in which he was controlling her. Closing her eyes was the single thing she could do to keep from dying of embarrassment as he pulled her off his lap. Whether or not the entire club had applauded, which she honestly believed they did, she could tell Jefferson was only concentrating on her. She knew he was pulling up her panties but she refused to look, couldn’t acknowledge. How many people were in the place? How many had seen her in all her red butt glory? Too many. This was so humiliating. You deserved it. You needed a hard spanking. You needed, no need to be taken in hand. She sucked in her breath, a bout of dizziness rushing into her system. She certainly wasn’t going to pass out – not here and not now. Nope.

“Very good. I’m proud of you.” Jefferson rubbed his knuckle under each eye, brushing the tears away. He gripped both arms and kept his voice even. “You did very well. I’m going to pay the bill so if you’d like you can go outside, wait just outside the door and I’ll be right there. Deal?”

Oh the deal was sweet indeed. “Yes, sir.” When she had the courage to open her eyes and gaze into his she was almost shocked by his expression, the moisture in them. RillfulWas he crying because of this? No way. He’s crying because he cares so much about you. He adores you. Let him in. The damn little voice she was going to crucify one day. She smoothed down

“Excellent. Grab your purse and go. I’ll be right there.” He rose to his feet and leaned his head down, kissing her lips softly. “I’m honestly very proud of you.”

Meadow smoothed down her dress and offered a slight smile, realizing she was honestly glad he was happy with her behavior. For a few seconds she was back again as a small child, one who needed to be spanked pretty much every other day or so. “Thank you, sir.”

“Now go. I’ll be right there.”

Every move was stiff as she turned and managed to grab her purse from where she’d dropped it, snagging the leather straps and holding them tightly in her hand. She was dripping from perspiration, beads falling into her eyes as she attempted to find the exit. There was no doubt all eyes were on her, hoping she’d also fall flat on her face. The entertaining scene was no different than any of the horrible reality shows, the ones where everyone got a good laugh at the expense of those depicted in vivid color.

She turned and nodded to Jefferson and there was no hesitation in his mannerisms, no fluctuation in the look on his face. He was totally and completely in charge. For the first time she truly acknowledged his authority. This wasn’t about playtime. This was about real life. Her feet heavy she moved through the crowd and this time could hear as many words of support and admiration as she did jesting taunts. She could bet very few had ever seen an adult spanked in public before. No siree. By the time she made it to the front door, grateful she didn’t fall on her face or otherwise look like an idiot, relief flooded her. When the front door to the restaurant closed, she eased into the shadows and pressed her back against the cool brick. Nothing like this had ever happened to her.

For a few seconds she stood quietly, longing to cry, to be pissed as hell. What absolutely stilled her completely was how free and at peace she felt. This man, this single guy had found the key to her dark secrets, her intense padlock. Now, what in the hell was going to happen next?

Well, what do you think? What if a guy paddled you in front of a crowd of people? Could you handle it?

Kisses and spanks… I hope you enjoyed.


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3 Responses to Submitting to a Spanking…His Comforting Power

  1. laurellasky says:

    I don’t think I could handle it but it’s very arousing.


  2. George says:

    Maybe a well raised adult daughter (even still spanked in her late 20s) is on the best path to lovingly submit 100% to Her Husband…


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