The Dark Side Nestled in All of Us

We all have a dark side, one every man and woman worry about, become fearful others will learn… What secrets do you hold? I hold several, including the fact I’ve embraced being a submissive. This isn’t something I would have admitted even to myself a little over two years ago. Now I embrace who I am – but… Embracing and accepting doesn’t mean that we can live the lifestyle easily or even accept who we are. For many of us we dream, fantasize and long for different days, bigstock-Pulling-Jeans-Down-811258those where our personal chains can be broken. I yearn for these days, knowing and so happy for the woman inside, but vanilla life and business can be difficult to make any changes, allow any admittance. Hungering for the lifestyle of D/s, DD, or BDSM can be daunting. Just imagine telling your boss, your mom or your best friend… But for those who can I applaud you.

This is going to be a little bit of a short blog today along with just a bit of promotion for a sexy little story, one that’s in re-release in truth. I’ve been writing about so many aspects of spanking, domination, BDSM and domestic discipline (enjoying every minutes), and I realized something interesting that there are so many of the same threads running throughout many of my pieces. Yes, I seem to have an affinity for D/s. What does that tell you about me? I was talking with John Patrick today and he mentioned again how much he enjoyed the blog and the fact I added the Dom’s perspective to so many of my stories. I need to. I have to show everyone who reads my stories that we are all just regular people – man and woman. We have fears and concerns. We frustrate and sweat. We have sleepless nights and hunger to the point we are stymied in our discussions. Notice I say ‘we’? Eh, okay so you’ve figured out I have many sides. I am a woman first, a writer second and a submissive third, and at times they interfere with each other. At times they are so intertwined there is difficulty for me even telling the sides apart.

What John Patrick and I talked about today was his birthday coming up not to long from now. He was born on Friday the 13th. Now you can think all the wild things you want to. He laughed and questioned whether I knew why he was a bit out there, dark and seductively dangerous in his nature. Yes. I know what he means. I believe in the astrological signs and a bit of dark psychology. What I realized is that for so many of us, we have another side, one we’re afraid of showing pretty much any of our friends and family. There is so much about society that basically requires us to be almost a carbon copy of what he hold to be truths. Anything and everything that’s deemed ‘different’ is challenged. Trust me I know. I’ve been challenged by prejudice my whole life. I’m not whining – no worries. I just chose to bring theses lifestyles to the forefront with joy in my heart and hopefully in my writing.

As I told John Patrick today, he’s allowed me to further accept the woman I am and with passion and intelligence, tears, and longing in my heart. I hope you’re lucky enough to find the ‘one’ who can do that for you.


Shaking his head, Devon walked from behind the desk and folded his arms, a dark bigstock-Sexy-woman-Studio-photo-16571843chuckle pushing past his lips. “I so love the brassy side to you. I wished you’d show this more often. I can certainly use more spunk and intelligence around here. God knows I’m surrounded by a sea of complacency.”

“Be careful what you ask for because I tend to follow orders, sir. I’m very good at what I do. Very good.” While the words slipped out of her mouth before she’d even realized what she’d said, Shila couldn’t help but grin inwardly. There was nothing more than she’d like to show him but all of her – every square inch. She’d even purchased one too many sexy teddies with his naked body in mind. Fanning her face with the notepad, she attempted to look nonchalant but could only envision herself on all fours, chained to iron bedposts while he drove his thick shaft deep into her pussy. Then after he’d spank her ass until she couldn’t sit down for a week. Tingling, Shila nibbled on her bottom lip nervously. If only her boss knew what she was thinking about him.

“Are you all right? You’re looking a little flushed.”

“Fine! Just fine.” Said too quickly, she cringed seeing the odd way he was looking at her, as if he knew she had him wielding a flogger. Licking her lips, Shila managed to wipe the bead of perspiration before the damn thing trickled into her eyes, ruining her make up. “Would you like to go over the menu one last time and make certain I have everything listed that you’d like? I selected some incredible delicacies I believe.” Yes, all sensual creations meant to dazzle and wow.

Tilting his head, Devon looked all the way down the length of her body and back up.

A full minute, maybe two ticked buy and Shila could hear her heart beating rapidly.

Devon nodded his eyes narrowing. “Absolutely, but you must know not everything we hunger for is on a menu. The majority of the best things in life are found in the places you least likely look for them and when you find exactly what you’re looking for you refuse to be denied any longer. Don’t you find that to be the case, Shila?”

Was he undressing her with his eyes? No, he was simply telling he how ridiculous her behavior was. What the hell? She was in a very naughty mood today. Perhaps because the last blind date had ended with her slamming the door in the jerkoff’s face. “Why yes, sir. I’m a girl who realizes some things wrapped in a pretty little package are simply boring. Disposable. You have to find multi-layered flavors in order to truly be sated in life and in passion.”

“Interesting,” Devon said as he tapped his lips. “Very well said. That almost sounds like one of my campaigns, or at least should be. You’ve certainly learned a great deal over the last several months.”

“Thank you sir. I do try to give my job everything I have,” Shila said, innuendo dripping from the few words.

“Yes. That I can tell. I’m very pleased with your performance lately. You are a woman of many talents.”

“Thank you, sir.” You have no idea how many talents I have.

“Shila, you’ve earned the right to call me Devon.”

“I was taught certain aspects about subordination and authority, sir. I understand the chain of command.” Shila studied his reaction and when he didn’t flinch she wanted to scream in frustration. She was offering herself up on a silver platter not only sexually but also as a submissive. If only the man would open his eyes and see a woman who truly adored him for every aspect, every trait and even all his faults. And he sure as shit had some faults but he was also such a hard body with a cream puff middle and… Inhaling deeply, she forced herself to look away before she slipped her hand under her You don't listenskirt, shoving her fingers deep inside her aching cunt.

“Hmmm… I see. Let’s hear the menu details and I want to confirm the guest list as well. We certainly can’t leave anyone out.”

Startled, she realized the fantasy seemed too real. She looked at her fingers, half expecting to see them glistening. She knew she was blushing and when she darted a look up at his face, she could swear Devon realized what she was thinking, what he’d been hungering for.

“Shila?” Devon growled.

“I’m sorry. Yes, sir.”


Ten minutes later she’d explained every detail to nauseam and by the end knew instinctively he had to be thinking about his golf game or perhaps washing clothes or even sitting in the dentist’s chair. He certainly wasn’t thinking about the festive menu given his glassy eyes. “Sir? Is there anything else you need? I think the party is all under control, but I’m certainly able and willing to go the extra mile if you so desire.”

“Yes, you certainly seem to have a handle on everything. Just one more aspect I do need. In truth one that I require,” Devon said quietly, his tone authoritative.

“Of course, sir,” Shila breathed and resisted glancing at her watch. Require? Damn the man was hard assed. Right now she wanted a tall glass of wine and at minimum a soak in her tub to try and forget she’d been clenching her pussy muscles all afternoon. His musky scent was driving her bat-ass crazy.

“As you know I’m closing the office at noon since it’s Friday and also in celebration of everyone working so hard to garner the new client with this incredible campaign.”

“Yes and I know everyone is thrilled.” She planned on doing a little shopping then working on any last minute details that might and would come up about the party. They always did. She continued to make a mental list of details.

“Well, I’d like to see if you can have the caterer prepare a lunch style selection and serve for a very special luncheon for myself and a particular very important guest. This is to simply make certain the food is exactly what we both hope it will be. Can you arrange that for me?”

Were his eyes twinkling? “Yes, sir. What time?” Great, now her time shopping was going to be cut short. Seeing him cavorting with some hot chick wasn’t going to be the highlight of her day.

“Noon on the nose. The employees will be leaving and we can have time to enjoy and even have a little wine together,” Devon said, his voice filling with a quiet husk.

Now she wanted to rip out the eyeballs of whatever chick was getting to enjoy a very intimate affair. “Of course, sir. Would you like for me to call the person you’re having lunch with and invite her for you?” Yep, her voice held an edge. No doubt about it.

Rising from his desk, he closed the distance and gazed down at her. “Why I certainly hope you’ll consider joining me for lunch. Enjoying excellent food and wine by myself would be a complete waste and such a shame. Don’t you think?”

Her? What? He was inviting her to join him for a very intimate lunch, just the two of them together and all alone? Swallowing hard, she didn’t even bother to moan when she realized the nervous tick was literally jumping in the corner of her mouth. “Me? I mean yes. Of course, sir. Anything you’d like, sir.”

“Anything? Hhhhmmm… Excellent. Now get out of here. I need to talk to your boss. The man is a damn slave driver.” His eyes flashing mischief, he patted her arm then walked back behind his desk.

Now she was in utter hell. Beautiful and very sexy hell but hell nonetheless. “Great.” What in the world was she supposed to do? Time to go shopping.


Shila made it home just before dark, bottle of wine in hand and a sexy new dress nestled snugly in a bag. Nervous as a kitty-cat, she could barely get her clothes off fast enough and into a slinky little dress meant for relaxation. Lunch with the boss all alone? Who knew? As she turned on music and opened the wine, she grabbed a glass DLL_MF_CaviarCuffs_medfrom her cabinet and eased her hand over the plastic hanger, admiring the vivid color.

Sighing, she poured a hefty amount of wine and sauntered toward her computer to check her emails and Facebook. Even after several gulps she couldn’t calm her nerves. Leaning back in the hardback chair, she realized she wasn’t going to get any rest without some form of relief. Grinning, she eyed the Internet browser and for some reason darted a glance to her left and right, like someone was going to be watching her. As if they’d figure out she was a deviant in disguise. Well, she was indeed just a little bit and proud of the fact.


Shila Miller was always hungry, for her sexy boss that is. There was something about Devon Thompson’s long, dark hair and steel blue eyes that simply drove her into madness. Sadly, touching wasn’t allowed on the menu at Thompson, Tyler and Poole – the poshest advertising firm in all of Atlanta. Then again, how could he love a frumpy girl like herself? Those who called her voluptuous she longed to kick into hell. But oh she could fantasize… Tasked with developing a sizzling catering event for a select few clients, she designed not only what she thought was the perfect selection, but one that could also entice her divorcee boss. If only he noticed her.

Devon was a ladies man and while he realized his power over women, he was tired of sitting on the hot seat. The woman he had the hots for didn’t seem to notice his directness. Or care. Then again, Shila was all woman, and the most accomplished assistant he’d ever worked with. He simply had to have her and the one chance he might have would involve a dirty little lunch in the making. In truth, he questioned his rather sinful motives and whether she’d consider becoming more than just his employee. After all, he wanted to own more than just her heart. He required her complete submission.

I so hope you enjoyed…

Kisses and spanks…



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