Tempting a Bitter Enemy

We’ve all have them – a bitter enemy who has or is trying to steal everything we’ve worked so hard to achieve. Sometimes when this happens we do things outside of or ordinary practice, becoming the person we thought we’d never become – vicious and using tactics that can destroy. Would you lie to keep a job? Would you steal company documents to make this happen?  I think it does even to a minute degree more often than you realize. When you add the fact that you actually LIKE the person who you think is betraying you? All bets are off. Take a take of my latest hot one – and it’s all m/m.


Drew Banning had never felt better in his life. This was his day and he was at the office early to take charge. Entering what he considered to be the hallowed grounds of his office, he arrived at his usual time, just after sun up and long before anyone else ever appeared, including his boss. He was chipper as he sipped his cup of Starbucks coffee, planning a festive celebration tonight. He had every right to and by God he was Adam Huber Greg Vaughan-2going to finally let go for the first time in months. He laughed as the elevator came to a grinding halt at the top floor. The subtle jump of the steel box generally made him jumpy. Not today. Nothing would interfere with his good mood or his determination today.

He sipped on the steamy January blend and strolled into the very calm main floor, where the majority of the sports management team lived and breathed. While lucky enough to have an office of his own just down the hall from the owner of the company, he never shied away from his roots. Being an intern in the early days had given him the opportunity of learning every aspect of the business. The loved the company and the work. He hated the majority of the self-serving idiots who treated the place like a stepping stone to greatness. Yeah, they were pompous and Drew butted heads with several of the employees. Eh, he had to face facts. He was one hated man.

Business was down and he had to hit the ground hard. The rumor mill had them all on edge and he hoped today would squelch the bullshit. There was no way old man Steele was going to sell the place. None. Today’s big meeting had to mean something else. He sighed and said a silent prayer, and he was no praying man. This had to be a new era, the tides turning. He’d certainly worked hard enough. Sniffing, he laughed his concerns off and continued walking.

The overhead lighting cast a warm hue across the entire floor and he stopped short, admiring the myriad of pods, chairs and desks, mountains of papers and bulletin boards located everywhere. With every ounce of his heart he loved the company, his chosen career, even if he’d loved to clean house. Chuckling, he rounded a corner and thought he detected movement. This early?

Shit. He valued his alone time here, generally getting much more work done in two hours without another soul being on the floor than the rest of the day. After all, Drew was sought after in the world of exclusive and very high paying clients, the kind that A little m:m tonguemade Wheaties and Coke commercials after they won the Big Game or the latest tournament. Drew was the man who could take any athlete to the top. He craned his neck and heard nothing. Perhaps the skittering noises were merely the sound of the heat and air ducts cutting on and off.



No, this was decidedly human.


“Uh-huh.” Drew grinned and shook his head. As he headed for his office he heard the sound again and this time he suspected what was going on. After figuring out where he thought the noise might be coming from, he moved toward the right and around the corner to a selection of more sequestered pods. The movers and shakers were positioned together, as if thinking outside the box would inspire each one of them. Easing closer he raised an eyebrow and attempted to remain as quiet as possible. He shifted to what he knew to be a blind corner and peered out. He would have anticipated just about anything but the sight in front of him.

Two men fucking.

He wanted to be horrified, perhaps stop the action in mid-stream, but the sad truth was he was immediately turned on by the two salesmen engaging in carnal activity. They were guys he’d shared a beer with, baseball games for the office and general discussions about women in the middle of a heterosexual strip club. No one knew he was gay and he didn’t give a shit what anyone else did behind closed doors. But this was priceless. There wasn’t a single person in the office that would ever believe either Doug or Brandon would engage in such sinful activities. Given Doug was married and Brandon had his own personal version of a blond bombshell as his girlfriend, vanilla people generally didn’t put the two together. Then again, he knew all looks could be deceiving.

What a delicious find, one he could and would use if necessary. Brandon was a jerkoff, the biggest one in the company and no doubt after Drew’s job. Over his cold ass dead body. He couldn’t help but enjoy the sight of both men naked. Brandon was on the chair, his legs splayed wide and Doug was on his knees, doing a damn good job of sucking the larger man’s cock. Drew knew he might be going to hell but he stood in the shadows, took a sip of his coffee and simply enjoyed the show.

Brandon arched his back, jutting his hips forward, and slapped the desk, the sound floating into the air. “Damn you’re good at sucking cock. Shit. You are smokin’ hot.”

Doug gave him a look.

“That’s it. Take my dick all the way down.” He intertwined his fingers in Doug’s hair, shoving his face down forcefully.

Moaning, Doug seemed to relinquish control, allowing his mouth to be fucked hard and fast. His hands roamed up and down Brandon’s chest, his fingers alternately pinching Brandon’s nipples.

Drew licked his lips, realizing they were dry and his mouth parched, but managed to set the half empty cup down somewhere. He blinked several times, wanting nothing more than to be sucking on Brandon’s fat cock. No, he wanted to suck on any man’s dick. Jesus. How long had it been? His hunger was getting out of hand. Tonight might be the night to go cruising, searching for fresh cock. He had plenty of condoms and DLLies_BitterEnemies_medjust might be celebrating.

The pace was continued for what had to be a couple of minutes and Brandon was obviously trying to bite back his moans. “Okay lick my balls, suck ‘em.” He eased his hand from Doug’s head, folding both behind his shoulders.

Doug lifted his head, tipping his face as he pulled Brandon’s shaft from his mouth swirling his tongue around the cockhead several times. He cupped Brandon’s balls, rolling them between his fingers as he took the tip into his mouth and clamped around the throbbing shaft.

Damn his cock was aching. Drew pressed his back against the wall and flexed his fingers as he rubbed down his chest to his groin, his movements harsh. There was nothing more than he enjoyed but rough and hard sex. Stroking his cloth-covered dick he swallowed hard. Damn, he loved being a voyeur.

Growling, Brandon shifted in his seat, lifting his ass off the chair. “I’m going to fuck you. I’ve been waiting and I ain’t gonna be patient any longer.”


Love, honor and family… And Betrayal 

All was fair in the game of love and war. Especially when two men were vying for the single shot at taking over as President of the most influential sports-management firm in the world. The coveted position afforded every luxury, every accolade. In the end, only the best man would survive unscathed.

Drew Banning knew the pulse of the street, the intense craving men had to rise above the crime and horrors of mankind. He’d been groomed as the prodigal son, was set on taking control of the reins. And he would stop at nothing to achieve a single goal – to win no matter what the cost. There were those who would challenge him but he knew secrets, ones he would use if pushed. His advancement and all that followed was on track. Then one man stepped into his life and everything changed.

Gabe Rollins understood about the finer things in life, having been born into the right family. Experiencing them was something else entirely. After all, he was a dirty little secret. Determined to prove everyone wrong, he balked at taking handouts, preferring to achieve what some would call ridiculous aspirations on his own. His honor alone stood in the way of taking what was rightfully his – that is until the challenge of his life came his way, one he couldn’t refuse.

Both men had a single prize in their sights and they would stop at nothing to achieve all that they hungered for – no matter the lies they were forced to tell.

One destiny + two men = bitter enemies.

Let the games begin…

I hope you’ve enjoyed!

Kisses and spanks…




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Cassandre Dayne is the pseudo for the best selling author of romantic suspense and thrillers
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