The Very First Spanking…

Well, a long day with meetings etc so giving writing a full blog a break, but as usual spanking wasn’t far from my mind. Maybe I’m just a VERY bad girl. LOL  John Patrick would say YES. I truly love these flash stories that turn into delicious short stories. If you’ve never been spanked you’re missing out – whether sensually or for punishment. Domestic Discipline and various forms of D/s bring couples so much closer together. Yes, just my opinion but I have a little insight to base this on. My latest hot off the presses release is all about the very first spanking. Imagine the angst, the worry, the excitement, the apprehension and the need. Here’s a little taste. Tell me if you like.


“I don’t have to follow your rules. I don’t have to be your little puppet. You have fifty people at your office ready to lick your boots!” Tonya Mathews could tell her blood pressure had increased. She was hot and wet all over, enraged he wouldn’t let TheFirstTimethis go.

“You maxed out not one but two credit cards and you think I’m asking you to lick my boots?” Greg huffed as he clenched his fists, his eyes narrowing. After a few seconds he snorted. “Unbelievable. We talked about the money before. The new roof set us back almost ten grand. Then the transmission fritzing out in your car and all the other normal expenses have kicked us in the ass. Why do you think I merely requested you hold down on the Victoria’s Secret shopping for, oh I don’t know, a month or two?”

This time she held up her middle finger and smiled. “My credit card. My choices. And I make more money than you do.” Grabbing her suit jacket and purse, she knew in her heart she’d gone too far. There was no way he was going to allow her to get away with this heightened level of disrespect.

“What did you say to me?”

“You heard me.” A quick spritz of her perfume and she was ready to leave the house. Funny how her legs were shaking, just as they did when she knew she was amiss about something. And this argument? She was so in the wrong. Her spending habits were off the charts. She’d been buying crap just to do so and she had a terrible feeling she knew why. Admitting the notion? Not easy for her to do. In her profession she was never incorrect. She certainly wasn’t going to admit to bad behavior at home. Not now. Not ever.

Greg rubbed his lips and took a step back, exhaling before he spoke. “We need to talk about this later. No, we are going to discuss this tonight. This behavior isn’t going to be tolerated.”

Clucking her jaw she glared at him. They were at an impasse. She was the one who finally looked away, cognizant of the authoritative look on his face. They were both pissed but her husband angrier than she’d seen him in years.

“I’m leaving now. I have work to do.”

“And I have an important case to get to.” Tapping her watch she gave him a look and gripped her things against her chest. Think clearly. Think about the case. She needed to do nothing but gather her wits. Preparations were going to be difficult as well as time consuming. The court date was right around the corner and if she didn’t Submitting another over his kneefigure out how to get the client under control, time behind bars might be an option. For a few seconds they both remained quiet. She honestly had no idea what to say, what to offer to the already jaded conversation. They disagreed on so many aspects of their life, especially her choices. This ‘new’ lifestyle was far too constrictive. “I’m leaving.”

“Tonya, you’re going to listen to me.”

Shaking her head she snorted as if disgusted, yet there were so many conflicting emotions racing through her and she could tell her heart was racing. “Listen. Well, I need to go.”

“I’m going to ask you one more time. Will you curtail your spending habits as we discussed in order for me to have the time to prepare a budget for you?”

“You mean give me an allowance. Right?” Tonya asked. She was over being subservient to him already and they’d only agreed to the situation about two weeks before. We have to do something or we’re going to divorce. You know that, Tonya. His words remained clear in her mind. She’d agreed to the alternative lifestyle, one giving her almost no freedom, but reluctantly. Now she knew in her gut she’d made a mistake. Agreeing to allowing Greg being head of household was perhaps the most insidious decision she’d made her entire life.

Blinking several times he remained silent as if reining in his frustration. When he spoke he was calm and the tone of his voice even, almost soothing. “We’ve already talked about this and you agreed to having limitations placed on your spending. This is part of the rules that we’ve discussed several times. Do you remember?”

“I remember.” And she hated each one of the damn rules. They made her feel like she was living under daddy’s wing, forced to obey every little command for fear of getting a spanking. How had she allowed herself to fall back into this trap?

“Good. I’m glad. We can sit down again and review them, tweak to some degree, but you are well aware I’m making the household decisions now. I’m going to decide what’s best for you and for us. You seemed very happy about this a few days ago. What’s changed?”

A quick glance at her watch told her there was no time for this. “You’re right. We’re going to have to continue this later. I have a job to do.”


“No know what I have to deal with this week!” The second she snapped she recoiled. He didn’t deserve her wrath. No one did. Another full minute ticked by. She really wanted him to say something, to admonish her or at least mention atonement. His silence suggested he no longer cared. She cringed inside, unable to control her actions, let alone her nasty mouth.

“Okay. That’s fine. We can continue this later. In the mean time, give me your credit cards.” Greg held out his hand.

“I’m sorry?” Tonya knew she hadn’t heard him correctly. “What did you just ask?”

“You heard me,” Greg said, his eyes remaining unblinking.

He did not just ask for her credit cards. There was no freaking way.

“You have a corporate American Express for the business and you can certainly You don't listenkeep your Amoco card, but I want the rest – the Visa and Mastercard as well as the Macy’s and Victoria’s Secret. I want them all. We’ll discuss if and when you can get them back.”

The tone of his voice had changed, becoming more authoritative. For a few seconds Tonya was having some difficulty comprehending what he was saying.

Greg took a step closer. “I know this is difficult for you to understand but my request is best for you.”

Jesus Christ he was being so fucking formal. She tilted her head, a sea of questions swirling around in her mind. This was crazy. This couldn’t happen because she was a independent woman, one who could make her own decisions. Yes, she could and…

“I’ll help develop a budget you can stay within and when you’ve proven that you can be frugal with your spending habits, I’ll consider giving one or two back to you.”


Lies beget lies…

For high-powered attorney Tonya Mathews, every aspect of her life was kick ass – except for her marriage. Lies were something she knew about, especially since she portrayed them every day, the suffocating mask she’d worn for years. She commanded a courtroom, demanding nothing less than perfection, and the majority of men and women who crossed her path acquiesced to her expertise, terrified of her connections within the government. Holding life by the balls was amazing. Sadly, all she craved was a relationship of control, of total domination. After all, she was a born submissive and terrified to tell anyone, including the man she loved.

Greg was determined to save their marriage at all costs. Divorce seemed imminent. His needs were dark, his desire to command every situation clear, yet he was petrified Tonya would race away in fear. After several frank conversations, they were committed to altering their lifestyle, but the aspect of disciplining her was difficult. She was a strong-willed woman, one who refused to submit readily. After a horrific argument, one threatening to derail their newfound happiness, he issued a mandate – a severe spanking was going to occur. A question hovered in his mind. Would she allow herself to lie across his knees, accepting the punishment she deserved, or would she finally decide enough was enough?

I hope you’ve enjoyed.

Kisses and spanks…




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