Honor and Obey…Her Submission…Fractured Rose

There is something so precious about a rose. The flower is beautiful and the gift very special to many. I love roses and have always preferred white ones, not white. When I read about the Ceremony of the Rose, a very moving celebration of love and commitment between a Dominant and his submissive, I was taken aback. She carries an unopened white rose, signifying her gift of purity, while his is an open red one, signifying protection. There are other symbols with the two roses as well. The Tell me you deserve itthorns adorning the roses are intricate to the celebration and I simply love the idea of a D/s couple being joined for eternity. They prick each other’s fingers, gathering blood. For me this brings about so many raw emotions, so much joy.

John Patrick and I have often talked about how the way we are in our learning with D/s, without a deep connection there just couldn’t be the level of trust we share. We both have a lot of emotions about what we’re sharing. While some might be very okay with “playing” with strangers or mere acquaintances, he and I realize our passion drives our need and the growing hunger for D/s. I long to please him and know that as we grow closer, the more intense the relationship will become. I mentioned the other day that when you have the kind of heated hunger as a couple, you have extreme highs and sometimes even more extreme lows. No matter how much you want to please each other, there are times you are on a bit of a disconnect. Trust me, we have and know. But you learn.

I think this is something that couples need to talk about. D/s of DD couples aren’t any different in several ways as those involved in vanilla relationships. You have struggles in real life as well as in your D/s life. The combination can often lead to additional stresses on both. Dom’s aren’t any different than submissives in their range of emotions. He’s remarked in my writing that I bring the male’s side out more than he’s used to seeing. He loves seeing and being able to reflect what the Dom is thinking through my eyes. I love making certain men/Doms have a voice, one that shows his fears and joys, needs and aching. The truth is that if a Dom doesn’t have these various emotions, then I would give pause to being able to completely trust him.

John Patrick is am amazingly emotional man. He tells me every aspect of his personal highs and lows and he and I have gone through a few. We have to in order to move forward in our journey. The sharing we’re doing together, the growing is intense. He lets me see this side of him. Pretty powerful stuff. However in all of our development there have been times of angst, worry we’re not doing anything right. He’s had those feelings too and it’s okay to remember you have to accept that you aren’t going to be perfect, that you will have what some might call a failure, but every time you learn, every bit of sharing you do – you’ll grow together. IF you learn to forgive yourself.

In thinking about the Ceremony of the Rose, I realized how close two people have to be to go through something so incredible. The concept of honoring and obeying is very special for a D/s couple (and some vanilla laced as well) so this story seems to have resonated with many. I’m so very glad you’re savoring the journey my couple is on. This story is a bit different, but I think you’ll enjoy the eventual outcome.

Stephanie shivered, a chill sweeping through every inch of her body. She bit down on her lower lip until she was in pain. The slice of anguish was comforting.

“Okay what is going on with you?”

“Huh?” She heard her best friend’s voice, could tell there was concern laced in the tone, but she honestly couldn’t comprehend what the woman was saying. “Betsy, what?”

“Earth to Stephanie. Hello. Anyone home?” Giggling, Betsy held up her wine. When Stephanie remained quiet, fidgeting with her glass, she leaned over the table. “What is going on with you? You look positively sick as a dog.”

A lick of woodShe sat back in her seat and absently kicked the table leg as she toyed with her wine. Finally taking a sip, she almost choked given her throat was so closed. The night before had been almost cathartic, the time spent in the dark something she’d needed. Sadly, she hadn’t slept and her nerves were still on edge. This was ridiculous. She was already married to the guy. Why was she having so much difficulty embracing such an incredible ceremony with the man she loved? “I’m fine.”

“Tell me another lie. Did something happen with Craig?”

“Something. Well…”

Betsy tipped her head. “He’s not cheating on you, is he?”

Now Stephanie coughed. “Why in the world would you say that?” Taking a gulp of her wine she tingled all over, an odd sensation where her ankle had been tied by the rope remaining. She absently brushed her hand all the way down her leg, rubbing her skin. He’d never turned the light off before, had never left her alone for so long. She wasn’t even certain she wanted to talk about this with anyone. While her time alone had seemed like hours, in fact the duration was thirty minutes on the nose. Craig was prompt with all things.

“Because for you to be this upset usually means something huge. That’s why.” Betsy snarked.

“We just reached a new plateau together.” The wine was calming, the taste soothing. Right now she needed anything and everything to keep her from losing her cookies. For some reason she couldn’t stop the edginess, the worry. Completely and utterly submitting to him, body and soul for all eternity was much more aggressive than taking their marriage vows.

“And you’re worried about tomorrow, terrified you’re not good enough for him.”

The sip of wine flew out of her mouth, barely missing Betsy. Coughing, she gasped for air as she grabbed for her glass of water. She could tell everyone around them was staring at her, wondering what in the hell could be wrong. Why did she give a shit? As she wiped her mouth she clenched her eyes shut. Every aspect of her behavior, her attitude was rocky as hell.

“Yep. I knew it,” Betsy said as she patted Stephanie’s hand. “This is very natural. Happens all the time. You’ll be fine.”

When she recovered she held up her glass as the waiter came even barely into her line of sight. Courage at this point could only be found in a bottle. “I’m that obvious?”

“No, but your nerves are.” Betsy laughed then threw her arm over the back of the chair as she crossed her leg. “Girl. I have no idea what’s going on with you. You love this man. You’re married to Craig and from what you tell me you have great and very kinky sex, better than most of us. He’s the perfect Dom and you have a brand spanking new playroom full of BDSM toys in the basement. He spanks you regularly cause you are a very bad girl and he’s learning tricks with ropes. What’s not to love?”

There was something so genuine and yet so very abrasive about Betsy’s New York accent, as well as the volume of her voice. There wasn’t a single person within a solid twenty yards who hadn’t heard she was not only a kinkser, but also a well spanked woman to boot. “You know, I think they have a PA system in the mall. Why don’t you go and tell the entire world that I’m in a D/s relationship. Okay? I’m certain my work would love to know. Hell, half the damn accountants on staff would laugh at me before carting me off to some looney bin.”

“Is this what’s all your angst about? I mean really? You’re worried about what other people say?”

Stephanie finished the rest of her wine and managed to set the glass down. Every part of her was shaking so badly even her teeth were rattling. “No. I honestly could care less if other people think I’m a freak or not, but I can’t advertise this. You know how conservative my boss is.”

Betsy swirled the tip of her finger around the rim of her glass and grinned. “Something I’ve been meaning to tell you.”

“What? Are you going to chastise me now?” Stephanie groaned. Her ass was still on fire. He’d spanked her damn good and promised another one just as soon as he got home tonight. Yeah, she needed another hard one. Craig didn’t know she’d overdrawn their bank account not once but twice. That little bit of information was certain to keep her from sitting down for probably the next three weeks.

“No, silly. God. You’re pathetic today.” Betsy glanced over her shoulder and leaned in. “Remember the BDSM club Mark and I go to?”

“The new one on Central?” Now her head was killing her. Where the hell was the waiter with her wine?

“The very one and the hot spot I’ve been trying to get you and Craig to come to as well.”

“Yeah, okay. What about it?”

Betsy licked her lips as she raised a single eyebrow. “Guess who I saw there the other night. Just guess.”

This was an annoying game, one Betsy loved to play, yet seeing her BFF’s face made her think. “No freaking way. Not the ultra plain and boring Mr. Dwight Smith?”

“The very one. Bet you didn’t know you’re boss was into being a submissive.”

A full minute ticked by until she was able to comprehend what Betsy was saying. “Him? He’s a submissive?”

“You better believe it sweetie. I have to admit, for an old guy he looked good in a leather collar and what could only be described as a loincloth on steroids. Who knew I warned youthe man had such a huge cock. Course I wasn’t looking.”

Another cough was followed but a raucous round of laughter. Now Stephanie would never get the vision of her bald headed, wire rimmed glassed, suit and tie man out of her mind in nothing but a collar. Who knew? “I freaking love it.” She almost grabbed the glass of wine out of the waiter’s hand.

“I thought you’d get a kick. So you see, darling, there’s no reason to be worried. None.” Betsy raised her glass. “To what is going to be an incredible ceremony, something Mark and I are so glad you’re allowing us to be a part of.”

Another shiver shifted down her spine. As they clinked glasses she couldn’t help be allow the terror to rush through her. What if you’re not good enough? What if you fail him? What if he fails you? What if your marriage is ruined? She closed her eyes. This shit had to stop.

“Okay look. Have you talked to Craig about your worries?”


”Why not?”

“Because he’ll laugh at me.”

Betsy sighed. “I might not know every little detail about Craig, but I can say this with assurance. He’s never laughed at you for sharing your feelings nor is he going to with this. Trust me.”

The way she said the two words ‘trust me’ were odd, far too confident. Stephanie smiled and shook her head. “Spill it.”


“You know what. You know more than you’re letting on. That’s why you wanted to have lunch today.”

“I wanted to have lunch because you’re supposed to be buying the perfect white dress and something slinky for the bedroom. Remember?” Betsy scoffed then looked away.

“God. You’re such a horrible liar. Talk to me. Tell me what you know,” Stephanie insisted.

“Me? You’re the one hiding behind some latent fear of what neither Mark or I can figure out.”

“So you two are talking about me now?”

Betsy opened her mouth, a flush cresting across her cheeks. “Well…”

“As I said spill it or I’m going to toss this wine all over you.”

“And you know you won’t waste a perfectly good glass of wine.” They both laughed and Betsy sighed as she twirled her glass. “You’re not the only one with fears. That’s all.”

“What do you know?” Had Craig said something? Was he having second thoughts? Was he unable to commit to her? My God. She was mind fucking herself. Wiping the beads of sweat from her brow she groaned. This was ridiculous. They were both in their fifties, having been married for longer than most couples they knew. So why move into a D/s commitment now? Of course they both knew why. There was little left or they’d go their separate ways.

Wrinkling her nose Betsy gave her a sheepish look. “You can’t tell Mark I said anything to you and please do NOT say anything to Craig. He really was…he was reaching out to Mark. You know how Craig is.”

“I know and I won’t.” Craig kept everything to himself, only sharing his life in any aspect with her. She was honestly glad he found some refuge in talking with Mark. They’d been friends for years, yet this was the first time she knew of that he’d talked with Mark about anything serious.

Legs Bound“Okay. Gotta trust you at your word.” Betsy took a sip of wine and scanned the restaurant.

“Talk to me. I have to know what he’s thinking. I have to see if he’s having second thoughts and if we should just stop trying so hard. I have to know.”

“Answer me this. Do you love him?”
“Very much so. Love has never been the question,” Stephanie said with clear defiance.

“Are you ready to submit to him fully and completely, giving him every ounce of your body and soul, your heart and body to do with as he sees fit? Do you trust him enough to make the important decisions of your life together? Will you honor him with being his collared submissive, having no other unless he deems it so?”

“Without a doubt.” Hearing zero hesitation in her own voice was somehow surprising. “Yes, I will and I…” As a laugh bubbled to the surface she laughed.

“Excellent. Then you have your answer.” Betsy raised her glass.

“But what does Craig say? I mean what is wrong with this for him?”

Betsy grinned. “He told Mark he knows you still have reservations and he’s going to do everything in his power to ease them. Yes, he’s worried he can’t be good enough for you. He’s terrified he can’t be the strong Dom you need.”

For some reason, no for about a million reasons the words were more powerful than Stephanie could have imagined. Her man, her lover and friend, her husband and Dom was terrified he wasn’t good enough for her. In the next few several seconds she could suddenly see clearly for the first time in months. This was the absolute right thing to do. This was the best moment of her entire life and she couldn’t wait to join her Dom in eternity. “Finish your wine. We have shopping to do.”


When Stephanie heard the garage door she smiled. Yes, she was still tingling, still in a bit of a daze. The entire afternoon had been so eye opening. Her purchases were perfect and she’d enjoyed the time with Betsy. Now she needed to face her discipline, just as her Sir required. He’d texted her twice, making certain she understood what was required of her. She was in the required position in the kitchen, her nose pressed to the wall. She’d prepared his drink of choice, Tanqueray and Tonic, laid out the brush and paddle as he’d requested, and she was naked. Normally she’d be tense as hell. This evening she was at peace.

“Hello, my submissive.” Craig’s voice boomed into the oversized space.

She loved his deep voice, trembled when she heard the always sensuous tone. Tonight was no different. Stephanie was wet, her pussy clenching. “Hello my Sir. How was your day?”

“Fabulous because I knew I was going to be able to spend the night with my beloved. Tell me, have you been a good girl today?”

Hearing the sounds of him dropping his things, no doubt removing his suit jacket and taking a sip of his drink gave her a series of tremors. “I think so sir.”

Craig chuckled. “Hmmm… That means you know you need a hard spanking.”

“Well… Yes, sir.”

“Hhhmmm… Then let’s get started.”

The way the chair legs scrapped along the tile gave her a heated moment of trepidation. Still, he was right. She needed regular spankings.

As he helped her over his lap and patted her ass, she succumbed to him completely, closing her eyes as she heard him reaching for his implement of choice. This was exactly where she was supposed to be.

“Tonight I’m going to give you fifty. I think that many strikes will be sufficient to ease your worries. Don’t you?”

“Yes sir.” For the first time in their entire married life she felt like she belonged. “Very much so sir and thank you.”


“By the way. Is there something you need to tell me, a little problem with our bank account?” Craig asked.

Stephanie groaned as the brush was shifted back and forth across her ass. “Well…”

Pop! Crack!

Mmmm…. What do you think? Is she ready to entire into something so amazing? I think so.

Kisses and spanks…





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