Honor and Obey… Her Submission…Purity

Why do I title this blog purity? Because I honestly believe that being able to submit to another is all about embracing the purity of the heart and soul. One simply cannot give every aspect without opening up completely, freeing oneself of the boulders we ALL have hanging around our necks. We can’t. There is no way…

I’ve been thinking a lot about submission on many levels lately. I truly believe no one can honestly understand or embrace the concept of submitting fully to anyone A Sub's initiativewithout having been in some level of a D/s relationship. Simply put. Not possible. Why? Because as John Patrick and I talk about often, the relationship you share with each other is truly powerful, much more so than the majority of vanilla relationships. What I honestly realize is that there is so much more to the heightened level of intimacy, a sheer joy in being able to share a breathtaking look at life on the “fringe”. Yes, that’s what couples involved in BDSM, D/s, DD or insert any other acronym here, faces. People don’t like what they can’t wrap their brains around. And the concept that anyone could completely submit to another? Hmmmm…

Let’s face it. Society has painted men one way and women another. The middle ground of the relationship is often times difficult at best. Do you remember the first time you fell in love? Do you remember the whispers you heard from either friends or family that the person you thought you adored wasn’t good enough for you, that you could do better given the amazing person you were going to be? My personal belief is that those ingrained and usually ugly connotations stick with us throughout our life, shaping every relationship as well as the feelings around them. What does that do? In my opinion often we settle for someone in our lives we THINK we’re supposed to be with. We deem this person pretty good enough. No, this doesn’t happen all the time. There is true love, but honestly? I don’t think there’s a human alive who can handle a full fledged relationship early in their lives.

John Patrick often speaks to the fact he and I have so many experiences under out belts, aspects of our lives something that has prepared us for an alternative lifestyle. He’s right. He’s usually right about these things. I honestly don’t want to think about being older, getting to the ugly phrase he used the other day “middle age”. Quite frankly, if you look at me or experience my worlds you’ll see pretty much the opposite. Then again, I don’t fit into ANY mold. But I do understand what he’s saying. We expect when we reach a certain point we’re going to merely sail through life, enjoy all the wonderful aspects and work through the difficulties. Then we’ll reach retirement and… Well, of course there are more parts to this, but for me? I’ve been restless my entire life, searching. I now know why and finding John Patrick has been amazing, albeit there is some sadness laced within the joy, for reasons I won’t talk about.

What I do know is that in taking a chance, allowing myself to completely open up, I’ve been given a gift, an awakening. I think many of us are allowed this opportunity, yet so many of us fail what I think we all know is a true test. We don’t allow ourselves to grasp onto the moment when Karma kicks us in the ass. Well…we all know the reasons why. Family. Friends. Retirement. House. Heartache. Kids. Cars. Worry. I could keep going. Valid reasons but… Happiness and allowing yourself to be YOU for the first time perhaps in your life? Pretty damn extraordinary.

I think that’s why in reading about the Ceremony of the Rose I was so drawn to the incredible intensity of the moment two people in D/s share. Or can share. I think few will move to this level, one of undying and eternal commitment to each other, but those who do – I applaud. For me, a woman who’s hidden behind a very tight mask, I long for and hope. Not to say I won’t be able to have one day – who knows. I simply realize I value the encompassing aspect. I’ll finish off this little flash portion with a taste of the actual ceremony in the actual short story – and I’m certain there are as many variations as there are concepts of the BDSM lifestyle. For this couple, this is the pinnacle of fighting the good fight, of giving all of themselves to each other against the odds. Think about your world. Could you give up basic comfort for true happiness? Hmmm… Back to the story.

In Craig’s world, true love was something he’d had difficulty expressing or go upsetairsunderstanding, for that matter, his entire life. There wasn’t any doubt he was emotional, craving passion as well as deep seeded love. The absolute love of another woman to him was an incredible high, yet during his years on earth he’d never found such adoration – that is until he and Stephanie moved into D/s. Exhaling, he was suddenly uncertain about where he was or what he was doing. The raw emotions that had eaten away at his very resolve, a dangling of his dreadful past hanging around his neck a wretched reminder of so many mistakes. Yep. He’d made a hell of a lot of them.

“Dude. Did you see the chick with the orange tube top?”

Craig shook his head, trying to remind himself that Mark took very few aspects of his life seriously. “She your type?”

“You know my type,” Mark snorted.
“And you hit the jackpot with Betsy so stop flirting.”

“Answer me this. How the hell can I be flirting when I’m a solid twenty yards from the…mmm… take a peek at her ass. Wow.”

“That’s what I’m talking about. Stop.” Craig couldn’t help but study the group of flowers he’d been waiting patiently in line to purchase. He could hear the sound of Mark’s voice, his words muffled. For some reason there was a distinct echo in his ears as he fingered the outside of the single white rose, the one meant for Stephanie to carry in the ceremony, the stilling event being held in a few hours.

Laughing, Mark fiddled with his watch. “Buddy, you have exactly three hours before a giving your life to an eternal moment.”
“And your point?” Thank God there was only one person in front of them.

“Only that…”

Hearing the hesitation in his friend’s voice he tipped his head. “What? Is there something wrong?”

Mark remained quiet. This was so not like him.

“Are you having difficulties with Betsy?” Craig took a chance.
“No. Not at all. We’re moving into another level and…”

Craig nodded to the bright eyed blond who couldn’t seem to take her eyes off Mark. He had to smile. “I know you too well remember.”

“That’ll be twenty-five fifty,” she clerk, her voice nothing but a velvet laced purr.

Handing her the change, Craig watched a pained expression crossing his friend’s face. He was grateful for having someone to share the experiences of his lifestyle with Stephanie. There were few friends and even less family members he could even imagine telling about their journey. Journey. The word sent shivers down his spine. This was the culmination, a moment of absolute celebration, but he knew Stephanie had continued reservations. “After this we’re going to have coffee and you’re going to tell me what the hell is going on. I don’t need anything to fuck this up tonight. You hear me?”

Mark laughed nervously and winked at the blond before turning to face the entrance to the crowded mall. “Then we need a drink, a stiff drink.”

Minutes later they were sitting at a long mahogany bar. Both men were absently studying the hockey game blaring from the corner over the rack of liquor bottles. Craig fingered the velvet bag, the one holding the specially designed collar. He thought about the selection of the ruby strategically positioned in the center and smiled. The jewel was Stephanie’s birthstone.

Noticing his action, Mark smiled and held up his beer. “I have to admit. I could barely keep from laughing after the girl in the store asked you what the beautiful piece was for.”

“A collar?” Craig grinned.

“I couldn’t believe you told her the truth. You have balls, buddy.”

“Why lie? I’m not embarrassed.” In truth, he was damn proud they’d decided to take this step. A rush of adrenaline swept through him and he clenched the bag, savoring the very moment she’d said yes. Being collared, the ceremony of the rose and the concept of eternity were… He swallowed hard.

“I didn’t say you should be embarrassed. Betsy and I tell people. Well we tell certain people,” Mark corrected.

Craig shot him a look. “Which one of you is having second thoughts?”

“Shit man. That obvious?”

“Remember what you said to me.”


“So talk.”

Sighing, Mark fiddled with his beer bottle, picking at the label. “She doesn’t think she wants to live a D/s lifestyle any longer. She rather liked her vanilla world she told me.”

My slave 2Craig could hear the angst in his friend’s voice. “How do you feel?”

Mark lowered his head. After a full minute he turned and looked directly at Craig. “Like a part of me has died.”

“Have you talked about your feelings?” The blow he could tell was more horrific than Craig would have been able to understand barely eight months before. He took a long pull on his beer and thought about the basic conversation he’d had with Mark a little over a year before. As he thought about the night spent over several beers and shots of tequila, he realized how grateful he was for the basic conversation. Mark must have thought his questions were ridiculous, but his buddy never let on if he did. Instead, he gave thoughtful answers as well as interesting suggestions about additional education for both he and Stephanie. After that night Craig had gained so much respect for his friend. Up to that point, the D/s lifestyle had seemed like nothing more than kinky play. Now he completely understood the joys, the intensity of the connection, and how deep a relationship could be. He also realized that breaking a bond this powerful was life altering.

“Talk? You know Betsy. Talking is all she does. Well, now except with me.”

“Did she give you a reason?”

Shrugging his shoulders Mark sniffed and wiped his eyes absently. “As I told ya, buddy. She enjoyed the vanilla lifestyle and wants to shift backwards.”

“All right. Are you going to?” Craig held his breath. Mark rarely gave in on anything that he wanted. A through and through dominating force, the patience he’d learned since entering into a D/s lifestyle had changed his friend for the better – at least in his opinion.

“Change back?”

“Yeah. Can you go back to the way you were before, the way you were when you were married?”

A full minute ticked by, then another.

Mark smiled, tipped his bottle and kept his eyes peeled on the television. “There’s no way I can. None. I love Betsy with all my heart, but I can’t go back to being equal in the relationship. I’m certain you can understand.”

“Yeah. Then what are you going to do?” Craig asked quietly, unable to take his eyes off the velvet bag.

“I’m going to ask for a divorce and even worse, I’m going to discuss breaking our contract. I no longer feel she’s collared to me.”

As Craig shuddered from hearing the words, he was stunned seeing tears trickling down Mark’s face. Not a single time in the thirty plus years he’d known the man had he seen him cry. An echo of the words pounded in his ears, the thought so unnerving his heart was in his throat. This was the most important and defining moment of his relationship with Stephanie. Instead of feeling a heightened level of trepidation, he was amazed at the myriad of sensations racing through him. He was more excited and more in love with her than he’d ever been. This was the right decision. This meant…everything to him.



Stephanie stepped out of the shower and before she wrapped a towel around her waist she eased her arm behind her back. The moment she rubbed her ass she smiled. “Mmm…” The pain was real, the welts would remain for several days and she was feeling calm and in a place of peace. She had been for several hours, her steps lighter, her heart signing with joy. The simple drive to purchase a few last things – the right my lustcolor blush, a bottle of champagne – had been an interesting trip. There had been moments she didn’t know where she was or how she’d managed to get from point ‘A’ to point ‘B’.

Chuckling, she thought about how Craig called them fifteen year olds in their rather gushy behavior. And they had been acting like love sick school kids – right up until the conversation about the ceremony had sunk in. Now she had no idea why she’d been feeling such anxiety. Very slowly she turned so her ass was to the mirror. Glancing over her shoulder she realized this was the first time she’d actually looked at her bruises and welts. Up to this point she hadn’t wanted to.

Craig had taken a few pictures, posted them on Fetlife for all the world to see, but even those weren’t something she really had paid any attention to. Tonight they seemed like a badge of honor. Her husband and Dom, her most trusted friend cared enough about her to punish her when she really needed motivation or re-focusing. A long sigh slipped past her lips as she carefully wrapped the towel around her, wincing the moment the terry scraped across her swollen ass cheeks. Dear God she was in love with the man. There wasn’t an aspect of him she hadn’t found amazing.

He was so tall and strong, yet so gentle at times, dominating and authoritative at just the right time. Craig was patient and loving, nurturing in every aspect of moving through the journey, yet he was also vulnerable and unafraid to tell her his concerns. In the beginning he’d worn his own mask, one of needing to be perfect in all ways with her but more importantly for her. During the amazing months he’d let go of this particular demon.

Eyeing the simple, classy and very sexy white sheath, she trembled deed inside. White certainly wasn’t her color. She preferred red. The smile she was unable to suppress was a reminder she was offering her being, her very soul as well as her purity to Craig. Purity. Well… Now she laughed. Still, the concept was so very beautiful.

The moment Stephanie pressed her hand over the satiny sheen, the way the material felt in her hand was something she couldn’t describe. This very dress, the one without adornment of any kind, was much more special than her wedding dress. She wasn’t unlike any little girl who dreamed of the perfect wedding. The only difference was, she wanted her eternity submitting to her man – honoring and obeying him.

As she slipped into the dress her excitement grew. After she touched up her makeup, brushed out her hair, she stood back and studied the woman gazing back at her. “Not too shabby.” She looked radiant, her skin glowing. She was well on her way of becoming the submissive her Sir needed, the one he would soon require. Touching her neck involuntarily, she brushed the tip of her finger back and forth across her heated skin. A collar. Whew, the thought was…

She remained barefoot as she spritzed a touch of cologne, his favorite – RED – and the very thought about being by Craig’s side, their souls intertwined, was powerful indeed. The realization she was a new woman, a girl who’d always longed to submit, she was satisfied her Sir would approve. Blowing her reflection a kiss she giggled like a schoolgirl then sensed a presence just out of her line of sight. There was no mistaking the man who filled her dreams with fantasies, her days with desires of increased devotion. The very scent of him brought a sense of wellbeing and a reality of their love. “My sir.” When he didn’t say anything she turned to face him. There was no way she could describe the intensity of her feelings as she glanced into his eyes. Tears were rolling down his face.

“You’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever met, the only woman I’ve ever opened up to and the only woman I could ever take this journey with.” Holding out his hand Craig tilted back his head. “Please, come join in the celebration of our eternity.”

Oh…that gave me chills and there are so many reasons why. Love and devotion, honor and obey. Powerful words…

Kisses and spanks…


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  1. Zoe says:

    I have loved this series. Thank you for writing it and for your insights into this journey. It is really beautiful and powerful.


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