Submitting to a Spanking…Humiliated Affair…Part One

I can’t tell you how much I enjoy talking with John Patrick. Have you guessed that as of yet? We always have the most interesting conversations. There is something very calming about him, the way he talks to me, as well as his gentle guidance of every step of our journey together. Yet I can tell you I’ve seen his other sides – and there are multiples. He is a man who plans out EVERYTHING. And in truth ladies – that’s amazing in such a good way. His personal learning process is more than two fold – he thinks, listens, tries to place himself into the situation, asks me my thoughts, then determines what if anything might work. As he and I talk aboutThe Taste – this is our journey together. There are no rules per say. There are no have to’s. Meaning – for him or the actual journey. While I have rules, they are created on as situations arise. Yes, he has a hint of frustration that’s moved into a tough of anger with regard to me during bouts of misconnection. I do tend to bring that out. I’m not trying to push against him all the time – just the nature of the woman inside.

In learning and sharing, both he and I realize how special it is that we’ve found each other. To think we can share this incredible lifestyle is… Yes, I can still sigh like a teenager. He just does that to me. I also tingle and swoon, lust and hunger, and long to be completely devoted in every aspect. A pretty WOW moment for this chick. That I can tell you.

We had a conversation today about whether a Dom could teach a Dom and about the concept and levels of respect with regards to being in public. Of course I’m interested in what he wants, what his needs are in every area of our growing relationship. He asked me about what my thoughts are when I meet another Dom/Master. How would I act? I said I would respect the person, be submissive in a way, but that I was John Patrick’s submissive period.

Evidently he had a conversation in which they discussion was based on one Dom teaching another. His beliefs are that there is no way one can truly teach another – the journey is completely personal between a submissive and the Dom. I countered to a point (yes he allows me to do this) and said you can always learn no matter what situation. My thoughts are that in sharing together you could glean certain understanding more than anything. While he agreed, he is firm in his belief he will never call another man a Master. I grinned when he said this. He longs to be not just my Dom, but my Master as well. As John Patrick has always told me – this is a marathon, not a sprint. Or in my words – the journey of a lifetime.

I was thinking as I drove home today (the big brain effect as he calls this) about my role in not only supporting my Sir in our public affairs, but also respecting the understanding of D/s and making certain others knew I belonged to John Patrick. So much of this will mean keeping my mouth in check. HA. You all know me very well. I will say pretty much what I want to, although I’m learning my place with him. I feel a lot of moments in time out as well as pretty hefty spankings. You know what? I need them. What’s so amazing about the times we share is that he is really learning about the woman inside – all the good and bad. There’s never been another time I simply don’t hold anything back. Remember those highs and lows I’ve talked about a few times? Why the highs are outrageous and A moment of being histhe lows utterly – ugh. I never want to disappoint him. That’s new for me. I NEVER allow anyone in this much. There are certain aspects within the BDSM community in how the submissive acts, the Dom acts etc. What John Patrick said was that he was going to probably push against the machine. That’s my Sir. And I managed to slip into the vanilla girl tonight and no matter I was playing I hurt him. I showed disrespect. Perhaps grounds for humiliation. I don’t know. What I do know is that even in my playing I feel terrible right now. UGH. Another step. Another thought in the journey. Another lesson. He believes when I don’t question him back about EVERYTHING I’m learning to trust him. I’m really thinking about this. I am the kind of woman who does tend to ask a lot of questions. When he said this I was like…hmmm… Yes, I guess levels of trust increase through time. I do trust him and I believe implicitly, but perhaps I’m holding back naturally a little. When the final wall is broken through then I’m certain I will take what he says without questions. Interesting his thinking.

Going back to the scenario of being around other people in the lifestyle together. What if the submissive wasn’t a good girl? What if she didn’t respect the members of the scenario? There’s an interesting trend in writing the spanking pieces as well as the D/s ones. The spanking story that touched on humiliation REALLY sold off the chain. Are you trying to tell me people long to be humiliated or see those in a difficult situation get theirs? My guess is – you bet. We’ve talked about concepts of humiliation, from being naked when being punished to certain aspects of public display. The concept will be different for every couple, but as you can imagine pretty humbling. I don’t know what will happen between us and whether he’ll ever spank me in public. What I do believe is that he won’t allow anyone else to do so. So…I’m doing one more sexy little story about the subject. Do I think John Patrick would humiliate me behind closed doors? You bet. In public? Hmmmm… TBD… See what you think about a very public affair. 

Kesha O’ Neil was in one pissed off mood. Every day of the last few weeks had been difficult. She was having difficulty keeping the fact her company was going under – hook, line and sinker – so damn fast. Years of scraping by, of doing without might go up in a poof of nothing. She stood in her expansive office glaring out the window. As she folded her arms she realized she’d grown completely impatient, a moment akin to the woman she was before… Sighing, she shook her head and attempted to forget about the fact she was just about ready to lose her life savings. Everything she’d worked for seemed dashed in the imminent takeover. Closing her eyes she allowed her mind to daydream about the years spend building the marketing firm, the long hours and exhausting months. Arguments and screaming battles with her partner and husband had moved into separation and the entire company had suffered. Then something happened between them. “Mmm…”

Business was business. Focus. She clucked her jaw and did everything she could to push back the intense shiver dancing all through her body. Had the devil won in his endeavors to destroy the company? Maybe so. Then again, maybe it was time to just give up the battle. Hearing the soft click of her office door she stiffened. When she detected the subtle yet for her the overpowering cologne of a man she adored so completely, she realized her nipples were hard as a rock. Pressing the back of her hand over her mouth, she pushed back a chuckle. Here they were going through what was perhaps the most difficult times of their lives and she was panting like a teenager.

He moved closer, remaining silent until he stood behind her. “It’ll all work out you know.”

“Yeah? Well say that to our investors.” Drake O’ Neil was one formidable man. He In your graspwas opinionated and strong, ballsy even though his rogue behavior had cost them more than one contract. He was also a quiet man, one prone to bouts of depression at times. The man she’d

gone into business with over twenty years before wasn’t the same guy who’d been carefree and ready to fight any enemy – whether real or surmised.

“Don’t worry. I’ve talked with every single one of them over the last two hours. They’re on board to support us,” Drake stated as he rubbed her shoulders. “Even Mr. Thompson isn’t being but so much of an asshole.”

“Son of a bitch. That’s what he is.”

“Don’t take your heightened rage into the boardroom today,” Drake said, his voice quietly authoritative. “This is merely another transaction.”

“Transaction. Right.” Every touch usually comforted her, if not filling her with utter bliss. This glorious afternoon, one in which the sun was shining brightly, she just didn’t give a shit any longer. “Well they certainly know best. Don’t they?” The inflection was clear. Edgy.

His fingers dug in to her shoulders as he sighed. Lowering his head, he moved her long strands of hair with his nose and mouth and pressed his lips across the head of her neck.

Kesha swallowed hard, every part of her body tingling all over and her body’s reactions had nothing to do with the upcoming debacle. Her husband’s touch, the man she’d been with for nearly twenty years, the man who… She was surprised the concept continued to bother her on any level. “Yes sir.” Why was saying the words difficult for her today? Because you feel submissive to nothing and no man. The thought was sadly true enough.

His mouth lingered over her skin, his tongue swirling in circle after circle. When he drew back, his breath was scattered. “Don’t forget we have a dinner function tonight.”

“Dinner? We won’t get out of the meetings until well after seven.” She stiffened, trying to remember whatever plans he’d arranged. “Sir.” The word tonight was added as an afterthought and the realization hung in the air. They’d been teetering back and forth in their vanilla to a DD and D/s concept relationship for almost a year. The very thought of fully submitting seemed completely out of place, especially given the state of their business. The sad truth was she’d been hiding behind the business for years. His utter silence was a harsh reminder she continued to push to a place she wasn’t allowed.

He patted her ass and crowded them both closer to the window. “Do you see our reflection?”

“Yes, sir.” Her eyes darted back and forth. Of course they were both fairly unhappy, the stresses of life something they hadn’t been able to get from under. As she tipped her head she happened to notice even in the dim lighting of the waning sun his eyes were full of angst. No, they were full of angst.

“Do you know you’re the most important thing in my life?” Drake breathed.

“Yes sir.”

“Do you know I place your well being ahead of my own?”

“Yes sir,” Kesha said without hesitation yet she couldn’t take her eyes off of his.

Drake smiled as he crushed his pelvis into her ass. “Do you understand as well as embrace that I own you, will be your Master for the rest of your life?”

The words were startling, enthralling. There wasn’t a part of her body that wasn’t shivering. “Yes, sir.” The way he made her feel, the very concept of the change in their relationship was so amazing. She hated the hesitation and they both knew she wasn’t ready to commit fully just yet. Maybe after they saved their company. Gulping, she was as tense as she’d every been and Drake was right, she was ready to bite the head off of a bat. There was so much she needed to work on personally and while he always told her the journey was a collective one, she was well aware she needed to work on herself. This wasn’t about trust. This wasn’t…

“Good.” Wrapping his hand around her neck he tugged her head back, exposing her neck.

“Ooohhh…” Kesha didn’t dare touch him. She knew he wasn’t going to hurt her, or allow anyone else to hurt her for that matter. He was simply reminding her who was in control.

Allowing his hot breath to cascade down he darted his tongue out merely twice before pulling back. “You need to learn a lesson.”

“Sir?” Now she gripped his arm with one hand.

Drake pulled her back from the window and in a split second thrust her over her desk. “You know exactly what I mean. Place your hands on the desk, positioned out.” His hand remained wrapped around her neck, his fingers digging in.

“Yes sir.” Palming the cool wood she did as she was told, a series of whimpers pushing past her lips.

He yanked back her head with her hair as he jerked her skirt up from the back of her legs past her ass. “Mmm… Excellent. Just a thong today.”

A tiny smile was forced to the surface. His commanding ways, his continued domination of her was unprecedented and damn if she didn’t hunger for more. More letting go and more of the level of heightened intensity she’d never experienced before they’d switched to the lifestyle. Why they’d make the rather bizarre left turn after being the power couple was perhaps the story of the year. But she didn’t care. Nor did he. The fact her utter and complete submission to him had changed their On Submittingrelationship until they were both blissfully happy was…

“Kesha? Where did you go?”

Even in his chastising voice Drake was seductive in his power. “Yes, sir. I’m sorry. I’m just worried.”

“I’m going to help you with that. And I want you to know I do understand. This is a tough time for both of us, something we hadn’t anticipated but I can tell you that we’re going to come through this fine. Better than fine.”

He was using simple words like ‘fine’? Really? “Yes sir.”

“This will help you feel better. We have to focus today and make certain they understand our points, our needs. We will not go down without a battle. Tonight we have an event that you have to be in top form for. Do you understand?”

The last thing she wanted to do was go anywhere tonight, but she knew she was required. “Yes sir.” Kesha couldn’t believe he was going to spank her here, in her office, just twenty feet away from a staff of fifty who had no idea they were anything but a vanilla couple. Vanilla. The word left a bad taste in her mouth. Trust him. He knows what he’s doing. He knows what you need. Yes, her sir certainly did.


The first smack hit solidly on her sit spot. The second, third and forth stung like wild fire. “Shit.”

“No cussing,” he whispered.

Pop! Whack!

“Yes sir,” she said through gritted teeth. As the spanking continued, his hand peppering back and forth with a regular rhythm, she closed her eyes. Maybe her employees needed to see her this vulnerable, a woman not in control, a woman being disciplined on a regular basis. His spankings were always what she needed and while she hated admitting Drake was almost always right about her needs, she knew the truth.

Slap! Crack! Pop!

“I love you and we’re going to get through this together.” Drake’s voice remained even, calming.

Whack! Pop!

“Five more,” he breathed.

When the spanking was complete she shuddered and sucked in her breath. Oddly enough the tension was much less. As he lifted her up from the desk, helping her smooth down her skirt, she smiled. “Thank you, sir.”

Turning her around he cupped both sides of her face. “You’re my beautiful and very strong wife. You’re learning to let go. Take my lead today and we’re going to soar.” He reached around and patted her ass, the reminder clear.

Just then the door opened. “Am I interrupting something?”

Mmm… What do you think? Just a thought of humiliation? What if the employee had walked in on them? Hmmm…

Kisses and spanks


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