Submitting to a Spanking…Humiliated Affair…Part II

You know what I find so interesting? The fact that both John Patrick and I are taking our journey into D/s so seriously is something I really hadn’t realized how much I appreciate. I also made the connection that in both of us doing so the trust we’re building is growing exponentially. We’re both very good at communicating with each other, an attribute that is vital to our growth. We honestly love talking about anything and everything. Granted, there are going to be times the discussions take an odd turn or effects one more than the other. That happened against last night. Very often texting just isn’t the way to have a discussion and especially when time isHands cuffed limited, but it happens. Both he and I are vulnerable about certain aspects, including things about our past. You learn as you grow and that’s very much okay. As long as you keep talking you’re going to be just fine. No matter how uncomfortable the issue might be, remember there are two souls involved. Give yourselves a break at times too.

Today is just a little bit more on the lighter side. He asked me yesterday (having read my blog) if I was interested in any aspect of humiliation. I wasn’t certain how to answer him at first but did say I had noticed how many other people were into the concept given the particular hits I received on various blogs. ANY time I mention humiliation people read time and time again. The Submitting to a Spanking story – Distinguished Humiliation – WOW how many more are selling than the others in the series. I also noticed that any blog mentioning the very concept is looked at and read more often – no matter how many months have gone by.

John Patrick knows me very well already. He realizes I have certain points of interest as well as excitement. He also knows I tend to rage hard against the machine if I don’t like or can barely tolerate something. That’s my nature. Yes, he’s trying very hard in his training with me to show me I can be patient (UGH), but its tough right now. In answering his question about humiliation I really had to think about this girl inside, the one who will forever remain anxious with certain aspects of herself. I don’t think I want anyone to see me in a certain light. Being humiliated has various degrees. Yes, if John Patrick spanks me fully clothed either in privacy or in a playtime situation, that’s certainly different than if he required me to strip naked and did the same.

He and I were talking about this and being completely naked as you receive discipline is very humbling. For me, the notion alone stills me. His thoughts are that the concept brings you out of your comfort zone. You’re no longer able to hold on to a particular vanilla side of your life (clothes + jewelry = safety and clout). You’re reduced to the person you were at birth. This is another area where complete trust comes into play.

He believes I should be punished completely naked – as time and space allow. I’ve told him the experience of being spanked like a bad girl is a wonderful reminder that I need to obey. Don’t get me wrong – spankings are meant to hurt and they do. I bruise. I ache for a couple of days. I don’t like disappointing him. He’s my Sir and the concept of him having to do such an act – whew. Shivers. But I know I’m going to receive many a spanking during our journey. I embrace his patience with me more than you know. Would he do this in front of others? Hmmm… There are varying degrees remember of this. Spanking me over my clothes? I have no doubt right now he would. Requiring I remove my clothes? I…don’t know. My honest guess is he wouldn’t go that far – touching a potential limit this soon. I might be wrong. Remember journey…

What I continue to realize is how much we both have to learn, how many avenues there are to gain information. What might be the most profound aspect is that what I believed even three months ago about D/s is completely different than I do today. And why? Every time John Patrick and I talk, every moment we share and open up more, the trust is morphing and growing. His honestly allows me to open up and vice versa. Communication is vital in any relationship. In D/s? A must. Could I enjoy some level of humiliation? Probably. But… I could never have before. The way John Patrick and I are is damn amazing. If you or your partner are considering, talk and let everything go. You have to be free and open. Hmmm… This is an edgy moment, for some pushing hard against basic limits. You have to talk and find out. Can this be sexy as hell? You bet. Talk. Never stop talking. So our couple may just have to push hard against their personal limits. We shall see…

“What we know, Mr. Thompson, is that your firm buys and sells companies as if the people involved, the clients who count on the company don’t matter. You ceremoniously go in and rip apart the very heart of the organization. Your methods are cut throat and they destroy people.” Kesha rose to her feet, a look of utter disgust riding her face.

While Drake knew he should stop her, remind her the meeting wasn’t going well at all, he had to admire the woman he’d married. She was a freaking balls to the walls kind of gal. The single reason they’d taken a lion’s share of the market had been Leaving marksbecause of her tenacity, her ability to capture and lock down a deal once he brought it to the table. A smile crossed his face as she sauntered toward the rather terse opponent. The guy had no clue what to make of her. This should be good. His dazzling wife was just getting started.

“I don’t think you have any room to object. The deal is fair.” Mr. Thompson merely looked out the window.

A trickle of sweat. Drake could barley contain laughter.

Kesha smiled as she closed the distance, opening her legs and folding her arms. “Mr. Thompson. Allow me to explain what’s going to happen here.”

Mr. Thompson narrowed his eyes, the look nasty and undermining. “Ms. O ‘Neil I…”

“That’s Mrs.” Kesha corrected. “But I’m not certain you have any clue who I am or who my employees are anyway. Do you?”

Nervous titillation filtered throughout the room.

Go girl. “Kesha. Let’s try and remember we’re all working together here,” Drake cautioned. He bit back heavy-handed laughter. She knew his tone well, the one that pushed her to be the best she could be.

“Oh I remember. The concept is called respect. Decorum. Something this man has none of.” Her eyes flashed.

“How dare you, Mrs. O ‘Neil. You don’t seem to understand what’s at stake here,” Mr. Thompson hissed through clenched teeth.

Kesha smiled then licked her lips in an exaggerated fashion. “Trust me. I do.”

Pushing both of his hands on top of the desk, Mr. Thompson rose to his feet. For a full minute he merely glared at her. When he spoke his voice was cold, the calculation clear. “Ms. O ‘Neil. Allow me to make myself perfectly clear. I will have your company, whether tonight or next week, or even next year. You see I tend to get what I want. Period.” He stopped, a self-satisfying grin crossing his face. “I think we both know what we need to do.” Sliding a group of papers across the table he kept his gaze locked on her. “I suggest you sign them and end the bloodshed.”

A full two minutes ticked by.

“The offer is sweet. I will admit that. However, I’m no longer interested.” Her voice was clear.

A collective gasp settled in the room.

“I beg your pardon?” Mr. Thompson managed.

“Yes,” she breathed. “To that end, we’re pulling back from this deal. Period. Our company is no longer for sale. Excuse me. Takeover.”

“You can’t do that.” The hiss was now a growl.

“I just did.” Kesha took two strides backward and nodded to Drake.

“I’ll ruin you.” Mr. Thompson was shaking.

This time her eyes flashed a look that seemed to stun the entire room. Even Drake felt a chill. Whew. The woman was on fire today.

Kesha inhaled deeply, allowing a full minute to pass by before she spoke. “Mr. Thompson. I suggest if you want to play in shark-infested waters you bring more that a rubber raft to the party. And you know why?” The question lingered in the air.

Legs BoundDrake could hear the entire room craning their necks, trying to capture every word.

“Because the water is going get bloody. Very bloody. You see…” Her words trailed off as she tilted her head. “I’m extremely hungry.”

There were no sounds as she left the room, but the silence screamed victory.


“Did you hear what she said?”

Drake studied the firm’s accountant. While the Mike was usually never animated, tonight he was unable to rein in the creative comments. The crowd gathered around him was hanging on every word, their excitement evident in the over indulgence with alcohol, their boisterous actions.

Mike took a swig of his drink then wiped his mouth. “The water is going to get bloody cause she’s hungry. Holy fuck!”

“Good for her.”

“I’m glad she took a stand. Finally.”

For some reason Drake wanted to interrupt the male banter. There was no ‘finally’ anything about Kesha. She’d been more of the backbone in the company than he had for years. He’d faced that ugly demon only months before. Well, no more. He’d taken a strong stand with her both within the company and behind closed doors. He took pride in the fact she was growing stronger.

At that moment Kesha glided into the room. He could tell all eyes were on her. Another realization of his utter pride settled in. The reception was originally about a celebration of sorts, combining two companies together. Given her kiss off, this was a festive occasion for something else entirely – a resurgence. Drake only hoped their doors would still be open in six months. He sighed. One way or the other they’d find a way. Her impetuous decision had been curiously pleasing.

She nodded to everyone, giving subtle acknowledgement as she moved closer, her eyes never leaving his. As she approached she kept her hand on the choker necklace he’d purchased for her only weeks before. The piece was symbolic and one she rarely wore. Why tonight was curious but pleasing.

Drake remained quiet as he sipped his drink, relishing the way the aged scotch tickled the back of his throat. After swallowing he swirled the glass, concentrating on the ‘tink’ sound the ice crystals made as they hit the crystal.

When she closed the distance she smiled seductively. “I’ve missed you.”

“I was beginning to wonder where you were, if you were going to disobey me,” Drake whispered as he reached out his hand, fingering her arm. As goose bumps popped across her skin he drank in her perfume. “You look radiant tonight.”

“I’m glad you think so. I wanted to look especially beautiful for you.” Her words were coy but her eyes were full of mischief. “And I wasn’t planning on disobeying you.”

“You accomplished your task, my sexy submissive.” He kept his voice low, knowing all eyes and ears were on them.

“Mmm… Good. I must admit, getting away from the phone this afternoon was difficult. The vultures are swarming.”

“I’m certain they are. After your performance they would be.” He smiled as he thought about the private party they were going to, one located in this very hotel. She would certainly be enthralled as well as taken aback.

“You aren’t angry, are you?”

“Of course not. You took a stand. The deal was sour.”

Kesha nibbled on her bottom lip. “I don’t like the man nor do I trust him. He’s like an evil monster.”

“He is certainly an interesting character. But remember darling, we all have two sides.” Flicking the small lock nestled in the center of her collar he couldn’t help but grin. The blush creeping up from her neck was endearing. “Don’t you, my lovely submissive?”

She wiggled and lowered her eyes, the act out of respect. “Yes sir.”

“An observation.”

“Yes sir?”

“The whipping certainly centered you today. We’re going to continue regular maintenance spankings, something you’ve needed for a long time.” He wrapped his hand around her throat, squeezing with just enough pressure her eyes opened wide.I am totally His

“My sir knows best.”

“Yes, I do.” Drake looked around the room. “Make your rounds my lovely submissive.”

“Yes I will. I see our guest of honor isn’t attending tonight. What a shame.”

“Very funny my dear. I think he’s curled up next to a bottle, trying to regain his masculinity,” Drake said as he laughed.

Her look full of contempt, she raised a single eyebrow. “What a shame.”

“Go my pet before I spank you. We have another event to go to.”


“Yes, one I think you’ll enjoy.” He kept his hold around her neck as he brought her forward. “And you’re going to obey me tonight.” Brushing his lips across hers he darted out his tongue, slipping the tip just inside her mouth. The taste of her was always sweet but tonight, even more so.

Kesha gripped his arm, a single moan pushing past her lips.

“Get a room,” Mike chortled as he flanked their sides.

Unfettered, Drake kept his hold, tilting back her head. Crushing her mouth he kissed her passionately, their tongues entwining. They almost never allowed a moment of public display, preferring to keep their private life away from prying eyes. Tonight, many aspects were different and he didn’t mind allowing a few select members of their staff to understand the team had changed. Drake was now in charge.

Her body shook as the kiss continued, her nails digging into his skin. When he released her she blinked several times. “Sir.”

He knew the word was said involuntarily. Whether or not Mike or anyone else heard, he no longer cared about. “Go. We leave in fifteen minutes.” Turning toward Mike he nodded. “No doubt we will.

Fifteen minutes on the dot they were headed out of the small ballroom. He kept her close, his arm wrapped around her waist. Tonight was just another chapter in their journey, one in which he knew would alter certain aspects of their relationship.

“You know there’s going to be talk,” Kesha whispered as she intertwined their fingers.

“Let them. About time they see more of our strength together.”

“You mean your utter domination of me.”

“That too,” Drake stated. He kept his tone authoritative.

With her usual mannerisms she tried to take the lead, her long legs taking strides toward the exit of the hotel.

His grip tightening he stopped their progression. “You aren’t in control here. Remember?”

“Yes sir I…” The moment seemed to catch her off guard.

“Tonight you’re going to learn you will no longer being the top in any aspect of our relationship, neither in business nor in pleasure. Am I being very clear?”

“Yes Sir. Very…clear.”

“Good.” Kissing the top of her head, he breathed in and allowed the moment to settle in before he turned them both toward the elevator. As soon as he pressed the button he could hear a tiny gasp. She hated being out of control in almost every aspect. He was surprised she remained quiet as they waited. When the doors opened and she waited, he was surprised. “Good girl.”

“Yes sir.”

Guiding her inside the empty space, he waited until the doors were closed then pushed her back against the cold steel. Drake hovered over her, tracing her mouth with the tip of his index finger. “Tonight you’re going to become all mine. Do you understand?”

“Yes sir.”

He thrust his finger inside her mouth as he slipped his other hand inside the bodice of her dress, cupping and squeezing her breast.

“Mmmm…” Shivering, Kesha arched her back slightly and closed her eyes as she sucked on his finger, her tongue dragging back and forth across his skin.

He yanked the thin material aside and pinched her nipple, twisting the tender flesh. This was defining. As the elevator rattled to its destination he lowered his head, taking her hardened bud into his mouth.

She sucked feverishly as she pressed her hand against his chest.

Biting down, he relished in the sound of her hint of pain. He was on fire, electrified from the understanding she was letting go, giving him the reins for the first time.

Moving her hand down to his groin she caressed his cock through the dense material of his slacks as her moans became pants of need.

His cock throbbed, his lust increasing. He eased his hand under the hem of her dress, sliding his finger past the thin elastic of her thong. The moment he touched her pussy she jumped. God he had to have this woman. His woman. His submissive.


Yeah, I know. I left you in a bit of a lurch, didn’t I? Well, there’s always tomorrow…

Kisses and spanks…


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