Submitting to a Spanking…Humiliated Affair…Part IV

Spankings and humiliation. They seem to come hand in hand. I honestly grin like a kid when I see how many people really love the concept of being seen and humiliated in a disciplinary kind of situation. Or they simply want to be the voyeur, the basic fly on the wall. Okay, so you know I hold nothing back with regard to my blogs. I love looking at the stats and seeing what people are interested in. Yep. You guessed it. Pretty much if you put the word ‘spanking’ or ‘humiliation’ in any tag line then readers seem to flock to the site. There’s something very sexy about the aspect of losing control, being taken in hand. Don’t you think?

Well, John Patrick and I talk a lot about spankings. We discuss methods and implements, needs and whether or not a regular round of maintenance discipline will re-center me, re-focus. UGH. I do need that a hell of a lot. I have ZERO patience. Mine alwaysGiven he and I have been going through a pretty heady round of angst lately, I was eager to explore the very concept. Punishments are generally private moments shared between a couple. There’s the freedom of being able to do what’s necessary as well as the practicality of keeping the act under cover. Let’s face it. The majority of us really don’t want our neighbors/family/boss/kids/minister knowing what we’re doing behind closed doors. I’m a firm believer that a WHOLE LOT of people are kinkier than we realize, but shoving the lifestyle into anyone’s face just isn’t the best idea. Then why are so many fascinated with seeing another person in a very compromising position? Kinda like the way people react to a wreck on the side of the road. We look. We crane our necks. We want to see what and how bad. Hmmm… I asked John Patrick the question – would he discipline me in front of others if I became particularly rude or misbehaved at a dinner party or a barbeque? His thoughts are that we’d find a private place, the car or a room by ourselves, because it might not just be my ass getting whipped. Shudder.

Let me ask you a question. How far would you go with your partner in public? Would you enjoy being spanked in front of others? Would the slight danger aspect of perhaps being seen by anyone really add spice to the moment? Would you allow yourself to be spanked in a semi-private but very open situation like a public park? Imagine for a minute pulling in to a parking spot in a park. He shuts off the truck and you both get out. Maybe you take a walk to a more secluded location. Then perhaps you’re simply bent over the front of the truck, your skirt lifted and your naked ass whipped for several minutes. Does the thought give you shivers? Now add in the delicious aspect in which you happen to notice out of the corner of your eye a man, walking just close enough you know he could have seen something, your carnal act. What does that do to you? I think for many being caught would seem horrible. For others, just the notion is extremely exciting. What’s your choice? Just a thought I wanted to pose.

This story seems to be resonating with so many and I really appreciate your wonderful comments. I will definitely finish the story. And as you can imagine, lots of sinful words written because of my conversations with John Patrick. Back to the story.

Of course they were both afraid. Drake would have to consider himself an asshole if he wasn’t second-guessing his decision to some degree. This night, the choices he’d made with regard to a public offering, was certainly something out of his comfort zone. The reasons for coming here seemed simple in the beginning. Now? He wasn’t entirely certain he knew what the hell he was doing. Spanking her in front of a litany of strangers? Shit. He had to be nuts, out of his mind. Think. You know why you’re doing this. You know why you want this. He did. This was about breaking down a wall, one she’d built up to the point she continued to lash out, have meltdowns. While he prayed to God he’d made the right choice in coming here tonight, she had to be the one who unlocked the chains wrapped around her like a tight vice. Their recent arguments, the fact the business was tanking had profoundly affected them both. Tonight was all about a new chapter.

“You’re really going to spank me here? You’re going to in front of everyone? I mean…” Kesha’s voice trailed off. When he remained quiet she laughed nervously. “You are. You’re going to whip me right here.”

“Yes. This is something you need, for you. For us. Do you understand why?”

“But…” She groaned and nibbled on her bottom lip. Seconds later she groaned. “You’re pushing my boundaries.”

Submissives SentimentsDrake smiled as he studied Kesha’s face, enjoying the way she was thrown off center. Of course she was having difficulty in accepting what she was seeing, given the fact he’d never even attempted to do anything this provocative. He squeezed her neck and could tell the action calmed her. She craved focus, needed the re-centering his authority gave her. He was learning. There were days he had such difficulty, unsure of his most basic decisions. Tonight he was making his move, becoming her Dominant. This was an important step in their journey. This was about absolute trust for both of them. “Yes.”

“Mmm…” As a crackle of heat lightning pulsed in the distance she tipped her head. “This is your fantasy.”

“Something I’ve craved, yes,” Drake said quietly. He watched the scattering of electricity spark across the horizon and sighed. He studied the cross, the way the girl’s hair flowed in the soft breeze, and for a few seconds he was jealous, envious of the obvious closeness the couple had. He was more determined than every to grab ahold of the same intensity. He wanted nothing more than for them to be as one, know each other’s thoughts, completely able to embrace moods as well as cravings.

She took a step forward, moving to the outer perimeter of the group watching the action.

For a few seconds Drake was mesmerized, seeing her as if for the first time. She was dazzling in her sophisticated beauty and he as so proud to have her by his side. “Did you hear me, my sweet submissive?”

Shivering, her hand fluttered over her mouth, her fingers sliding back and forth across her lips. “I… Yes sir.” Her voice was barely audible.

Her utter vulnerability touched him and as he pushed her further forward he could swear he heart her rapid heartbeat. “What do you think? Do you believe she deserves her punishment?”

Crack! Slap!

“Oh!” Kesha jumped when the hard slap was issued across the back of the girl’s thighs.

“Does she?”


He released her neck and patted her on the ass. “Good girl. She does just as you do.”

“Yes,” she breathed. “I mean yes, sir.”

Even in the dim lighting, the warm glow of the torches illuminating her face, he could see the mixture of trepidation and excitement. She loved to be pushed out of her comfort zone, taken just to the edge of her limits. They’d talked for hours about what she wanted, her growing needs. She was a woman who was fearless in business, taking no prisoners when it came to the assholes she was forced to deal with. The woman was tenacious and brutal, but always fair. Her words could cut through the Internet and when she walked into a room, she didn’t have to demand attention. She quietly took control. Tonight she was his submissive in every sense of the word and he was going to be her leader, a man taking care of her every need.

“She deserves the punishment. She realizes the discipline is exactly the right choice. And what you can tell by her reaction is that she decided on tonight. She begged for the whipping. She trusts her Dom enough. This is everything I long for.” Kesha’s smile was radiant.

Her words were fascinating and very calculated. They were also stilling to him. “You’re very right. Trust. Do you trust me?”

“In all things,” she whispered.

“I need you to answer me a question with total honesty. Can you do that?”

A slight snort slipped from her lips. “Yes sir of course.”

Crack! Slap!

The girl squealed, the sound of the chains holding her in her place clanging against the cross as she struggled.

“Are you ready to take another step, a leap of faith?” He knew Kesha was watching every hard strike, calculating what would happen, perhaps how many whips she would receive.

“Without a doubt.”

Drake exhaled slowly, his nerves on edge. He wanted to show her off, to have every submitting in redother man and women in the room truly understand what they shared, the joy and the passion that had completely altered a dying relationship. Tonight was about taking them both to a heightened level, a move they might never repeat, but one he felt necessary in their life. Could she let go completely? Could she allow this very moment to happen? He loved the pensive look riding her face, one that told him how much she was relishing in the vision. “Are you certain?”

A smile creeping to the corner of her mouth she leaned back against his chest. “More than you know. This is special. I want to give you all of me tonight.”

Kissing the top of her head he studied the way the man was using the whip, the almost perfect snap of his wrist. “He’s a Master. One day I hope to be that good wielding a whip, to give you a true sense of something you’re pining away for.”

“And you will be. There is no doubt. You know me so well. That’s one reason I’m more than ready to give you all of me.”

Her utter confidence in him was amazing. His cock aching, he wanted nothing more than to take her right here, but tonight wasn’t about sex. Tonight was about breaking free. “I do know you very well. And all of you. I love hearing the words.”

“God, I love you, my Sir. I love the way you treat me. Use me. I love being your submissive. I adore pleasing you, giving you everything you crave.” Kesha purred as she swayed from side to side.

“You do every day.”

“Not enough.”

He moved to her side, tipping his head slightly. “Kesha, tell me what you want.”

Whoosh! Pop! Crack!

She reacted every time the girl was whipped, her facial expressions mirroring a submissive woman receiving the discipline, a slice of raw emotion, demanding sensations evident. Giving him a quick look she licked her ruby stained lips. “In truth?”

“Always truthful my love.” Drake rubbed his hand down the length of her spine, tapping his fingers on the small of her back. With every touch, every gentle reminder, she responded by nestling closer to him. He was her protector and yes, he was very possessive. There would be no other man in her life. And the predators, those hell bent on having a taste of a woman who belonged to him, were never going to touch her. Period.

“I’m amazed. I’m terrified. I’m hungry.” She laughed, the sound of her sultry lilt floating into the air. “I want nothing more than to please you.”

“You do every day.”

He Takes MeThe look on her face was one of defiance. “But I want more for you and for us.”

“So do I.” He did more than anything.

Several guests turned toward them, their looks curious. Drake could tell the Master of the evening was watching, his look one of growing curiosity. The event had been well planned, yet he remained nervous. There was a catch, one he might regret. The single nod from the man remaining hidden behind the mask was a subtle yet powerful reminder. The show was set in motion. “My gorgeous submissive.” He waited until the girl was released, her Master gathering her into his arms, before he nudged her closer to the cross. His heart was racing, his blood pressure rising.

“They’re all moving away,” Kesha whispered.

“Yes, and you’re garnered the attention of our hosts.”

“Why are they masked?”

“We all hide behind something. Don’t we?”

She shook her head. “Yes sir, my cryptic Dom.”

Now he laughed as he turned her around. Cupping her chin he lowered his head, brushing his lips across hers. She remained nervous, her breathing rattled. He kissed her passionately, his tongue intertwining with hers. The moment he wrapped his arm around her, digging his fingers into her back, she relaxed, a single moan pushing past the kiss. When he released her he rubbed his thumb across her lips. “I love you.”

“I love you, sir.”

“Good. Then remove your clothes.” Drake wasn’t certain how she’d react or if she could tolerate the command. When she nodded and took a step back, his eyes remaining on his, he held his breath. The moment she untied the single sash he shivered.

Mmm… What do you think? Could you do this? Let me know your thoughts.

Kisses and spanks…


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    I love your website! Myself and partner live a Domestic Discipline lifestyle and have done for 3 years. It is a wonderful lifestyle,



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