A Lesson in Becoming His…

This D/s journey – wow. Few words can actually describe the way I feel. I penned On Becoming His over two years ago – my very personal thoughts about what I needed, what I hoped I’d find burning on the pages – or so I hoped. I’ve been lucky enough to reach many women as well as men with this story about a couple who have to open their hearts, souls and all their fears to each other. Tough and I now know just how much so. But I can tell you this – amazing journey. So in honor of the third in the On Becoming His Collection – a taste. Soon to be released…

On Becoming Her Sir

“What are you thinking?” Jezebel Waters asked. As she shifted, she exposed her breasts, her nipples remaining hard. The look on her face held mischief, then a moment of darkness, as if she was hiding something.

Luke Brennan slipped the phone on top of the dresser, hoping tonight they’d have some time alone. When she reached up and touched his shoulder he had a wave of bigstock-Young-Woman-Posing-In-Erotic-S-641899sadness sweep through him and given how close they’d been there was no discernable reason.

“You okay? You seem tense.”

“I’m fine. Really. Just work, my kitty Kat.” Luke sighed and turned to face her. He realized he hadn’t called her the nickname in a long time. He wasn’t certain why. The single tear in the corner of her eye gave him pause. Very slowly he wiped the bead onto the tip of his index finger then licked away the tear. Every time she cried a pain rushed through him.

Jessie’s eyes opened wide. She swallowed hard and arched her back, the move presenting her breasts in the most incredible fashion.

“Woman. The inner bad girl comes out as always,” he breathed. God, his submissive was going to drive him to insanity. Beautiful and ballsy, Jessie would forever think she was in control. Jessie’s porcelain skin, the way her eyes could light up a room, and her incredible hour glass figure was merely a few of the amazing attributes belonging to the woman who had so captured him. No matter he was her Dom, she knew how much he adored her, even when he felt the need to discipline her – if for no other reason than her continued willfulness. He was going to have to come up with a new word, maybe an entire expression for the complicated creature she remained. He couldn’t seem to get through all the layers, the mask she continued to hide behind.

“Mmmm… Yes, always and you love this side of me.” Giving him a heated look, she rubbed the flat of her hand down his chest slowly until she reached his crotch. “I know you do.”

Luke chuckled and leaned over, swirling his tongue around her hardened bud. With one hand he pressed her legs apart as he sucked on her nipple, his eyes never leaving her shimmering face. “You’ve very playful tonight. I’m thinking you’re not telling me something. I’m thinking you need a spanking.” Dragging his tongue down, he licked and nipped her skin until he reached her clit.

“Shit! I mean no sir. I’m just…just…” Moaning, her hand opened then reached down beautiful momentand cupped her own breast.

He eased back and studied her, his Jessie, enjoying the look of raw hunger on her face. For a few minutes he wasn’t Luke Brennan, business owner and wealthy man. Right now he was merely a man, one who owned an enticing lady. And Jessie had to be the most incredible woman he’d ever met. Beautiful. Willful. His submissive was a complete handful. “Yes, spanking.”

“No. No!” Laughing, she struggled in his hold as he tugged her over his lap. “You’re aren’t going to…”

Her words were cut short as he swatted her ass, issuing several hard slaps. “You’re such a bad girl.”

“I’ll be better. I will!” Her wailing was muffled as he pushed her head against the comforter.

“You keep saying that.” The effect on her skin as he swatted her ass was both painful as well as exhilarating for her. That much Luke knew.

“I promise.” Every part of her body shaking, Jessie moaned and gripped the dense material of the bedspread.

He remembered days when the concept of him spanking her was difficult. He didn’t like to discipline her, preferring a complete understanding of her total devotion. And she was devoted, her longing to be his and his only a quiet reverence within her. But he would forever question his methods of punishment, the severity.

She palmed the floor, her legs shaking, one foot tapping against the floor.

Luke patted her ass, rubbing first one ass cheek then the other. “You know you’re a very willful woman, one who needs discipline every day. I need to step up my manners of discipline with you.”

“No, sir! I mean yes, sir.” Jessie moaned and wiggled as she slapped her hand down on the plush material.

B&W - Still 2Luke studied her reaction, as he had been for the last few months. The way their relationship had changed was intriguing and she was falling into her role as submissive more every day. Well, not without a few foibles along the way. She remained willful in her behavior, a woman with balls. And his role as her Dom had changed, but for him he continued to struggle, he needed to figure out what kind of a man he was, let alone how to be her Sir. Right now he felt like nothing but a failure – a monster. And he was terrified he was going to hurt her. No. No!

“Luke.” As she giggled, burying her face her the comforter, she was rewarded with several hard slaps against her ass.

The ugly shadow was gone as soon as the memories had taken him to his own private Hell. He needed rest, time away from work. Clenching one fist he slipped a light hearted tone into his voice. “What in the hell am I going to do with you?”

“You cursed.”

“Yes, I did,” Luke said as he laughed. “And I’m going to do more of that around you. There is no doubt in my mind. You’re one difficult woman to deal with.”

“No, I’m not.”

Crack! Slap!

I so hope you enjoyed…

Kisses and Spanks



There was a wretched secret strangling his life, one that was killing him. For Luke Brennan, every dream was filled with a growing agony regarding the past, one he’d run from. The truths were brutal and now he refused to lie any longer. He was aOn-becoming-her-sir-cover-500-x-800 monster. Sharing what had to be the most incredible D/s lifestyle with a woman he adored as well as treasured as his collared submissive, every day should have been filled with pure joy. Instead, the torture that burned deep within was overpowering, driving him into depths of hell. Then again, he deserved no less.

For Jezebel Waters, the journey they’d shared as they continued into such an emotional and uninhibited relationship was exhilarating. She’d found the woman buried beneath a lifetime of lies. Submitting to a powerful but loving Dom was the most incredible decision of her life. Sadly, she knew Luke was holding back something… No matter their level of trust or their deep conversations, he refused to trust her enough. And so the damning secret was tearing them apart.

When Luke made a decision to reconnect with business associates from his past, entering into a new venture, his mood darkened, leaving Jessie questioning every aspect of D/s. Another man wanted all that Luke possessed and would stop at nothing to get what he thought he deserved. Just before a special trip, one meant to begin yet another phase delving deeper into their emotional connection, tragedy struck, forcing Luke to face the very demon he’d pushed aside. He struggled with certain choices, ones that could affect her life, until he was nearly lost to the madness. Somehow their deep devotion and unbridled love brought them closer together as fragile skeletons were revealed. But was it too late to save something so precious?

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