Two Cops, One Hot RedHead and oh Yeah…Handcuffs

Mmm – mouth watering yet? Is there anything better than the thought of being taken against your will, forced to do things that we might consider sinful by design? We all like things a little bit sinful – right? Come on, you know you love when your man kicks up the heat or you both hunger to stretch that boring comfort zone you have going on. Imagine your honey soliciting the help of his two best friends to give you the night of your life – complete with handcuffs, a hard spanking and a round of wicked sex? NOW are you hot and bothered?

Sinful By Design is one of the very first pieces I wrote now over three years ago. I actually penned it for an attorney friend of mine (great and very sexy guy) who was trying to entice his lady. So I penned a nifty piece to try and help. Eh – didn’t go so well but the story took on a life of its own. Rebel Ink Press recently gave me back the rights so it’s been added two, tweaked, edited, made hotter and now back on the market. Come enjoy a taste of…


“I’m sorry, Miss. I’ll need to see your license and registration.”

“What?” Shannon Spencer had barely managed to roll down her window before the harsh light of a flashlight made her blink several times. Shielding her eyes she tried to figure out what she’d done wrong.

“You heard me, Miss. I need to see identification.”

“Can you lower the light please?’ I’m not some terrorist.” Annoyed wasn’t the wordbad girl for what she was feeling. Pissed off was more like it.

“I can tell we have a troublemaker on our hands.” He lowered the light and leaned in, the look on his face stern.

However his voice was incredible. The tone husky with a hint of danger nestled all together. The police officer was also gorgeous, the red haze of sunset highlighting his dark eyes and strong chin, the single dimple. Then there was the muscular chest and long legs…and his gun. Shannon swallowed hard and attempted not to look straight at his crotch. What was wrong with her lately? Oversexed much? No, her reaction to a man in uniform was more about being totally undersexed. Troublemaker? Did he actually use that phrase? She wanted nothing more than to egg him on but her inner voice reminded her why this night was so important. Suck it in and do what he wants. “I’m sorry, Officer. Was I speeding?”

“That’s more like it. Yes, ma ‘am you were doing forty-five in a thirty. May I see your license and registration please?”

“No, sir. I mean yes, sir. I mean…” Sabrina groaned as she thought about all the Another bikerways she could resist, possibly be forced into handcuffs. She fumbled in her wallet, dropping her license twice. A bead of perspiration turned into two and she resisted wiping the dead give away of her raw nerves from her face.

“Miss?” He placed his hand on top of her car and leaned over. “Have you been drinking?”

“At this time of day? Are you crazy?” The words slipped from her mouth before she could stop them. “Shit.”

A smile curled across his lips. He took the both forms of identification from her hands and studied them carefully, one after the other and then again. “Let me check to see if you have a record.”

“A record?” Shannon waited until he swaggered away from the car, his handsome butt right there for her viewing pleasure, until she slapped her hand on the steering wheel. Troublemaker and now being accused of having a record. This wasn’t a good night. “Shit. Shit. Shit.” Lowering her head she placed her forehead on the cool leather and closed her eyes. She didn’t need nor could she afford to get a ticket. She thought about why she was driving rather recklessly, seeing his face in her mind’s eye. Blake. Lordy Blake you’re going to kill me. Unable to help herself she giggled.

“Is there something funny about breaking the law, Miss?”

“No. No!” Shannon jerked her head up and seeing the amusement in the officer’s eyes almost derailed her. Give him what he wants. “Of course not. What I did was wrong, bad. I was a very bad girl.” And you sound like an idiot.

“Yes…” He drew out the word. “You were indeed. We punish bad girls severely I might add.”

I just bet you do. “Yes, sir.” Now she was tingling all over, visions of flogging and being shackled for days on end filtering into her mind.

He eyed her without blinking for what had to be a full minute. When he handed her the cards of identification, he allowed their fingers to touch. “You need to slow down. Your record is stellar, so I’m only going to give you a warning this time.”

“Oh, thank you!” Shannon snatched her information from his hand.

“However.” The officer held up a single finger. “If I see you around these parts again breaking the law, even jaywalking, I’m going to come down hard on you, punishing you severely. Do you understand me, Miss Spencer?”

The words reverberated in her ears. Did he seriously use the word ‘punish’? “I… Yes, sir.” The heat had been kicked up a notch or ten.

He tipped his hat, gave her a once over and smiled. “Drive safely now, you hear?”

Shannon realized she was holding her breath as he strutted back to his vehicle. She could see that he had a partner and for some reason the sandwich cookie in her mind was far too delicious. Both stood by their squad car, studying her every move. Whew, the two of them together was every girl’s fantasy. Only in Virginia Beach, Virginia could you find cops who were ripped, polite, and hungry to rip your his sexy backclothes off. Oh boy. This was going to be some weekend.


Oh God, oh God, what did I do? Shannon cringed as she jerked over overnight bag into the house, slamming the door. “Two cops, one bad moment. What is my problem? I can’t believe I almost ended up in handcuffs.” Then again, not that she would complain. The very thought of being forced to her knees to do their bidding was a perfect treat on her fantasy menu, one she’d craved for half her life. As if any man could understand her submissive needs. She growled as she noticed the look on Jenna’s face, one of mischievous arrogance. Only her best friend in the world knew how truly naughty she could be.

“Excuse me? What did you say? Arrested?” Jenna sauntered toward her, her eyebrows raised.

“Not arrested. I was pulled over by a cop who looked like the terminator in sexy clothes. I am telling you I was ready to be taken to prison,” Shannon breathed. “Both he and his partner were very he-man like.”

“They grow them big in our parts of the world.”


“Woman, you’re in such need and the cops are strict around here. You have to learn to be careful. I’m not going to bail your ass out of jail.” Grinning, she blew Shannon a kiss.

Careful? She was anything but. She started to retort when her phone rang. Seeing the caller she moaned audibly. “Blake.”

“He’s calling you?” Jenna asked.

Shannon could only nod as heat rose to her face. “Hello?”

“He is in need and more than you are. Should be an interesting night.”

Blake exhaled into the phone. When he spoke his voice was like liquid velvet. “Tell me, are you ready for me? Are you ready to succumb to my every desire?”

Shannon wanted nothing more than to succumb to the man who was driving her crazy. “Yes, sir.”

“I wonder if you truly are.”

“I am, I so am, sir.” Panting, she waved her hand across her face.SinbyDesign_for-ARe

“Good. Tell me this. Are you ready for me to slide my cock deep inside that wet…slick…hot pussy of yours?” The growl was savage, almost desperate.

“Um yes, and I think you can’t wait to feel how wet I am for you as well. I also believe you can’t wait to slide your tongue inside my pussy, tasting me for the first time.” Sighing, every part of her body tingling with desire. She closed her eyes as his husky voice sent raging shivers dancing down her spine. This was their game, their playtime.


Bad girls deserve to be in handcuffs…

Speed dating? No way! Yet Romance Reviewer, Shannon Spencer had agreed on a dare and tried the latest rage. Sadly, she was left with a horrific taste in her mouth. After several frustrating blind dates, she turned to the Internet for comfort. When her best friend suggested she merely talk with a long time friend, Shannon balked – that is until the two began to talk. Well-respected attorney, Blake Worthington was older, charming and had a way with words. Their discussions quickly turned up the heat. While Shannon was burned out from an ex-fiancé who had left her at the alter, she wanted the adventure to continue. Blake held the key to her most shameless erotic desires, revealed during countless nights on the computer. She trusted him and desired to take their passionate moments to another level.

Finally indulging in a meeting over dinner, they agreed to succumb to one uninhibited weekend. Not only did Blake have a design, sinful by nature, in mind to drive her into a roar of ecstasy, he had surprises of his own to give her including a torrid event with two very hot-blooded police officers. The men happened to be his good friends and ones helping him solve a serious problem, one he could never admit to. The weekend was spectacular and both were left wanting more. Unfortunately real life interceded, forcing Blake into shadowy conversations after their night of passion with the lawmen. Incensed, Shannon ended their sizzling affair, until Blake was finally forced to reveal a damning secret and one that had devastated him for years. Could she learn to accept the fallacies of the man she’d fallen in love with?

What do you think? A little hot? Mmm….




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