Creatures Live….Hunter’s Moon…Will the Prey Survive?

As I think a lot of you know, I love writing paranormal thrillers as well as other genres and I had a vampire piece I wrote a LONG time ago that I really loved. The piece brings together my love of writing m/m with my joy (especially this week) of killing people in particularly grisly methods. Stashed in the middle is an ancient curse and a human woman who might be the only way of saving all of humanity…

When this piece was released from Rebel Ink Press – originally titled Crimson Moon – I knew there had to be more – my readers hungered for more. So this is being turned into the Crimson Moon trilogy. The first piece is going to be tweaked two men and one womanas more of the curse evolves but here is an early taste and with the INCREDIBLE cover done by Carl Franklin – yep gonna use his real name. I hope you enjoy a taste of…


Armando slowly entered the room and stared into Sebastian’s glassy eyes. He had his hand placed on the feeder’s cock, stroking lightly. His energy would return soon enough or so he hoped. The feedings were getter longer and more often. This was another indication of how bad the side effects had been getting. He watched the young man as he lay across his lap, his breath irregular. Beads of perspiration fell across from his heated sin. The boy’s now pale face held nothing but rapture and while he would remember only mind blowing sex, which hadn’t happened, and nothing else, Armando feared there was too much blood loss. The last thing either one of them needed was one dead boy on their hands. He motioned his personal servants inside the room to gather up, clean up and take the kid back to the club.

Lore and Mika were technically bouncers who floated from club to club as needed, but in truth they were paid well to gather the needed humans for their feedings. Armando thanked God every day for their prompt and quiet services. They were lucky to have several who knew what they were but remained in their powerful family.

He watched at Lore picked the skinny boy up into his arms. They were always careful with them and knew exactly what to do to make the entire situation seamless. While human, they longed for the immortal life and perhaps one day Armando would succumb to turning them, but not until Sebastian’s fate was decided.

Sebastian’s color was richer and his complexion less sallow, yet his eyes still burned with the crazed need for blood. He knew his lover was still hungry, but even his own body wouldn’t take anymore. He grazed his hand over his bloody mouth and grimaced, darting a glance at Armando.

Armando could tell the long incisors hurt like a son of a bitch and the haunted way his eyes were infuriated him. Sebastian didn’t like what he was becoming anymore than he did and they were both well aware. He looked down fighting not to shake his head.

“What’s wrong? I can tell by the look on your face but I’m just fine. You must be hungry yourself.”

Sighing, his lover was correct. He had to feed before he left. Yet for some reason, the thought troubled him tonight. “I will. I came to make sure you were all right. I have my food waiting for me and then I am heading to the airport.” The private plane allowed him to travel freely as needed with complete anonymity.

Sebastian struggled to sit up as he watched the boy being taken from the room. “There was a time when we fed together.” He brushed his fingers through his hair and the moment showed the level of shock on his face. He swallowed hard and whimpered as he shrank back into the pillows.

“What is it?”

Sebastian held out his shaking hand as Armando walked toward him.

Bloody hand from ShutterstockArmando burned with anger. His gorgeous golden locks were falling out. Christ. Was there no stopping this damn enemy? He was in the second to last stage. Why had the damn disease taken him so quickly? The realization made the wretched decision he’d been forced to make seem easier to stomach. As he sat down on the bed he patted his lover’s leg. “It’s going to be okay. I’m going to find a way. I promise you that. We won’t let this take you.”

He laughed as he pushed the dangling strands from his face. “Tell me, how can you do that? You and I both know that there is only one way.”

“One permanent way yes, but there is a source.” The permanent and only sure was wasn’t attainable to them and almost none of the vampires believed in the old ways. The old myths told by the elders. Sebastian had railed against the idea. Even given the Blue Moon and the celebration, it was only to honor the old days and nothing more. Yet, his heart so desired. Groaning, he swallowed and pushed the ugly thoughts away. “Damn it. We’re being held hostage by a battled aging race. A dying race.”

“Don’t be a fool, Armando. Our kind is being held hostage by capitalism and nothing more. There is no time left to bargain or try to find another avenue. The damn source has been locked up, frozen to all of us. Why the elders don’t do anything is beyond me.”

Armando grabbed his hand. It’s because the elders feared the unknown and believed that the disease was the only way of righting certain wrongs. Sebastian didn’t believe there was any hope. None left for them. “Don’t give up yet. Please. There is a way. I know it.”

Sebastian carefully placed his hair on the bedside table. “Go. You have work to do. Miriam will take good care of me and Lore will bring me what I need.”

“It’s only three days.” Oddly enough, three days was nothing more than a blip to them before. They didn’t wear watches or count time. Now…it seemed like a lifetime.

“I know that. I will be fine. Besides, I have a meeting with the editor of Chez Orleans tomorrow so that will fill my day.” He sighed seeing Armando’s rage filled face. “Stop worrying. I will be careful. You have instructed the boys well. They carry the injections at all times in case. All right?”

Armando bent and kissed him gently tasting the tangy remnants of the boy that had bought him some time and nothing more. He was warmer than after his usual feeds so some good news at least. Perhaps the nourishment would sustain him until he returned. “Yes. I will call you.” He got up slowly and turned away.

“Please remember that I do love you.”

“I know that,” he commented without turning around and walked out the door. Seeing his virile body now so ravaged was too difficult. If this didn’t work, there would be no other choice. He paused only long enough to grab Mika’s arm. “Do not allow him out of your sight. The final stage is coming on way too fast. You know what to do if you must.”

“Of course, you have taught us well.”

Armando nodded and walked to his room. They hadn’t shared a bed for two months since Sebastian fought in his sleep. The sick man needed every opportunity to revive his senses. As he entered his bed chambers, the flickering lights of the candle illuminated the lovely young woman seated on his bed. He occasionally fed from women who were interested in the darker side of something erotic, but tonight, he would have preferred a man. Yet she was sensuous and beautiful, long dark hair and creamy white skin framing a rounded face. Her long eyelashes batted against her skin. The other advantage in truth was that he didn’t need to perform his usual magic on the girl. No need for initiating a state of frozen animation, or as the younger vamps liked to call their methodology of magic, slicing freon. This one begged to be taken and used.

She turned toward him and smiled. “I was summoned for you.”

“Serenity. Lovely to see you again.” She had been with him before, never as a lover in the traditional sense although she had offered more than once. He did enjoy giving her pleasures that other men could not however and tonight would be no different.

“Where shall you have me tonight, sir?”

There were times his level of authority surprised him. Was it his sexual prowess or simply the darker side of his level of humanity that brought them in? Those that truly enjoyed a taste of the unknown were fascinating. Fear mixed with erotic desires. He yanked the tie from his hair allowing the silky strands to fall around his shoulders and down to the curve of his waist. He enjoyed the way she looked at him. With her jazzed level of hunger, blatant lust made the blood taste sweeter. And while she knew what was about to happen. She still shivered as he advanced. She was one of the few that welcomed the needs of a vampire openly, a treasure to be kept and enjoyed.

Serenity watched his eyes flutter from the ragged pulsing in her neck, down to her small breasts, and then toward her waist. As if simply knowing her place, she nodded and rose to remove her skirt.

Armando had only taken her in the most delicious place once before and he read the memory was fresh and vivid for her. “It’s all right, Serenity.”

She nodded again, unable to look at him “I know that, sir.” Still, her fingers trembled as she stepped out of the skirt and pulled down her lace panties, pitching them toward her skirt. She stood with her face contorted and her hands over her slight bush.

How lovely, she was still embarrassed around him. He found himself wanting to ask whether she was a virgin but he knew better. She was a dancer at one of their clubs, erotic to be exact. Taking her clothes down to the bare minimum anyway. In her late twenties, she culled the wildest crowds with her dances. She was someone else on stage, powerful and enigmatic. Her smile alone had caused men to faint. Here, she was a frightened little girl about ready to be fed upon by a monster.


Hunter’s Moon

Armando Chevall and Sebastian Argine are business partners as well as lovers and have lived for centuries. Unfortunately Sebastian is under the influence of the deadly disease and one that will end his life as well as drive him into hell. The only cure? Finding the correct human mate for blood and bonding and a dose of Crimson Tide, a specialized drug developed and held by a madman. Master Vampire Tregan Dumont holds the key to who lives or dies and enjoys the game while feasting on humans. Considered savage by even vampire standards, he uses every tactic to obtain what he craves.

Scarlet Bernard is a tough marketing executive. No time for a man in her life, she’s savvy, highly intelligent and very lonely. Out of town on business, a chance meeting with a handsome stranger fills her with dark fantasies. Succumbing to her hunger, she can’t get him out of her mind, longing for something she can’t understand. When she’s introduced to Armando’s lover, she’s more than intrigued and shared passions ignite. What she couldn’t foresee is how important she is to an underground world until her life is placed in danger.

When Tregan learns of her existence, he’s more than just curious. He’s determinedHuntersMoon_Med to make her his forever. After all, there’s an ugly secret shared with Armando and Tregan is out to annihilate his previous friend and all that he holds dear. As a battle of wills and power ensues, many in the city will die. Two questions haunt them. Is Scarlet the one and can she survive the ultimate bloodbath called revenge?

Demon’s Prey

Demons walk the city of New Orleans, taking prey at will. For vampire hunter, Jonas Scott, he could smell blood in the air and knew another war was brewing. Humans were mere fodder in the game of death. A massive group, one that would remain in secret to provide a simple report on vampire activity, had hired him. What he found in the darkened streets would forever haunt his darkened nights. After a series of brutal murders he was forced into an evil alliance, one that would require working undercover amongst monsters.

Master Vampire Tregan Dumont had been enslaved for the betrayal of his kind. His only option for freedom? Kowtowing to the new regime as they took control of Crimson Tide, the drug he’d created for the very purpose of selective enforcement of their kind. Rogue vampires were killing indiscriminately, unaware of the side effects of the drug. Only he knew. Only he could provide the added serum, a secret he kept close to his breast. Once freed, he performed the required biddings of the new Master. That is until he met one savvy human, his true enemy.

Armando Chevali had seen the changes in New Orleans, knew the tide was turning, brutality occurring daily. While remaining neutral, he was determined to thwart off the ravages of his kind, preferring to live as humanly as possible. When tragedy nearly destroyed his family, one he’d fought so hard to protect, he was forced to take a stand. His weapon of choice? Black magic, a telling curse that could end the regime of the vampire forever.

As the three bitter enemies were brought together, an ancient curse colliding with a life saving drug, few would survive the bloody battle. Has the ending game begun?

Savior’s Passage

Tragedy had stuck the streets of New Orleans, pitting man against monster in a bloody war. The streets were filled with death and despair as both sides fought to regain control. For Sebastian Argine, assuming the leadership role wasn’t without difficulties. Armando, his lover and husband to their beloved Scarlet, had disappeared. What few understood was that Armando alone held the key to the survival of their race as well as that of the humans. The dreaded disease had transferred, killing humans at an alarming rate. Sent on a quest, one that would take Sebastian back to the mother country, he was forced to leave his family with Scarlet in charge. If he was unable to fulfill his task, few would be left alive.

Scarlet Bernard was a tough woman. Living with and loving two vampires had given her an inside knowledge of creatures of the night. No longer afraid, she carried on her life with few suspecting who she truly was. Suddenly alone, she began receiving a series of threats from an unknown source. Her only recourse? Trust the one man she’d come to loathe – but she had no choice. Jonas Dumont was the only man, the single human who could help her. Only he could decipher the deadly secret.

Jonas had forsaken his days as a vampire hunter after the terrifying ordeal months before. With little left in his life he’d remained in the city, his days filled with alcohol and memories. But he knew what was happening in the boughs of the city, realizing the war was far from over. Beasts of the night refused to die. When Scarlet asked for his help he knew the end of days had begun. For he was the chosen…

I hope you enjoyed and be afraid…

Kisses and spanks


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