His Firm Hand…A Public Spanking

Well, I’ve been away, sharing some time with friends as well as working way too much. It’s that time of year for someone who manages community associations. That being said I’ve been writing and editing, trying to get several books that were pulled from the market back up and continuing in both the Submitting to a Spanking and Honor and Obey Collections. I must say, I still find it incredibly fascinating just how many people truly enjoy and I daresay appreciate the fact I bring domestic discipline and D/s relationships to life – telling real For Sir 8stories of couples from every walk of life. I think society has figured out marriages just aren’t working in the tried and true traditional sense. Equality is more of a hindrance – just my thinking.

For those in a truly vanilla relationship, you probably wouldn’t understand or appreciate the power of a solid spanking. Yep, no kidding. To be taken in hand, turned over your man’s knee and given a hard whipping is something you learn to appreciate if not long for. Depicting this in my writing has been an interesting journey. I think if you never experience the angst and breathless anticipation around the realization you are going to be spanked, it’s tough to convey the myriad of emotions. I’m not talking about sexy bedroom play at this point. Something else I’ve learned as well. When you enter into any alternative lifestyle, especially one not deemed ‘normal’ by society’s standards, you find yourself in a minority. Or do you?

In realizing my readers love the spanking books, the way I show you the man’s emotions and fears, I’m learning that so many of us long for giving up control. Whether you’re a man or woman, often times you just don’t want to deal with the day-to-day stresses. We all seem to push hard against the machine, doing out best to follow the rules while we squeeze past some of them, shoving against the boundaries. And I think we all long for a bit more excitement in our relationships. That’s why erotic novels and stories are popular – we are able to live vicariously through the sexual adventures of others.

John Patrick and I talk a lot about discipline in various forms from my writing to our personal experiences. We share the same needs – just with a flipside of certain coins. He flourishes with his control and discipline of me and I am much more centered because of the time spent so intimately together. We laughed today when we realized we have these what many would consider odd conversations about spanking implements and whether or not maintenance spankings would be a good idea – how the experiences would influence my writing. We talk about my time spent being tied in a dark basement – a trust moment. We talk about how and when he’d actually do a hard spanking. Would he do something in public? Would he spank me in front of friends and family? Would he keep an implement in the car?

Normal conversations. Right? Well… For us, yes. Then again, he and I can talk about anything. He recently begun to spank me using his bare hand – something he I will please himhadn’t done before and he told me that he is really enjoying the change. He’s used the belt, a flogger, his favored quirt (look it up – a shivering implement meant for horses) paddles and a bit of his cane. Using his hand was just a moment in time, a need to be able to discipline me because – oh yeah I break the rules. Today he said he’s really enjoying the concept. I asked why – me being me – and he told me it’s very intimate as well as always with him. Mmm… True. Being over his knee, ass in the air, dress pulled up and being spanked is well… So I asked him today if he’d ever spank me in public – say a restaurant. He chuckled. Well, I think I know the answer. I thought I’d give you a little story tonight, just one that might happen in my world. You never know…

“You look beautiful tonight,” Gavin Breckinridge said as he placed his hand on the small of her back. The way his wife trembled, goose bumps popping along every inch of her naked skin, was a powerful aphrodisiac.

“Thank you my Sir.” A smile eased across her violet stained mouth as she darted a look in his direction. “And you’re on fire as usual.”

He chuckled as he pulled open the door to the restaurant, scanning the interior for their special guest. Tonya was without a doubt the most stunning woman he’d ever met. As he held open the door for her, ushering her over the threshold, he couldn’t help but admire her long legs and hourglass figure. His cock aching, he resisted guiding her back to the car, taking what belonged to him. Belong. Yes, he owned her. The thought made him shake his head. This was so right, so amazing that he was left breathless every day with anticipation of what they would share, the experiences that would only serve to draw them closer.

Her look was one of mischief as she crossed over the threshold, tossing her head the moment she entered the candlelit space.

Of course every man and woman noticed their entrance, studying the couple that towered above every one else in the room. They were a powerful team, one that drew attention everywhere they went. While in their fifties, age didn’t seem to matter in the case of being admired. People were drawn to their confidence, the way they commanded any and every room. Little did anyone know or would they believe he owned the woman who boiled his blood. Wrapping his hand around her arm he pulled her against his chest, lowering his head until his breath cascaded across her cheek and ear. He licked the tip of her earlobe and growled.

Shuddering, she blinked several times as she clenched her fists. “Yes sir?”

“Remember tonight you belong to me.”

“Oh, yes sir.”

Easing his hand down from her waist to her hipbone he dug his nails in as he held the stance, requiring everyone in the close proximity to look in their direction. “And don’t forget you need to behave or I’ll punish you in front of your friend. Do you understand me?”

“Mmmm…yes sir,” Tonya breathed as she squirmed, arching her back.

He shoved his groin against her ass, rubbing back and forth, allowing the friction to develop until she was panting. “All mine.”

“Table for two, sir?”

Sucking in his breath he slowly turned his head, glancing at the pinched face of the host, one who seemed to have the hots for his lovely wife. “We’re meeting someone.”

“A woman,” Tonya quickly added.

“Ah. Yes. Right this way.” A knowing look crossing the host’s face, he winked before turning and walking down the center of the room

As they followed all eyes were on them and for a few seconds Gavin knew he was preening, proud to have her on his arm. He thought about the evening ahead, the gift she was giving him, and had never felt so close to her. Oddly enough, since moving into a D/s relationship barely six months before, their love as well as the Mouth on beltdeepness of their relationship has strengthened to the point they’d never been closer. He knew when she was going to call minutes before, stared at his phone merely seconds before she sent a text, and waited impatiently for her to return home from a late night meeting. He was hopelessly in love with the woman who’d submitted to him body and soul.

“There she is. I hope you like but watch out. She’s a handful,” Tonya mused as she reached back, touching his outer thigh.

“So you’ve told me.” The single touch was exhilarating, sending a single shiver down his spine. He tilted his head, eyeing Tonya’s best friend, the one he hadn’t met before, and licked his lips. The anticipation of the evening was delightful. This night, one filled with dinner and perhaps a voyeuristic moment of sharing, had been Tonya’s idea a concoction of the two BFF’s who were wild children in body and spirit. He couldn’t help but smile as he noticed how similar in dress Candace appeared, a dazzling frock in a shade of pink that one could only describe as the perfect stripper color. Then again, Tonya’s was a burst of violet, the hue that drew everyone’s attention. His wife enjoyed being the center everywhere they went, refusing to be a wallflower or content with remaining merely by his side. Yes, curtailing his naughty minx was often trying. Patience wasn’t her virtue. “Lovely.”

“I thought you’d like.”

Was there a touch of angst in her voice? Stopping short he nuzzled against the back of her neck, finding her naked skin and biting down. “You’re my first and foremost. Remember that always.”

“Ooohhh…” Shivering, she gripped his leg and closed her eyes. “What you do to me.”

“You mean what I will do to you.” Patting her ass he moved them forward, his eyes never leaving Candace. He could tell Tonya’s co-worker was intrigued, her eyes flashing as they approached. Of course the woman knew all their secrets, accepting the fact their relationship wasn’t quite the norm. Candace also was a flirt and tonight a delicious moment of eye candy. He clamped his hand around Tonya’s neck, making certain anyone who witnessed their approach realized he was in full control of the woman as well as the moment.

“God, I hope so,” Tonya purred as she donned a huge grin. When they were at the edge of the table she exhaled slowly.

“Your party, sir.” The host backed away quickly, his gaze never leaving Tonya.

“Thank you,” Gavin said as he pulled out a chair, easing Tonya onto the seat. “And you must be Candace. I can tell by the shameless grin on your face.”

“And you’re taller than I imagined,” Candace teased as she leaned across the table.

Gavin burst into laughter as he lowered his head, kissing Tonya on the lips. Even the scent of her perfume was more intoxicating tonight. “Two peas in a pod.”

“I told you she was a handful.” Tonya winked as she brushed her hand up Gavin’s arm. “Just…like…me.”

“Uh-huh. I think you both need a bit of dressing down.” As he sat down he could tell the camaraderie between the women was solid, very tight. The notion of sharing even a part of their kinky lifestyle was something very special, a moment they certainly wouldn’t indulge in with just anyone.

“Dressing down? The man starts fast.” Candace rolled her eyes.

“You have no idea, chicklit. He’s very demanding,” Tilting her head Tonya gave The LeaderGavin a heated look.

Signaling the approaching waiter he couldn’t help but fantasize about the rest of the evening. A little intoxicating dinner would certainly help the mood. “Let’s order drinks.”

“Demanding? He doesn’t know me very well, does he?’ Candace’s laugh was boisterous, her actions overtly sexual.

Of course she was pulling out every stop, goading him into seeing his reaction. He would expect no less of either of them. Yes, this was going to be a fascinating evening.

Barely after the salads had been pulled Gavin was shaking his head. Tonya seemed to be growing more agitated by the minute. He’s expected a sassy girl tonight, but her attitude was becoming intolerable. Granted, Candace was certainly egging on the situation, both she and Tonya’s raucous behavior drawing the attention of just about everyone in the restaurant. They were loud, getting to the obnoxious point, and their blatant sexual comments were certainly off color.

“My sir, what do you think, share a threesome and who would you enjoy?” Lifting her glass of wine in a toast Tonya licked the rim before taking a gulp.

“Excellent question,” Candace chimed in.

He lowered his head giving her ‘the’ look she knew meant cease her current behavior. “I think you’re have enough wine for now. Don’t you?”

“Nonsense. We’re celebrating tonight. We’re having a party.” Tonya merely lifted her crystal stem again as if waiting for him to join her in an unspoken toast.

Sighing, he clinked her glass and took a sip as the two women continued to jabber. After a few additional minutes he’d had enough. Touching Tonya’s hand, he fingered her wrist very gently, the subtle reminder one she usually responded to. “Tonya. Let’s calm down, enjoy dinner. Do you understand?”

She gave him a look and kept on with the conversation.

Well this was interesting. He’d never had her blatantly refuse to obey a direct order before. As he contemplated what to do he could tell Candace was pushing every button herself and while he’d countered her bantering with strong enough words, he could tell she wanted to find out what he was made of. “Ladies. I suggest you both turn your conversations into something a bit more appropriate. Now.”

Tonya eased back in her seat and wiggled her nose. “Party pooper.”

“I think he needs another drink,” Candace taunted.

“And I think you both need a hard spanking.” No, Gavin wasn’t kidding.

“Hmmm… I don’t think you can handle us both,” Tonya countered.

The words were meant as a tease, something Tonya did so well, but tonight he refused to take any words if disobedience. She was testing him in front of her friend. Of course. A night of adventure. Isn’t that what she’d suggested? First things first. He scooted back his chair, rose to his feet and held out his hand as he locked eyes with Candace. “I apologize and please begin dinner if we’re not back in time, but Tonya and I have some private business to attend to. Don’t we?” He could hear Tonya’s single moan, could tell but the instant tenseness in her shoulders that she knew she’d gone too far.

“Um, yes sir.” Without looking at Candace she rose to her feet and grasp his hand, hers trembling.

“And when we come back, we’re all going to have a complete discussion about manners.” The comment directed at Candace, he smiled to himself when her eyes opened wide.

Mmm – what do you think? Could you handle being spanked this way, taken out of a restaurant like a child? Well…

Kisses and spanks


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  1. CrazyKinkyMommy says:

    This has always been a personal fantasy of mine. The thought of going to the restroom or to the car, knowing what was coming, and wondering if anyone would see. It seems exciting and naighty at the same time. I love reading your stories. 🙂


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