His Firm Hand…A Public Spanking Part II

Punishment and humiliation. Do they go hand in hand? Not always yet when they do the combination can be extremely powerful. Often times for either DD or D/s couples, the methods of needed discipline are handled in private. Others use the power of basic humiliation, the understanding that others are seeing the punishment inflicted as a tool as well as an aphrodisiac. Everyone is different. Many couples prefer to hide certain aspects of their relationship or feel that they must in order to hold on to the mask they weave so tightly around them. Often D/sSilver Chain and DD couples live in secrecy because society deems the majority of alternative lifestyles as…weird. We’re not weird, just trying to find out place in the world and for us, we have two distinct roles – one controlling and one submissive. There are times we want others to see, to witness either the beauty of the kink or the power of the needed discipline. There are other times we prefer the quiet intimacy, enjoying time very much alone.

The very concept of humiliation is both terrifying and exciting for so many people. Sometimes the mere thought is something we crave in the darkest portions of our minds. Other times we do everything to avoid the limelight or push any boundary so we’re not noticed, thereby could never be humiliated. Even the best-laid plans often have a way of being ripped to shreds. When any couple enters into a D/s lifestyle, they learn to understand nuances of the other and this is one of the many ways to develop a trust system shared. You can tell by your Dom’s eyes whether he’s disappointed in you or when his breath skips you realize you’ve crossed the line. For Dom’s, they listen to the change in his submissive’s whimpers, the way her crying has increased when they’re playing in order to determine if she’s reached the very edge in which he needs to stop or push her boundaries even further.

A single touch can tell you so many things about each other as well as the varying mood swings often occurring during a heated moment of play or discipline. What many vanilla couples don’t understand is that in sharing a D/s lifestyle, there will always be a myriad of levels of the relationship from completely vanilla to the highest form of kink. Couples live a regular life, going to work and spending time with family. They worry about bills and the new car they have to purchase. They have heated discussions over the government and their low paying jobs. They also share a level of intimacy that in my opinion many vanilla couples never achieve. The acute and complete honestly they must embrace is joyous, unbridled and very trusting.

As usual John Patrick and I were having a lively conversation about certain what ifs. What if he spanked me in front of one of my friends? What if those I work for knew the very strong woman – one bordering on aggressive – was living as a submissive? What if strangers witnessed a session of punishment? The big question was how would we feel about the occurrence?

You might not realize that a Dom gets a certain ‘high’ off of punishment and playtime. This doesn’t immediately thrust him into the title of sadist, but there are variations of savoring the notion of inflicting pain or showing off his submissive to others. The showing off can happen in various ways like a tattoo or a collar worn. This can escalate to sharing the act of discipline at a kink club. I think both the Dom and the sub thrive on the closeness of every act, longing for more time spent. For John Patrick, he becomes just as settled or re-focused when he spanks me as I do when I feel the lash of his hand or belt. There is nothing more centering for me and knowing what I know about him, his entire being is programmed to need this, craving more every day. Yes, he acknowledges his sadistic side is coming out more and more.

We’ve also had discussions about whether he’d want to show me off – either in general or allowing others to see any playtime, Yes, this means a hint of humiliation no matter how you plan the evening. The intimacy of being spanked – unclothed or not – evokes so many intensified emotions in both the Dom and the sub. Exploring these sides is something that I am savoring, hungering for more of and for John Patrick, he’s come into his element. I can simply look into his eyes before he disciplines me and after and see a tremendous difference, a quiet calm in him. That alone makes me shiver. For our couple in this story – they are truly learning what a solid whipping can do – whether in private or…

Tonya blinked several times, studying her Sir. Tonight he certainly wasn’t her husband. She stole a quick glance at her best friend, chuckling at the look of shock on Candace’s face. The woman she’d known for several years never blushed, certainly pushed the envelope with just about every aspect of her life. Her wildcat personality had been replaced by a quiet moment of reverence. For some reason Tonya was taken aback. Them again, Candace had been warned dinner was going to be an adventure.

“Tonya. I’m waiting.” Sucking in his breath he held his stance, his eyes remaining unblinking.

Hands cuffedThe sound of Gavin’s voice sent shivers trickling down her spine. He had such an incredible way about him, full of composure as well as complete command of every situation. And right now he seemed to have everyone in close proximity captured, their attention drawn to the powerful looking couple holding court in the middle of the crowded restaurant. A wave of heat washed up the back of her neck, creeping around to her cheeks. She was suddenly well aware of his eyes, mesmerizing with a look that required her immediate obedience. How the man was able to reduce her to a quivering mass of wet heat was beyond her, but he was her Dom and she was required to obey his every command. “Yes sir.”

“Better.” Grasping her hand he squeezed as he pulled her close, nodding as Candace’s mouth went slack.

What the fuck? Candace mouthed as she shook her head.

Tonya knew she was blushing and could hear certain overtures by a few customers, curious as to what this stunning man had in mind. “Yes sir.”

“You know you deserve a spanking.”

“I…” Now she gulped. For some reason her right leg was shaking more than her left. She concentrated on the fact for a few seconds, as if her body’s reactions were trying to tell her something. Suddenly a moment of courage swept through her body. This was a test. Yep. He was testing her. “Um…” Why wouldn’t any words formulate? Why couldn’t she utter what she was thinking? Because you need a spanking. Because you long for his firm hand. The realization was true enough. “I need a spanking, sir.”

“Yes, you do.” Swiftly he turned, leading Tonya out of the restaurant and into the parking lot.

A slice of the last hues of a fading sun made her wince, but the thought of being disciplined in public was both exciting and terrifying. “Sir, may I ask where we’re going?” The question was nothing more than rhetorical. Of course she was being led to their truck, the one strategically positioned smack in the middle of what would be the most well-lit section of asphalt. Tonya gulped as he tugged her along.

“You are well aware of your actions, your improper behavior.”

“Improper?” He never issued questions, only statements of facts, something she’d learned to appreciate.

Stopping short he dug his nails into her hand as he pulled her around to face him, instantly cupping her chin. “You’re very beautiful but extremely willful. You’re also showing off in front of Candace. Aren’t you?”

He knew her so well. “Yes sir.”

“You’re pushing me to show off to Candace.”

“Yes sir.” Yep, he had her cold. She couldn’t get over her surprise as the apprehension she’d felt all day about the planned dinner. There were so many reasons why and so many reasons why she was ridiculous to worry. Gavin loved her, honored her every day. There wasn’t a manner in which he talked with her, sent her texts, or fucked her hard that wasn’t about his love, his admiration.


Tonya hated when he pondered. In her mind the few words or the simple expression meant he was questioning her. They’d talked about sharing experiences with a third often, her delight in sharing him with another woman a promise made. While she wasn’t challenging her decision, she was… Okay, so she had a few ‘girlie’ thoughts about Gavin appreciating Candace a little too much. “I’m sorry. I know what I was doing was brazen.”

“Brazen?” Gavin laughed.

“Yeah…” Fidgeting, she’d never felt so much like a child before in her entire life.

“You’re pushing all my buttons,” Gavin breathed as he lowered his head. “You’re misbehaving to see my reaction. And if I were to guess, you want me to catch you on your childish behavior.”

The shiver remained and this time her pussy clenched, trepidation as well as unbridled hunger racing through every cell, every muscle in her body. “I…”

“Aren’t you? Don’t you?”

“Yes sir,” she whispered as she closed her eyes.

“What should bad girls who behave like children deserve?”

“A spanking.”

“A spanking?”

Tonya nodded. “Yes sir. I need a hard spanking.”

“Good girl. You do understand. We’re going to take care of your punishment for insolence right now so that you can refocus for the lovely evening. Then we’re going to walk back inside the lovely restaurant and you’re going to tell Candace what you received, what you needed. Then you’re going to take her into the bathroom and show her your crimson ass. Do you understand?”

Sweet Lord, the man was serious. Swallowing hard she bit her lower lip and blinked several times, pushing back unwanted tears. “Without a doubt I do, sir.”

“Excellent.” He held her gaze, his eyes twinkling as he brushed his thumb across the seam of her mouth. Very slowly he tilted his head down, pressing his lips over hers.

For a few seconds there was no one else around them, no sounds floating between them. She was simply mesmerized by the man who’d stolen her heart as well as her
full submission. The taste of his mouth, the feel of his tongue was merely a reminder of their deep connection. When he broke the kiss she whimpered.My slave 2

Gavin took a step back and continued walking toward the truck, his long legs powering them forward.

“Are you going to spank Candace too?”

“That remains to be seen.”

A full minute ticked by.

“I think she needs a hard spanking. In fact I know she does.” The words slipped from her mouth before she could stop them and the syllables surprised her but the fact she’d uttered them at all shocked the hell out of her. Of course Candace knew about their kinky side, appreciated the fact Tonya had finally let go of certain demons within the deep recesses of her heart and soul. Candace had expressed her need to have a man understand her, take control of every aspect – at least in the bedroom. Tonya had read between the lines during their secret swapping of delicious stories at work. There was little doubt what her bestie needed.

Gavin chuckled. “I agree with you but right now this is all about you and your need for discipline.” When he reached the truck he jerked out his keys, pressing the automatic lock. Easing to the passenger side he opened the door then turned to face her, gripping both arms. “I honestly don’t like having to do this, but I feel there is no choice. You have to understand what we’re sharing is important.”

“Of course I do!” Instantly she cringed.

“I believe you,” he said, his voice softening. “Then you also realize the way I feel.”

“You’re angry with me.”

“Not angry at all. I don’t roll that way.”

Her lower lip trembling, she stole a glance at his face. There was nothing but love and adoration in his expression. Only in his baby browns could she see a hint of disappointment. “I’m sorry. I guess I’m just worried.” Why did you admit it? Why?

Brushing a stray strand of hair from her face he smiled. “Baby, you have nothing to worry about. I’ve told you before I look at other women. I’m a guy. You’ve known the way I feel. Now, I do want to share what we have to some degree with another and yes, I would love to punish Candace. She’s not only hot but someone you can trust and that’s very important to me. However, I want to share this with you and you’re always going to be first, my love. Do you understand what I’m saying?”


“Hhhmmm…” Gavin kissed the top of her forehead and whispered, “I love you and only you. There is no one else I long to share my entire life with. There is no need to worry. None.”

Hearing his words she almost crumbled and more than a single tear slipped past her lashes. God, she loved this man. “I know.”

“Good.” Sighing, he eased back. “Now, let’s help you refocus so we can enjoy our evening.”

“Yes sir.” As he eased onto the passenger seat of the truck, patting his lap, he opened the glove compartment.

Of course he preferred spanking with his belt, but the act might just be too much for the rather conservative environment they were in. The thought forced a nervous laugh to her lips. A quick glance toward the waning sun reminded her others could see if they veered toward where they were parked. While the realization was terrifying, a strand of raw excitement bounced off every nerve ending. What if someone saw her being spanked like a bad little girl? What if they witnessed a moment in the life of a well-spanked woman? Mmmm….

“Take off your panties and hand them to me,” Gavin commanded.

After another quick scan of the parking lot she closed her eyes as she eased her hands under her dress, tugging at her soaked thong. The moment she slipped the thin material past her hips the wafting of her feminine hunger gave her a start. At the same time she maneuvered first one foot then the other out of the tight confines, every slip of her body quaking. From the corner she heard laughter. Fuck me. Fuck me!

“Hand them over, Tonya.” Gavin didn’t seen to be affected.

Did he not hear the voices? Did he not realize they might be discovered? Or did he just not care? Groaning, she kept her eyes closed as she balled her thong into her fist before reaching out. He almost had to pry her fingers open to receive the wet prize underneath. Gulping air, she cocked her head and knew with zero uncertainly the group of people was coming directly toward them. Panting, she rubbed her hand down the length of her skirt.

“Come here over my lap.”

“But what if someone sees us?” Whew. He had the wooden brush in his hand, the one that remained in the truck at all times. The piece was actually a dog brush and the irony they’d laughed about before. Right now she felt utterly humiliated by the concept she was going to be disciplined by a tool meant for a dog. Then again, didn’t she deserve a level of humiliation? The thought was…
Pleasing Him“Then they understand they’re watching a woman being spanked for very bad behavior. That’s it. Now come.”

There was something very comforting about his words, the inflection in them. Tonya found herself inching forward then being gathered into his arms and plopped over his lap. Slapping her hands out she shuddered when he tugged the hem of her dress up the back of her thighs to her ass then to the small of her back. When her naked ass was exposed she moaned and pressed her face against the cool upholstery of the cab.

“Twenty right now and another thirty with the belt when we get home. Do you understand?” Gavin patted her ass as he lowered his head, breathing a swath of hot air across the back of her neck.

Tonya buried her face into the soft material and grunted. “Yes sir.”

Crack! Pop!

“Shit!” The way the brush hit her backside was intense, her ass instantly burning. When he issued four more very directed strikes she pushed hard on the seat.

“Stop struggling.” He rubbed her back, running the tip of his index finger up and down her spine.

You can do this. You can do this. She was wet and hot, her ass on fire already yet she wanted more. She had to bite her tongue to keep from begging for another heady round.

Pop! Crack! Whap!

“Oooohhh,” Jumping, Tonya’s actions pushed her head up, enabling her to catch a glimpse of the world around her. There was more than one curious face moving behind the truck.

“Ten more,” Gavin stated.

“I….” No. No! There was no mistaking the fact they’d been discovered. Jesus. What would others say? What would they do? Her heart raced as she honed in on footsteps.

“Listen to me,” he breathed as he gripped the back of her neck. “There is only you and me right now. Right here. Do you understand?”


“What is he doing?”

“I think he’s spanking her.”

“That’s ridiculous.”

“No,” the voice waned, strain enveloping the stranger’s voice. “She’s getting exactly what she deserves.”

“Yes sir. I’m getting exactly what I deserve.”

Well… Could you imagine your husband whipping your ass next Friday night? Hmmm…

Kisses and spanks


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