His Firm Hand…A Public Spanking III

Every time I talk about a spanking happening in public I get two reactions – a look of horror followed by a gleam of excitement in their eyes. There is something tasty yet dangerous about the concept. Humiliation isn’t a new form of punishment nor is it merely captured by the BDSM community including the various lifestyles of DD, D/s, M/s etc. The use of this form of discipline started centuries ago when flogging in public for punishments such as theft were in order. When we were kids, my bet is you had a hard spanking in the You don't listenmiddle of a store at least once. And I bet you really hated the fact others were seeing your pink bottom on display, wailing in the air.

When a Dom utilizes the very effective tool he might go further than just a spanking with those involved in domestic discipline this might be a rare case, a need that simply can’t wait until time alone. Whatever the method I can tell you it’s not only terrifying but scintillating as well. There are many cases where the Head of Household will keep a brush or a paddle handy, perhaps in the glove compartment or in his briefcase just in case the need arises. Then as John Patrick reminds me, his belt is always with him. He’s a firm believer in using the belt for certain moments. All he has to do is tap the leather strap when we’re out in public and I cringe.

We’ve talked about certain times when he might pull me over his knee, lift my skirt and whip my naked ass. As you can imagine, any time like this would have to be carefully chosen. There are certainly people in this world that would consider this form (or any for that matter) abuse. And Domestic Discipline is anything but.

Still, there is such trust in allowing the Dom/Master/Head of Household full control in this regard and I doubt John Patrick would take any form of humiliation to the extreme. A spanking in a car? You bet in the right circumstance. A public display in a kink club? He’s very much interested in doing this, but as far as simply pulling out a chair in a restaurant – a fantasy I doubt will ever be fulfilled.

I research all aspects of this for writing and outdoor spanking is a huge turn on for couples. The very thought of having a picnic or taking a hike, finding a picnic table or simply the right tree is a very much a powerful aphrodisiac. Even the simple act of being taken by hand to find the right switch in a forest full of trees is very tantalizing as well as a bit humiliating. I can imagine the concepts and have mixed feelings – as I should. We’ll delve into some additional punishments outdoors in a later blog. This story is all about being spanked in front of a trusted friend, perhaps drawing her into the mix and spanking her as well. I know you might wonder if this would turn sexual and sometimes the answer is yes at times – this is more often about playtime – the again, sometimes its all about the fact we need discipline every once in a while.

There are clubs that specialize in nothing but giving group spankings. There are people you can hire who will come to your house on a regular basis to provide intense discipline sessions. And yes, a lot of people are very interested in this service. Honestly, for me, receiving a spanking is very cathartic, freeing and I regular spankings tend to keep me on focus. That’s what I’m writing about with this little story – hence the name. His Firm Hand is really all I need to say. Now back to the story.

spanking in the carAs Gavin led Tonya back inside he could clearly see the nervous look on her face. She was quiet, her mannerisms subdued and in truth he’d never seen her this way. After her punishment sessions she was much more focused, loving and thankful of his discipline, but never subdued. Perhaps spanking her in such a public way was a benefit. Wrapping his hand around the back of her neck he stopped her just as they crossed the threshold. He knew all eyes were on them yet again and this time a slice of true euphoria hit every cell in his body, his cock aching. The sensations rocketing through his entire body was heady. Inhaling deeply, the scent of her sex, her perfume and a twinge of fear was damn intoxicating.

“Sir?” Tonya asked apprehensively as she nibbled on her bottom lip.

“Remember you’re going to receive at least twenty-five more in front of Candace later. I think she needs to understand that bad behavior will not be tolerated. I suggest you prepare yourself and act like a lady. Do you understand?” When a single moan slipped past her pursed lips he nuzzled into her neck, biting down until she shivered. “And remember always I love you, my sweet submissive.”

The words seemed to calm her. A slight smile crossing her face she pressed the flats of her hands down the front of her dress, a look of confidence returning. “Yes sir.”

“Good girl.” Leading them back to the table he glanced down at Candace, who was fixated on her phone. He waited until she looked up and could tell by the look in her eyes she knew exactly what had happened. “I’m sorry we took so long. We needed a little time to finish our conversation.”

“You mean…” Tilting her head Candace locked eyes with Tonya. “Did you really spank her?” The words were asked with surprise. She darted a look around her then eased her phone down on top of the table.

As Gavin pulled out Tonya’s chair he leaned over. “When behavior gets out of hand with Tonya, there’s only one way that I’ve found to help her refocus.” He left the thought open ended on purpose and tried to gauge Candace’s reaction. She was definitely intrigued, nervous as hell, but perhaps even a touch turned on. “I think I’ll let Tonya explain further.”

Tonya shifted, winced then reached for her wine. She darted a single look in Candace’s direction before taking a sip then a gulp of wine. When she set the glass down she brushed her hand through her hair. “I’ve told you before I’m spanked on a regular basis. When Gavin…when my sir spanks me I know the discipline is needed.”

Candace visibly swallowed hard and remained unblinking. “Sir. Wow. Really?”

“Yes.” Her playful look returning, Tonya winked. “You know I’m a handful. Somehow Gavin, yes I call him sir, Candace. My sir knows exactly when I’ve crossed the line, moved into the very bad girl that I can be. Isn’t that right, my sir?”

Chuckling, Gavin swirled his finger around the top of his glass. “Honestly? You’re a handful and I should spank you more often. In fact, you’re going to receive another one when we get home, to finish what we started. Isn’t that right, Tonya?” He kept his eyes on Candace, sensing she was growing more and more curious by her body language. She was leaning in, making certain she could hear every word.

“Ugh. Yes.” Wiggling again, Tonya picked up her menu. A few seconds passed. “Does that mean Candace is going to have to watch?”

Of course they’d already talked about this very possibility given Candace had ridden with them to the restaurant. “Interesting thought. Yes, I do believe your friend needs to see what consequences can happen when you misbehave. Do you agree, Candace?”

What he already knew about the brassy woman was that she would normally have an instant come back, one telling the world in no uncertain terms exactly what she thought. However the truth was for all of Candace’s jabs, her harsh words to anyone she thought either stupid or arrogant, she remained vulnerable. Her life had been riddled with twists and turns, those forcing the tough girl exterior. There was no wonder she and Tonya were like two peas, cut of the same cloth. For Candace, she needed to be able to trust, to place her mind, body and soul in the hands of a strong man one who could understand her.

“I honestly don’t know.” Candace sat back in her seat.

“What do you think?” Gavin directed his question to Tonya.

“I think…” Of course Tonya was purposely drawing out the answer, taking a sip of wine and enjoying the attention.

Another smile crossed his face. They’d had more than one discussion about the fact Candace could use a solid spanking. The fact his wife placed this much trust, this much confidence in his abilities as well as his decision was awe inspiring. He’d never loved her more than he had at this moment. Merely watching her expression, the subtle way in which she continually submitted to him was breathtaking. “Yes?”

“I think Candace needs to see what should happen, what does occur when I forget my place.” This time Tonya’s words were directed at Candace. Turning her head toward her best friend she nodded. “So yes sir I know Candace needs to see.”



Gavin was surprised both women remained basically silent on the drive back to the house. Normally they would be chitchatting about work, men, stupidity or otherwise basic assholes forced into their lives. The silence was rather enjoyable. Then again the rest of the conversation at dinner had been stilted at best and Candace had continued to give him very interesting looks throughout. Even his brief conversation with her when Tonya had gone to the bathroom had been fascinating.

I can tell you want to ask questions,” Gavin said quietly.

Candace exhaled and raised her eyebrow. “You really spank her?”

“Yes. Tonya thrives on the discipline.”

Craig Spanking“And she doesn’t push back, I mean she doesn’t get mad?”

He laughed. “You know Tonya perhaps better in some ways than I do. She’s a willful woman. She’s mouthy and opinionated and quite frankly her behavior does get out of hand a hell of a lot. The spankings help keep her centered and much more focused.”

“Shit. I don’t know.” Candace moved her hand back and forth across her phone, the action full of nerves.

“Well, discipline might not work for everyone but I believe the majority of women long to have a strong man to discipline them. I believe they can let go of the day to day tension and concerns, focusing for those few minutes on the way the pain courses through them. I think, and I know for Tonya, the moment is very freeing.”


Gavin nodded as he inched closer. “Yes. In fact she often asks me to spank her after a rough day.”

“Really?” Now she seemed much more intrigued.

“Yes. After having been yelled at or spending the day screaming at contractors, I help reign her back in.” Gavin allowed the information to sink in then took a gamble. “I have no doubt you’d thrive on trusting someone enough to discipline you, help ease the stresses in your life.”

“Me?” Candace laughed nervously, but she didn’t take her eyes away from his face.”

“Yes, I do and I’d be happy to take you over my knees.” Wrapping his hand around his glass he savored the Tanqueray and Tonic as she processed the words.

“Spank me?” A blush crept up the length of her neck to her face.

“Yes.” Leaning over further he knew she could smell the testosterone. “All you need to do is ask.”

Gavin shifted in his seat as he turned down the last street to their house. Of course Candace was interested, no doubt trying to figure out the consequences if she did indeed ask the question. As he pulled into the driveway, placing the gear in park, he allowed his booming voice to fill the small space. “We’re home, ladies.”

They remained quiet until the front door was closed and he was delighted in hearing both women breathing just a bit raggedly. Tonya turned on lights and moved into the living room. Her face was full of apprehension as well as excitement. “Should I make drinks, sir?”

Dropping the keys on the desk he studied both women before speaking. “I think there’s a matter of finishing your punishment first. Don’t you, Tonya?”

A single clipped groan erupted from Candace’s mouth. She quickly sucked it back up and shook her head.

“Yes sir.” Tonya sniffed as she pulled her purse close to her chest.

“Twenty-five lashes of the belt, just as I mentioned.” Tugging off his jacket he acted nonchalant, very well aware both women were on edge.

“Twenty-five?” Candace asked, her voice strangled.

“Yes, I’m very deliberant in my methods as well as the number of strikes I issue.” Gavin smiled as he nodded toward the bedroom. “Go take your things into the room and we’ll begin.” He waited until Tonya had walked down the hallway before turning his attention to Candace, pointing to the leather chair. “Why don’t you sit over there?” He wasn’t surprised when she obeyed. “I’m certain you’re curious what’s going to happen.”

“Well, I think I know,” Candace said, a hint of defiance returning.

“Maybe you don’t. Tonya is going to be taken over my knee and spanked. I predetermine the number so she is completely aware. I gauge her reaction, am careful to give her the right amount. Do you understand?”

“I think so. I’m just not sure I get the need.”

“I think you do and in truth, I think you crave a firm hand.”

The words hung in the air but Candace certainly didn’t deny them.

He remained standing until Tonya came back into the room. She was barefoot and no doubt had removed her thong. “Good girl. Please go stand in the corner while I finish explaining what’s going to happen. Candace is very curious.”

“Yes sir.” Obeying instantly Tonya moved to the corner.

“Shit,” Candace gasped. “You really do this?”

“We really do this,” Gavin countered. “There are many forms of discipline. This is a quiet time for Tonya, one that helps her mind move to a place of peace.”

Candace rubbed her hands on her knees. “I don’t know. I just…”

“Trust. Time. Patience. That’s the mark of a good Dom.” Gavin waited for a full three minutes, moving into the kitchen and merely standing in front of the window. He wanted both women to think, to embrace what was happening. When he moved back into the living room he was pleasantly surprised both women seemed to be in a place of simple peace. “It’s time. Come here, Tonya.”

“Whew.” Candace shifted on the chair, her eyes watering.

Very slowly he unfastened his belt as Tonya moved closer, her lower lip quivering. Every time he used his belt the act somehow managed to draw them closer. The moments were private, very intimate, yet they were sharing such an incredible experience with someone else. This was another chapter forming in their complex and amazing relationship.

“Yes sir,” Tonya breathed as she closed the distance.

Gavin sat down on the sofa and patted his lap. He nodded to Candace, who sat very still, her fists clenched. “Twenty-five,” he repeated for effect. Helping Tonya over his lap, he was surprised how intense his emotions were, the way his heart was Red and Cuffsracing. After folding the belt he tipped his head toward Candace. “The belt is an effective tool.” Tugging at Tonya’s dress, he exposed her naked ass and could hear Candace’s breath sounds. “I would normally spank her naked but tonight this will do.”

Candace nodded, her eyes glistening. “Jesus.”


“Shit.” Candace jumped.

Pop! Crack!

“Ooohhh…” Tonya whimpered, her hands slapping against the floor.

He rubbed Tonya’s ass cheeks. “You’re doing very well.”

“Yes sir.”

“My God,” Candace exclaimed.

Whap! Pop!

The spanking continued and every time Tonya cried out Candace reacted, as if she were on the receiving end.

“You’re such a good girl. Only five more.” Gavin rubbed the small of Tonya’s back, caressed her ass before adjusting the belt around his hand. Every move Candace followed with her eyes, her mouth now slack. She was indeed mesmerized.

Crack! Slap!

When he was finished he lowered the belt, dropping the strap onto the floor. Leaning over he breathed across Tonya’s back, so proud of the fact she’d not only submitted in front of her friend but also seemed to enjoy the shift. “I love you and you did very well.”

“Thank you, sir.” Tonya’s voice was husky, almost seductive in tone. “Thank you for spanking me, loving me.”

“You’re very welcome.” Helping her off his lap he smoothed down her dress. “Now, how about those drinks?”

Tonya smiled. “Mmmm… Yes, sir.” As she passed by Candace she winked and leaned over, whispering.

While Gavin couldn’t hear the words, he could tell Candace was surprised. He eased back against the sofa. “What did she say?”

“She said…” Candace moved to the edge of her seat. “That I should…ask.”


“Yes. For a spanking.”

“Interesting.” He could tell she was debating. “And your thoughts?”

“I…” Sighing, she looked away. “Okay. Can I ask you something?”

“Of course. You can ask me anything.” A full minute passed, maybe two.

When Candace turned to look at him, her face was full of consternation. “Will you spank me?”

Well, we’ve come a long way here… What do you think? Another installment will come my children.

Kisses and spanks…


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    Oh My, that’s so hot!


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    Your blog sparked a memory of mine. And I wrote my own post. I apologize that I didn’t tag you. I am on my phone and not sure how to do that. But it was a pleasant walk down memory lane.


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