Driving Thunder…Rebuilding Trust

Relationship – whew they can be difficult at best. When you suddenly have an aspect of some mental instability that creeps in, then everything you ever knew or trusted about love is challenged to the point for some of us we become lost. I write a lot about powerful D/s relationships but never forget we’re all touched by love, hunger, longing and the need to be the very person for the other. When any form of tragedy strikes then some of us fall victim to betrayal and even violence. How in the world can we rebuild? This is a piece that was originally titled Revving Her Wild Engines but in truth is much more appropriate with the new title. The love story is one that might haunt you. Being re-released soon.


What you need is a moment where you completely let go, driving into the wind and rain. In our words we call this driving thunder, the only time in which your soul is truly at peace. Once you find the place and time, perhaps a person who can lead you to this special place of reverence then and only then will you be free.

The words lingered in the back of Stephanie Simon’s mind, the sanctity of the understanding never far from the dark placed in her heart. Unfortunately peaceHarley Hot man wasn’t something that could come easily. Not now. Maybe not ever. How she longed to feel a beautiful freedom, one not merely hiding behind a computer screen. Today she was taking a chance, one she prayed to some God above she wouldn’t regret. Everything in the past few years had seemed tainted, her mind unable to embrace the concept of trust. Courage she had little of but today she was someone else, the woman she’d always wanted to be.

Turning up the radio to nearly full blast he grinned hearing the Bon Jovi song. It’s My Life had to be her theme song, one she would indeed embrace no matter what the hell happened.

“I don’t need a four hundred dollar an hour shrink to tell me I’m losing my fucking mind. Meeting a stranger for sex is enough to make anyone a nut case,” she told her reflection in the rear view mirror, every part of her body quivering. Then again, she’d craved the man she was on her way to see more than any other in her entire life. Was she really considering having sex with him? The truth was something that had kept her awake at night. Yes. She wanted David more than she had any other man. He was… Well, certainly meeting him would tell her if she was nuts. Right? Laughing, she brushed her hand through her hair.

Her nipples strained against her lacy bra and a trickle of her sweet honey escaped past the thin elastic of her recently purchased Victoria’s Secret thong. She didn’t care if they locked her away and threw away the key. Stephanie was finally going to have a wild weekend with the first man that had sizzled her nerves since the accident. Accident? “Jesus Christ.” What lies she’d been telling herself for years. This crap had to stop. Even her therapist had told her – countless times – she had to face the truth.

Stephanie shrank in the driver’s seat fidgeting, no idea what the hell she’d gotten herself into. She’d purposely hidden her car in the back of the parking lot behind an oversized tour bus to buy herself some time, if for no other reason than to calm her nerves. You’re such a chicken shit. She swallowed hard and gazed out with longing at the crystalline blue skies and puffy white clouds. As they floated by in silent wisps, drawing her into their dream state for a precious moment, Stephanie closed her eyes. Her window down, she could hear the soft chortles of baby birds cooing in the new spring leaves and their sweet chirping forced a smile.

Why was fear enveloping every aspect of her soul? This was just a new chapter to an incredible journey with a man she already trusted.

There was no doubt she wanted to do this. No, she needed to do this, to really begin the healing process. Yet she was still apprehensive. If her actions were revealed, her shrink would either have her committed or throw her a party stating she was cured. Hell, Stephanie wasn’t sure which one she’d prefer. She licked her lips and feathered her hand down to her gauzy skirt, easing the edge of the hem up her thigh. Biting back a moan, her eyelashes fluttered across the shimmer of her flushed cheeks as she brushed her trembling fingers across the ugly scar. The action brought comfort as well as a reminder that she was still very much alive.

“You can do this. David is not Marty. Remember?” Stephanie tried to bolster herself. Shivering, she fought back tears, anguish rushing to drag her back into Hell. Not today. Not now.

No, David Tyler was everything Marty could never be again, no matter how much time or healing took place. Marty was lost to the demons he’d fought and lost the battle with, something she’d never escape from. So many years wasted. Stephanie shivered and stole a quick glance down at the ragged edge across her leg. The long slice would never go away. The ugly scar would be a constant reminder of her other harley guy 3life and one that continued to give her nightmares. Stephanie dropped her skirt and forced her gaze out the window. Why was she having so much trouble meeting him? It wasn’t like they hadn’t talked before. No. They’d talked about everything, sharing the good and bad about life in general. It wasn’t like they didn’t know each other, really. Right?

“You aren’t going to do this to yourself.” Hissing, Stephanie grabbed her water bottle and took a long sip, trying desperately to cool every nerve in her body. And she wasn’t certain if her ragged nerves had to do with her thirst for the man she was meeting or her fear of the unknown. Either way, she was hot, wet and incredibly horny.

She looked into the rear view mirror yet again, checking her make up for the fifth time since she’d been sitting in the lot. Glancing at her watch, Stephanie discovered it was time. He’d be waiting. Shit. She gathered her purse and pulled the keys from the ignition, her fingers shaking. As she climbed out of the car, she realized for the first time that David would see her scar and wonder what the hell happened to her. Of course he’d wonder. And there was no way to avoid the inevitable question since they were going to have a wonderful weekend filled with uninhibited passion.

“Raw, uninhibited and very orgasmic sex is what it’s called, girl,” Stephanie told herself and chuckled, pushing the repulsive thoughts about her past aside. “Time to put the wicked girl into motion.”

God, she’d looked forward to this mini-vacation since she and David planned the naughty event together. Unfortunately, the past now threatened to consume her as the extreme ugliness had for the past eighteen months. Their late night conversations had been her only guilty pleasure and her release from everyday life and constant torment. No! She clenched her fist and threw her head back, steeling her nerves. Marty was not going to steal this from her. This weekend would belong to her and to David and nothing was going to stand in her way. Nothing. If that was true, then why was she trembling?

“Damn you, Marty. I’m through with you and with this bullshit!”

Stephanie walked on shaky legs away from the quiet comfort of her well-worn Firebird toward the spot David suggested they meet, under the entrance sign to the park. Humming the same Disney tune that had given her a hint of tranquility these last months, she moved forward, her confidence growing with each step. Perhaps she really was ready. Ready for kinky, unbridled sex until your breath is caught in your throat and you’re begging him to fuck you. You want him thrusting into your molten pussy until you can no longer stand. Mmmm….. Stephanie laughed at her own lurid thoughts as she picked her way through the teeming activity of happy families gathering their picnic baskets and outdoor toys. Stopping short, a tiny whimper escaped her lips. Stephanie could see the large sign in the distance and just make out the man, her fantasy lover, the one that was soon going to become a reality.

Passing the last bank of recreational vehicles, she jerked to a stop and tried to focus. No way. She fought a giggle bubbling in her chest, a wave of excitement something so unexpected. “Thank you Fairy God Mother of Wanton Needs, I have just found 1-800-sex-stud.” Was it possible to faint when first meeting a man? Stephanie had no doubt about the answer. Hell, yes! As the sultry breeze danced across her flushed skin, the only thing she heard over all the raucous around her was the wild thumping of her heart battering her rib cage. Her mouth went dry and she wanted nothing more than to race to him, kiss him passionately and rip his clothes off. Where in the hell had this reaction come from?



Never would Stephanie have imagined she could be dragged from the depths of hell at the sight of just one man. Maybe their intense and very revealing conversations had healed her after all. Hold on girl. Control. He’s just a man. But he wasn’t just a man. He was gritty, opinionated and sexy as hell. And at the moment, he might possibly be her savior. She sucked in her breath, trying to rationalize her thoughts and for a few seconds a wave of peace washed over her. Yes, she was ready.

David Tyler stood next to a sparkling Harley wearing a seductive gaze, the huge shining machine a sensuous backdrop. His long muscular legs were trapped in tightDrivingThunder_Med black jeans and a white tee shirt clearly showing exactly why God had made man in the first place. The look on his face told Stephanie several things about the stunning hunk that took her breath away and set her blood boiling. He was hungry as well as impatient. She suspected, given their blazing conversations that he was going to ravage her body in a rough and tumble fashion – one in which she’d never be able to walk the same way again. His mischievous look was nothing less than beastly.

Had a man ever looked at her in such a savage manner?

Trying to swallow a tight knot, Stephanie’s pussy moistened her scarlet panties and she resisted the urge to wipe at herself. If any of the vacationing sun worshippers standing close by saw her actions, there would be no doubt what was going through her mind. Fucking, uninhibited carnal fucking.

As she thought about David she couldn’t help but smile. They’d never met face to face, never even talked on the phone. Somehow the mystery was far too delicious to resist. They certainly didn’t know everything about each other and while she realized she was being impetuous, Stephanie learned only recently that life was far too short. For some unknown reason, she trusted David completely even though she suspected David held a few secrets of his own. Her own past was so damning, she’d decided to never tell him about Marty. In truth, they didn’t talk about their previous relationships at all. That had been the rule from the start and somehow, not knowing the details was a raging turn on. The one thing they did talk about was passion, their cravings and everything that they wanted.

David nodded to her as if beckoning. His famished gaze alone was enough to force her to her knees to suck his cock. She shuddered with raging need as his grin turned wolfish. Through the months of emails and intense, overtly sexual instant messages, they’d developed a fascinating relationship. Relationship? No, what they’d experienced so far had been a sensuous illusion where a man and a woman could be anything. Their talks had been a Godsend for Stephanie, keeping her active and working. Over the months she’d grown to care for David deeply. Without a doubt, she had it bad for the rough-hewn man and from the way he licked his lips, his own needs were just as ferocious. Now their torrid fantasy could turn into reality.


When the past issues a crushing blow… 

The thought of having a torrid affair with one delicious male took her breath away and moistened her panties. Stephanie Simon was more than ready to have her most secret and sinful fantasies fulfilled. She craved a hunk on a Harley and had a luscious man in mind – David Tyler. The perfect candidate, he was a six foot golden haired God who had his own massive steel machine. Unfortunately they’d never met, only talked on the phone and she was terrified. Introduced by a friend and conversing via the Internet, they had told each other their hidden hungers until they had to meet. Hers was simply a shared moment of passion, unleashing her inhibitions while learning to trust. His was a single moment forgetting a past that continued to haunt him, threaten the very man inside.

Their meeting electric, the long ride to a secluded spot nestled against the backdrop of the ocean set off an explosion of passion. Fueled by her hunger, he swept her off her feet as they explored a taste of voyeurism, a wild ride across a pool table in front of his friends and the desired ménage that left her engine revved for yet another ride. But, they both held a terrible secret and one that threatened their future happiness. As their horrors collided and their trust in each other was challenged by lies and anger, they both had a difficult decision to make and one that could either bring them peace or destroy them forever.

What do you think?

Kisses and spanks…


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